A Beautiful Idea to Keep Those Spirits Up Through the Cold Winter Months

These long dark days of winter can sometimes feel a bit drab. Personally, I’m not too prone to feeling sad or depressed during the winter because I love snuggling up inside reading, puzzling, or just plotting little decor updates for the spring season. But I know winter can be hard on a lot of us, especially after the rush of the holiday season has passed and we put away all the holiday decor.

Sandra, a lovely BNOTP reader, shared an idea with me recently that I really love and I thought it would be a great way to keep our spirits up during the remaining months of winter. When the Christmas holiday season comes to a close, Sandra puts away all of her Christmas ornaments, but not her tree! Instead, she decorates her tree in beautiful style for the winter season. I love this idea so much!

Decorate your Christmas tree into a Winter Tree after Christmas


Look at all these beautiful winter-themed ornaments! I wonder if the stores still have any left right now on clearance? This might be the perfect time to shop for those if you would like to convert your Christmas tree to a winter tree and keep it out for a few more months.

Beautiful Winter Ornaments for a Winter Tree


A beautiful pearl and crystal snowflake…

Snowflake Ornament for Winter Tree


I love this sweet greenhouse! I think it’s my favorite of all!

Greenhouse Ornament for Winter Tree


A sweet bird’s nest with pretty silver eggs in honor of the spring we know is coming in just a couple of months.

Bird's Nest Ornament for Winter Tree


A church cover in winter snow…so peaceful.

Snow-Covered Church for a Winter Tree


And a bit of frosty mistletoe. Sooo pretty!

Mistletoe Ornament for a Winter Tree


Thanks so much to Sandra for sharing this wonderful idea for winter. I wonder if she’ll decorate it for spring, too? Would love to see it if she does!

The weather outside may be cold and drab, but at least we know that we can completely control our environment inside, can’t we? Spring is coming! In the meantime, fill your days and your home with those special touches that make your heart happy!

Decorate your Christmas tree into a Winter Tree after Christmas

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  1. Michele M. says

    Oh, great idea. I love that greenhouse best too.

    One of the reasons why the cold dark dreary days don’t bother you as much is because you have lived in the south so long. I know you’re in Ohio lots more now – but a lifetime of cold, wet, drab, dark and dreary for months on end DOES get on one’s last nerve.

    But thinking the days are already getting longer and that spring will be here, and hopefully a vaccine for all soon – perhaps staying positive and focused is how to deal.

    Thanks for the lovely post, Susan.

    • Thanks, Michele! I know, I am always so happy when the winter solstice arrives sine I know the daylight will be staying with us a little bit longer each day. No longer are the days getting shorter and shorter. It’s been raining her the last few days so I’m ready for some sunshine!

  2. Franki Parde says

    LUV THAT!! I hang crystal hearts & Swarovski chandelier pendants from mine for Valentine’s Day…so, is the 12th day of Valentines.. the 26th…right…franki

  3. Susan, her tree is beautiful! In parts of Louisiana , particularly the New Orleans area, many people keep their trees up and make them Mardi Gras trees with beautiful purple, gold and green ornaments.

  4. Jean Waldrop says

    I love the greenhouse ornament, too. I am surprised your friend who puts up such pretty trees in her Marietta home does not have a pretty winter tree to share with us.

    • She called me and we had a great chat and she said her children will not let her have anyone over right now due to the virus. I bet she does have her tree decorated, though.

  5. I leave my interior Christmas lights up all year because, when they’re on in the dark, seeing them sparkle makes me happy.

  6. What an exquisite tree—-especially the snowflake ornaments! I usually am ready to take down my tree right after New Year’s, but this year I think I should have left it up longer. I really miss the sparkle and lights since we’re still stuck inside so much (due to our age and CA numbers, my hubby and I are still quarantining pretty seriously). Thank you for sharing this beautifully decorated tree!

  7. What a great idea Sandra! I love the color scheme too – so warm and wintery! It definitely invokes the cozy by the fire vibe! Thanks for sharing, Susan, and Happy Warm Weekend to you both!

  8. Same here, Marge, we leave our colored lights on that frame our tree. I once made a New Year’s tree by taking off all the ornaments and decorating it with blown up balloons. My kids loved it! (I think I got the idea from Pinterest.)


  9. I had a small “faux fir” tree in my sun room that I would keep up all year. I would decorate according to the season. January was New Year’s theme, February was Valentines theme. March was first St. Patrick’s and then Mardi Gras. April was an Easter theme. I live near the beach so I added beach themes. Of course red, white and blue were also fun themes. I would try to find heart shaped lights or star shaped lights along with specific ornaments.

  10. Jon Anne Winstead says

    I usually decorate one of my smaller trees for Mardi Gras but love the idea of a winter tree too!

  11. Great idea…so cozy for the winter!

  12. Susan, like you, I actually like the winter months. I’m content to sit by a cozy fire reading or stitching. I like to bake, organize closets, etc.
    I do like the idea of a winter tree, but to be honest, I like having the simplicity of our home back. It feels good to put away Christmas and have the space back.
    Love the green house ornament. I have two similar ones, but perhaps I need to look for this one to add to our tree.
    Happy January!

  13. I love the green house too. Not sure I would want the tree out another month because of space and then storage of the winter ornaments. I put so many bins of Christmas up in the attic. I had to number the bins and make a list of each box’s contents so I would remember what was inside. lol

  14. Hi Susan, I am one of those people who loves the cold and wintertime! I leave a small white feather tree up til the last of February. Right now it is covered with gold, hand carved hearts, stars and moons. I was lucky enuf to know a talented carver years ago, and collected many of her pieces. A little strand of lights really makes it shine. And then for Valentine’s day, I have a collection of new and antique ornaments….the older ones are so sweet….small balls, flowers and hearts, all in pinks and reds…the newer ornaments tend to be more detailed. All combine to make a really cheerful tree to brighten up winter!

  15. Susan…I always wanted to do that. I do have another way to keep spirits up. Over the years at Christmas and after I have been collecting snowmen and women. I always looked to buy them wherever I went. I put these up after taking Christmas deco down. I have a pretty big collection…probably over 80 assorted men and women. I like to think of it as the season of the Snow People! You can also leave some Christmas deco out with them such as bottle brush trees, snow flakes, etc. On the plus side they can be left up till the end of February. For anyone who wants to start such a collection you really have to buy them at Christmas…can’t find them any other time of year. Maybe eventually I will add a tree with a snow theme!

  16. I have a large lantern with a string of white Christmas lights; it has that cheery effect, but takes far less space. Plus I can move it around.

  17. I kept my bird/cat themed tree up too. I’m thinking of leaving it up all January. Great idea. Love the greenhouse!!

  18. Combating the grey dark midwestern winter is truly a challenge and I admire
    all who do so in imaginative ways. This year I added a very tall gold tinsel
    pencil tree to the dressing room decorated with Chanel ribbon & hundreds of tiny lights. It’s such a delight it may become permanent. When that proved cheerful I put a royal blue tinsel tree inside an antique French
    elevator (a film noir style lift) & it’s pure magic. Again, perhaps year
    round ? I’m seeing so many of us expand our horizons when it comes to
    trees, thus our joy extended & our comforting spaces expanded. It is so very
    needed at this time.
    May everyone stay safe & well. Blessings

  19. Cyndi Raines says

    Lovely tree and the green house ornaments is special. I wonder where she purchased it. I love my “all seasonal bird tree” ( mentioned in an earlier post) which is kept up all year and special touches added depending upon the season. It brings so much pleasure and lots of compliments. It really helps pass the long winter. I too enjoy snuggling-in by reading, crocheting, puzzling with a nice fire and of course watching good old movies. I also like to look at gardening books and think about new projects for spring and summer. January is moving right along and before we know it we will be celebrating Valentine’s!

  20. Brenda Lawrence says

    Beautiful tree with beautiful ornaments! A good idea if you have enough ornaments to fill a tree for winter. A spring time one would be pretty too. That is a great way to keep the spirits up for the winter. I’m like you Susan and don’t have issues with winter blues. Although with the current situation, I think everyone has cabin fever. Hugs, Brenda

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