Thanksgiving Table With Spode Woodland & A Whimsical Turkey Centerpiece

Welcome to the 375th Tablescape Thursday!

Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be having our Thanksgiving feast here in the dining room today. I’m not planning on serving soup (wish I still had some of the roasted pumpkin soup I made recently) but just for fun I added the turkey soup tureens to see how they would look.

Whenever I use Mr. Turkey in the center, I can’t resist brining out the turkey tureens since they look like they were designed to pair up with Mr. Turkey. (Mr. Turkey was a find several years ago at Pottery Barn and the tureens are from Old Time Pottery many years ago.)

Thanksgiving Table With Whimsical Turkey Centerpiece_wm


I have a somewhat narrow dining table so I’ll most likely scoot a bit of the magnolia leaf foliage out of the way when we sit down to eat. If you have a normal width table, this setting would work even better. If my table were wider, I would have used bread plates today, and probably my cranberry salt cellars, too.

Thanksgiving Tablescape with Spode Woodland and Alpine Toile Plates


Spode Woodland is definitely my favorite dishware to use for Thanksgiving dinner. This year I paired it with my new plaid chargers (available HERE on sale for Black Friday) and new salad plates.

Thanksgiving Table Setting with Turkey Tureen


Spode added turkey salad/dessert plates to this pattern a few years back. They are small enough to use as appetizer plates, too. I think we’ll probably use them today for dessert but they could be used as appetizer plates in this type setting.

Spode Woodland Turkey Salad Plates


The toile plates are new. I barely resisted buying the dinner plates, too. They ares still available at Pottery Barn here: Toile Dinnerware.

Pottery Barn Alpine Toile Plates


Under the salad plate you’ll find the Spode Woodland original pattern featuring colorful pheasant birds. I love this pattern so much and I love how it looks with the tartan chargers!

Thanksgiving Table with Woodland Spode


Remember when I tried the tartan chargers with several of my Christmas dishware patterns? The Spode Woodland looks great with the tartan pattern, too.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Plaid Chargers for Christmas


So, if you have these chargers, don’t be afraid to use them all fall and winter.

Williams-Sonoma Tartan Chargers


I briefly considered using cinnamon red flatware along with antler-handle knives for this Thanksgiving setting as seen in this previous table setting.

Antler Napkin Rings


In the end I decided to keep the flatware simple so it wouldn’t compete with the pretty patterns in the dishware. I have plaid napkins that look as if they were made to go with this pattern, but when I tried them, they seemed too matchy-matchy in this setting. So I went with paisley napkins I’ve had for many years. Don’t remember now where I found those, probably HomeGoods or Marshalls.

Napkin rings (from Pottery Barn several years ago) say “Family” on one side and “Friends” on the other. Today I have them all turned up to reveal the “Family” side. Flatware is Towle, King Richard, the pattern I chose when I was a young bride-to-be.

Towle King Richard Silver for Thanksgiving


Tea glasses are Waterford Araglin and the Ruby Hock wine glasses are Waterford in the Lismore pattern.

White Turkey Tureens for Thanksgiving Table


A few years back I found turkey place card holders on eBay. I made place cards using card stock from Michaels and attached a cute turkey to the corner of each card. You’ll find a little tutorial for making those is this older post: Never Buy Place Cards for Your Table Again. I won’t be using place cards today since it’s a small gathering but wanted you to see these in case it’s helpful for your table settings.

Turkey Place Card Holders


In the past I’ve placed a little wreath around Mr. Turkey’s neck.

Turkey Centerpiece for Thanksgiving


Today he’s going dapper with a colorful scarf.  The scarf is part of a wine bottle topper thingy. I tried putting the hat on but it kept sliding off. lol

Thanksgiving Tablescape with Turkey Theme


I thought my grandson would get a kick out of this. Every table needs something that makes you smile. 🙂

Pottery Barn Rustic Turkey Centerpiece


This is the first Thanksgiving I’ve needed this chair at the dining table in many, many years. This is my son’s old highchair from 1983. I kept it all these years thinking it might come in handy again one day. Today is the day! 🙂



Okay, just tried a bit of tape to hold the hat on, what do you think? lol Think my grandson will like Mr. Turkey?

Whimsical Turkey Centerpiece for Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, dear Friends!



Thanksgiving Table With Whimsical Turkey Centerpiece_wm


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  1. Love your Thanksgiving table mixed with the tartan Susan! Your hat and scarf on your turkey made me smile. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and grandson! We’re postponing our carving of the turkey and off to the hospital this afternoon to visit my MIL who we hope will be home soon.

  2. Just a quick one. Got to run and get ready for Cracker Barrel!! 🙂 LOVE the hat and scarf! It’s a keeper! Your grandson will love it!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Jane! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

      • Jane Franks says

        We had a delicious meal at Cracker Barrel. My husband was bit under the weather, but all went well, and I was glad we went out instead of fixing a big meal! Btw, they have some adorable woodland animal Christmas decorations in the CB store right now!!

  3. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Happy Thanksgiving, Susan. Mr. Turkey looks mighty festive. 🙂 I can’t believe you still have Chip’s old high chair! You must have a huge attic! Lol. But you were right, it’s coming in handy again. 😉 And it looks brand new! Please give little mister Court a hug from me. I definitely think he’ll like Mr. Turkey! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Have a wonderful time. 🙂

  4. Marlene Stephenson says

    I think your grandson will love Mr turkey,he looks so very handsome in he’s hat and scarf. You and your family have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. How cute is the turkey dressed for winter? Your table looks gorgeous, Susan. I love the Spode and the P.B. dishes, and those napkins are so pretty. Have fun with the grand. I only have one highchair and two grands who need them. The older of the two has to sit on a giant dictionary in the chair. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Susan, I am grateful for the opportunity you give us to share so many creative ideas. Enjoy today.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan! It sounds like you have a very special day ahead. I’m so happy you finally have a chance to utilize your son’s high chair. May you have a wonderful time creating memories around your beautiful table!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Susan to you and your family!
    Mr. Turkey is so handsome and love all your settings and choices. Have a wonderful day!

  9. What a beautiful table!! It is stunning! The high chair is the chair of the event!! Happy Thanksgiving. I wonder if most people do a buffet or a sit down which I like.

  10. What a beautiful Thanksgiving table. Cort should love Mr. Turkey. I am so happy that your family is there for Thanksgiving. I know you all will have a wonderful day. Good thing you hung onto the high chair. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  11. Love this style: Elegance, with a twist of high chair 😀 What a special holiday for you this year.

  12. Susan,
    Your table settings are so welcoming
    And beautiful! Enjoy your thanksgiving
    With your family. We all have so much to be thankful. Our freedom right now is precious!

  13. So fancy and cute! Enjoy your dinner!

  14. Linda Louise S. says

    Love the hat. Keep it. It will surely make your grandson smile. The home where I am spending the day has a similar high chair. I think we all save them for our grands! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy family and friends.

  15. Love it all! I had the same highchair I 1989. Don’t have it now because I loaned it out and they lost the tray. . How do you do that? Oh well, I still have my memories.

  16. Susan, hope your Thanksgiving Day was filled with special delights. Having your grandson there would certainly qualify. There were only four of us celebrating here today, but it was a perfect afternoon. My “chef” prepared a fabulous non-traditional meal. We always pardon the turkey here! 😉
    Beautiful dishes! Love the turkey tureens and that big guy as a centerpiece.

  17. I love your turkey…and he makes me chuckle! I love all of your dishes. I could find new dishes every year…but try to control myself. Your table is beautiful and I need a magnolia tree too! The leaves look so good on your tablescape.

    • Yeah, it’s hard…so many beautiful patterns. I mostly limit myself to salad plates now since I love mixing and matching. Thanks, Sheila…hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  18. Mr. Turkey is adorable! He looks ready for Christmas and winter! You have such a gorgeous collection of plates in this setting! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, and thank you so much for hosting during this busy season!

  19. karen amatangelo says

    Hi Susan,

    Love your tablescape for Thanksgiving. Hope your day was wonderful. Just wanted you to know I recognize that highchair. I also had the same one for both of my children who are now 28 and 22 years old. It is a Fisher Price.
    What a blast from the past!

    • Yep, Fisher Price. I had forgotten that until I brought it out and started looking at it a bit closer. Amazingly, the tray still work as well as it did the day it was bought…tray still slides as it should, too. It was a well built chair. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, Karen!

  20. I don’t know how Mr Turkey and his hat/scarf went over with your grandson but it made me grin from ear to ear!

    So clever and cute.. thanks for sharing Susan 🙂

  21. Hi Susan, thank you for sharing this gorgeous Thanksgiving table with us. I love the plate stack you put together, and the scarf on the turkey is brilliant! Happy Thanksgiving! Christine

  22. Hi Susan, I hope your Thanksgiving was all you hoped it to be with your family. Love that you kept the high chair for your grandson, and the table setting looked great.

  23. Cyndi Raines says

    I’m sure you had a had a wonderful day, your table was lovely and I love Mr. BIG Turkey! He was very festive – loved the hat and scarf and very cleaver of you to make it work. The high chair looks brand new! What a treasure, I’m sure Chip appreciated the thoughtfulness of you keeping it all these years. I know you are enjoying every minute of their visit, glad they are there for you. Happy Holiday weekend! Now on to tree decorating!! hehe

    • It has really held up well in storage all these years down in the basement. There’s not even a crack or tear in the seat. I’m amazed how well it has lasted! Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving, Cyndi!

  24. Norma Wagner says

    Hi Susan. Happy Day After Thanksgiving. Love your turkey table setting. I’m sure your grandson was overjoyed with the hat and scarf on the turkey. Just letting you know I had to re-subscribe to your posts. I was wondering why I was not getting any posts since your post on sailing off with Jonathan and Scott. I just thought you were busy with the trip and with Thanksgiving and was not posting anything, because I wasn’t getting any. Went to your blog site and low and behold you were posting but I was not getting them. Don’t know what happened, but I’M BACK. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful posts. Norma Wagner

    • Thanks for subscribing again, I’m not sure why some folks weren’t getting the emails. I guess there were a few glitches when they transferred everyone. If you have any trouble receiving them, add [email protected] to your email address book and that should help the emails to go in your Inbox when they arrived again.
      Thanks for letting me know, Norma!

  25. Thanks Susan! You have given me another ideal use for the tartan chargers. I have the plymouth plates (with and without the turkey) and was planning on getting the copper chargers. But this adds color to the table. So now I can get some nice color napkins instead of the grey I have now.

    • Oh, I bet they will look great with those! I loved them with the Spode Woodland…such a nice surprise to see how nice they looked together. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Jeri!

      • Thank you I did. I hope you had a great one as well. I picked up the cutest snowman plates today from the best gift shop we have in the city IMO. They only had 2 left by the time I went on my break. But they will work perfect for when I make my snowman cake centerpiece like you did last year! Inspiring me as always.

        And like always ladies, I give you a scoop. The holiday dinnerware is 20% off. This includes Twas plates, red beaded chargers, tartan collection (tartan chargers online are SOLD OUT), the vintage plates and many more.

        I was about to order a set of tartan chargers online, had them in the basket and changed my mind. That was at about 7pm EST. Insert sad face. But luckily we have them in stock.

        • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

          Jeri, I went over to the site to buy some items and it was the weirdest thing; I found the first thing I wanted and chose the quantity, but then there was no way to add it to my cart. I tried everything. There was no, ‘add to cart’ button. I tried using the ‘enter’ key, still nothing. Something very suspicious going on over there. Thanks anyway for the heads up. Wish I could have bought some things.

  26. Mr Turkey looks very festive in his hat and scarf, your grandson should be delighted at the sight of him. The tartan chargers look great with the Spode Woodland pattern. Once again you have set the prettiest holiday table in blogland.

  27. Hi, Susan: Happy Day- After Thanksgiving! I love your table: have always loved your white turkey on the table. But, he’s definitely more festive with his scarf! I’m also so happy for you that you’re getting to use the family high chair again. I’m sure it brings back special memories for you and your son!
    Enjoy your family’s visit. Rosie

  28. Bonnie Morgan says

    I was thinking about your grandchild believe it or not just the other day. Glad to know he was visiting.
    Your table photographs very well so be glad for a narrow table. I have the hardest time making my tablescapes look good using my dining room table because it is pretty wide.
    Love the highchair. I still have the one I used with my children too. The grandchildren have used it but their moms are not keen with our older highchairs. They like the ones that attach to a chair.
    Love your tartan chargers and Mr. Turkey. Very pretty tablescape.

  29. Hi Susan! I am so excited and I don’t know how I did it, but it was a surprise to me when I linked up it said “done” without any errors. YAY! I did not have to bother you to help me. Anyway, enjoy the post and I cannot wait to share my Christmas Tablescapes!

  30. What a gorgeous gorgeous table. Love the elegance and the whimsy. Susan what a charming photo of the high-chair. I think I had that same one.

  31. Great Thanksgiving table, Susan, I just love it. Dressing up Mr. Tom Turkey is mandatory, especially because you have a grandson LOL!

    Now that I have a Pottery Barn shark beverage cooler, Mr. Sharkie is now a part of every family gathering. I couldn’t find a pilgrim hat for him this Thanksgiving, so I made a hat for him out of glitter ribbon and a squash. :0)

  32. Hope it was a very happy day! I can imagine your excitement at cleaning up that high chair. When you saw your grandson sitting in it, you were probably also seeing your son.

  33. Oh my goodness ! I saw that same Irish cut glass cake plate on a pedestal in Good Will yesterday.

  34. * HELP . . . Where did you get the Beige Linen Napkins with Cranberry Velvet Borders ?

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