Sunroom and Candlelit Patio in Gotland, Sweden

I love when readers share their wonderful pictures with me.  Recently, I opened my e-mail to find a deslightful surprise awaiting.  Linn, who blogs at The Home Project, shared  beautiful pictures of her Mom’s sunroom and patio area.

Linn said, “I’m currently visiting my mom who lives at Gotland, which is the largest island off the mainland in Sweden. She lives in a beyond-charming house a bit on the countryside and today I wanted to show her gorgeous sunroom and patio.  In the sunroom there is plenty of light and she has a huge dining table with room for many, classic Swedish rag rugs on the floor as well as other comfortable furniture and nice details.”   Linn’s Mom can seat 12 for dinner in her sunroom.  What a perfect spot to gather with friends and family.

Love this treatment/decoration she has along the ceiling!

The room also has a wood stove that is sometimes used during the winter to warm this space.  I’d love to know more about the circular  holes we see here in the wall.  They look like they would hold a bottle of wine.   How do you think those are used? Love the little candle-lier.


Let’s go outside onto the patio.  It will be getting dark soon and you don’t want to miss this beautiful space after dark!

Linn said, “The sunroom leads directly out to a stone patio where there is a cement wall with real windows that block the wind”

I’d love to be sitting there right now, sipping on a cool drink.

It’s beginning to get dark.  Once night falls,  this outdoor room becomes even more magical.


Ahhhh, see what I mean!  So wonderful!


Love all the romantic details of this outdoor space.


Linn, thanks so much for sharing your Mom’s wonderful home with us!

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  1. Entertaining women says

    I needed a vacation….thanks for the lovely time in Sweden. The patio is glorious. Cherry Kay

  2. Hi, Susan!
    What a coincidence!
    I just have been shopping with a friend of mine, in the Mall located in the town I live in. Since she didn’t found what she was looking for (too expensive, here!), we have planned a new shopping trip to IKEA next Saturday. We are in the lucky position of having two IKEA stores close to our homes! Both ca. 15 minutes away by car! And IKEA stores will all celebrate a special party next Saturday. They call it “SWEDISH MIDSUMMER” party! I’m sure, we will love it and I’m sure I will find something that I “absolutely” need! LOL
    Although hubby instists on Italian furniture only, I sometimes find “small” pieces of Swedish furniture I have to have! (Hubby “allows” and helps then, because he really loves me!LOL) Because I really needed lots of shelves carrying books (and another stuff) many years ago I bought brown “BIlly” bookcases (btw. I LOVE your white “Billy” bookcases!), and a three drawer chest (Hemnes, in brown, too) and I am still happy with them! And you wrote about your Swedish friend’s mom today, posting her wonderful pictures! I love them! Though Nordic, they remind me of Italian warm summer days! So beautiful!

  3. That is truly enchanting! What a special space. LOVE the wall with all of the niches next to the stove! The first thing I thought was wine storage as well! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. Oh, I love this! I wish I could tear out all my grass and have hardscaped areas like this.

  5. C’est un lieu vraiment magnifique… merci pour ce partage photographique.

    Gros bisous à vous.

  6. My daughter and family visited Gotland recently. The yellow flower you see in the background probably is “rape flower” grown for its oil…there are fields and fields of it. Quite beautiful! franki

  7. I love his! What a special place.
    Thanks for sharing!

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