Two Beautiful Spring Tables and One Sassy Bunny

Welcome to the 497th Tablescape Thursday!

When was the last time you purchased a car? I keep my cars a really long time, the shortest being 11 years, and the longest, 18. The 18-year-old, a diesel, had 325,000 miles on the odometer when my son slid on an icy bridge, sending it into retirement. As the saying goes, I pretty much drive them until the wheels fall off. lol

I’ve been car “shopping” the last two weeks and I’m finding it all-consuming. Every day I’m researching “Optional Features,” making phones calls, taking test drives, watching YouTube videos, talking to friends and talking to my son who knows a lot about cars. I’m basically in “car school” learning about things with funny names like Heads Up Display and Active Parking Assist.

This car-shopping business feels like it has become a full-time job! When you only purchase a new car, 0r a “new-to-me” car every 11-18 years, you feel like you have to really get it right, especially when it could potentially be the last car you ever buy, the car you’ll be driving for the rest of your life! Yikes!

So my plans to set a table this week were swallowed up in the Great Car Chase of 2018, but fortunately, Phyllis sent me the most beautiful pictures of a table her daughter, Christy, created for this year’s Easter gathering.

You may remember Christy and Don’s beautiful Victorian home from when we toured it a few years back here on the blog. If you missed those two previous posts, you’ll find them here: A Beautiful Victorian Home Rises from the Ashes, Part 1 and Part II. You are in for such a treat, it’s absolutely a dream!

Victorian Home with Wrap Around Porch


Christy created the most beautiful table for Easter this year. Actually, they had such a big gathering, she set two beautiful tables! I love, love, love all the soft greens and how she combined it with crystal for this spring setting.


What a stunning centerpiece!


Love the green dragonfly plates, leafy placemats and adorable beaded, butterfly napkin rings. Notice all the beautiful crystal on this elegant table! Looks like the Easter bunny came by…love the cute little basket of eggs at each place setting.


This was the other table Christy set for their Easter celebration. I love those little silver candle lanterns! Would love to know where Christy found those.


Such a beautiful centerpiece! I love Mr. Bunny…so fat and sassy surrounded by a stunning floral and egg wreath! We need more details on these two tables, don’t we…like where Christy found the silver lanterns and this adorable bunny.

Thanks so much to Phyllis and Christy for sharing these absolutely delightful Easter-Spring table settings! Loved them both so much!

Take a tour of Christy and Don’s beautiful Victorian home, rebuilt after a devastating fire in these two posts: A Beautiful Victorian Home Rises from the Ashes, Part 1 and Part II. You are in for such a treat, it’s absolutely a dream!


Okay, I’m headed back to car school again today. Wish me luck!

Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Elinda Turner says

    Beautiful tables, I love the dragonfly plates !

  2. These Easter tables are very pretty, colorful and festive! Tables like these really make it feel like spring is really here for good. Christy did a great job.

    I also drive vehicles into the ground. If they’re paid for, why would you not drive your car until you can’t? I have a 12 year old Dodge Grand Caravan van with 210,000 miles on it. It actually looks pretty good on the outside except where some IDIOT with a big truck bumped into the back hatch. Now there’s a dent there, but the cost of fixing it exceeds the resale value of the van. So I keep driving my dented van, I must look like a hillbilly. Good luck shopping. When my van finally keels over, my husband is going to do all the van shopping, I can’t stand dealing with auto dealerships and their predatory salesmen LOL.

    Have wonderful day, thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday.

  3. If YOU aren’t a gal after my own heart!! We, too, drive the “wheels” off our vehicles…my little Eagle Talon is 1992, drove our 1977 MB until a year ago…we got a Honda Accord…guess it’s a “grown up” car and runs well…it’s my husband’s car. 🙂 The tablescape is Gorgeous!! franki

  4. Just replaced my 2003 Toyota Matrix which was brand new when I bought it.lots of miles. After hours of research I bought a fully loaded Buick Encore. Even has a heated steering wheel. Worth Checking out!

  5. So far, my 1968 Pagoda beats you all. Ha ha. There are no new-fangled “assistance” features to worry about/go wrong. She is easily fixed and will run until she serves as my coffin. Beautiful greens in that first table!

    • 1968 Wow, Beatrice! You have us all beat. “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy” LOL

      • We attended the 40th birthday party Mercedes put on for the Pagoda model in Speyer, Germany. There were thousands of Pagodas, but one was still being driven by an original owner and had 1,000,000 km (620,000 miles) on the clock! Those old German models run forever!!

  6. Charlotte says

    Both tables are beautiful! I love the Spring green too! Good Luck with the car shopping, cars have so much technical stuff on them now, it is so confusing.

  7. Gorgeous table settings and of course the house is amazing!
    My two year old Ford Explorer has become the most favorite car I’ve ever had, but if I bought a new car there are three features on my list of “must haves”.
    1. Heated leather seats (love these)
    2. Back up camera ( why didn’t they add these sooner)
    3. Side lane warning system ( if a car is in the blind spot and you start to change lanes it warns you)
    My Explorer doesn’t have number 3, but I wish it did.
    So funny how priorities change and technology spoils us. I can remember a time when we debated on whether to spend the extra money for an air conditioner on a new Volkswagen Beetle. Whew! Every year the standard equipment gets better!

  8. Enjoy your blog very much! Beautiful house and tables! Thanks…I feel your pain…I hate car shopping especially these days with so many options..The dashboard looks like an airplane cockpit and you need to take a class to learn it all….Agree with Mary…great options to have! We drive our cars for 10-20 years, and have always had Honda Accords with very little worry, and they seem to last forever!!! I agree, no need to trade cars very year or so when you can drive one for a long time and save a bunch of money!!!We need to car shop now but have been putting it off! Best of luck!!!

  9. Rebecca Dexter says

    The tables are lovely! Since others are adding comments about cars… I am a Toyota girl totally! I also keep cars a long time and drive 1500 miles to FL and back every year carrying tons of stuff, as well as, two very large English Labradors. My last car was a Toyota Sienna van and A 2008 Solara convertible. I just traded both in and bought a new Sienna. Even if you do not need a car that large it is worth test driving it for the comfort and turning radius. Style wise I really wanted the Highlander Limited because it is so sporty looking but because of the pups needed more room. Toyota has excellent ratings and resale value so you might want to test one out

  10. Wow!!! Beautiful tables. I love Tablescape Thursday. It owned a brand new 2002 Buick with 49,000 miles for 15 years. Last June I bought a GMC Arcadia 6 cylinder. I love my car. Seats 7, heated steering wheel and heated seats. Side mirrors show if a car is in the blind spot and I have a backup camera. I will be 77 years old on June 3rd, and this is probably my last car. I love the big back area to carry bags of mulch and anything else from the nursery. Good luck on your car journey.
    Faithful follower,

  11. Hi Susan,

    Christy and Don’s Victorian home is lovely and her Easter table is charming. I so love old homes with all their character and beautiful architecture. (What part of the country do they live in?)

    It sounds like you really research your car purchases well, which is good since you keep them for a long time. I have a 2004 Cadillac DTS which I inherited from my late father who also kept his cars for a long time, and did a lot of research before making his purchase. I have to say it’s a fabulous car in every way – drives and rides beautifully, reliable and dependable, safe and very responsive. Probably not a car I would have purchased for myself , but a great car in every way. Recently I rode in a Tesla, which never really impressed me, but OMG, they are fabulous! What an experience! All these amazing tech features, super quiet, super safe. (Of course then I wanted one. Who wouldn’t?) But first there is the price, you can’t drive more than 300 miles without a charge, and Tesla is going through some precarious times economically right now and we don’t know it they will survive as a company. I want to hear about your quest for the ideal car. Please keep us posted.

  12. Ha! Ha! I love your comment about this might be the last car you ever buy. I am at the age where I say that about everything I buy, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. I keep cars a long time, also. If I love a car, I want to keep it. All it has to do is run. I replaced my 2004 Toyota Highlander with a 2015 Highlander, only because my husband and kids said I needed to do so because I am on the road alone and “old.”. My son is now still driving that 2004.

  13. Good luck finding the perfect car, Susan! The tables are beautiful!…Christine

  14. What a gorgeous table setting, BOTH of them. Just stunning! We drive all of our cars into the ground also….my 13 year old Durango is my baby and WOULD HAVE BEEN perfect, except there is rust on the body by the wheel wells…so, yeah, it looks a bit ragged. But the feeling of never having a car payment!??!!? Priceless! 🙂 Good luck with your search!

  15. BamaCarol says

    I just replaced my 2004 Toyota Highlander with a 2018 model in January. I still have less than 1000 miles on it! The night after I bought it my husband and I came down with the flu and it didn’t move for over 2 weeks. I just do not drive that much, the 2004 only had 85,000 miles on it which is the most I have ever put on a vehicle. This Highlander Limited is wonderful! Love the options, especially backup camera and side mirror notification. I would not go back to a regular car now that I’ve had two SUVs and this one is a 6 cylinder which is even better! I’m so glad I traded earlier this year, I feel much safer with all these new safety features!

  16. Glad to know I’m not alone in the old car group. My Jeep Liberty is 11 years old and has only 57,000 miles on it. Why should I trade it in except to get one of the new versions that practically drives itself?

  17. Hi!
    I just traded my 2006 Subaru Impreza for a brand new Forrester. The snowy winters here in New England helped make my decision. I love my new car and the table settings!

  18. I bought a Mercury Grand Marquis in October of 2010 because they weren’t going to make anymore. By July of 2011 the transmission was acting up and I took it back to the dealer. They fixed it and a few other things went wrong and then the fuel pump went out and I lost it and told the service manager off. When I got home I decided it wasn’t his fault and told him I wasn’t going to come back and he said something so sweet . He said, I have never seen anyone so cute when they told me off”. I told him I wasn’t going to come back and he said, “you have to, I like you”. He asked if he could take over my car and set it up on a program and since that time it’s run really good. When my husband’s pickup started acting up last summer I called him, coaxed it down and when he came in I knew it was more than spark plugs. There was so much wrong with it, he wouldn’t fix it. He gave my husband a golf cart and we looked and couldn’t find a pickup, but I found an Ford Edge and they gave us a great trade in. I drive 100 miles one way and we have become best friends. My husband isn’t able to do much driving, so it is nice to have someone look out for me.

  19. Jane Franks says

    We keep our cars, too, until “the wheels fall off”. In our case that has been 10 years for each of our last two cars, and unfortunately each time they were replaced due to auto accidents (we did not cause!); not a great way to get a new car!! I don’t recommend it! But we just got our current car last summer. It’s a 2017 Toyota Camry SE and we love it! This is our 3rd Toyota and we’ve never had any problems with them until the accidents! In the case of Toyota I don’t recommend anything pre-2007. They had acceleration problems, but the new ones do not have recalls. I wish you great success in your car hunt! It is time consuming and mind boggling, and I’m always glad when it is over and settled! The shock this time is the property tax hike! Yikes! I don’t know what GA law is, but in Arkansas we have to pay property tax on our vehicles each year, and ours went from $73 to $250!! Oh, well! It goes down each year, so the good news it will keep decreasing!

  20. Lovely tablescape. Actually, we like all of the tablescapes and now own a ton of dishes. That Victorian home is pretty awesome too.
    Did you visit Marie for Easter this year ?
    Funny stories about cars. I drive an big ugly pre-dented Ford van with 183,000 miles on it that came at the ‘right price’ from a friend (no salesman). Great for craft shows. So little maintenance. At first I was going to keep my car too, but I don’t need to impress anyone.
    Not to worry Susan, you will know when you find the perfect car that fits you (anyone else have a problem with bucket seats?) Tell them you can feature their ad on your site for a big discount on your purchase.

  21. First of all, the tables are beautiful and the house looks amazing! My husband and I both drive our cars a long time. He bought a Kia Sorento SUV last April and we love it. We are now looking for me….whew! This is hard work so I feel your pain. I have decided on a Toyota Highlander XLE. It has all those things Mary listed. Our Kia has these features also. I want a white Highlander as I feel white cars are safer because they are easier to see plus I prefer white. I especially wanted a SUV because they are easier to get in and out and that is becoming an issue with a hip. Just waiting on my car rep to call saying he has it!I wish you the best in your search. Let us know what you decide.

  22. Love the green too! and I am not usually a green person. I love Toyota’s. The only thing I wish I had was a larger back up camera screen and the blind spot camera. Very much needed today with the way people are so distracted while driving! Good luck!

  23. Vanessa in Atlanta says

    Gorgeous table settings! Oh Susan, I don’t envy you the car shopping. A year and a half ago my husband talked me into trading my beloved Honda Pilot with 125,000+ miles in for a BMW smaller SUV. There was nothing wrong with my Pilot but my husband just didn’t like the mileage. My new vehicle is fine but now that we have moved the dealership we use now is just not the level I was so used to experiencing when I go in for routine service. I’ve already made up my mind that I am getting a new car in December this year and I am basing it not only on the vehicle (I want something a little larger than my 3 series BMW) but also I am going to shop around for the best “service after the sale” dealership. Wishing you all the best with your search. Can’t wait to see what you decide on for your new “ride”!

  24. Peggy W Nodine says

    Love the Easter tablescapes. They are very pretty.
    Have you driven a Lexus yet, if you want a SUV, drive the Lexus and see how you like it. We have had so many different cars over the years, and for the past 25 years we have had nothing but Lexus, never a new one, but all have given us great service. I have the Lexus 350 now, it is an SUV, but we have had the ES, GS, and LS, all cars and were all great to drive. They just don’t give you any problems. Try one out and see how you like it. You will never buy any other brand car again. Good luck and happy motoring!!

  25. We bought a new car in 2016. It had every bell and whistle, so we thought we knew what was out there. Then a few weeks, we bought my daughter a new car. Oh my goodness, the changes in two years are crazy! I totally understand where you are, lots of options and features! Good luck.

  26. I drive cars for a very long time so I always opt for one that excites me meaning the choice is not always practical but fun. BTW, I’m not much of a linker but I do love doing tables so I really appreciate getting to share here.

  27. thanks for hosting another great party. hope you had a wonderful easter. i’ve had my car for 11+ years so i totally get it & there’s nothing else out there i want. xo- maryjo

  28. You’re a kindred spirit, Susan! I’m currently driving a 2008 HHR with 98,000 miles, and I’m not ready to replace it yet. It’s the perfect size for me.
    My hubby trades his cars every couple of years – guess it’s a guy thing. Beautiful Easter tablescape. Love the leaf placemats and they don’t look difficult to make. I’ll have to keep them in mind.

  29. Both tablescapes are so different but still spring-like. But my favorite part? The Easter giraffe on the second table!

  30. JoyceBinAtlanta says

    The green and crystal table setting is very beautiful. Like another one of your readers said, because of all these gorgeous tablescapes, I now own enough dishes, etc. to outfit 10 wedding parties!
    As to cars, Honda has one of the best safety features. We just heard from a woman that the only reason her brother is alive is because the Honda motors are built to ‘fall’ when the car is hit in front. I love my Honda van. It is 10 years old, has about 50,000 miles on it, has great visibility, and I hope it lasts forever. I call it my truck because I use it to haul plants.

  31. Cyndi Raines says

    Very pretty tablescapes and I intend to go back and read about the gorgeous house! Yes, both hubby and I have older vehicles, mine is 11 years old and still going fine, a Chrysler Town and Country van, which I really didn’t want in the beginning as I haven’t any kids to haul, but it is SO practical and I have come to appreciate it for all the room and the stow and go compartments. Hubby’s truck is now 18 and is still doing great and is wonderful to haul mulch. I LOVE not having car payments and keep praying that they will last a little longer, lol. I dread the day we have to get something else as I know I will have horrible sticker shock. Good luck Susan.

  32. Penny Weldon says

    What darling and pretty green tablescapes!! I adore each one of them
    We too drive our vehicles a long time. Last June my 2004 GMC Envoy gave it up. I had to decide between a 2017 Mazda CX-5 and a 2017 Honda CRV. I chose the CX-5 Grand Touring in red ( paid extra for the color but so worth it)!! I LOVE this SUV!! So much fun to drive & it has a lot of bells & whistles with safety features that I need. It also is great for hauling my grands around too as well as stuff for our home We really like Mazda, my husband has owned two Miata’s and is still driving one of them!!
    Have so much car shopping!!

  33. Gorgeous tables! I hope Christy shares some of the details about the items she used.

    Susan, good luck with car shopping. I don’t envy you that task.

  34. What a magnificent home and beautiful tablescapes as well! Do love Victorian architecture and to have a wrap-around-veranda has always been my dream. (Thank you so much Phyllis and Christy for sharing both.) Regarding cars Susan; I currently have two that are three years old. A Mercedes Benz Coupe C-Class, fully loaded for summer driving that should last me a number of years and a 4WD Suzuki Cross-over SUV Grand Vitara for winter. The latter though far cheaper, has been my go to vehicles due to their dependability for starting in cold weather and for their heaters plus in event I get rear-ended I won’t feel so bad … 🙂 (Prior to it I had an 1997 Suzuki (Sidekick) Sport JLX 4WD slightly smaller in size that I gave to a friend of mine who loves it and I can’t believe the miles she has put on it with no major repairs required to date and drives it all seasons.) All said; good luck in your hunt but keep in mind the more bells and whistles the more there is go wrong with it so choose wisely which I am sure you will. -Brenda-

  35. Great tables. I have a couple of those candle lanterns, but mine (taller, brass) came from an estate sale, so I’m sorry I can’t help you out.
    I’ll be curious to see what you purchase in a new car. Mine and Mr. P’s are 12 years old next month. His has 100K and mine has only 60K miles! Both still running great. His is a hybrid, and he thought when the battery needed replaced, that would be his time to buy a new one. So far, so good.

  36. Bobbi Duncan says

    Beautiful table setting–I love green. We actually take pride in the fact that our cars have as many miles on them as they do and are still running LOL! However, we’re having more and more shop work done on them now so we’ll probably be looking into new cars soon. I’ve just started looking and, boy, are there some nice options available now. Top of the list ones, though, for me are heated seats, the backup camera, and a great stereo system (the car I have now has the worst radio ever). Know what you mean about making a good choice when we keep our cars as long as we do. Hugs!

  37. My first new car was a Honda when I was 27, they were newer here then. I was so excited to have a brand new car! We have had various new cars since then…but I will put in a plug here for Volvo. This is my second SUV and they are so excellent, even hubby, who was skeptical and is driving my older one, is planning to buy a new one, a hybrid, this year. The newer cars are a little challenge to learn about with the computer aspect, but you have those skills already. Good luck!

  38. p.s. I should mention I have the sc90. I drove the sc60 and it felt cheapish, did not like it…but I like the feeling of a heavier car.

  39. Susan, I have used the Costco car purchase program for two cars. Found that the price Costco has set with dealers is better than I could negotiate. And if you ask dealers who are not in the program, often they will match the Costco pricing. Our daughters purchased Subarus this way, the cars have great safety features.

  40. Tina Reynolds says

    One thing is for sure: we all love talking about our cars! We have had Hondas since we were newlyweds! We’ve only had to have a few Accords. They last forever and are no trouble. I used to call our 1992 Accord “The Road Warrior” since my husband commuted 110 miles per day in it for nearly 10 years. Then we passed it down to my son. It was in a flood, got a new engine and lived on. I am still driving my 2002 Accord. I don’t know what I will do if it ever gives up!

  41. If I’m not too late to the party, may I suggest getting remote start in whatever vehicle you purchase? Up here in New England remote start is excellent for the winters but I must say, we get some pretty terrible humidity in the summer. I routinely use my remote start so I can get into a comfortable-temperature car and not melt to the seat.

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