All My Favorites Are On Sale For Mother’s Day! ♥

I have several semi-big projects that I’ve been working on around the house this week, including stripping wallpaper from two bathrooms. Spring-cleaning fever has hit, and I really want to get the bathroom projects underway and completed over the next month or two. I’m very tired today from all the cleaning I’ve been doing this week, so I gave myself the day off to let my muscles recover. I spent some time today doing a bit of online browsing, and wow! There are so many pretty spring/summer clothes on sale right now for Mother’s Day!

Love this cute light-weight starfish sweater. Wouldn’t this be perfect for the chilly spring nights on a beach vacation! It’s currently on sale 30% off with the code AP742 at check out. You’ll find it available here: Starfish Seaside Light Cotton Sweater.


Love the colors in this hoodie–the perfect springtime hoodie! I’ts on sale here: Adorable Stripe Hoodie.


If I were about 2 inches taller, I would definitely get these. Crops don’t work for me due to my height, but I love the style of these. FYI, if you ever visit Egypt, this is what I love of people wear to handle the extreme heat there. I saw so many cute crop/Capri pants when I was there visiting all the historical sites. You’ll find these currently on sale here: Summer Capri Pants.


I have a similar top to this one and love it for wearing over a bathing suit when I’m at the beach. It would be great worn over a tank top, too. It’s currently on sale for Mother’s Day here: Crochet Sweater.


This has to be one of the unique striped shirts that I’ve ever seen. It has sort of a water-color affect that I really like. It’s on sale in a bunch of different colors here: Striped Top.


I love eyelet, such a beautiful, feminine design/style! I also really like tunics because I like that extra length in back. This one is available in several colors. I love it in green…


…and I really love it in white, too!


Yellow isn’t a color I can wear, but if I could, I would so go for this beautiful yellow! Love it! You’ll find it on sale in 5 different colors here: Eyelet Tunic in 5 Pretty Colors.


Aqua is one of my favorite colors for summer, it instantly makes me feel like I’m on a beach vaca. If I had a beach house, there would be a lot of this color in the accent decor all throughout. It’s just so refreshing and summery! This adorable Palm-tree cardigan is on sale here: Aqua Palm-Tree Cardigan.


If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you may have heard me mention a time or ten how much I love natural fiber fabrics for summer. I really like cotton and linen for summer because those fabrics are super light, comfortable and breathable for our hot summers. Another reason I really don’t like synthetic or man-made fabrics for summer is they are often hot (since they aren’t always very breathable) and I’ve always hated how they tend to cling to the body. Cotton and linen flow and move on the body, which is probably one of the many reasons they always feel so much cooler.

I was so surprised when I saw this wording for this dress:

A flattering, easy-to-wear customer favorite, our long A-line tank dress returns in a vibrant hibiscus print and soft cotton-blend knit that drapes without cling.

Finally, someone said it! I’ve never seen a description for clothing that addressed the “clinging” issue that I dislike so much. If you love the look of this maxi dress that’s currently on sale, you can read more about it here: Floral Maxi Dress. It’s also available in a few more colors at that link.


This soft, comfortable striped top would look great with white shorts or pants this summer. It’s on sale in a bunch or pretty color for spring/summer here: Cotton Striped Top.


Love the colors in this limited edition cardigan so much! Such a cute, cute design! It’s currently on sale here: Limited Edition Floral Cardigan.


I have been eyeing this dress all spring, and it’s finally on sale 30% off! Love the design and color!


I love that it’s 100% cotton and is cotton lined, as well. The back is so beautiful and feminine. This would be such a great dress to wear to a summer party or dinner out with friends. I would really like to add more light cotton maxi dresses to my wardrobe for spring and summer.  The reviews for it are really good! You’ll find it on sale 30% off here: Beautiful Maxi Dress.


White linen pants are an item that I would definitely consider a staple for any summer wardrobe. They will keep you cool and will give you an endless number of outfits by just changing the top. I love my white jeans that I wear during the summer, but nothing looks as chic and keeps you as cool as linen. These are currently on sale here: White Linen “lined” Pants.


Another wonderful summer tee! There are so many styles that I love on sale right now! This top would look great with white pants or shorts, or with denim, as shown in the photo below. You’ll find this top currently on sale here: Floral Top for Summer.


I’ve mentioned this before—how much I love a smallish, all-over pattern in slacks or pants. I don’t know how it works but I always find those designs to be very flattering and slimming on.


I really like the neutral color of these, such a pretty design and I would think very flattering on. If you love these, they are available in their regular Misses size here: Slim Ankle Jean in Pretty Paisley. If you’re like me and sometimes have issues with pants fitting your hips but gapping open in the waist in back, they also have them available in their curvy style (which is my favorite fit) here: Slim Ankle Jean in Curvy Style.


Happy weekend spring shopping!

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  1. This morning I got my 3rd quote for remodeling my kitchen. The quotes are all very close so I need to decide who I like better. My 20 year old kitchen is builder grade and is showing it’s age. Big decision. I love the eyelet tops but I am reluctant to order from a source that I have not used before. I hate packing stuff up and sending it back. Shipping is so expensive these days.
    I am pretty short, around 5’4″, so crops are not good on me. I like longer shorts that come to my knees or just past my knee.

    • That’s why I don’t wear them, I’m 5’4″, too. If I were going back to Egypt, I would buy them just because it’s the hottest I’ve ever been in my life. Def would not wear long jeans there again. Kitchen remodels are big decisions, that’s great that you are getting so many quotes. I’ve heard really good things about Appleseed from several BNOTP readers. I want to try them because I love the style/fabrics they use. They remind me so much of Talbots.

  2. I am tall – 5’10” and I wear a lot of Appleseed tops and cardigans. The sizes don’t always seem to be consistent in pants but the tops work fine for me. Watch for the sales for really good bargains – sale items are not always returnable so be aware of that. The only issue I’ve ever had with Appleseed t-shirts is they seem to shrink vertically; not horizontally. I probably notice this due to my height. I take t-shirts out of the dryer before they are fully dry and stretch the sleeves and body of the shirts; this seems to help.

    • Thanks for those tips, Nicki! Good info to know! I normally hang my shirts/pants to dry because I’m always worried about things shrinking. Also, many years ago I read an article that said that most people think fading happens in the wash, but that it actually happens in the dryer. So that’s another reason I always just hang my tops/pants to dry.

  3. I love this site. You kinda write like my mind goes! Hops around from stripping wallpaper to quotes on a new kitchen to gaposis of my jeans at the back waist! This post was particularly informative with all the new clothes available. I’m sure your readers have already looked them up. I buy from several of the sites myself. When you get 82, you just don’t jump up and say “I’m going to town”! Thanks again for the spring fashion show!

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