Shady Porches, Lazy Hammocks and Tire Swings: A Garden Tour

Last spring, or maybe it was the spring before that…I forget, a friend and I went on a spring garden tour.  Even though it was a garden tour, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of some of the wonderful houses we saw along the way.

I’m such a sap for a yellow cottage. Love the double peaks, the red chimneys on either end contrasting against the butter-yellow color of the home and of course that awesome porch!

Yellow Cottage

This scene made my heart skip a little beat.  I’m pretty sure Aunt Bee has just called Opie inside for some fresh baked cookies and a glass of milk.    He hopped off the tire swing and in his haste, he left his bike underneath that big, beautiful tree.  ~~~SIGH~~~  I love the person who created this lovely scene.  It’s like a little gift for all who pass by.

Old Tree with Tire Swing and Bike

We came across this beautiful porch while on the tour.   Notice how they created the corners of the porch. Such a unique way to finish those off.  It compliments the brick of the home nicely.

Porch with Wicker Furniture

Perfect spot for a climbing rose…

Climbing Roses in the Garden

Later on the tour we found ourselves in this area that was what I guess you would call a planned community.

Garden Tour 4

There was a common area that was small park just out front and the homes surrounded it.

tour 013_wm

The backyard garden of this home was on the tour.  I didn’t take a picture of the front of the home since there were so many folks out front when we arrived.  I loved how it looked from the back, though.

Garden Tour 2

The area under the deck created a nice place for dining and if I am remembering correctly, there was a potting bench under there, too  Since this was a garden tour, I didn’t take a lot of pics up close to the homes themselves.

Garden Tour 1

We loved the garden!

Fountain in the Garden

It was definitely a little paradise.

Fountain in the Garden 2

The homeowner loves frogs and they were everywhere throughout the garden.

Frogs for the Garden


Frogs in the Garden


Climbing Frog Sculpture for the Garden


Frog Sculpture in the Garden

I especially loved all the little vignettes throughout the garden.  Each turn in the garden path, brought another lovely scene to enjoy.

tour 032_wm

 Mushrooms were another cute theme in this garden.

tour 033_wm

Wouldn’t this be a great spot for a snooze at the end of a long day?

Hammock in the Garden

Now where’s my margarita? πŸ˜‰

Hammock in the Garden


Did you go on any garden tours this spring?

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  1. I love these porches. I could definitely take a nap in that hammock.

  2. Mary from Virginia says

    Those homes are huge, even the yellow house, that is perfect in every way. It looks like you. Go make them an offer. Tell them it matches your blog header and you must have it!

  3. Hi Susan,
    Have always loved that buttery yellow… Many older houses in Maine are painted that color with trim in dark, dark green. We did our first house with those colors, but we didn’t have any porches on that house πŸ™
    FYI, there were lots of TS sitings here this Spring. She’s been spotted out and about at local breakfast and coffee shops. Hopefully she will soon blend in and get to enjoy all the fun spots around here in South County w/o any notice…
    Take care,

  4. Veronica says

    …Dear Susan , Thank You Kindly For Sharing These Photos Of The Garden Tour….I Wish That I Could Have Joined You . Everything Was So Pleasant To Look At . This Certainly Is A Place That I Could Live In . I Live In A Yellow House and I Love It…Thanks For Sharing ..!!

  5. envoy-ette says

    SweetLadyElaine also has a garden tour on her blog. Goose Grove in 3 parts.

  6. What a great post. Love these porches and your Aunt Bee reference. I was picturing it in my head. Pop over for a visit and I would love for you to become a new follower. I know you are always so busy and have a huge blog to run.


  7. Love old homes with porches, Im ‘past the age of getting one, but I Still love to look. Hope u get one. Thanks for feeding us.

  8. Great pix…I always go on the Christmas tour in St. Michael s…not sure if they have a garden tour…I did ask once yrs ago…at that time they were trying to put one together…I love flowers…and my granddaughter loves frogs..she’s been here since last Wed…she and her 2 brothers were out catching tiny frogs…she got a few at dusk…nearly dark…I said how on earth did you even see those…she smiled and said…because I have frog eyes Gram…she’s 7…she LOVES the guy with the leg hanging over…he looks like he’s testing the water…
    ..the bike & tire swing are great….I also like the planned community…and the fact that the park area hides the house across the way………..hope you’re having a nice day..raining again here…really tried of rain…the mosquitoes are horrible now too…hate those buggers……………Happy Gardening.!!

  9. The only garden I’ve toured this year is my own and I WISH it looked at lovely as this! I go out there to relax and all I see is work that needs done. But I enjoy doing the work too. I love the frogs, the hammock, the shade and all those carefully placed pine needles. I grew up in the woods of SE Oklahoma and there are a lot of pine needles in the woods there naturally. I like them so much better than the cypress mulch which is the norm for landscaping in north Texas. A few years since we’ve lived here I have ordered pine needles in BOXES shipped in from East Texas because I like the way they look. Seriously, a country girl ordering pine needles in boxes? sigh….

    • Laura, I’m the same…never relax because I keep seeing stuff that needs to be done. Pine straw is my fave mulch, too, although it doesn’t last very long, especially if it rains a lot. That’s a hoot about the boxes of pine straw. You would need a lot!

  10. This spring, for the first time, we went to the Historic Garden Week in Virginia, even though I’ve lived in VA for 53 years. It was absolutely wonderful! We got to peek inside homes, too, in addition to the gardens. What a treat and great way to get ideas. We are planning to “branch out” in 2014 and take the week to visit sites across the state. Thanks for your post. As always, wonderful and comfortable!

  11. I loved every one of these homes, but the “frog garden” was my absolute favorite! One afternoon in that hammock….swinging gently in the breeze….sigh! And that one frog that looks like he was just climbing on that flagstone – I’m totally in love with him!! πŸ˜€

  12. Nancy B. says

    Loved going on the virtual garden tour, wish it had lasted longer! Thanks πŸ™‚

  13. Betty819 says

    typical southern pine don’t see pine straw used for mulch up past Richmond or Fredericksburg, Va. or not in the DC/Md/N.Va. area. Thanks for sharing this. loved all the garden statues, especially the one that looked like he was having trouble climbing up on that big old rock.

    • We have lots of pine trees here in Georgia. Remember that old song, Georgia on My Mind? Ray Charles crones, “Georgia, A song of you Comes as sweet and clear As moonlight through the pines.”
      I love that cute little froggy, too. Wonder if we can find one online somewhere.

  14. We “tour” our garden every night now that we have MOST of the landscaping done:) This garden so reminds me of the old house. SO different from what we have now, not a tree in sight:) Thanks for sharing this, Susan. XO, pinky

  15. Nice tour pics, Susan.
    Did you notice that the little frog is missing one of his hands?
    My eldest daughter and I went on a recent house and garden tour and doing another one next week, sure enjoy them.

    • I didn’t even notice that…wonder what happen to it. It doesn’t really look broken but it definitely doesn’t look right. I haven’t been on a tour in ages…would love to go on one sometime soon.

    • Michele, look at the second picture of him in the post. In the second picture, you can see the rest of his hand. It’s kind of in the shadows. So it’s all there, I think. πŸ™‚

  16. Love all those houses and gardens! The houses are so charming and the gardens are magical! Would love to live in any one of those! Thanks for the tour!

    Pat F.
    Las Vegas

  17. Pam Pafford says

    Hi, Susan! If I’m correct, it looks like you were on a garden tour in Norcross, GA. Norcross is my home and what a wonderful little town it is! I have visited some of those gardens, and I love them all!

    • Pam, it may have been Norcross…I can’t remember now since it was a couple of years ago, or at least I think it was. I was thinking it was Decatur but I bet you’re right.

  18. :Sigh: I love these outdoor spaces!!

  19. Great homes and gardens!…love the back facade of the white house!!!…

  20. Hi Susan…I just found your blog last week — I’m now a “regular”! I really love these garden vignettes…must pin for my newly landscaped area!

  21. I love garden tours! These were just lovely. Thanks so much for sharing! πŸ™‚ I think I need to do some weeding now… lol

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