A Large Item I Need Is Back In Stock & I’m Loving This Triple Sale on Sale on Sale!

Yay! Got some good news last night! You may remember that I ordered an inexpensive temporary desk to use here in my office in the Dollhouse until the desk I really wanted was once again available.


The desk I’ve been hoping to order for my office in Ohio is finally back in stock and for the best price I’ve seen it anywhere online. I know a few of you also expressed interest in this desk, too. The best price I’ve found it for anywhere is here: Executive Desk in Cream White Color. Unfortunately, when I placed my order last night, I goofed and forgot to change the delivery address to the Ohio house. Fortunately, I chose a delivery date that’s several weeks out, so there should be time to get that corrected. I’ll call the shipping company on Monday to make sure they have the correct delivery address.


During the time I was shopping for a temporary bed for my bedroom in the Dollhouse, I came across two beds that I liked and considered, but they were a little more than what I wanted to spend for a bed I wasn’t planning on keeping. Now, I kinda wish I had ordered one of the following two beds since I’m considering making the 4th bedroom in the Dollhouse a second guest room. It would be great to have an extra bed when one guest room isn’t enough. I really like the design of this bed and it feels very cottage/dollhouse-like to me! Sooo darn cute! You can read more about it here: Cottage Bed.


I also really like the look of this one. Between the bed above and the one below, which do you like best? I’m torn between the two. (The one below is available here: Cottage Bed.) I love the color of the walls in that room, too—such a pretty blue!


I’ve had these pillows saved as a favorite for a few months now. These would be so cute for the screened porch here or the sunporch in the Dollhouse. (Pillows are available here: Beach-Themed Pillows.)


Can’t remember if I got around to sharing these, but I love this glassware! It comes in several colors, including clear. The green and blue are my faves. You’ll find it available here: Summer Glassware.


I’ve been so absorbed with house stuff, it hasn’t left much time for shopping for summer clothes. Talbots is having an amazing triple sale right now on all their sales items, so it’s literally a sale on sale on sale! This cute blue and white gingham top is part of the triple sale. It started out at $69.50, went on sale for $54.99 but since this is a triple sale, it’s 30% off that amount, and then another 20% off that! Wow, love these super sales! You’ll find it on sale here: Blue and White Gingham Top.


This top isn’t part of the triple sale, but it is on sale. I love how light/cool it looks, would be great for wearing on the 4th of July. It’s currently on sale 30% off here: Flag Top


Beautiful maxi for those summer parties or special events. I don’t think it’s on sale yet, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it. You’ll find it available here: Pleated Cotton Patio Skirt.


This beautiful eyelet dress is part of the triple sale. It started out at $199, was reduced to 139.99, and is now 30% off that price, plus another 20% off! You’ll find it available here: Eyelet Shirtdress.


Same for this striped maxi dress…it’s included in the triple sale here: Breezy Maxi Dress. I love how slimming vertical stripes can be and this looks so comfortable for everyday wear during the summer months.


So many things to love about this summer sandal/slide! I love the neutral color, it will go with pretty much anything! Love the raffia texture and that big buckle—sooo stylish! And the heel height is my favorite. I love it when sandals aren’t completely flat and have a shorter heel like this one. I find this heel height to be so comfortable when walking, and it makes them really easy to keep on with no slipping. This beautiful shoe is available in several colors and is currently on sale 30% off here: Raffia Slide Sandals.


I don’t have a lot of espadrilles, but I love the fun design of these! They would look great with jeans, shorts or a dress. Such a great look for summer! You’ll find these on sale 30% off here: Denim Espadrilles.


This cute floral top is part of the triple sale and is available in two different colors. I love both! The pink and coral is available here: Non-Iron Floral Shirt.


The blue and white stripe floral is on triple sale here: Non-Iron Floral Shirt.


Off to shop the triple sale, I could use a few new summer clothes. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I like the bottom bed simply because if you had a taller person sleeping in it, the persons feet wouldn’t hit the footboard. Visually, I like the top one. There….I’m no help! :o)

  2. Nancy Brantley says

    Bottom bed looks better. Don’t like little knob post on first bed.

  3. I prefer the second bed; it is still cottage-y but with a twist. Looks more modern or less teenager, or something. How do you ever have time to shop now? Is there a clone, or two, of you?

  4. Mary from Virginia says

    I like the top bed with the finials. The shoes from Talbots are adorable.

  5. The top bed is attractive but not very practical. The high footboard means it would be pain to change sheets, make the bed, etc. And if you have taller guests, they will not be very comfortable. I also think it “cuts” into the room which will make it look smaller. The bottom bed with the low footboard is a much better choice.

  6. Hey Susan, love your doll house. Congratulations on the purchase. I’m enjoying reading how you will be decorating. Will you be selling your Georgia home? Happy Saturday to you.

  7. The link to the beach themed pillows goes to a shirt at Talbots. Where do I buy the pillows? I am moving to the Gulf Shores, AL next week and these would be perfect on a bench I have for my covered porch. By the way, I am moving from the Atlanta, GA area. Looking forward to less traffic and a slower paced lifestyle.

  8. Barbara Schmitt says

    LOVE LOVE the top bed!! More of that “cottage” look you are decorating in. So happy for your move into your DollHouse.

  9. The head and foot boards are probably a mix or match type. If you like both foot boards get both, you can match as you like.

  10. I like both beds, Susan. I’d probably opt for the one without the bed posts, just a personal preference. I found a twin bed very much like these at a consignment shop that I plan to use for my granddaughter soon. Still need to buy mattresses.
    Love the espadrilles! I bought four tees from Talbots this past week on sale, have received 3 of 4 and love them all!
    Hope you’re staying cool!

    • I always love their tees, glad you found some great ones! It’s 90 degrees outside here right now! Wow! I hope you guys are staying cool!

  11. Michele M. says

    I really like both beds (great decision – just goes so well with that sweet house!) But for me it is def the top one. It’s more substantial. It’s a wow bed and I have actually considered it for my larger guest room too. I love it that much. While the other one may be more practical – it isn’t that much to get a taller, cuter more cottage-y bed. I love the higher back and the finials on it. Great choice, either one but that one wins for me. Love that bed. And and yay about desk!!

  12. I prefer option two. Your new home is really coming together with your design choices.

    • I am wondering if you plan to take any furnishings from Georgia to Ohio. I love your office now but perhaps it just wouldn’t fit in the Doll House.

      • Unfortunately, my current desk won’t work in the room I want to make my office in the Dollhouse. It’s a corner-style desk and there’s not a good corner to put it in. I will take a lot of them but I think I may sell the dining room furniture, but not sure yet.

    • Thanks, Susan!

  13. I like option 2 with the rounded headboard. The first one seems to be so large it’s overpowering . I know you’re very busy with “doing” for both houses and you’ll truly be happy when it’s over and done. lol

  14. Bobbi Duncan says

    Due to traveling, and immediately followed with a land search in the state we FINALLY decided upon for retirement, I have been out of the loop of my favorite blogger (who could that be? lol!). And what news awaits me? You bought your dream cottage–and dreamy it is!!!! And to have the good fortune to get a home so close to your son’s house is icing on the cake. Susan, I am soooo thrilled for you & your family, and looking forward to all the decorating adventures, which I know will be beautiful. Speaking of which, I think bed #1 has more of a “cottage” look–just prettier to me. Best wishes for many lovely memories to be made in this new chapter of your life. Hugs!

    • Thanks so much, Bobbi! Congrat on that big decision! I look forward to hearing more about where you decided to settle…so exciting!

  15. I like the top bed. The square posts on the second one are just the right height to really bruise your thighs if you pass too closely (speaking as the owner of a very similar bed ).

    • You know, I wondered about that, too. I used to have a bed that had a footboard that curved outward on both sides and it was around mid-thigh. I had it for sooo many years and I never did stop running into that thing! I always had bruises on my thighs. I was wondering if that bed would do that, too.

  16. I greatly appreciate that you provide real links to items you feature. So many others, link something similar or a page that goes nowhere as the item listed was out of stock months ago. Cheers to you!

    • I’m so glad it helps Hetty! I know how disappointing it is when you come across something you really like and then can’t find it anywhere.

  17. Kathleen says

    Bed number one for me. More cottage. Bed number two seems “modern cottage”. Having said my choice they both look chunky and the headboards are tall. Would either one block a window? Love, love the desk!

    • Thanks for that perspective, Kathleen! In the bedroom that I’m thinking of using them in, they would be against a wall. Originally, I hadn’t planned on making that room a bedroom, thought it might be a good room for storage. But it would be nice to have a second guest room, too. So not sure yet what I’ll do. Probably wait until I move in to fully decide.

  18. Franceil Parde says

    You ARE ON a roll!! franki

  19. I prefer the second bed, particularly for a larger mattress size (if you’re considering queen size) — perhaps the taller headboard for a smaller bed (full size). Would have to consider if the taller, more dominant-looking headboard would appear to overpower a smaller room once a dresser, table, chair, bench, and such would be added.

  20. If the third try doesn’t work, I am not commenting. LOL
    I really like the long black skirt, but I didn’t see petites. I think I like bed #2 best. The desk is very nice but will it work for you after using a corner desk ? The one in GA is so wide and has so many advantages. Not sure I like looking outward. Where is the sun in that room ?
    Have you researched how many people are moving out of GA vs moving to GA ? I just looked and nearly 900 homes are for sale in Buckhead. Do they still have a problem ? National news can ruin a sale. How is your list of chores coming along ?
    I was thinking. All those storage cabinets you put together- you should take some masking tape and number them. Take the shelves out and tape the number of the cabinet and location of the shelf underneath so they will fit perfectly in OH and not so heavy they fall apart. I am not a fan of the moving dolly. I would dread moving out of state. You haven’t mentioned your son since they went on vacation. Is he available to help in Ohio when you are in GA ? Is everyone excited about grandma living down the street ?

  21. I am loving both beds Susan, but if I was choosing one, it would be the second one. I like the lower footboard and no posts/knobs better. I loving seeing this amazing home come together with your decorating touch! Hugs, Brenda

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