Answering a Question, 2 Charger Additions & Dishes I’m Eyeing Right Now

Welcome to the 624th Tablescape Thursday!

Recently I received a lovely email from Anne who had a few questions about the charger plates I so often use in table settings. Anne wrote:

I enjoy your blogs very much because you have so many different subjects. I have bought things you have suggested, enjoyed your home and family. Thanks for sharing.

Where do you find chargers? Are some of them plastic? I know lots are from Pier 1 😞. All I can find are plastic. I want white ceramic ones, you have several. Love the shell ones you made. A lot of work but worth it.

Thanks for your help and your blogs.

Anne, thanks so much for your question. You sparked the idea for this post! Three years ago I created a post where I shared my entire charger plate collection.

To answer one of Anne’s questions, I don’t have any plastic chargers. The “giraffe” print chargers below are not ceramic, but not really plastic. Everything else is ceramic, glass or a natural material like rattan or grapevine.


The shells chargers were created atop inexpensive, plastic chargers, but they are made of real shells so I consider them more of a natural material. (See how those were made here: DIY Shell Chargers for Beach-Inspired Dining.)

In that previous post sharing my charger plate collection, I shared close-ups of each charger, where I purchased it, and photos of the charger in use in a table setting.


If you missed that previous post and would like more information about any of the chargers in the photos above and below, you’ll find that post here: 17 Charger Plate Ideas for Your Next Dinner Party.


Since I have a wide variety of chargers that usually covers my needs when setting a table, I have to really, really love a charger design to make the decision to purchase it. It has to add a new element, fill a specific need, or spark a lot of new ideas for future table settings before it comes home with me.

So what new chargers have made the cut over the last three years since that previous 2017 post?

I’ve really enjoyed using these bark-edged chargers I purchased in fall 2017.

Bark Edge Wood Chargers


They’ve made an appearance in several fall table settings. They look great in a fall table paired with blue and orange. (View this table setting in full here: Blue Willow & Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece for an Autumn Table.)

Fall Table, Blue Willow, Bark Edge Chargers


Here’s another fall table where they added a cozy, woodsy feel to the table. (Table setting can be viewed in full here: Dining in a Country Lodge, An Autumn-Inspired Table Setting.)

Candlelight Woodland Plaid Table for Autumn


They’ve also made an appearance in several Christmas table settings. (View this table in full here: A Christmas Table Setting for Cat Lovers.)

David Carter Brown Christmas Dinnerware, Christmas Kitties with Plaid Plates, Bark Edged Chargers


When I first purchased them, I knew they would be great for fall and winter, but I was really surprised to find how much I like using them in the spring, as well! Love how they worked in this spring/Easter setting. Table setting can be viewed in detail here: Dining in Mr. McGregor’s Garden: A Spring Table Setting with Peter Rabbit.

Bunny Glasses for Peter Rabbit Table


They even work in the summertime for a 4th of July table! (View this table in full here: Chasing Away the Gloom with a Festive 4th of July Celebration.)

If you are interested in adding bark-edged chargers to your tablescaping arsenal, you’ll find these available where I purchased mine here: Bark-edged Chargers.

Celebrate 4th of July on the Porch


The only other chargers I’ve added in the past two years are these beautiful, porcelain, pinecone berry chargers. The quality of these is excellent and I couldn’t resist this beautiful pattern. I love that the pattern is fall-winter themed and not Christmas themed. That makes them perfect to use throughout the fall and winter.

Woodland Berry Charger in Tartan Table Setting


Here’s how they looked in a winter table setting this past January. (View more of this table in detail here: A Snowy, Winter themed Tablescape in Tartan.)

A lot of this pattern is still available and currently on sale. I’m eyeing some of the salad plates…love a great sale! You’ll find it on sale here: Winter Berry Pine Cone Dinnerware.

Tartan Table Setting, Twig Flatware


Are you starting to find thoughts of fall creeping in? We’ve had a few cool mornings this month so there are definitely hints of autumn in the air.

Update: Just spotted this and I love it! It’s currently on sale, 20% off! It reminds me of the beautiful brown and white transferware I so often see used by James T Farmer! You’ll find it available here: Dinnerware for Thanksgiving and Fall. 

Turkey Dinnerware for Thanksgiving, Plymouth


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Hi Susan, your charger collection is impressive!
    I love them all, especially the wood slice chargers. And the dining in a country lodge is beyond wonderful 🙂 I would have loved to sit down at that tablescape and enjoy an evening meal with you.
    Have a nice Labor Day weekend

  2. I am crazy about your charger plates! I’ve got charger plate envy now!

  3. Susan, this is a wonderful post and a reminder to go back and read the previous one. Like you, I’ve only buy chargers that can be used in multiple tablescapes. They are large and heavy and take room! I don’t have any plastic chargers. All of ours are either ceramic or metal. I want wood slice chargers!!! I tried using some slices from a tree that was cut down, but they split. I need to buy professional ones. do you have a source for yours? Also, did you find the WS chargers you show? I can’t find them on the web. Our local WS stores are closing, but the good news is they are opening a small location near my home. Could be dangerous as it is near my grocery.
    Thanks for all the information and inspiration. I’m eager to set a fall tablescape. Happy September!

    • Thanks, Sarah! Yeah, I really prefer the ceramic ones best and some of them really are heavy. I miss tablescaping, looking forward to setting some fall tables once I’m back home.
      The wood slices chargers from Target are so much prettier than the ones I’ve seen in Pottery Barn…and cheaper.
      I do have the Berry Pinecone chargers last year and love those! I wonder if WS is out of them. I know a lot of times when something is popular, they will bring it back the following year. So as we get nearer to Thanksgiving, check on their website for those. I’ll let you know if I see them appearing online. That’s awesome they opening one near you! I hope the WS near me doesn’t close but it’s in a shopping center where several stores have closed, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    What an awesome collection Susan. I love the wooden chargers as they are so versatile. I only purchased one to use as part of a centerpiece, since my table is round and I think would look a bit too full if I had one for each place setting. But I love it and use it for many seasonal looks, I agree it looks great for fall, winter and spring.

  5. Franki Parde says

    Those “Wood Slabs” were a “GOOD BUY!!” franki

  6. All those plaid plates on the winterberry charger is not something I would have thought to do but it is my favorite combo out of all of the above!

    • Thanks, Mia! It’s amazing how plaid is almost a neutral when paired with other patterns/designs.
      Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  7. FRANCES TROY says

    Your Watermelon charger is what got me started following you. Memories

    • Really? That is so cool, Frances! I love those, too! They were a great find in Old Time Pottery many years ago. I need to visit that place once I’m back in Georgia. I hope they are still open.
      Have a great weekend!

  8. Wow – they’re all wonderful Susan! I’ve had my eye on those red plaid ones for years. Maybe 2020 is the time! 🙂 Thanks for the great look back at so much fall inspiration!

    • Thanks, Barbara! The red plaid are one of my faves, suprised how many table settings they work in!
      Have a great Labor Day weekend, Barbara!

  9. Beautiful! Chargers really elevate a tablescape! But not everyone ‘gets’ them. When I had my three teenage nephews over for an event they were very puzzled about the purpose and I explained it was part of setting a nice table. It totally went over their heads. Next time they’ll get Chinet plates and plastic utensils!! And don’t get me started about what they said about my place cards!

    • lol I bet they will remember them the next time they dine at a table with chargers. They will remember that Aunt Susan uses those!
      lol about the chinet plates and plastic utensils. 🙂

    • Susan, I am laughing about your comment. Years ago I had a roommate who asked if the Queen was coming to dinner. Some things are funny later; much later.

  10. I love your criteria for choosing chargers. I have lots of acrylic ones and mainly purchased them because they are inexpensive and available in so many colors. Now, I look for ones that are not cookie cutter and make a statement. Thanks for sharing and have an awesome holiday!

  11. I am hopelessly in love with dishes, period. Chargers, dinners, salads, you name it. Those are all very special.

  12. Your charger collection is most impressive! I especially love your bark edged charges, I really want some of these. I am sharing my late summer candlelight tablescape on the deck.

  13. I have always loved china and glass. Who knew I was ‘tablescaping’ back in the 1960’s ?
    Our new GoodWill is finally open. Thank goodness they don’t have place settings for 12, otherwise I would be broke.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures with us.

  14. Janet Sullivan says

    Hi Susan. Forgive me if you receive my previous comment. It vanished while I was writing it. My husband and I are doing a 4 season enclosure in white, and can’t decide on hardwood floor color. We want the room to be light and airy, to feel beachy. What made you decide to go with a darker wood floor? Your walls, ceiling, windows are all white. We have looked at light oak, maple, etc. but feel we might need a darker floor to “ground” the room. The hardwood floor in our house is a darker brown, and I’m not sure about such a contrast when walking out to the enclosure. Maybe a similar color would flow better. Appreciate your opinion about this. Janet.

    • I went with a porch flooring called KDAT Yellawood. KDAT stands for kiln dried after treatment. It’s pressure-treated pine flooring that’s kiln-dried after it’s pressure treated. You can read more about it here:
      I chose to have it stained a color that matched my hardwood flooring inside as much as possible because I wanted the porch to feel like “just another room” in my home. I wanted the transition from inside to outside to be as seamless as possible, not like I was walking out onto a porch. You can kinda see how it looks moving from inside to the porch in this post where I have the door open from the living room:
      I also like how it grounds the room, with all the white, I think it works pretty well. It’s not a dark brown, more of a medium/caramel brown.
      Hope this helps, Janet. Best wishes for your addition, I know it will be beautiful!

  15. Maryjo Marty says

    Hi Susan– I really love seeing all your table setting with your chargers and the plates stacked. Question– would you consider doing a post talking about how you/one functional uses the different plates when sitting down to dinner? I do not have much experience in entertaining but I would like to set my table like any of these for my family using the chargers and then the different plates.What are the different plates used for and where do they go when eating?

    • Thanks so much, Maryjo! Regarding the different plates, in a more formal setting, the charger is an underplate for holding the first course, which could be an appetizer or soup. Once those are finished, sometimes the charger is taken away with the appetizer or soup plates, but I’ve often read that it’s fine to leave it in place for the duration of the meal. I always leave the charger in place throughout the meal.

      I don’t host formal dinner parties, when friends or family are over, it’s always for a casual meal. I still set a pretty table since they always love that and so do I. I place the food on my kitchen counter since my tables are not very big/wide. If were’s having soup, I’ll serve it into the bowls or tureens in advance and have that already on the table. After that, I let everyone serve themselves for the salad course because there are normally quite a few salads from which to choose. Once the salad plate is cleared, again everyone serves themselves for the dinner course, having whatever they wish from the dishes I’ve prepared. If you host a lot of formal dinner parties, here’s a good explanation of how that place setting would be laid out.

      Even if you don’t host formal dinner parties, you can still set a beautiful table. I normally have the charger, which stays in place throughout the meal, a dinner plate, salad plate and sometimes a soup tureen or appetizer plate on top of that. Sometimes I’ll put the appetizers out on my breakfast table, along with the appetizer plates and those are eaten while standing/talking or maybe folks will sit on the porch or in my living room. It just depends on the group. Once we sit down, we’ll have our salad, then those plates will be cleared and they will take their dinner plate to the kitchen to serve themselves buffet style. I’ve often wondered how it would be to hire a couple of servers for the evening to serve everything, but I don’t think I would like that. It would feel so formal and it would be kinda creepy having strangers standing around in my kitchen listening in our conversations. lol I just prefer a more relaxed style of entertaining.

  16. We are wanting to buy a leather couch. Can you please share the brand and maybe picture of thevine your son and daughter in law purchased. We have small dogs. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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