Cozy Autumn Table With a Nandina & Pumpkin Centerpiece

Welcome to the 736th Tablescape Thursday!

After my long 8-9 hour drive back home on Tuesday, I was pretty tired yesterday, but I was itching to set a table with one of my favorite fall dinnerware patterns. It was getting dark by the time I finished this table, so the lighting is not the natural lighting I would have preferred.

Autumn Tablescape, Acorn Tureens


This morning I took a few photos in lower lighting and I think they are more accurate in how this table really feels in person.

Autumn Fall Table, Pumpkin Nandina Centerpiece


My Nandina bushes are covered in beautiful red berries right now, perfect for our centerpiece on this beautiful autumn day.

Fall Table Setting, Pumpkin & Nandina Centerpiece


I love these little pumpkins, they are so fun to use as a centerpiece or just for decorating around the house this time of year. I bought them several weeks thinking I would use them in a Halloween setting. Finally got to use them for this fall table. I wonder how long they’ll last before they have to be discarded.

Nandina, Pumpkin Table Centerpiece, Autumn


We are moving toward that time of year when a hearty soup is a welcomed addition to our dinner menu, so time to bring out the acorn soup tureens. Those were a find in Pier 1 quite a few years back.

Autumn Fall Table with Leaf Dinnerware, Acorn Tureens


The Twig flatware is from West Elm many years ago. It’s no longer available there but you can still see it on their website here: Twig Flatware.

Autumn Table Setting with Nandina and Pumpkin Centerpiece


I really like using a richly-colored tablecloth for fall and winter. They add that cozy warmth to our fall/winter tables that we all crave this time of year. The bark-edged chargers were from Target several years back. I don’t see them available right now.

Fall Table Setting, Acorn Tureens, Twig Flatware


This leafy-patterned dinnerware is one of my absolute favorites for autumn. The pattern is called Asheville and it was a find in Pier 1 back in the day.

Fall-Autumn China, Fall Leaf Pattern


Gorgeous pattern! I love it so much for fall!

Asheville Dinnerware, Pier 1


Do you recognize the plaid napkins in this table setting? They were a recent purchase that I shared in a previous post.

Fall Napkins, Plaid


I love the colors and love how they look in this autumn table.  They are still available here: Plaid Napkins. I can’t remember where I purchased the burnt-red, leaf-embroidered napkins. I’ve had those a long, long time. If I had to guess, I probably found them in Marshalls, Home Goods, or Pier 1.

Twig Flatware, Reindeer Napkin Rings


The leaf-covered water/tea glasses are from Dollar Tree many years back. The goblets were from A Classy Flea, I believe.

Leaf Covered Glasses


Update: A couple of photos taken this afternoon in natural light through the window…



Happy Autumn to you on this chilly fall morning. I’ll be heading back down to the unfinished side of the basement, specifically to the smaller crawl space area, to do some more painting today. Looking forward to sharing a progress report real soon. The painting company I chose to paint the semi-finished area of the basement should be starting next week. They are already asking me for my paint choices. Looking forward to sharing the basement/terrace level progress soon! Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Autumn Fall Table, Pumpkin Nandina Centerpiece


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  1. Stunning!

  2. This table is lovely and really exemplifies autumn. I thoroughly enjoy your table settings. They are always in good taste, sometimes elegant, sometimes whimsical but never garish or overdone. Your ability to put together a table no matter the season is an inspiration to all of us who collect, china, silver, glassware and linens. My husband often asks when I set a new table, “Well, what did Susan do this week? Did she “inspire” you again? Are those old dishes from the boxes in the basement or new dishes that you hid under the bed in the guest room?”

  3. Oh I love this – so cozy and warm – and your centerpiece is darling! I always get such great ideas from your lovely tables! Thanks for the continuing inspiration, and for hosting the party!

  4. That’s so pretty, Susan. I love November (at least this one) even more than October, after all the fall festivals and Halloween are over and the landscape is put to bed. I am really in the mood for pretty fall tables and even thinking toward Christmas. I have a nandina bush again in this little landscape. I love those berries, but darned if they aren’t like BBs rolling around once you cut them. Love those acorn individual serving pots. I so miss Pier 1.

    • Ha! That’s the perfect way to describe those berries! They end up going everywhere–I found a few more this morning that had fallen off onto the table and I never even saw them last night. I’m sure there are a few rolling around on my kitchen floor, too. I badly need to get out and there and cut some of mine back, but I’ll wait until early spring to do that since I want to enjoy the berries. I’ve read when you trim them, you are supposed to trim out some of the canes and not just cut them off at the top. Apparently, that helps them to fill back in toward the bottom.
      I know, I really miss Pier 1. I keep hoping one day it will open up again. They had some of the cutest tabletop goods for holidays and seasons!

  5. Snowflake281 says

    Very nice tablescape. I love the use of natural materials in any table setting & your Nandina clippings work perfectly, along with the chargers. Are those pumpkins real? I don’t know why but I prefer tablescapes for Thanksgiving to lean towards having a more rustic feel & this one does just that. Good job.

    • Thanks! The pumpkins are real, I bought them well before Halloween and was planning to use them in a Halloween table but they just didn’t fit in with the color scheme of the one I put together this year. They work great for Thanksgiving too so I’m going to keep them around for a bit longer. I like rustic ones, as well. I would love to have set this table in front of a big roaring fire in a fireplace. Would love to have a dining room with a fireplace!

  6. Susan- I love your place settings and I’m going to use this one to inspire my Thanksgiving Breakfast Table. (We’re having dinner at our son’s house, but I get to do breakfast. And it’s going to be fancy:). One question- how do your guests handle the double napkin? I love the look, but– do they use them both on their lap? Leave one on the side of the plate? or ??? Thanks.

    • Thanks, Holly! It really depends on the type of napkins I’m using. If they are both cloth napkins, usually they just lay one across their lap and used the other one more as a napkin. If the top napkin is a decorative one, like some of the organza napkins I sometimes use, guests will lay them on the table or sometimes just pass them to me and I take them. I don’t host any formal dinner parties, so it’s almost always casual dinners with family or friends.

  7. Wonderfully inviting tablescape, Susan. The acorn soup tureens are so darn cute!

  8. Beautiful setting for fall! Love every detail.

  9. franki parde says

    Oh, my goodness..I’m falling for that tablescape!!! You were SO SCHMART purchasing from Pier 1 when one could just “browse” that store…boy, do I miss that…and, not “shipping…gaaa!!!” We are in the midst of a heat wave but, I’ve got Thanksgiving table on the mind…yours was gorgeous!!! franki

    • I was thinking about that today, how wonderful it was to just stop by any ol time and browse the new offerings. I miss that so much! It’s been unusually warm here, but I’m loving it! 🙂

  10. Lovely tablescape, Susan. Very elegant. I love the warmth of the tablecloth and the way the new, checked napkins blend so well with the leafy dinnerware. Even the twig flatware and brown goblets blend so well. Very, very pretty.

    Good luck with your painting. I can’t believe you don’t need more rest after your trip! Your energy is legendary!

    • Thanks so much, Pam! Thanks! I wanted to start painting yesterday, but I was too tired after unpacking my car/suitcase, washing clothes, picking up mail and putting away Halloween decor. I’m going to start tonight though because I think they may be coming on Monday or Tuesday. I sorta hope it’s later in the week. I’ve got to get cracking and get everything moved out of the semi-finished area where they’ll be painting.

  11. I love your tablescapes! Gorgeous, especially with the berries. I have never gotten berries on my Nandina bush. Do you have to plant male and female varieties? This bush is by itself in front of our house and my neighbor has one in the exact location in front of hers, and it has berries! Our bush is 20 yrs old!!

  12. That is a beautiful tablecloth. It brings it all together. What are the napkin holders? It looks like a crab, but crabs are not Fall, or are they?

  13. The tablescape is lovely. Just perfect for Autumn. Thank you for sharing.
    Joan.Marion and Marilyn

  14. Beautiful setting on your round table. Those acorns are terrific. Very creative to use nandina leaves and berries in your tablescape. I love decorating with “freebies” from the great outdoors. One of these days, I would love an actual cutting garden.

    • Thanks, Teresa! Oh, I’m with you on that! I would love a cutting garden, too! I wish I had planted more flowering things in my yard over the years, especially hydrangeas.

  15. I love this table Susan! The plates are gorgeous and the acorn tureens look so pretty on the plates. Your new napkins are perfect and the deer napkin rings are adorable! Enjoy your warm weather there – there is a good 6 inches of snow here. Ugh. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

    • Thanks so much, Kim! Wow, snow already?! It’s supposed to hit 80 here this week. A friend of mine who lives in Oregon once told me that whenever we get really unseasonably warm weather, that they always have super cold weather there. I can’t remember if it’s a jet stream thing or what. She was right though, it seems to happen that way.

  16. Wow, I love those plates from Pier 1. I miss just popping in the store to get my fix of sounds, colors and scents of the season. Regarding yard cuttings, do you treat or wash them before bringing into the house? I tried cuttings in the neighborhood one time and before I got home lots of critters were crawling around. Yuck!

    • Me, too! I just took for granted they would always be there. It was so relaxing walking through their stores and looking at all the dinnerware and outdoor furniture. I bought so many things there over the years–I wish they would reopen!
      I check them over and if I see ants or anything, I just try to rinse them off. These didn’t have anything on them. It’s my gardenia bush/tree that always seems to have buggies on it. Argggh. I have to look those over very carefully!

  17. Hi Susan,

    Your tablescape is so pretty!! What a great idea for a centerpiece! I love your plates, napkins, tablecloth, and acorn tureens — so perfect for fall. This is my favorite time of year!! 🙂

    Thank you for hosting “Tablescape Thursdays” and have a wonderful weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

    • I didn’t use to be a fan of autumn because it signaled the end of summer (which I LOVE) and I knew winter was ahead. For some reason, I actually don’t mind it anymore. I think I love all the clothes and holidays and everything else that goes with winter now. I just really love all the seasons now…roll with the punches.
      Glad your fave season is here, Denise! 🙂

  18. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, there isn’t a table setting you can’t master. I love all the fall colors used in this one and, yes, I can just envision this table in front of a cozy fire. Hugs!

  19. Gorgeous table setting Susan! I love the warm, rich colors. Love the moose napkin rings, too cute! You table setting is so inviting! Who doesn’t love fall? The colors are so beautiful, warm days, crisp, cool nights….wish Fall would last until Feb, then Winter, then Spring come March. lol Winter is beautiful in it’s own right though.

  20. Tina W Reynolds says

    So warm and inviting! It is so windy and chilly in my area today that I feel as if Autumn is all too brief a treat! I am dreading winter, more and more each year. Who doesn’t love Fall? The deep colors, the sunny, warm, perfect days. I wish it were like that all year! I love the acorn soups! I have cream soups in my china pattern, but they seem so formal. Truth is, I’ve only used them a few times! The acorns are so cute. We would probably use those more often.

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