An English Garden Bangle & The Best Memorial Day Sales

Happy Weekend! How is your weekend going? I’ve been going pretty much non-stop today, which is basically what I do every day. lol I find it hard to sit still for long, anyone else like that?

My day started out with running errands this morning, then I forced myself to work on weeding the front yard the rest of the day. I’m still fighting Spiderwort, I dig it up every year and every year tons of it comes back! Arggg!

And to think I actually planted this stuff in my yard on purpose! It behaved itself in the beginning when it was first planted, but once it decided to spread, it went insane! Never, ever plant Spiderwort in your yard unless you want it taking over every island and flower bed in your entire yard!


Working several hours until my legs became wobbly and my back was starting to hurt, I knew it was time to stop. After a quick shower, I realized I just barely had enough time to make it down to Hermes in Atlanta for a quick exchange. Yesterday, I purchased a bracelet that I’ve had on my wishlist for over a year, but the sales associate accidentally boxed up a different bracelet. I didn’t discover it until I was back home.

I thought it would be sometime next week before I could get back to Atlanta to make the swap, but after my shower I surprisingly felt refreshed enough to make the drive into Atlanta. Normally, I have to psyche myself up for that, but the idea of driving in a cool car with the A/C blasting while listening to a good book on Audible, seemed like paradise after a day of digging out poison oak, Spiderwort and weeds. lol It’s all about perspective, ya know!


Can we just talk Hermes bangles for a second–they are truly little works of art! The beautiful designs on their enamel bangles are inspired by the designs created for their iconic silk scarves. I love so many of their designs, especially the equestrian-themed ones, but this one really stole my heart the first time I saw it over a year ago.

The name of this bangle is, “Dans un Jardin Anglais” which translates to, In an English Garden. It depicts a garden filled with flowers, roses, bunnies hiding in grass and a beautiful bird in flight. Such a perfect design for spring and summer!

One side…

Dans Un Jardin Anglais Bangle Bracelet by Hermes


The other side…

These pics don’t show the second bunny, but he’s in there somewhere. The narrower version of this bracelet depicts a squirrel. Not sure why they left the squirrel off the mid-size bracelet. I guess they try to make each “size” bracelet of a particular design, slightly different.

Hermes Enamel Bangle Bracelet, Dans Un Jardin Anglasi


I prefer their Clic H bracelets trimmed out in Palladium, but I actually liked how this bracelet looked trimmed in rose-gold. It’s looking rosier in this pic below taken this evening in the office, but in normal lighting earlier today, the rose-gold looked subtle, almost like a cross between palladium and gold.

Hermes Enamel Bangle


I just found the widest version of the bracelet online at another site, and it shows a fox! Sooo cute! Tip: If you’re ever trying to find a specific bracelet or item on the Hermes website and it shows that it’s sold out, call a Hermes store. If they don’t have the piece you want in stock, they can often find it in another Hermes store and have it shipped to your home, or at least that’s been my experience.

If you have trouble wearing bangle bracelets, check out this post where I shared a sneaky trick for getting those impossibly small bangles over the hand and onto the arm: The Secret to Fitting a Small Bangle Over a Wide Hand.

Hermes 65 Bangle Will Fit Over a Larger Hand With This Trick


Memorial Day Sales Happening This Weekend

Are you shopping any of the Memorial Day sales this weekend? One of the big sales I heard about was at Nordstrom. They are having their “half-yearly sale right now. Half-yearly…is that the same as semi-annual? lol

I love this ruffled-hem dress that’s part of the sale. It looks kinds short on the model, but models are always tall so I have feeling it would be longer on us shorter folks. It comes in four different colors, including black. You’ll find it on sale 40% off here: Ruffled Hem Dress.


Update: In love with wicker bag with white accents. Wicker gets me every time! It’s available 20% off here: Wicker Bag.


Anthropologie is giving an extra 40% off “home” sale items, 25% off sale clothing and  20% off furniture/decor. Catch that sale here: Anthropologie.

L.L. Bean is giving 20% off everything with the code: SUMMER20. See that sale here: L.L. Bean.

Williams Sonoma is also giving 20% off any order, plus free shipping with the code: SPRING. Find the WS sale here: Williams Sonoma.

J. McLaughlin has a lot of their dresses, shirts, etc… on sale 50%. See their sale here: 50% off .

Talbots is offering 40% off all their sale items, with 50% off when purchasing 2 or more. See that sale here: Talbots.

Pottery Barn is having a graduated sale where the more you spend, the larger the percentage off. If you’ve been eyeing a large piece like a sofa, chair or office furniture, this may be a good time to buy. You’ll find the Pottery Barn sale here: Pottery Barn.

Hope you’re have a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be back out digging up more Spiderwort tomorrow, still have a lot left to get out. Ugh.

See you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Bought an $89.00 necklace at Talbot s for $35.00!

  2. Dzoltanski says

    I need your energy. Pretty bracelets, a perfect reward after all that weeding!

  3. The bracelets are lovely. I wish I had more reasons to wear one. We are so retired our big outing would be stopping by a store for a loaf of bread and that is not inspiring enough to dress up after a day of gardening. Sigh. Right now all my energy goes to fighting our communities architectural committee. They let most houses go to weeds and let people put thousands of gold balls amidst their weeds in their front yards yet people who follow the rules and have homes and gardens they make jump through hoops trying to find ways to fine them. We found we have hail damage and the adjustor came out and inspected and USAA gave us the first check. We found a person who seems to a good honest roofer and all of our neighbors did not have to do anything and their contractor was given approval immediately. We filled out the forms to request a change to the roof, gave them pics and specs and they said they had to go inspect our house to see if we have ever done anything to our houses like touch up paint or put a trellis in the yard without permission before they would allow us to put on our roof…and if we have we will be fined and have to pay it before we can replace it. I was shocked. Our house is a show place. The roofer our neighbors used tried to scam ourins company so we didn’t use him. I wonder if we are being punished for that? Is this a pay to play scam by our ACC? So things like that keep us busy……but I am jealous and would love to go buy that beautiful bracelet. Sigh

    • I wear mine for any ole reason, going to the grocery store, going to the dentist…everyday errands. Every day is a special day, even if you’re just sitting reading. πŸ™‚
      Good luck with the committee, Nancy. I hope they act quickly…sorry they are putting you through all that. πŸ™ Sounds ridiculous!

  4. I had been trying to resist all the sales, and then I read this post! Off to check out some of the ones in your list. Hope you find things to do that are a bit more fun than weeding. Happy weekend!

  5. Gaaaa…that is just a gorgeous bracelet!!! It’s all about the accessories!! Rain and more rain here *sigh* franki

  6. Giuditta Reppi says

    Ugh. Spiderwort. My second worst enemy here on Cape Cod (worst are raspberries canes, which scratch me to death). Those bulbs (rhizones?) and roots are so hard to pitchfork up, but I’ve found that if I cut the stems off at the bottom before they have the time to come up, then smoother them with newspapers covered with mulch, I can eventually loosen them. The nasty buggers kill everything in their paths!

    • Ugh, I wouldn’t want to meet Raspberry Canes, then! Spiderwort is the pits. I could flog myself for ever planting the first Spiderwort. I will definitely do extensive research before I ever add another plant to my yard, to make sure it isn’t invasive/aggressive. Thanks for the tips on how to deal with it. We’ve been getting a lot of rain lately so the ground is fairly soft. I always feel like I’m getting it all, but then more shows up the following year. I guess its seeding itself of something. I’ll be out there digging somemore this week…getting my exercise for sure. Good luck with the Raspberry Canes, Giuditta…and the Spiderwort!

  7. Putting Talbots on my list for tomorrow

  8. I have fought bindweed for years and last year and this year I had it professionally treated and it hasn’t done any good, so that is my project all summer. We are so dry right now that nothing is growing like it should. Yesterday was 102 and today 97, so it’s time to pull out the hose to save what little I have left to save.

    • I hope you see rain real soon, Carol. We’ve been blessed with a lot lately. Wish we had gotten it when I was out of town for three weeks. My poor standard hydrangeas in pots on the deck almost croaked, then as soon as I returned home, THEN it started raining. Grrrr.
      Hope you get rain soon!

  9. Patricia says

    My neighbor landscaped a huge part of his planting beds with spiderwort and the birds drop the seeds in my yard. Pulling these plants is a never- ending, totally losing effort. On a happier note I have been on a hinged bangle binge. Mark and Graham have some cute costume ones that are well made and can be monogrammed!

    • Oh man, that would not make me happy! Yeah, I found they just break off if you try to pull them, so I’m trying to dig them out from the root.
      Oh, I just checked out their bangles and they are cute! I especially like the ones that can be monogrammed…that aqua one has me dreaming of Tiffany! Did you see the wicker bag with the white leather accents? I have two wicker bags, but that one is different with the white leather accent…so tempting!

  10. Cute bangle. I love then and have a lot.

  11. Have you ever checked out the site Everything But The House . they have had Hermes items at times a bangle or scarf.I thought of you when i saw such items

  12. Even though I do live in Canada, all these sales are so tempting … πŸ™‚ … but fortunately I do have a broker’s U.S.A. address so thank you Susan. As for your bracelet I envy you that you can wear them since my wrist is so small I am even limited in my choice of watches. All said; don’t work too hard when doing your chores as we don’t want you throwing out your back. (I’m currently in physio therapy for mine due to a lower disc and thank heavens for acupuncture as I would be in constant pain as much prefer the latter treatment then popping medication.) Wishing you a beautiful day!
    Do hope that wasn’t too much information … lol!

    • Ohh, no! I live in fear of doing something like that since I’m always hauling something out of the back of my SUV or up and down the stairs around here. I hope your back heals quickly, Brenda! Thanks for the reminder to be careful! You know me well! lol

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Happy Memorial Day to you Susan. Thanks for the tips on all the sales, that ruffled dress sure is cute! Headed to the cementary to decorate parents grave. My dad was a ball turret gunner in the Army Airforce in WWII. (The Air Force became their own branch of service in 1947.) Thankful for all who served and are still serving. β™₯️

    • I think that’s the same time frame my father served. Thanks so much, Cyndi…grateful for all who have served over the years including your father. β™₯

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    P.S. I need to correct the “Army Airforce” to the Army Air Corps.

  15. The bangle is so cute! Have you found if the enamel gets scratched? I bang my wrists on everything. #notdelicate

    • I’m #notdelicate either, trust me on that. lol So far, with other two bangles that I’ve purchased from Hermes, I haven’t scratched them, or if I have, it’s not noticeable. I’m sure I’ll eventually get a scratch or two. I usually wear them when I’m going out someplace to shop or dine, places where I don’t expect to do a bunch of heavy lifting, etc… I don’t usually wear them when I’m using working at my desk, or doing any work around the house. It’s okay if they do eventually get a few scratches, just means they were enjoyed. πŸ™‚

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