St. Patty’s Celebration with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Ginger Shamrock Shortbread & Irish Whiskey Bars

For this past Tablescape Thursday, I shared a beautiful tea party Selma hosted for the staff at the specialty vet clinic that cares for her sweet kitties. Selma humorously called her party a St. Catrick’s Day party since the clinic is just cats.

Selma set two tables for the occasion, one in her dining and one in her living room.

Beautiful St. Patrick's Day Celebration


If you missed seeing the table she set in her dining room, you’ll find it in this post: A St. Patrick’s Day  Celebration with a Twist.

St. Patrick's Day Table, Tiered Server


The table Selma created in the living room was just as beautiful!

St. Patrick's Day Table


I love the pretty embroidered teas cozies Selma used on her teapots for both table settings. You may remember from my previous post, Selma found this pretty tea cozy at the House of Cladddagh online after seeing it advertised in a Tea Time magazine.

Embroidered Tea Cozy


Such a beautiful table! Selma found the beaded placemats she used in both her dining room and living room on eBay and from ‘Craze About” online. The tablecloth is an older Ralph Lauren piece she found in HomeGoods around 10 years ago.

St. Patrick's Day Table, Green and White Table


Sooo elegant! Selma used her Herend Golden Edge china and Belleek teacups for this table setting. The napkins are Sferra in the color, Clover. The pearl-handled flatware is English and Selma paired it with her Gorham “Buttercup” sterling silver flatware.

Beaded Shamrock Placemats



Beautiful Silver Flatware




Rose Centerpiece, St. Patrick's Day Table


As described in my earlier post, Selma shared, “We had an Irish Whiskey, ginger ale, and lime cocktail for starters. Our tea was the Best-Ever-in-the-History-of-Tea, “Ragamuffin”. Since the Tea was to honor the Completely Cat Clinic, we had Cranberry, Caraway, and Current scones (Triple C…see what I did there???” Ha! Love it, Selma!

Monogrammed Sterling Flatware


For this tea party, Selma served sandwiches that included cucumber with cream cheese and chives on white bread, mini Ruebens on pumpernickel rye, smoked salmon egg salad on Oatnut bread, ham, Irish cheddar and arugula on rye, and lox with pickled onion, capers and a sprig of dill on New York salt rye.

Cucumber & Cream Cheese Sandwiches, Smoked Salmon, Egg Salad, Tea Party Food


Selma added this tip for delicious tea sandwiches. She said, “The secret to really tasty tea sandwiches is to butter the bread before adding anything, including whatever spread you use. It adds a layer of flavor and keeps the bread from getting soggy. At this particular Tea, we used Irish butter.”

Cucumber & Cream Cheese Sandwiches, Smoked Salmon, Egg Salad, Tea Party Food


Would you look at this tiered dessert tray! Yum! Selma said, “And finally, the desserts included Ginger Shamrock Shortbread, Irish Whiskey bars (they have pecans, chocolate chips and a to die for cream cheese frosting with just a little bit of whiskey to send it over the top), Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and just in case someone wanted cake, I picked up some tea cakes from Whole Foods. I made everything else.”

Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Tea Cakes


This looks so delicious and what a gorgeous display! I know everyone’s jaw must have dropped when they saw the food!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Tea Cakes, Desserts for Tea Party


Thanks so much to Selma for sharing this wonderful St. Catrick’s Day tea party! I think I’m going to go find one of those St. Patrick’s Day donuts I shared in yesterday’s reveal of my St. Patrick’s Day porch to satisfy my serious craving for dessert now! lol

St. Patrick's Day Table, Green and White Table


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Pssst: If you would like to see Selma’s other St. Patty’s Day table setting, you’ll find it here: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with a Twist.

Find my St. Patrick’s Day porch reveal here: St. Patrick’s Day Porch: Fun Ideas for Decorating Your Porch for St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Pillow on Porch Swing

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  1. Hi Susan: Is it possible to purchase Ragamuffin Tea? It sounds delightful!

    • Selma Kessler says

      Hi Sally, the tea is available from a woman by the name of Cynthia Fore. If you contact her at [email protected] and ask to order some Ragamuffin she’ll be able to help you. She is the one who developed the tea blend. She has Harney and Sons make it, you can only order it directly through her. And, it IS delightful! I hope you enjoy it!

      • Thank you so much, Selma! Your table settings were lovely–every little detail was just right!


      • I just received my Ragamuffin Tea from Cynthia yesterday, and I must say it is everything you say, just delightful! Thanks for telling us about it! And thank you, Selma for sharing your tea parties with us, I so enjoyed seeing the pictures! The food looks delicious!

        • Selma Kessler says

          Katherine, I’m so glad you enjoy the tea! Isn’t the aroma divine?! There’s nothing quite like it. It’s as lovely iced as it is hot, too. Thank you for your kind words about my Teas. One of these days, I’ll send Susan photos from my Cousin/Mentors Teas… they are breathtaking!

          • Please do, Selma…would love to see them!

          • Yes, Selma, I opened it immediately and the aroma is fabulous! I couldn’t wait to try it! I’ll also try it iced. I would love to see more of your tea parties, you do a wonderful job! Thanks for telling me about the Ragamuffin Tea!

  2. This sounds like great fun and a terrific tribute to the wonderful people at the vet clinic. I’m hopeful we can do more of this as we get cautiously optimistic -ahead of COVID-19. Is there any chance we can get the recipe for the Irish Whiskey Bars ? Instinct tells me they are fabulous!

    • Selma Kessler says

      I’ll write down the recipe and send it to Susan. It is a modified version of Kentucky Bourbon Bars in the book “The Joy of Cookies”. My frosting has a combination of cream cheese and butter though, and the original recipe uses only butter. (I happen to love cream cheese!)

      • Terrific! Thank you. I love cream cheese too!

      • Kate Doyle says

        I was going to ask about that recipe too! looked on line but not the same look. Your tables were fabulous. I am so jealous of al your lovely dishes and table ware!! Wow!!! Kate!

  3. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh my gosh! How gorgeous! What a lovely table and the food looked wonderfully delicious! Can’t wait for that recipe on the Irish Whiskey Bars, I love cream cheese too! Yum! Thank you for sharing such an awesome table and the recipe too. Thanks Susan.

  4. This table is just as beautiful as the other one! I love the sound of those whiskey bars! Mmmmmmmm! Thanks so much – again – for sharing, you two!

  5. Wow! So fancy. Everything is just lovely. And Selma must have learned about Ragamuffin tea from you, Susan. Right here on the blog. 😀 The attendees must have been thrilled. Thanks for sharing, Selma.

  6. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Selma sure sets a beautiful table setting! The food is equally beautiful and so yummy looking. It is a feast for the eye and pallet for sure! I think Selma knows how to entertain, how lucky for her friends and family! Between you, Susan and Selma’s goodies, you both have me hankering for something sweet. lol Hugs, Brenda

  7. Selma, both tables are beautiful. How appreciated must the employees at the cat clinic feel. I am so intrigued by the art glass green and clear swirl dish with the hanging spoon. Details ?

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