Welcome Spring!

Welcome to the 549th Tablescape Thursday!

At 61 degrees, it was almost warm enough to set a table out on the porch today. At least it was warm enough to have the door open for a while. It’s pollen time here in Georgia, which reminds me, I should probably bring in the cushions from the porch until it passes.

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Spring Easter Table Setting, 2019


Mr. Bunny is back! He’s out of retirement and excited to be helping us for this spring tablesape, but instead of bringing along carrots this time…  (View this table here: Raiding the Garden.)



…or Camellias… (View this table here: Camellia Centerpiece for an Easter/Spring Table Setting)

Easter Table Setting with Debutante Camellias in Bunny Vase-Planter


…or Easter eggs… (View this table here: Spring Table Setting with the Easter Bunny)

Easter Table Setting for Springtime


…he’s brought us tulips for this spring table.

Spring Table, Bunny-Tulip Centerpiece


I thought it would be fun to create a spring or Easter table setting in colors you wouldn’t normally expect for spring. Actually, I think I was just itching to use these gingham bunny napkins I found a few weeks ago. lol (Napkins are still available and are currently on sale here: Gingham Bunny Napkins.)

Black & White Gingham Linen Napkins with Bunny Motif


You’ll find an easy tutorial to make these burlap, bunny-ear napkin rings here: DIY Bunny Ear Napkin Rings.

Make Burlap Bunny Napkin Rings for Spring or Easter Table Setting


For this table, I brought out my white bunny salad plates. I love these plates, they work in so many different springtime tables.

White Bunny Salad Plates for a Spring Table


They are from Pottery Barn quite a few years back.

White Bunny Plates for Easter or Spring


The dinner plates are a gift from Mikasa many years ago. The pattern is called Modern Butterfly. I love how the black and white gingham of the napkins works with the black accents in this pattern.

Spring Table Setting with Mikasa Modern Butterfly


Do you see all the butterflies? The pierced chargers are from Horchow in 2008.

Mikasa Modern Butterfly Dinner Plates, Pierced Chargers


For this week’s table, I went with this elegant black flatware that I’ve had for many years. It works great in fall-winter tables, even for Halloween, but I never expected to use it in a springtime table. You’ll find this beautiful flatware available in several colors here: Flatware.

Elegant Black-Handle Flatware


Recently I saw some very realistic-looking, faux tulips on Instagram. I was amazed by how real they looked! Of course, Mr. Bunny picked these for our table today 😉 but if you would like some for your entry or table, you’ll find them here: Tulips.

Spring Tablescape, Bunnies and Butterflies


Hope you are starting to see signs of spring where you live–unless of course, you live in Australia where you’re currently heading into autumn.

Tulips in Bunny Planter for a Spring Table Setting


Happy Spring to you!

Tulip Centerpiece for a Spring or Easter Table Setting


Looking forward to sharing some tables on the porch real soon!

Spring Table, Bunny-Tulip Centerpiece


Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Perfect days in Houston for eating on the porch and thanks to your recommendation last year about the best way to clean it, it is free of pollen!

  2. Cyndi Raines says

    Yes! Happy Spring! Very pretty table, Susan, love Mr. Bunny and his beautiful bouquet of tulips. So fun to decorate for Spring and Easter after the long winter. I just have a few touches of spring things throughout the house, but on Saturday I’ll be bringing out my Mr. Bunny and other Easter items. Love it! I also have a few sprouts poking through the flower beds! Love my daffodills and hyacinths, such happy flowers. ⚘

  3. Is that ribbon bow around the bunny’s neck grosgrain? Love this week’s table. Thank you. Now I’m craving Peeps.

    • Yes, it is. I think it came around a box of mercury glass ornaments I purchased a few years back at Pottery Barn, if I’m remembering correctly. I always save ribbon because you never know when it will come in handy for something.

  4. Love your table today, Susan. It’s a good transition table heading from March into April. I’m delighted you went back to your old Linking system, even if it’s only for this week, at least I got to link up today! Happy Tablescape Thursday!

  5. I usually love lots of color, but there is something so soft and pleasant about the way the pale flowers look against Mr. Bunny’s white. Very elegant and Springy. Thanks for such a lovely table, Susan.

    • Thanks, Pam! I really like the softness, too. I started to change out his little ribbon for a black/white gingham one but I liked the way the green ribbon complimented the green of the flowers.

  6. I love the simplicity of this table. It has a calmness and lack of fussiness that makes it soooo inviting. The napkins are perfect and can be used with so many designs.

  7. Beautiful tablescape. I love Mr. Bunny so much in all the ways you have accessorized him but the tulips are my favorite of all! Have a great day!

  8. Doris Ann Wirt says

    Very pretty table setting, but in every photo the rabbit napkins are upside down. Should they not be facing the person sitting in front of the plate?

    • When I tried turning them around, it looked weird. I don’t like the napkin placed upside down on the plate, so decided to keep them this way. At least those across the table can enjoy the view of each other’s napkins. I actually took a few photos of them turned that way, but didn’t include them in the post since I didn’t like the look.

  9. Hi Susan, It is beautiful down here in LaGrange. However, the pollen is so bad we cannot sit on our screened porch. I forgot to cover the cushions on the porch and they are now yellow. It is such a beautiful time of the year but I am miserable all spring long because of allergies. Ugh!

  10. Hi Susan, It is beautiful down here in LaGrange. My azaleas and snowballs are blooming. The dogwoods are beginning to bloom. However, the pollen is so bad we cannot sit on our screened porch. I forgot to cover the cushions on the porch and they are now yellow. It is such a beautiful time of the year but I am miserable all spring long because of allergies. Ugh!

  11. Darlene Gardner says

    Love your use of black – the napkins and those beautiful dinner plates with the accents are both so striking. It is good to do the unexpected – keeps us all on our toes!

  12. Awww…that bunny is an “oldie but goodie!!Luv your table!! ” Guess it’s up the ladder into the loft to find where my Easter bunny is hiding…franki

  13. I am truly crushing on the Mikasa Modern Butterfly–I am mentally a woman of the 40’s (that’s when I was born), so I have always gravitated to black and white–spectator pumps, etc.–with touches of color. I like the divergence from pastels for this year–always good to try something different, and here Mr. Bunny “brought it.”

  14. Yay, I’ve been awaiting a 2019 Mr. Bunny appearance. Such a perfect palette for this time of year. So creative!

  15. The rabbit ear napkin rings in burlap go so well with your setting. …so simple ,…so pretty.

  16. Jennifer C Moreland says

    Where did you get the rabbit? Love it!!!

    • Thamks, Jennifer! I found him many years ago in a gift shop in Marietta, Georgia. Can’t remember the name of the store now, not sure if it’s still there.
      He came with a label that says: “Nature’s Journey, Marjolein Bastin. The terra cotta sculpted hare inspired by Marjolein Bastin’s original paintings.”

      If you Google for the artist’s name, I believe she has a website, or at least she used to.

  17. I love Mr. Bunny. He did a good job in previous posts and continues in this post. The napkins are so fun and, yes, the black flatware and butterfly dishes pair up wonderfully. Love the bunny plates too, but can’t quite pick up the detail on them from the pictures as one would in person!

  18. Love the Bunny AND the tulips! Are the flowers white or off-white?

  19. What a beautiful table setting. Those Mikasa Butterfly dishes are lovely and the Bunny plates are adorable. That large bunny looks so realistic. I love everything about the entire display. Thank You for sharing.

  20. Love those gingham bunny napkins, Susan!
    And Mr. Bunny, too, of course! He is sooo cute! 🙂
    BTW, aren’t tulips the most adorable spring-ish flowers? Even the faux ones?!
    Love the idea that there’s no need to keep them from drooping! 😉

  21. Julie in NC says

    Happy spring, Susan… and to everyone! I always love to see Mr. Bunny make his appearance again. He brings a smile to my face. Right now, we are having beautiful spring weather in NC, as well. By the way, I’m happy to see the party links again! I haven’t been able to access them for several weeks now. It always shows ‘Loading’, but never loads. I use Google (not Chrome, though). And when I’ve gone to your website directly thru Explorer, the links still don’t load. BUT, most important to me… your website always loads beautifully and I sit back and enjoy!!

    • Thanks for letting me know, Julie…that really helps to know. I’ll let InLinkz know, too. They have been trying to get everyone to move over to their new system but for some reason, a lot of folks can see the links when I use their new system, so I’m back to using the old one now. So glad you can see the links now! Happy Spring to you! I bet spring is beautiful in North Carolina!

    • Julie, forgot to mention, you may want to think about switching to using Chrome or another browser. It’s my understanding that Explorer is no longer being supported or kept up to date, so it may not work well on a lot of sites. Thanks again for that update/information!

  22. Each of your tablescapes for Spring are gorgeous Susan ! The chinas, the details and dishes are fabulous, specially that big elegant white bunny.
    Thank you for hosting this space for tablescaping for us.
    Happy Easter season,

  23. Such a lovely display. Everything is so pretty and cheerful.

  24. Stephanie says

    Hi Susan,
    I just read that Nora Fleming is having a signing event at Findlay Rowe Gift Shop(on Rt92 in Roswell) May 1st!
    I don’t collect but I know you do. Have fun and mark your calendar !

  25. Oh, the pollen has been bad down here in Florida, too! I don’t even open the windows because I don’t want that pollen coating everything inside! Your sweet bunny has decorated so many lovely tables. My favorite is the table with all of the veggies! I am glad the bunny didn’t nibble on them!

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