A Comfortable and Very Functional, “Forest-Themed” Desk Update

Several years ago, I had this fabulous, extra-large mouse pad on my desk. I love a super large mousepad because you never run your mouse off the pad, plus, it provides extra cushion for the arms and wrists.


When I shared this photo in a recent post, a BNOTP reader asked about that mousepad. I chose one with a large world map design back then because I had just started traveling a good bit.


That mousepad is currently on the small built-in desk in my dressing room where I sometimes use my laptop. You can just see it there on the left side of the photo.

Handbag Art for Dressing Room or Closet


When I was staying in Ohio for several months last year, helping with my grandsons who were being homeschooled since all the schools were closed, I set up a mini-office there in the guest room. For that desk, I went with this pretty, soft-green, desk pad. I loved the color and how it looked. It was comfortable and functioned quite well, although occasionally the mouse seemed to drag a bit.

Desk for working at home


My daughter-in-law has a pink one on her desk and she loves it!

Design a small office area at home


Sooo cute! Desk pads like this one feel good underneath the arms and the wrist. In addition to adding a nice big surface for the mouse, they are just more comfortable than resting your arms against a hard desk. You’ll find this pink desk pad that’s available in several colors here: Desk and Mouse Pad.

White Desk, Pink Desk Mat


When I returned back home in January, I ordered a second green desk pad for my office here. I loved how it looked but after a while, I noticed again my mouse seemed to drag a bit while using it, almost like the surface was too soft. It may be because I keep my home fairly warm in the winter and keep the A/C pushed up at a pretty high temp in the summer since I’m so cold-natured. So maybe the vinyl or whatever it’s made of doesn’t like our humidity here. Not sure. Anyway, I ended up ordering a semi-large mousepad to go on top. That didn’t fit very well on my desk so eventually, I removed the green desk pad and I’ve just been using the black mouse pad seen below.


After I got the question recently about my super large “map” themed mousepad that I had been using in the past, I realized I missed having that one on my desk. It had worked flawlessly, the mouse never dragged on it, and it provided so much soft cushioning for my arms. I loved it! So I went online a few days ago and found it again. I looked at all the styles that were available and fell in love with this forest design.

Large Mouse Pad, Forest Design


You can see how nice and big it is. I shoved the keyboard out of the way so you could see the design.

Extra Large Mouse Pad with Forest Design

If you could use a large, comfortable, high-performing mousepad on your desk, you’ll find this one in many different designs here: Super Large Desk/Mousepad. There are so many beautiful designs, I had a hard time choosing. I do very much love this forest design–it’s so peaceful.

Extra Large Mouse Pad


I’m headed out to do a little antiquing. Will share what I find in an upcoming post. See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Well that’s pretty cool! I like the big size – headed over there to look at designs. Thanks for the tip, and Happy Antiquing!

  2. I’m so glad that other reader mentioned your large mouse pad, because I hadn’t noticed it. It’s tips like this that are so helpful, Susan. I never knew there were such gigantic mouse pads as this. I think I’d like one very much. Thank you for posting about it. Looking forward to seeing what antique goodies you find.

    • So glad to hear that, Pam! I know, I was surprised when I first discovered them. Apparently, they are popular with gamers, not sure why though.

  3. Cyndi Raines says

    Wow, never knew they made them that large. Since the internet part of my computer died, I use my tablet all the time, but I can see where the extra large size does add comfort to the arms and extra room to move the mouse. Good choice Susan.

  4. Catalynn says

    I’m so in love with these giant mousepads…mine arrived yesterday and it’s even nicer in person than I expected, hubby received his with his other Fathers Day gifts and immediately added it to his desk, my son was so impressed that he ordered 2…one for himself and one for his wife… with most people working from home because of covid it’s a wonderful addition to any desk… I’ve gotten so many great ideas from following your blog….Thanks again Susan, hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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