Compact Leather Cardholder Wallet in a Cute Bee, Deer and Fox Motif, Perfect for Smaller Handbags

I have two full-size wallets that I enjoy using, but occasionally when I’m carrying one of my smaller handbags and need to carry a few more things along with me that day, I’ll downsize into a compact wallet/cardholder. I have one compact wallet in a pretty blue color but would like one in a more neutral color to go with my other smaller size bags.

I was leaning toward buying a black Chanel cardholder, thinking it would go with everything, but I decided to see what else was out there first. I was delighted when I came across these adorable leather wallets/cardholders for the ridiculously awesome price of $13.99.

I was really happy when I saw they are all designed with RFID protection. That is so important these days! You may remember when I thwarted a thief who was trying to scan my credit cards in a market in Egypt. (Read more about that in this post: How I Foiled a Pickpocket Thief in the Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar in Cairo) . Unfortunately, this type of activity happens everywhere these days, including here in the U.S.

Leather Card Holder, Pink, Red, Green, Navy, Black


I first purchased the pink wallet shown above. I liked it so much when it arrived, I’ve already ordered it again in black. In person, it’s a bit more of a muted pink and not quite as light pink as it had appeared online, but it works beautifully with my rose-pink wicker bag.

Prada Wicker Basket Bag with Matching Leather Wallet


I’m so impressed with the quality of this wallet! The leather is really nice and the zipper works flawlessly. In the back of the wallet, there’s a little zip pocket for holding a few coins. There are 12 accordion pockets for holding credit cards, loyalty cards, Driver’s License, etc…. Since the price was so reasonable, I expected the little dividers inside to be cheaply made. They are not! They are made from a sturdy, nylon type fabric that feels quite substantial.

Leather Card Holder, Affordable


There are two wider pockets for holding cash, one at the back and one at the front.

Pink Leather Card Holder


I found this beautifully-made, very affordable wallet here: Leather Compact Cardholder Wallet.

Update: Just discovered they make a slightly large size of this wallet…you’ll find it here: Leather Cardholder Wallet.

Leather Card Holder, Pink, Red, Green, Navy, Black


I also ordered this one in red thinking it would be fun to use at Christmastime. I love the little deer motif. Is it too early to start Christmas shopping for next year?

Deer version is available in several colors here: Deer Card Holder.


This photo more clearly shows what fits inside.

This wallet can be ordered in a variety of colors and designs. The bee and the deer are my favorites. I love the little tree, too.

You’ll find the tree version shown below in several colors here: Tree Cardholder Wallet.

Leather Wallet, Affordable, Compact



As I was writing this post, I discovered they even make this wallet with a little Fox motif. Feels very English, doesn’t it? Sooo cute! (Update: I ordered this brown wallet with the fox motif. It doesn’t have the little zip coin section inside like the other wallets above do. That works out great for me since I never carry coins but just wanted to mention in case that’s a feature you need.)

You’ll find the fox cardholder wallets in several colors here: Leather Fox Cardholder Wallet. I think I need one of these to go with a brown leather handbag I own.

I knew I had to share these amazing leather cardholder wallets! I can’t believe you can get this quality wallet for such an amazing price!

Fox Wallet, Leather Compact Wallet

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  1. Wow – those are darling, and what a steal! At that price, you could have one of each! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing all these great things you find – saves me a ton of time! Take care and see you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

  2. Brenda Lawrence says

    These are really cute and perfect for the smaller purses. I have put one on my wish list as well. Susan, it is never to early to start Christmas shopping! The problem is forgetting that you started Christmas shopping and find said gifts after Christmas. lol Or at least that is my problem! I buy a gift early and forgot I had it! I guess that is where a Christmas shopping list comes in handy. lol Hugs, Brenda

  3. Those wallets are adorable! I love the bee and the deer. I think the tree would look cute in green leather. i want them in several colors! For that great price, it’s totally doable! And they would make great little gifts as well. Thanks for a fun post.

    • The tree would look great on a green wallet! I know, I was thinking the same thing. You could buy 10 of these and not spend what a wallet normally costs. I’m definitely buying several in various colors oh, I just love ’em!

  4. I bought the red one. You always find the most amazing items. Have you ever found a small wallet and phone combo? I would like to carry my Iphone and wallet in one VERY small purse that can fit in my vest pocket when shopping. I need a knee replacement and have trouble walking at times so my larger purses are too cumbersome. Thank you.

    • Nancy, I’ll try to find the one that I took with me when I traveled to Kenya. I remember it held my passport, my credit cards and my phone and was crossbody which was great.

    • Nancy, this was the Travelon that I took to Africa, but I don’t think they are making it now: .

      However, it appears they are now making some other bags that are very similar in design. Check out these, they appear to hold credit cards and a phone:

      This one:

      And this one:

  5. What a cute and practical wallet. I ordered one right away to take on vacation next month. You find the best deals!!! I follow your blog and have bought several of your suggested items. Thank you so much!!!!

    • Thanks, Sandy! It should be perfect for travel with the RFID protection built in. I was so surprised but how nice it was when it arrived, definitely exceeded my expectations!

  6. Susan,
    My mini red mini wallet is fraying badly. Thank you for this post. I just ordered one. You are a great resource for me.


  7. Susan, you are truly a wonder….how do you find so many interesting items. I wish it had a shoulder strap.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is making one like that. M, scroll back up in the comments on this post because Nancy was asking about a wallet that would hold her phone. I was going to link to the wallet on a strap that I purchased when I went to Kenya a few years back, but it’s no longer being made. But I did find two other options like that. I’ll just link them again here since that’s probably easier for you than looking for them in the comments.
      Here they are:

      This one:

      And this one:

  8. Dawn Pinnataro says

    Well, I really like this mini wallet with RFID protection (which I made sure about 5 years ago I started getting products like wallets or purse organizers that had it after reading so many horror stories, including yours) – and after reading your blog today, I turned right around and ordered the pink one! I can’t wait!!! I have a larger folding wallet with RFID protection in blush pink but it is a little awkward for my crossbody bags which I really prefer so this will be PERFECT fit!

    • I know what you mean. I love my two full-size wallets but for my smaller bags, the compact wallets work out great. Yes, RFID is such peace of mind! Really all wallets need to be made that way these days. It’s a shame we have to worry about stuff like that.

  9. Susan,
    I have been peeping in on your blog for years because of Tablescape Thursday – I worked in restaurant supplies for years and love china. I keep reading it because of everything else and although I never comment I am today. I need to thank you for your post on workstation glasses at least a year ago. I never forgot about it and have just gotten my first pair. My eye Dr calls them the office lense, but same idea. Oh my goodness! Game changer ideed!! Just what I have been needing….Thank you so much for that post!!!

    • Thanks, Julie! Appreciate so much you being out there and reading! I totally know what you mean! My workstation glasses were a total life changing experience for me, too! I live in mine now when I’m at home since I can cook, iron, work at my computer and everything else I do at home while wearing them. Now I just wear my progressive lenses (I think that’s what they’re called) when I leave the house and I’m driving/out in the real world. lol
      I’m so glad they are working so well for you, too. They were the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time! 🙂

  10. Susan – Thank you for sharing these adorable wallets. The Imperial Bee is one of my favorite designs. I’ll be sure to order one!

  11. Ordering 3 now!!

  12. Those are such cute wallets! Thank you for finding so many nice and affordable items for your readers. I have to have the pink and the black!

  13. I love this post. I love the wallets with the bee since my maiden name is Beeman!!!! I also love that you show what can fit in your cute little pink wallet and there is a $5 bill tucked inside. Then…the red wallet with the picture of what can fit inside….is that a $5000 bill? I don’t know because I have NEVER SEEN ONE OF THOSE! LOL. Also…could you send a link to the post about the workstation glasses? I now wear glasses FULL TIME because I could not function at my computer in my contact lenses. (Old age is not for sissies!!!! Thanks!

  14. Bobbi Duncan says

    As usual, once again you come through just as I’m in need of something lol! Love these wallets, especially the bee and reindeer ones, and the price, well, wow! I’m ordering a couple for myself and for birthday and Christmas gifts for friends and family. Thanks for always sharing such great products. Hugs!

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    What a terrific find, thanks Susan. I ordered the smaller case in blue with the bee. Like that it will hold a bit of cash and coin as well.

  16. Cheryl King says

    Hi Susan, I just received my order for the pink wallet today. I have an older Brighton bag with a floral scene and pink handles. It’s small and I’ve not used it much because I couldn’t fit a wallet. Well, the pink leather on my bag is EXACTLY a match to the wallet! I’m beyond thrilled to find this inexpensive solution, now I can enjoy my bag this spring. Thank you!

    • That’s awesome, Cheryl! I’m so glad your new wallet works with your Brighton bag so well! Love it when things work out like that! We will both be carrying our pink wallets this spring! 🙂

  17. DANA G Noack says

    It looks like the “deer” version has sold out. Do you agree when you see the link now vs when you posted, or am I missing a separate link for it?

  18. june fisher says

    I ordered this little card holder and agree with all of your comments. What a find for a great price !! Thanks for the tips.

  19. I saved this cardholder wallet in my Amazon wish list after seeing it here & my sweet husband bought it for me for Valentine’s Day…It is so pretty. I bought the rose pink wallet with the rose emblem.

    My wallet looks & feels amazing but it has a super funky smell? Did you have this problem? I love the wallet but the bad smell is a bit much to deal with…I haven’t even carried it much in my purse for fear of the smell permeating it as well. I’d love to know if anyone else had this problem & what they did to get rid of it.

    • Mine had that “new” smell for a few days. It may be from where they colored/treated the leather. The new smell has left mine now, so it just took a few days.

      • Jenny Young says

        I love the smell of new leather but this does not smell like that. I’m hoping it wears off quickly.

        • Jenny, you can return it if it bothers you. I think you have 30 days to return it. Mine are fine, I’ve purchased 5 wallets and the smell is not so strong that it’s bothered me. But you may want to return it if you think it’s too strong.

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