The Last Christmas Table Setting of the Season

Welcome to the 641st Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions!

It was a long, long drive but I’m finally back home now. I’ll be spending the day taking down the cedar garland and removing the wreaths across the front of the house. It makes me a little sad to do that since I was gone almost the entire month of December, so I didn’t have time to get used to or tired of my Christmas decor. Have you taken everything down now? Maybe I’ll keep the tree up in the living room a little bit longer.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful stories of magical snowy nights that looked all the world like it was daylight outside! I loved hearing those so much! One person commented that you could actually read outside, it really is that bright! I loved your stories of taking walks at midnight to enjoy this amazing phenomenon! Though I’m not a fan of snow, it truly is amazing how it can transform night to day! (To read more about that, check out this post: When Night Becomes Day.)

I’m so thankful for all the wonderful tables shared with me through the holidays. Diann, another BNOTP reader, shared this wonderful Christmas table setting she created for friends and family. I need to ask her for more information about those scrumptious looking desserts I see in the background!


Beautiful setting in green and red! Noticed the precious tea set in the background…so pretty!


Love this beautiful green Majolica Holly Berry dinnerware! Bordallo Pinheiro makes something very similar that I’ve seen in years past in HomeGoods.


I love how Diann presented the napkin at each place setting. It looks like a beautiful rose! Sooo pretty!


Beautiful stemware!


This table must have looked beautiful in the evening by candlelight. Is that a cute dollhouse I see in the background? Ohhh, I want to see more! I have a wee obsession with sweet dollhouses!


I love the silver deer candleholders and servers Diann used in the center of her Christmas table setting.


Notice how they are all a bit different in design and yet the silver finish ties them all beautifully together.


Thanks so much to Diann for sharing this wonderful Christmas table setting. I think this will be last Christmas table I’ll share this season. It’s been such a joy to share each and every one!


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. Sandra Brown says

    I’m taking down Christmas today; yesterday was such a dismal last day/12th day of Christmas….I AM, however, transitioning one of my 2 trees to a winter nature tree!
    Diann did a beautiful job! So pretty–thanks to both of you for sharing with us. Happy New Year!

    • Love that idea, Sandra! We need something beautiful to enjoy like that in our homes all winter. Love the idea of a Winter Nature Tree!

    • I was so happy to read this. I too have a tree I leave up, white lights only and I decorate it with realistic looking songbirds, woodpeckers, pheasants, nests and a few small bird houses. I have been defensive about it in the past informing guests it is a Pine tree or winter tree which can of course be seen outdoors year round. I no longer make excuses but it’s great to hear another “winter tree” enthusiast.

  2. Wanda F Bradey says

    Susan, thank you so much for sharing the tablescapes throughout the season…well, actually all seasons. I so look forward to your emails. Happy New Year. The best is yet to come!

  3. What a lovely table Diann! I love all the background items too, Susan – I’d love to hear more about the dollhouse, the tea set, AND those desserts! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing, and hope you get a little more joy out of your tree for a while!

  4. What a fabulous table! I love everything about it, not to mention everything in the background as you noticed as well. That dinnerware is a set that I have had my eye on for years. I also love the reindeer candleholders, particularly the small one with the three tapers.

  5. We always leave our Christmas decorations up until the Epiphany, January 6th. They are slowly now coming down, however, it, too makes me sad. Our fresh trees go up in mid-December so I don’t feel like we’ve had enough time to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing one last holiday table~I like lingering a bit on the season. So much so that I shared my Christmas tablescape today!

  6. So beautiful!

  7. Really beautiful table…..I love the plaid tablecloth and beautiful dark green dishes. It creates such a warm, cozy and rich look. Lovely, lovely table! Taking down my formal tree today with sadness. I LOVE having Christmas trees and always feel sad taking it down.

  8. Helen Matthews says

    Does anyone know where I can purchase that lovely tea set?
    Beautiful table, thanks for sharing!

  9. Snowflake281 says

    This was a really beautiful tablescape and truthfully I wouldn’t mind having every Thursday a Christmas tablescape all year round! I noticed the outer rim of the red chargers & the pattern on them look so pretty. I am completely undecorated from Christmas but would love to see from your readers their ideas for decorating themes in January. In the past I have experimented with a pinecone theme and also a blue and white theme.

  10. Christmas is packed away but I’m leaving the candles in the windows until the batteries die. For winter decor, I sparingly use clear and frosted glass items plus silver and white ones. It’s like a breather before jumping into spring.

  11. What a pretty table! I always wanted to bring back Christmas crackers from London but was told airline security would confiscate them even though the explosives in them is so minute. Will have to google that to see if the info is current. Or maybe there’s a way around it.

  12. Donna R Boyd says

    Leave your wreaths up through January. Enjoy every bit you want to enjoy.
    Maybe put Santa themed and X-mas themed pcs up and leave some of the rest of it out for a couple of weeks.
    I don’t start decorating until after Thanksgiving and it takes most of the month to get all my decorations out or up so I intend to enjoy them all I can and slowly put the decorations back in boxes towards the end of the month.

  13. Jackie Allen says

    What a beautiful table! I love the dishes! I am so sad that Christmas is over but on to the next holiday. Thank you for sharing. -Jackie

  14. Linda D Crummitt says

    Happy New Year Susan.

    The desert on the left is from Amazon. They are cupcakes, so cute and no calories. Not sure about the big white cake? I’ll have to
    check and see.

  15. Wow! That is a magical table setting! I would just love to spend time at that table! xoxo

  16. We all so enjoyed all the Christmas decorations and table settings. Decided to copy a few along the way. Between your Christmas blogs and the end of Hallmark Christmas movies every night I’m sad to say goodbye to the holidays for another year. Perhaps the only bright spots in 2020. Happy New Year to you Susan.

  17. Beautiful tablescape Diann! Thanks so much for sharing Susan, and for your hosting throughout the year! Happy New Year to you!

  18. I haven’t take down any Christmas decorations yet. I put them up on Christmas Eve (or sometimes a day or two before). Then they’re left up at least through Epiphany and sometimes through Old Calendar Christmas, which starts Jan. 7 and runs through Jan. 14. So I’m still enjoying mine!

  19. Michele Cellura says

    This is the longest I have kept up my decor. Maybe it has something to do with this past year…a little rebellious happiness for myself. Anything that was too Christmasy, Santa Claus decor etc. is down but I still have my 12 foot copper themed decorated real tree in my family room up. Cant believe it isnt all dried out by now! And four , 7 foot white slim trees interspersed on my first floor. White feathery Decor on the fireplace mantel. All my trees have no colored lights, just white lights. It just gives a warm cozy glow to upstate NY life for now. Who knows maybe I’ll start little by little taking things down by this weekend but I am in no hurry at all!

  20. Cyndi Raines says

    Glad you had a safe drive back to Georgia. So happy you experienced some of the magic of the north, with the full bright moon on the beautiful snow. It fills the senses with wonder much like viewing a beautiful firey sunset or the magical blue hour. On Saturday I will put the decor that is Christmas away, but I will leave up winter items, i.e. the greens and the berries on the mantel, ice skates by the door, etc. I will bring out some snowmen to fill in the empty spots that the Christmas items leave. I will leave the wreaths on the windows up a few more weeks because they look so nice. Winter is so long in Michigan we need a little extra help. For the last 8+ years I have always decorated a mid size tree which is in the corner of our dinning room, but can also be seen in the living room, in a winter theme with white lights, birds and icicles which will stay like that until the end of February. Actually it stays up all year and I call it my “all seasonal bird tree”. The birds stay with each season, but I add touches for whatever season it may be. For spring, just the birds and some nests, for summer I add small American flags throughout and in the fall I change the lights to soft yellow and orange with fake leaves and pheasant feathers. It is a joy all year long.

  21. Cyndi Raines says

    P.s. Beautiful table setting, love the reindeer and the tablecloth!

  22. Oh I love the dishes! It’s all so beautiful! I’m off to google the dinnerware. How many sets of Christmas dishes is a person allowed to have?

  23. Diann Patterson says

    I would like to thank Susan and all of her wonderful subscribers for the lovely compliments about the table scape Susan so graciously shared. Most of the components of this table setting were collected over years from Garage Sales and Thrift stores. The dishes you see are vintage American Atelier “Holly Berry”, the flatware is a discontinued pattern by Oneida “Madrid”. The woven chargers were thrifted many years ago the same with the goblets and sherbet glasses, tablecloth , and napkins. The large deer candle holders are either Pier One or Pottery Barn all others were collected one at a time from the Good Will , thrift stores and garage sales. The tea set , a gift, was from Cracker Barrel several years ago “Season of Peace”. The cupcakes were mentioned and correctly are from. Amazon. The cakes are faux created by me from hat boxes of various sizes using Plaster of Paris and acrylic paint to achieve the icing colors. I collect cake pedestals and the faux cakes are a nice realistic looking addition. The doll house you see in the back ground was a simple wooden doll house I picked up at a bargain assembled , but raw wood. I painted it the red and white colors and then used Mod Podge to coat it and sprinkled with a combination of both fine and chunky glitter to give it the magical appearance. It has been years and I just store it away in a large card board box and it has held up well , Santa and reindeer are a Vintage Set that I found years ago you guessed it Thrifting. lol. Thanks to each and every one of you for your compliments. Tablescapes are my hobby it is so nice to know you have enjoyed seeing them. Again Susan Thank you so much for including my table on your site.

    • Diann! What a beautiful and inviting table. It’s wonderful you were able to put together such a warm and cozy setting through your thrift store and garage sale finds! You certainly have an eye for that. I can not get over your plaster of paris, ‘cakes.’ Wow! What an idea. It wouldn’t even have occurred to me to do such a thing and they make such a nice backdrop for the whole dinner setting. Same with the dollhouse. So pretty and festive looking with that ‘wintry’ touch. Love it. Those additions really make the whole setting very unique. Thank you for sharing and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

  24. So warm, cozy and inviting. I love it! Wish I’d been invited. 😀 I do hope we hear more about the desserts and the dollhouse.

  25. As much as I love my Christmas decor, I’m really tired of it by this time. I plan on taking most everything down this weekend. I use a whole lot of red, so it really does look like Christmas and not just winter. I do like the idea of transitioning the tree to a winter tree, which would be beautiful with my heavily flocked tree, but that would just be something I would have to take down later. I did find some greenery on sale at Michaels this week that I plan on using that has no red or glitter that I plan on using for the rest of winter.

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