A Beautiful Addition To The Front Porch, Can You Guess What It Is?

Welcome to the 751st Metamorphosis Monday! Quite a few years back I added two benches to my front porch.


If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you may remember this porch below. I came across this home/porch many years ago in a Southern Homes magazine and it was the inspiration for the front porch that I had added to my home back in 2008. Notice the benches on the inspiration porch. I always loved how those looked and had hoped to find some similar ones for my porch one day.

Front Porch Renovation and Addition


Quite a few years after my porch was built, I came across these benches online at Grandinroad and loved the design! If I’m remembering correctly, they weren’t available in white that year. I considered the black ones but was afraid they were a mistake since the inspiration porch had white benches.  You guys convinced me the black would look great–even better than white, so I went for it and purchased them in black.


A couple of weeks ago I started wondering how they would look with cushions. I specifically wanted black and white striped cushions. After measuring my benches, I began looking online and found some that I thought would work. I was happy to see they were even on sale!

Cushions for Benches, On Sale


So here’s how the porch looks now. Please ignore the steps and porch floor, I need to get out there and clean them.

Cushions for Benches, Awning Stripe, Black & White


Do you see the new cushions peeking out from behind the columns?

Porch Bench Cushions on Sale


I’m so glad you all convinced me to go with black benches so many years ago because I love how these black and white awning-stripe cushions look with the benches. I don’t think they would have looked near as nice on white benches.

Bench Cushions, Awning Stripe, Black and White


As much as I would love to, I won’t be leaving these on the porch full-time. I really want them to stay looking pretty and clean so I’ll save them for when I’m expecting company or for special occasions/holidays–or just when I’m in the mood to dress up the porch. As I write this, a scary, big storm is raging outside. The rain is coming down sooooo hard! If the cushions were on the benches right now, I’m sure they would be completely soaked, so I will keep them stored in the basement for those sunny days when I want to add a little something extra to the porch. If you could use some cushions for your chairs or benches, you’ll find a nice variety of colors, sizes, and designs where I purchased these, here: Bench Cushions on Sale.

Awning Stripe Black and White Bench Cushions


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  1. Love, love, love the cushions Susan! They look great on your black benches! We need rain desperately. I hope we see some soon. Enjoy those bench cushions! Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! I wish I could send you some of ours–were supposed to have storms every single day for basically the next 10 days. Ugh.

  2. The cats in my neighborhood like to sleep on my cushion and have ev en ripped them with their clawing. Take the cushions in at night.

    • Sorry that happened…sadly, I never see any neighbor kitties here. My neighbors cat used to visit occasionally but he vanished.

  3. Karen Lovell says

    I wasn’t on your blog when you added your porch nor when you added your benches. t was interesting to see your choice between the Chippendale style bench and what you chose. The black really ties into the light fixtures on your porch and the new black-white striped cushions tie both the lights and the trim colors together. Great choice! May you enjoy them for a long time.

    • I love the Chippendale and that’s what I originally was hoping to find. I love the whimsical look of the ones I ended up finding. They feel kinda storybook-like. I still love Chippendale design, though, especially for screened porch railings. ♥
      Thanks! I really do like how the black ties back to the shutters, lanterns, and doormat. Somehow it has all come together even though everything was purchased at different times.

  4. Love the cushions, they look fantastic! Thanks Susan~

  5. Ana Barnett says

    Hi there Susan! I love your porch and the benches/cushions you chose. Looks beautifully “accessorized”. May I ask what you use to clean your brick porch? We have a brick porch as well and have only washed it with the hose.

    • Thanks, Ana! I used to buy this stuff (can’t remember the name) at Lowes that was for decks and porches. I think for this, I’m just going to use a little of the Super Cleaner that I love so much and a good scrubbing brush. It cuts through pretty much anything.

  6. SharonFromMichigan says

    Black was definitely the right choice! I think the white would have gotten lost with the white columns and the white trim around your front door. They definitely look beautiful on your porch!

  7. The black benches and the striped cushions are perfect on your porch!

  8. Beautiful! To keep my pillows/cushions clean on the porch, I wrap them in plastic dry cleaner bags. They are so thin and are hardly noticed but do a good job of keeping them clean.

    • Interesting! I never would have thought about that. The covers zip off so I guess they are washable, but I just hate to see them get dirty. Thanks for that tip, Bobbie!

  9. Mary Stevens says

    Love the benchs and custions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Susan,
    The cushions look fantastic!! A nice addition!!
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! I hope you have a great week!

  11. Even though the white are wonderful, I think the black are more dramatic.
    The cushions take it all to the next level. Just a beautiful look. I’ve always loved your front porch.

    • Thanks so much, Debra! Appreciate that so much! That’s the perfect way to describe them…they really do add that element of drama to the porch that white benches just would not have done.

  12. The black and white cushions make a striking addition to your porch! LOVE them!!!

  13. I love the new cushions. Good choice on the bolder black and white. I remember when you bought the benches, but I don’t remember what they are made of. At the time I kicked myself for missing out on a red one on sale at World Market. I still like the red boots for an accent.

    • Thanks, Myrna! I can’t remember what type of wood they are now, either. Myrna, if you still need a bench, this is a good time to look for sales since we are well into spring/almost summer. Mine are getting to the point where they will need painting before two much longer.

  14. Susan, I have the extra same fabric cushions on my covered back porch, with matching drapery Sunbrella panels. Love the look on your benches!

  15. Tina W Reynolds says

    Classic! I love those cushions. What a wonderful way to dress up the porch. I have noticed that during those times when we have had a house full of company, many folks like to wander outside and sit either in the backyard, or even the front porch! I think it is an appealing place for a quiet moment.

    • Thanks, Tina! Whenever I do any yard work, which I haven’t done in a while, I love to sit there with a cold drink when I stop for a break. I really need to do some serious weeding. And soon!

  16. Barbara L Armacost says

    The cushions look amazing!! They just finish the porch. Love the red boots too. And I cannot believe how big the boxwoods are in the containers!!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I know, I’m amazed they are still alive. They are Green Mountain Boxwood and they’ve been pruned back seveal times over the years, but grow incredibly fast! I need to find someone who can reshape them a bit better than the guy who cuts my grass. He tries but he isn’t too experienced with that.
      I planted those in the planters back in September 2013, so they’ve been in those planters for 10 years now! You can see how tiny they were when they were first planted in this post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/pyramidal-boxwood-topiaries-for-a-traditional-landscape/
      That was some awesome soil that the gardening center recommmended, it was expensive, but definitely worth it! I should probably have them planted somewhere near the porch and start with new plants again. They must be getting pot bound by now.

  17. Black is just classy!!

  18. Teresa Pasquariello says

    Your benches and cushions look great! You have such a nice classic house! enjoy your projects.
    Remember how I admired your charger plates with the seashell edging. Had a thought that that would also make a great mirror edging if you had a bathroom or hall, etc.
    Still waiting for the kitchen remodel but it should happen in July!
    Thanks again for sharing!

  19. Michele M. says

    I may have even been one of those back in the day who opted for black. Those benches are AWESOME and now – all dressed up in stripes- they look really perfect. Well done, Susan. If you haven’t yet go buy some Scotchguard and spray them = they will stay nicer longer.

    • Thanks so much, Michele! Well, if you were, you were right! So glad I went with black ones now. That’s a great idea–I should definitely do that!

  20. Your front porch is just beautiful….so welcoming! The design of the black benches is so lovely, and those cushions really set it off! I’ve noticed some beautiful gas lights for porches…have you ever considered this?

    • Thanks so much, Maureen! I have a gas lantern near the start of my brick walkway. The price of gas has gone up so much, I’d be afraid to add two more but I love how those look on a front porch so much! I occasionally have issues with the one in my yard blowing out during those rare occasions when we have a super windy day with very high winds, but I bet that wouldn’t happen if they were against the house on the porch.

  21. The benches and cushions are simply gorgeous! Love the look you have created and agree the black is the best choice.

    I have a black metal bench on my front porch that I love. For holidays and seasons, I buy a yard of material at Hobby Lobby, fold it over the cushion and safety pin it on the bottom – it looks like it was recovered in that fabric. I change it out for fall, Christmas, valentines, Easter, 4th of July and have a summer flowered fabric I love. I add seasonal pillows too. If you like the cushions out all the time – you could buy different black and white fabrics to change up and protect the original cushions – or buy a plain cushion for everyday wear and change out the fabrics. This has been a fun and easy change for my porch bench.

    • Thanks so much, Judith! Oh, I love that idea, such a great way to update the cushions quickly and for holidays! I’m always amazed at how fast my benches get dirty. I can wash them and they are dirty again in a week. It may be because of all the rain we get here in Georgia…it rains so much!

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