Another New Lamp for the Upstairs Living Room

Welcome to the 659th Metamorphosis Monday!

Looking at this older photo of the upstairs living room/bonus room/frog makes me want to move the grandfather clock back to this room. I may do that today, I miss seeing it here. But that’s not why we’re in this room today. Notice the large brass lamp at the end of the sofa.


Here’s one more photo taken from the opposite end where you can see the lamp a bit better. Until I went on my recent lamp-buying spree, this room had three brass lamps: The large lamp on the far left, the floor standing lamp at the other end of the sofa and a brass candlestick lamp on the chest just barely visible on the right.


Actually, I take that back, there are two more brass lanterns/sconces on either side of the window seat. That’s a lot of brass for one room.

Blue Painted Chest, Addition to Upstairs Living Room


You may remember that I just recently replaced the brass lamp on the chest with this cutie.

Elegant Lamp with Beautiful Shade


Here’s a better picture of it with the light turned off. I love how it looks here! Last time I shared this lamp, someone mentioned it was sold out when I linked out to it. It appears they have it back in stock now–it’s available here: Lamp.

Beautiful Orange & White Oriental Style Lamp


I’ve been hoping to replace the large brass lamp at the other end of the sofa for a while. At some point, the shade had acquired a small tear on the inside. Though not visible from the outside, it still bugged me knowing it was there. And though I still love brass, I don’t need this many brass lamps in one room.


So there’s a new lamp in town.


Do you see it there on the left in this view as we come up the back staircase?


A view from the other end…


What do ya think?


Beats the old brass lamp, right? lol


A few close-ups…


Here’s a view with the light turned off–I really do like it here. If you like the look of this lamp, you’ll find it available here: Blue and White Lamp.

Blue and White Lamp


I should create a post about this “end table.” I shared one about 12 years ago but the photos weren’t very good so I really should share about it again. Backstory: My sister used to work as the bookkeeper for a large recycling company in Macon, Georgia. One day the Macon Telegraph brought in a bunch of their old archived newspapers to have them recycled. I bet everything is saved digitally now, but back in the day, they used to bind the copies they kept in book form.


My sister saved the newspapers/books for dates that she thought held special meaning, like those that were published during wartime or during the month/year of the birthdays of family members. So these are real books, books of bound, very old newspapers.

It’s truly fascinating to look through them, read the articles, and view the ads showing what things used to cost back in the day. I’ll create a post sharing these sometime soon–I think you’ll find it really interesting.


I think I’m done buying lamps for a while! Time for my lamp-shopping spree to come to an end. Ha! Well, for now anyway. 😉


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. That is the absolute perfect lamp for that spot, Susan! From the color, to the pattern, to the scale, it’s a wonderful addition to your upstairs living room. I have loved reading your blog for years, as you never disappoint with content, stylishness and photography. Thanks for all the effort you put into this labor of love.

  2. Thanks so much Susan! Your new lamp looks great, and I love that stacked book end table!

  3. It looks warmer. Much better. Enjoy!

  4. Anne C Lovell says

    The lamp looks really nice. That is so interesting! I look forward to hearing more about the bound newspapers.
    thanks for sharing

  5. Love your bound newspapers end table! Fascinating story and looking forward to reading more about it!

  6. Love your new addition! That lovely lamp looks perfect in your upstairs room! Can’t wait to hear more about your “end table”.

  7. Hi Susan! Oh, that lamp looks so pretty in your room! You do have the decorator’s touch. Hope all is well with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  8. That’s the prettiest lamp that you have purchased. Since I am an antique dealer and a book lover, I covet the end table. I think the grandfather clock looks best in this room. Sometimes, I take several, quick, objective photos of a room or a display in my antique shop. This helps me determine what needs to be refreshed, redecorated or discarded. I take the photos and wait one week before I view them. Otherwise, I would never get rid of anything. I also bought several items from Talbot. My husband kept asking me about several packages that were delivered. I just told him Susan sent them!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Nancy! That’s a great idea bout taking photos, you really do notice things in photos that you don’t always notice in person. That goes both ways, too. Sometimes I think photos can give a wrong impression of a room, like it’s size and spacing, especially.
      lol That’s too funny! I do get the “blamed” for a lot of shenanigans, I’m afraid. 😉

  9. The new lamps look great. And those newspaper books… special….look forward to what you share about them.

  10. Beautiful lamp! Love the placement as well. I’m looking for a new 3 way lamp. Thank you for sharing.

    • Seems like all the ones I buy these days are 3-way. I actually had my office lamp that normally burn during the day converted to a 1 way…guess that’s what you call it. lol

  11. The new lamp looks PERFECT – and I love the table and the story that goes with it. Back in high school I worked as a “page” in the public library…lol, I caught the library bug because that became my career – but there used to be those old books with the newspapers bound in them in the basement of the library. I used to love to take my lunch down there and read through the old papers. They did this with old magazines, too. Then in 1972 Hurricane Agnes hit the area and I remember watching as the fire department pumped out the basement and all of those wonderful volumes were reduced to pulp! How very neat that you have that as your end table….and will now have me wondering how I can recreate one!

    • Ohhh, noooo! That would have been so painful to see. Argggh. I love libraries, I worked in my high school library than later worked in life I worked as the media parapro (assistant to the librarian) in my son’s elementary school. Looking back, that’s what I should have studied in/majored in while in college–library science. Wish I had thought of that back then! lol Thanks for sharing that story, Ann. So sorry those books were destroyed.

  12. Susan,
    Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time and effort goes into doing so and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  13. I know what you mean about reading old old newspapers…I recently unpacked some dishes I bought back in the 70’s and since I redid my kitchen I had more room for them…while doing so I read some of the old newspapers the cost of meat and canned goods were really low but the one thing that has not changed while I was viewing the prices and really surprised me was the price of a 24 case of coca cola it is the same price then as when it goes on sale today or at least here in Illinois it is. Not to say that is the same every where. But it is fun to read. Have a great day. rls

    • Really? So interesting! I wonder if it’s because less people are consuming soft drinks–or there are just so many more drinks/choice now from which to choose–more competitive market now. That is really interesting!

  14. I think this lamp looks 100% better. I am not much of a brass person anyway. Yes please do another post of your end table. I remember the previous post and just love that for an end table makes me want to hunt for big books like this. I am starting a hunt for books that I can make into a lamp project. Taking my time because I want them to have an interesting title and nice colors that will go together.

  15. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Susan, love the new blue & white lamp and also the books of archived newspapers that the lamp is resting on. Such a delightful story behind the “books.” Love your blogs-keep ‘em coming.

  16. Jennifer from TX says

    Susan, love the new lamp. Looks great!! We are in the middle of purging the old upstairs playroom into a media/lounge room for our college age sons. Long overdue. Love your upstairs room! Hope in the future you could do a post on your upstairs couch and coffee table/antique chest. Would love these items for our updated room! I’m fairly new to your blog. You have great taste! Thanks for sharing.

    • That’s kinda what this room was back in the day. There was a TV in the armoire and board games stashed away in the window seat. My son used to hang out with his freiends in this room. The board games are gradually disappearing. Each time I visit family in Ohio, I take more of them with me to my grandsons.
      I should do a post on this room since it’s been ages since I shared anything about the furnishings. Thanks for that idea, Jennifer!
      In case it’s helpful to know now, the armoire, the grandfather clock and the chest are all old/antique pine. I think the coffee table/trunk is made from reclaimed old wood, or it may be an old trunk that they “enhanced” by adding additional trim pieces to it…not sure.
      I bought it from a store in Atlanta that was called Nottingham Antiques. I think they were on Bennett Street back in the day. Not sure if they are still in business now or not.
      I purchased all the old/antique pieces (clock, armoire, chest, plate rack) from an antique dealer about 25-28 years ago. He used to travel to Denmark/Sweden once a year to buy furniture to sell here in the states. He has retired now.

  17. I am LOVING the lamp Susan!!! It looks so much better than the other brass one, not that I don’t like brass, but this just is so much prettier, dressier if you will. It looks fabulous. Then I had to take off my glasses, bring my computer up to these old eyes and look at that “table”. OMGosh, those are huge books but I am so loving them as a table. Then I kept reading and you told about the “table” books. Oh I can’t wait for that post!!! I’m more in love with the books than the lamp. lol No, really, I do love the lamp, but the book table, oh my! Hugs, Brenda

  18. Jean Sprimont says

    What a treasure that end table is!
    My favorite of all your lamp purchases is the first that you purchased. Did the company indicate if it will become available in the future?

    • Thanks, Jean! I’ve never tried to contact them or talked to them, so not sure how to reach them. I’ve just ordered lamps from the Amazon site. I bet eventually that lamp will show up again.
      This lamp is very similar but not quite the same. It’s about 6-7 inches shorter than the one I bought for the guest room.

  19. Sandra Fortner says

    Your new lamp looks perfect in that spot! I think that is my favorite of all your new lamps, love the blue! I also love the end table!

  20. I LOVE all your new lamps! This one looks great with the blues in the room. My favorite is the o-weave and mirror. This was quite a fun and fulfilling project because all the new lamps worked out so well. Out of curiosity, what will you do with your brass lamp?

    Sometimes we replace things and the thing that was replaced is still in perfectly good shape. And you’re not going to have a garage sale for one or two items, lol. So what do we do with them? Of course, we can always donate them if we have a charity type shop near by. And there’s also the freecycle website, which allows people to offer items to others for free. And there are even a few options for a sort of limited garage sale, like FB Marketplace or Varage. Or there’s always the attic! Lol.

    • That’s weird. I just noticed part of my text is missing! What I was saying was that my favorite lamp is the orange one. It looks like it was made for that corner of the room. The color looks so pretty with the warm colors of the chest, the basket-weave box and the mirror frame.

    • Thanks, Pam! Right now it’s in the basement but I think I’m going to donate it. I often take lamps that I no longer want to my son/dil but I don’t think they have a spot for a lamp this big, so I think I’ll just drop it off to Goodwill on my next run there.
      I never store anything in the attic, gets so hot up there, but the basement is a great holding spot when I’m no longer using something.

  21. That book end table is fabulous! You should do a post about it.

  22. The blue and white lamp does look really nice in this room! I’m looking forward to a post on the bound newspapers!

  23. LOVE the new lamps ! You have caused me to buy 3 small lamps & put them in every little nook I could find,lol. I have always loved your guest room bedding & you have shown it so much lately I just had to have chintz bedding & curtains for my bedroom. Last night I ordered some decorative pillows to go with it. I don’t know if you are a good or bad influence, lol.

    • lol Sabrina, I will take that as a good thing…that I caused you to add more lamps to your home. Hopefully I’m a good influence. 🙂
      I still love chintz, Mario Buatta would be proud of us! 😉 Send me a picture when you get your new bedding, I would love to see where you use it!

  24. Cyndi Raines says

    Your new lamp looks great and I have always liked your “Large history books end table”. It is so unique! (Keep checking your spam, more comments are coming! Hopefully soon, I will be recognized and not go to spam anymore. )

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