What I’m Loving For Fall & Halloween

We’ve been having some really wonderful fall-like days here lately. It’s hard to believe this is August because it has felt more like October. How has it been where you live?  I’ve been throwing the doors to the porch open every morning, letting all that cool morning air into the house, then I close them around 10:00 when it starts to warm up a little.

With the cool temps, I’m starting to think about fall and Halloween. I’m not saying you won’t see another summer tablescape here on the porch, πŸ™‚ but I am starting to think more about fall.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite fall, Halloween and winter finds while they are still available. So often by the time I share what I’m loving, it’s already sold out, so this time I’m doing it early enough that if you see something you love, you can still get it. Some are pieces I’ve used in previous table settings and that you’ve asked where to find. I’m excited to see some are back again!

Remember this table?

Autumn Fall Tablescape With Dapper Animal Plates_wm


It featured whimsical plates with adorable critters all dressed in their best finery?

Fox Dapper Animals Salad Plate_wm


They appeared again in this “Cozy “Whodunit”Mystery” table. πŸ™‚

A Cozy Mystery Table Setting 3


I was so tickled to find they are back and this time they are dressed for fall! lol There are some new additions, too! The Lynx and Mr. Moose are calling my name big time! If you missed out on getting these the first time around, you’ll find them here: Dapper Animal Plates.

I noticed they brought back Mr. Owl, Miss Doe, Miss Fox and Miss Rabbit, so if you wanted those from last year, you’ll find them at that link, too! Oh, and there’s a sale going on…use the code OURTREAT to get 20% off any item.

Dapper Animal Plates


I mentioned this in a post recently but wanted to mention it again because I know it won’t last long. The red and green tartan bedding I used in a fall makeover for my master bedroom is back again this year. I was hoping they would bring it back since it sold out last year almost immediately. You’ll find it available here: Tartan Bedding

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Duvet


Love this adorable Thanksgiving pillow, especially what it says. It’s available here: Thanksgiving Pillow

Thanksgiving Turkey Pillow


Whenever I use my bee glassware in a tablescape, folks always ask about it. Since it’s made in France, it can be expensive in most online stores but I found it recently for an awesome price here: La Rochere Bee Glasses

La Rochere Footed Bee Glass


It’s my everyday glassware so I just ordered another set. It’s super durable, almost indestructible! Absolutely love it!

La Rochere French Bee Glass

Oh. My. Gosh! Have you seen the fall dishware that’s out there for this fall?! I’m totally crushing on this pumpkin pattern! It’s available here: Fall Pumpkin Dinnerware

Pumpkin Plates for Fall and Halloween


Love, love, love the Turkey Platter! The colors are so rich and gorgeous! This is the kind of dishware that becomes a favorite for Thanksgiving and you pull back out year after year. If I get this set this year, I’m going to use it all fall, not just for Thanksgiving.

Heritage Platter


Each year I pull out one of my most favorite items for decorating for fall and Halloween…my mercury glass pumpkins!

Halloween Table Setting with Mercury Glass Pumpkins


I love using them in table settings…

Halloween Table Setting with Mercury Glass Pumpkins


…and in my decorating.

Porch Decorated with Crows for Halloween


Over the years I’ve purchased several from Pottery Barn and I’m excited to see they have them available again this year. Mercury glass is one beautiful trend that’s not going away and I’m so glad. I love that they bring them back again each year. You’ll find them in different sizes here: Mercury Glass Pumpkins

Mercury Glass Pumpkins


I am totally enamored with this hand-blown Murano glass pumpkin. It would be a bit of splurge, but what a gorgeous piece it would be to display for fall. It’s available here: Hand Blown Mercury Glass Murano Pumpkin

Mercury Glass Pumpkin


These cute lighted pumpkins would be perfect for an evening dinner or fall/Halloween party. I was suprised how reasonably priced they were: Antique Glass Lighted Pumpkin

Glass Lit Pumpkin


I absolutely love this time of year! When would you ever find cute things to make you smile like this?! These darling edible gingerbread houses would be so perfect served atop a steaming, hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. They are available here: Halloween Haunted House Gingerbread Mug Topper
Williams Sonoma Halloween Mug Topper


I love this dishware for Halloween!
Halloween Moon Plates, Williams Sonoma

I love creating Halloween tables each year in a black and white theme and these plates would be perfect in that type table. If orange isn’t one of your fave colors, go black and white for Halloween. (Table can be veiwed here: Halloween Tablescape With Crows and Pumpkins)

Halloween Table Setting with Mercury Glass Pumpkins


Another black and white Halloween table: Halloween Tablescape with Mercury Glass Centerpiece

Halloween Table with Crows and Candlelabras


The Halloween Moon Plates are available here: Halloween Moon Plates

Halloween Moon Plates, Williams Sonoma


For this black and white Halloween table setting, I made spider cupcakes.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


Table and recipe for cupcakes can be found here: Halloween Table With Spider Cupcakes

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


If you’ve been looking for the cute spider leg cupcake stands, I found them again this year here: Spider Cupcake Holders

Spider Cupcake Holders


Here are a few more goodies that caught my eye this year for fall and Halloween:

Pumpkin Server available here: Pumpkin Beverage Server

Pumpkin Beverage Server


Love this pumpkin cookware for cooking and serving hot soups and stews: Pumpkin Cocotte

Pumpkin Cocotte for Soups and Stews


Oh, and if you’re in need of red flatware, Pottery Barn has this set on a clearance sale now. It’s available here: Red Flatware

Red Flatware


Are you starting to see cooling temps where you live? I’m actually getting excited for fall this year! I can’t wait to put my tartan bedding on the bed and bring out my wooly sweaters.

Oh, before I go, I have to share the BEST thing I bought last year for cold weather comfort. If I do another “Surviving Winter” post this year, this is going at the very top of the list.

I purchased this heated throw right at the end of winter and I hated to put it away when spring arrived. I keep it on my desk chair all winter since it can get chilly in my office. It is wonderful! I think I’m going to give these as Christmas gifts this year. You’ll find it available here: Velvet Plush Heated Throw 

Do you have one of these? If you do, you know how addictive they are! Best invention ever for winter!

Velvet Plush Heated Throw


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  1. The turkey platter is gorgeous and I also like the turkey pillow. Thank you for sharing these fall items and websites with us. We too are deliciously enjoying our cool weather here in Atlanta.

  2. Our August weather has been more like fall than summer, and I’m loving it. Thanks for all the links. Pier1 has some great options for fall decorating as well. I ordered these and they are gorgeous.http://www.pier1.com/Amber-Luster-Leaf-Pumpkins/PS59866,default,pd.html#q=pumpkin&start=1&sz=103&showAll=103 Although I don’t have them, this looks like a fun option for Halloween if you want to keep your decorating more ‘ghostly’ looking.http://www.pier1.com/Glass-Pumpkins—Gray-Smoke/PS60442,default,pd.html I also found some lovely off white pumpkins and tea light holders at Hobby Lobby, but I couldn’t find a link for them. They are probably my favorite purchases so far for the fall season.

    • Thanks for those links, Jeannie. I love those! have got to get by Hobby Lobby and see what they have in. That’s where I found the wood crows one year. They along with the mercury glass pumpkins, are my favorite decoration for Halloween, although the crows that come to my feeders drive me nuts! πŸ™‚

  3. Susan, thanks for all the cute ideas and links. I love the West End animal plates, but didn’t get them last year. I may need to rethink that this fall. They are so adorable. I did get the Dapper Owl and Ram in the white and gold. Regret that I didn’t buy the female animals for the set. Wonder if they might bring them back this year. I don’t need anymore plates, but these are so whimsical. I may have to give in. The William Sonoma moon plates are tempting too. Oh, so many cute dishes, so little energy to entertain. Ha!

    • They might bring them back…they do that with some of their pieces. Sarah, do you remember the bear plate from last year? You can see it in this post. https://betweennapsontheporch.net/dapper-dressed-animals-gather-for-a-whimsical-table-setting/
      Well, this year they have another new/different plate they are calling a bear. It looks more like a raccoon to me but the nose isn’t quite right. Plus, it doesn’t really have whiskers like a raccoon. But it looks more like a raccoon to me than a bear. It’s the only animal they repeated so I thought maybe it was a raccoon and they had listed it as a bear by mistake. I called and asked and they said, nope…it’s a bear. lol Don’t you think it looks like a raccoon sorta with the circles around the eyes…but the nose isn’t very raccoon like.

  4. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, love this list! I’ve already thought a couple of times that it will be no time before you are posting your yearly ‘winter survival’ list, and here you come up with an autumn list, as well. And so many cute things!

    Yes, it’s been cooling down and certainly feeling like ‘early autumn’ and I love it! Unlike you, I enjoy the cool temperatures (see, now that you are getting yourself properly ‘outfitted’ for winter with your heated velvet throw and cozy tartan bedding, it doesn’t seem nearly as bad.) πŸ˜‰ All of your tips are wonderful and I’m going to check them out right away.

    Just fyi, I was in a World Market store yesterday (didn’t even know they existed) and thought of you when I saw some bee glasses. They probably aren’t quite as nice as yours, I’m guessing, but they were very reasonably priced (about $7 for the stemmed glass).

    I love those autumn plates! I have been watching for autumn themed plates for years and they are so few and far between and usually sell out before I even get a shot at them, so thanks for posting those right away.

    Love all the pumpkins and the little gingerbread mug toppers. So cute! And it’s great to see your raven/crow and cupcake spider table scapes, lol. They always look so great.

    Okay, I’m going to quit talking and go check out some of these great finds. πŸ˜€ Thanks.

  5. I would never miss a day not reading your website. My one weakness or my two weaknesses are glad, and plates. I just purchased at home goods some autumn leaf dinner plates with complimentary ACORN desert and or salad plates. love your website and especially this one since you’ve showed us where to purchase these gorgeous items. I know this must be a lot of work but please do know it is appreciated by lots of us! I live in New York City and no it has not been getting cooler yet but, like so many others fall is my favorite season As I am originally from the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Thank you again.

    • Thanks so much, Eileen, I’m so glad you find it helpful! I love sharing my faves…get so excited over all the fall pretties! I bet autumn is gorgeous in your area! One of these days I’m going to head up to the New England area and see it in person. πŸ™‚

      • When you do let me know and we’ll get together for lunch! Keep doing what you’re doing, it is much appreciated!

  6. Funny you are getting cooler temps in the South. Here in Southampton it is still very much summer weather, AC going constantly. It’s 82 here at the beach right now!
    I have the knock off of the bee glasses, $1.00 each. Everyone thinks they are the real ones. I wouldn’t pay that much for everyday glasses, I have 5 gkids! I would react poorly if they broke a ten dollar glass. πŸ™
    No thoughts of Fall yet here, after last winter I will hold on to Summer kicking and screaming!

    • Give the grandkids non-breakable glasses and spoil yourself with the Bee glasses. πŸ™‚ It’s 81 here right now…but the mornings are sooo cool. I think the birds are feeling it, too.

  7. So envious of all of you talking about cool weather where you live! It has been 100 degrees here in Austin, TX for 16 days now. Can’t wait for a cool-down!

  8. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    Thank you, thank you for sharing while the goodies are still available to your trusted fans! I want 6 of everything. HA! HA!

  9. Thanks for sharing. Lots of great ideas!

  10. What a fun post! I feel like I’ve been out browsing at all the fab fall dΓ©cor in various stores…and I didn’t have to leave my couch…in the pouring rain today. I especially love that pumpkin dinnerware set, it would look great with the new fall tablecloth and napkins I just bought. So many dishes, so little room left to store them. Do you ever get rid of any of your dishes? Thanks for sharing all this fab dΓ©cor with us.

  11. Joanie McLaughlin says

    I love this post! Thanks for all the great ideas and for the links on where to actually buy the products you highlight. Very nice.

  12. I like your Fall picks! The pillow is cute and I love the animal plates and the pumpkin plates. I’ve had my eye on that Staub pumpkin since last year…. I think I’m going to get it this year! Also, love yourself tartan bedding… Do you have any ideas of a cheaper version of the bedding? Thanks!

  13. Honestly…this has been one of the best for weather temps in August in ages! Anytime we can arise to 64 degrees in August…bring it ON!! franki

  14. While I was looking for the owl candle I sent you a picture of, I found crow candles that are just like the ones you have posted. Usually I do a whimsical halloween since I was born 31 minutes before halloween, but I think this year I will add in a little bit of scariness. I have a jelly bean pumpkin centerpiece that is about 15 or 16 years old. My daughter and I made it. Needless to say it cost about $50-60 dollars to make because there are never cheap orange jellybeans when you need them. Anyway, I am getting 2 sets of the moon plates, the tablecloth and napkins when they come in as well as the owl candle and some crow candles. OH and that CUTE witches hat! It’s so Harry Potter or Practical Magic (That Sandra Bullock Nicole Kidman movie). I’m so excited. I might just skip my football tablescape and put that money towards halloween.

    Here ladies. This is the link to the crow candles:


    Did you see our acorn plates this year? That’s what I am getting as well.

  15. I have to say, when I saw the title of this post, my initial thought was NO…dont rush the seasons!!!!…..but I have to admit, I love everything you’ve featured! It’s been a beastly 90+ degrees, and we have been on ” TS Erika”
    watch….so I am ready for much cooler weather! Although that wont happen here in south Florida until November, if we’re lucky, and by much cooler I mean MAYBE below 80! I’m also ready for my summer allergies to take a hike! Just please dont feature Christmas until after Thanksgiving!

  16. Love all the fall things you showed, will be looking them up myself.
    up here in New England it’s still hot and sticky, upper 80’s and 90’s
    can’t wait for October.

  17. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Dagnabbit, woman! I already have turkey plates, but now I’m gonna hafta give them away, cuz the ones in this post are so much prettier. Double dagnabbit, woman! *L*

  18. Marlene Stephenson says

    Everything is just wonderful, thanks for all the idea. I love Fall our mornings are getting cooler here also. I set out on my screened porch to drink my cup of tea and have been getting my decor for Fall out. Have a great day Susan.

  19. Fran Silver says

    What a wonderful post! I love all your beautiful tablescapes and blogs. This one, showing the Dapper Animal plates really got me! I called West Elm right away, and just came back with two sets of them – one for my daughter, who loved them when I showed her your blog, and one set for me! Thank you so much for great blog. I enjoy every one of them. Now I will think of you whenever we use these fantastic plates!

  20. Oh, I’d love to have one of everything, Susan! I especially like all of the plates! And your collection of crows is really fun, too πŸ™‚

  21. Barbara Cox says

    Love everything! Especially the black plates with the white writing and trick or treaters on the bottom of the plate- who made them? Where did you find them?
    Thank you!

  22. We have had a beautiful month of Aug. but now for the next 7 days at least we are back in the 90’s:( BUT, mornings and evenings feel WONDERFUL and a bit Fall like and I am loving that! I will start my Fall decorating on Tues. Appointments tomorrow:) You are so sweet and generous to share all these wonderful finds!! I adore the punpkin dishes. Just can’t justify buying more:) XO, Pinky

  23. It’s still in the 90’s here, but I am in the mindset of Fall anyhow! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing these great finds and where they are available! I really like the pillow! And as always, your tablescapes are beautiful and unique, enjoyed seeing more of them! ~Rhonda

  24. Susan as I try to pare down my “stuff” there you go tempting me with new “oh I must have these” beautiful new accessories!

    I’m a little happy that these Atlanta mornings are cooler and the humidity seems gone, but I for one will be sad to put summer in the history books. It’s my favorite time of year!

    • Mine, too Cheryl…love summer when it’s daylight until 9:00 each night. But I know autumn has its charms, too. Guess we have to just embrace those since we can’t stop summer from leaving us (as much as I’d like to) for another year. At least it stays warm here through September and sometimes even well into October. πŸ™‚

      • Susan, I agree, it’s the daylight I think I love the most! I do have to say I look forward to wearing my fall clothes!

  25. I am loving those critter plates! So fun! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of my own.

  26. I too am a summer girl weatherwise, (May thru September). But love the decor of all the seasons and this is such a great collection of ideas. About that bear?–I think it looks part panda, and that probably the day shift went home without leaving final instructions for the night crew, so they had to wing it. πŸ˜€

    • Maybe that’s it. lol I just couldn’t figure out why they would duplicate one animal from last year when they produced the plates for this year. But maybe he’s supposed to be a Panda. I like your explanation about the night crew. πŸ™‚

  27. We share a lot of the same things. I really have my eye on the pumpkin cocotte. I am trying to find the West Elm bear from last year. I just love him. I’ve got all the others but can’t find the bear. I completely agree with you about the new bear. He just doesn’t look like a bear! I ordered my set of the new ones and have been waiting (too long!) for them to arrive.

  28. Susan, I love your fall picks this year! There are some really neat things out this year. Do you have any suggestions for me in finding some crows like you show here? I have Pottery Barn’s metal big black birds, which I love, but I need some smaller ones for my table. I see that Williams-Sonoma has some candles, but I would prefer wood or resin ones on more of a stand. Isn’t this just the best time of year for setting tables – fall and winter? Your Halloween and fall tables are so creative!

    • Thanks! Martha, you may want to check Hobby Lobby to see if they got the wooden crows back in again this year. Michaels and Pottery Barn get the semi-realistic black birds in each year…the feathery type. Also, check Marshalls and HomeGoods, they always have fun Halloween goodies. I haven’t shopped for Halloween this year since I have a fair amount of goodies from years past.

  29. Monica Nielsen says

    This is a wonderful website for table ideas. I just discovered it a few weeks ago, and realized that I have many of the same plate sets, crystal and accessories you have used in your posts. You have given me inspiration for new ways to use them! I was starting to consider myself a plate hoarder, but after seeing your many different tablescapes , I guess I’m just a novice:) By the way, your Lismore Crimson Hock wine glasses are to die for! Now I know what I want for Christmas!

  30. Here playing catch up, so glad I stopped in….what a fabulous post full of gorgeous inspiration! I love your table with the wheat, gorgeous. Those plates and that turkey platter, stunning!!

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