A Silver Jewelry Keeper Update & How to Find That Elusive, Much Sought-After Item

A while back I shared a new idea I had just discovered for storing silver jewelry. I needed a better method for storing mine because keeping it stored away in little tarnish-free bags also kept it out-of-sight and out-of-mind. As a result, I never wore it.

This was the storage system/piece I purchased and today I thought I’d share exactly how I’ve decided to use it and something awesome I just recently discovered about it. (This jewelry storage/keeper is available here: Silver Jewelry Keeper.)

Jewelry Storage for Sterling Silver and Silverplate Jewelry


How’s It Working?

So far, I’m very pleased with how it’s working. My silver jewelry is staying tarnish free and I love how easy it is to see each piece. There’s no more having everything tucked away in bags where it’s completely hidden and out of sight.

When I first purchased this 2-sided jewelry keeper, I noticed the spot designed for storing necklaces. I was glad they included that feature, but I found it somewhat cumbersome to use–that was until I finally noticed that it actually unzipped on both sides! How had I missed that?

How to keep Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing


What a difference it made when I realized I could unzip both sides (and not just one) to access the area where necklaces are supposed to be hung. (Notice how it’s unzipped below.) So if you purchased this piece back when I first blogged about it, just wanted to make sure you saw what I initially missed.

Silver Jewelry Storage, Prevents Tarnish


I’ve made two significant changes in how I’m using this section of the jewelry keeper.

1. for necklaces that are super long, I’ve kinda loosely tied them around the loop. You may recall the loops unsnap at the top. To keep the longer necklaces from bunching up at the bottom of this storage section, I just loosely tied them around the loop.

2. The other thing I did was instead of storing my bracelets in a pocket as I had been doing, I moved them over to this area, as well. If I eventually acquire another necklace, I may have to move the bracelets back to a storage pocket. But for now, I like having them hanging here where I can better see them. Plus, I think it’s a lot better for the charms I have attached to my charm bracelet if they aren’t all piled onto each other in one of the storage pockets.

Storing Tiffany Jewelry to Avoid Tarnish


I primarily wear this bracelet at Christmas time since most of the charms are Christmas related. The other side of the “Naughty” charm says, “Nice.” Ha! Of course, with my love of handbags, I had to have a little purse charm. I added the teeny, tiny little red heart as an unexpected surprise on the bracelet. I love hearts!

A Tiffany & Co Silver Jewelry Storage Tip for Keeping Jewelry Tarnish Free


A Tip for Finding That Elusive Item, The One You’ve Been Wanting a Long Time

I actually had two goals in mind when I wrote this post. One goal was to share how great this silver storage system is working out and exactly how I’m using it, but the other goal was to share a system I have discovered really works for finding or locating an item you’ve been hoping to find but was no longer in production or available to purchase.

You may remember back in November 2016 in THIS post, I shared how I had been hoping to find this particular Tiffany & Co. charm for my bracelet. I wasn’t collecting charms the year it came out, which was quite a few years ago, but I’ve been told it was a popular charm and sold out immediately. I don’t know why Tiffany doesn’t bring back the charms that were so popular. Arggg!

I’ve often searched for the “Bow Box Sled Charm” on eBay without any luck. (Not sure why it’s called a sled since it’s obviously a sleigh. Ummm…)



During one of my eBay searches a year or two back, I actually found it, but it was being sold as part of a bracelet full of charms. I already had a few of the charms showing on the bracelet or I would have been tempted. I finally decided to use the eBay “alert” system. Have you ever used that?

Whenever you search for something on eBay, if the item is not found, eBay will offer you the opportunity to, “Save this search to receive email alerts and notifications when new items are available.” as shown in this screen capture below.


I was stunned when the charm actually popped back up again! There was a “Make an Offer” option and the seller accepted my offer. So after years of searching, I was finally able to add the Bow Box Sled Charm to my charm collection. I’ve decided to wear it alone on a chain because I’ve noticed my “enamel” silver pieces are starting to show a little wear from wearing them on my bracelet since the charms have a tendency to bang into each other.

So if there’s some super elusive piece you are trying to collect (doesn’t have to be jewelry, could be anything!) set up an alert at eBay. That way, when/if it finally does get listed for sale there, you will be the first to be notified. I do not believe I would have ever been able to find this charm if it hadn’t been for their alert/notification system. It does work!

Tiffany & Co. Bow Sled, Sleigh Charm


After using this silver jewelry storage system for a while now, I definitely feel it works well for keeping silver jewelry, tarnish-free. I’m super pleased with how it’s working and love that when I’m in the mood to wear a piece of my silver jewelry, I don’t have to stop and take time to polish it every time.

If you’re looking for a good way to keep your silver jewelry from tarnishing, you’ll find this silver jewelry keeper here: Silver Jewelry Keeper.

One tip: Be sure to polish your jewelry before putting it inside the jewelry keeper so it starts out tarnish-free. This silver jewelry keeper won’t remove tarnish, but it will keep it from tarnishing again for a very long time.

If you only need a single pouch for a bracelet or a small item like a napkin ring, you’ll find this size here: Silver Storage Pouch.

Hagerty Jewelry Storage Bag


If you have quite a few large silver pieces, like silverplate pitchers, candlesticks or trays, you’ll find their larger storage bags here: Silver Storage Bags for Larger Pieces. I’ve purchased quite a few of the larger bags over the years to store my silver candlesticks, pitchers and trays since I was worried about wearing away the silverplate from polishing them too often. The bags have worked really well!

Hope you find this post helpful! Looking forward to Tablescape Thursday tomorrow. I’ll be going back to the old Linky system for tomorrow since several folks have been having trouble seeing the links for Metamorphosis Monday and Tablescape Thursday.

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  1. Marlea Foster says

    Can’t Wait to purchase this WONDERFUL jewelry keeper/ organizer!!! Thank you for sharing… One quick question-I wear more gold than silver jewelry , do you think it would be alright to store gold in the pouch or do you know of a similar piece that would work for gold jewelry? Look forward to hearing back … Thank you

    • I would be afraid to store gold jewelry in this keeper since I’m not sure how the tarnish-proof fabric would affect gold.

      I recently realized that the shallow drawers in the built-in cabinetry in my dressing room that’s off the master bedroom were probably designed to hold jewelry. So I’ve started using those for my non-silver jewelry.

      This is what I’m using in those shallow drawers for storing my bracelets: https://amzn.to/2UWEI7G

      And recently I purchased these for storing earrings, necklaces and such in the same drawers: https://amzn.to/2HIlYpv

      I know this isn’t exactly what you had in mind. I have seen some beautiful jewelry boxes and standing jewelry cabinets on Amazon like these: https://amzn.to/2HJucxJ

      I’ve been very tempted to order one of those. If you scroll on down, there are some really pretty ones.

  2. How did we…ever manage…without ebay!! Sometimes, though, a love/not love relationship!! Hi, yo, silver away!! franki

    • I know. You can’t beat it for finding those things you missed out on…and I’m great at discovering things long after they are no longer available. lol

  3. Great idea! You have inspired me to organize my jewelry this way. I also love hearts–they are my personal totem.

  4. Christy Keyton says

    Yes, I love the eBay alert system! I have used it to find several different items. Also, you may know this, but you can search eBay with the “completed” filter to see how often and what price an item is selling for. Those results are often surprising!

  5. Good tip for Ebay. I so love that Tiffany sleigh with the blue box; it went to a good home. Hope to see a peek of it again next Christmas 😉

  6. Sandra D in Joliet says

    You’ve probably posted this before but what is your favorite way of cleaning the silver. I was looking at a related zippered item for storing silver utensils in which I seldom use. Some loved it, some hated it. One lady said it worked pretty well but the top ones tarnished a bit and the edges and short of vacuum sealing it, nothing would really stop it. That made me think I would buy it and then use my Food Saver vacuum to seal it to further reduce any tarnishing. I have to find my silver first because I tucked it away in a safe place and hid it on myself. I’m sure it’s very tarnished by now.

    • I keep my sterling flatware in a silver chest bought from Ross-Simon about 35 years ago. It is amazing. I’ve pretty never had to polish my flatware. I remember once I touched up a few pieces but somehow that amazing chest keeps the flatware from tarnishing. If you use your silver all the time, you never have to polish it. But if you’re like me and only use it occasionally, keep it in a really good silver chest and you’ll rarely ever have to polish it.
      When I’ve had to polish a tray, silverplate pitcher of the silverplate lamps in the dining room, etc… I always use Hagerty’s because that’s what Beverly Bremer Silver Shop in Buckhead, Atlanta uses on all their silver…and they’ve been around forever. It’s a very nice shop with an outstanding reputation. I figure if it’s good enough for the expensive pieces they sell, it’s definitely good enough for my Towle King Richard. lol Here’s some info from their website about caring for silver: https://beverlybremer.com/sterling-silver/lets-talk-silver
      Hagerty’s comes in a bunch of different forms. I use their liquid polish and their spray polish. The spray may be my favorite because it gets in all the nooks and crannies. You can see it here: https://amzn.to/2UhfELz
      It looks like Hagerty’s may make a silver jewelry cleaner, as well, though I’ve never tried it before. For my sterling silver jewelry pieces, I’ve been using the polishing cloths that you can buy on the Tiffany & Co. website.

      But truly for flatware, just buy a really high-quality silver chest by one of the name brand silver companies. Again, my flatware has stayed almost perfect for 35 years, just taking mine out to use for family meals/holiday/parties, etc… I bet Beverly Bremer would have a great recommendation for what brand silver chest to buy.

  7. I wonder about storing pearls in this with the tarnish proof fabric. By the way my aunt always called it “pacific cloth”


    • That a good question, Cindi. I noticed in the picture at the website (which is the first picture I included in this post) they show pearls of some type inside. I thought that was kinda odd since it’s designed to for silver. I don’t think I would put pearls inside, just not sure if it would hurt the finish of the pearls…not worth the risk.

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Happy for you that you were able to finally purchase that darling charm. I love charm bracelets and have a few with different themes. I still get a kick out of wearing them.

  9. what should I use for cleaning my silver jewelry?

    • Barb, I bet Hagerty’s make jewelry cleaner too, check on Amazon for that. But if it’s something that’s really nice or extra-special I would probably go with the silver cleaner Tiffany sales online at their website. They make/sell so much sterling silver jewelry that I would trust their cleaner, though it’s not inexpensive. You can see it here: https://www.tiffany.com/gifts/product-care-items/tiffany-silver-care-kit-62231416/

      Okay, I just took a look on Amazon and this product by Hagerty sounds safe for jewelry. I think I’d be willing to give it a try: https://amzn.to/2HIyMw4
      The reviews are good, too. Take a look at the reviews and photos submitted. It’s also a lot less than the Tiffany & Co. cleaner.

  10. Brenda Smith says

    I bought a silver keeper like this on your recommendation , and I love it ! In fact, it works so well that I ordered one for my daughter too. And yes, I also missed the double zipper feature!

  11. I purchased this yesterday at Container Store in Southlake, Texas, and don’t know how I lived without it! I had so many items in felt pouches, and it was so hard to remember what item was in each pouch. Thanks for the wonderful tip!

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