Buying My First Freezer, Crazy About This Rail-Basket Organizing System!

Welcome to the 721st Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you had a fabulous fall weekend! I was busy making the most out of my recently updated storage room. I brought down more centerpieces/decorative pieces that had been stored in my laundry room cabinets so they would all be together in one spot.

Crawl Space Turned Into Storage Space


I still had so much available space on the floor below the shelves, the wheels started turning. I ended up purchasing 4 more bins from my local Walmart Market. That’s the least expensive place I’ve found to purchase those. I moved some bins to the floor and brought down all my bunny centerpieces from a closet upstairs where they were stored.

Storage Room, Basement


Some of the new bins were filled with seasonal pillows that I had previously stored in bags in a storage space under the eaves of my bonus room upstairs. I really like these clear bins that let you see the contents inside.


When the finished side of the basement was painted recently, I moved my workbench over here to the unfinished side of the basement.

Room for a Freezer


Remember the towel dispenser I added to the garage when I completed that makeover this past summer?

Garage, Cleaned and Organized


I love this dispenser because it holds a ton of paper towels and doesn’t take up any counter space on my tool chest or potting table here in the garage.

Cabinet or Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser for Garage, Bath or Kitchen


I really wanted to add one here in the basement near my workbench but I didn’t want to install it someplace where it would have to be removed when the drywall is added to this area in a few months. I ordered one hoping it would work installed here on the end of the bench, and it does! It doesn’t move or wobble at all when I pull a paper towel off. Just wanted to share this in case you have a similar workbench and need a spot for paper towels that won’t take up valuable surface space. (Paper Towel Dispenser is available here: Paper Towel Dispenser.)

Paper Towel Dispenser for Work Shop, Work Bench


Sooo, see that big empty space to the right of the workbench? You may remember I mentioned in a previous post that I would like to add a freezer to this space in the future.

Room for a Freezer


I’ve never owned a freezer but have always wanted one. With all the recent talk in the news of possible food shortages due to a lack of diesel fuel, I thought this might be a good time to go ahead and buy one. Oh my gosh, the mental gymnastics I went through choosing a freezer! First I had to decide if I wanted an upright freezer or a chest freezer. I was leaning toward a chest freezer but liked the frost-free aspect of an upright freezer that would never need to be defrosted. I read an article that stated chest freezers normally last 5-6 years longer than upright freezers, so that pushed me more toward getting a chest freezer.


Once I made the decision to buy a chest freezer, I had to decide on a size. Initially, I was thinking about buying one in the 10 cubic foot range, but then I discovered that bigger freezers only cost a small amount more and barely use any more energy. As I shopped, I was drawn to a couple of different brands. I liked the wheels on some of the Frigidaire freezers, but honestly, I have no plans to ever move the freezer except for when the flooring gets installed on the unfinished side, and that won’t be for a few months–probably sometime in the spring.

One of the things that concerned me about a chest freezer is the lack of organization you can run into with those style freezers. It can sometimes be a challenge to find/reach the items you need and some items can get lost down in the bottom and never used–or so I read. Then I discovered something called FreezerMax. Have you heard of it? It’s a rail/basket system that helps you organize your chest freezer. From the video I watched on YouTube, it looked pretty easy to install. After learning more about it, I was positive I was going to add this system to any chest freezer I purchased. You know how much I love being organized–it’s practically an obsession for me!

Photo from FreezerMax website


Just about the time I had decided to order a Frigidaire chest freezer and the FreezerMax system to go inside, I discovered GE now makes a chest freezer with the rail/basket system built in! What?! I loved the idea of not having to install it myself so decided to go with the GE freezer since it had great reviews.


Here’s how the GE chest Freezer I purchased looks from above. It comes with 4 baskets, two for the top rail and two for the second rail. I ordered four additional baskets from GE that should arrive later this week. I may end up only using two of the four baskets that I’ve ordered, but I figured it would be good to have a couple of extras in case I drop one or damage one in the future. Who knows, maybe I’ll want to use all four and have four on top and four on the bottom, just not sure yet. The size freezer I ultimately decided on was the 15.7 cu ft size. Its Energy Star rating shows that it should cost around $33 per year to run. Amazing how efficient freezers are now. This same freezer comes in a 21.7 size, also with the basket and rail storage system.

You can see how the double rail system works in this photo below. The freezer is supposed to be delivered this week, supposedly on Wednesday. I’ll share photos of how it looks inside once I have it up and running with a few items inside.


Here’s some additional info about the freezer that I purchased. It comes in two sizes and I purchased mine here where it’s currently on sale: GE Chest Freezer with Baskets.


Garage ready – GE freezers are tested to perform from 0°F to 110°F
Audible temperature alarm – Alerts you if the temperature rises
Second-level rail – Allows convenient access to sliding baskets at different heights in freezer
LED interior lighting – Automatically illuminates when door is open
Lock with key – Allows you to protect your valuable food items from unintentional entry
Power “On” light – Easily see if the freezer is working without having to open the door
4 sliding bulk storage baskets – Offers flexibility to organize and store favorite foods for quick, easy access
Adjustable temperature control – Easy to use controls to select the temperature for your needs
Recessed handles offers a clean appearance
ENERGY STAR qualified to meet or exceed federal guidelines for energy efficiency
Limted 1-year warranty entire appliance


Once the freezer arrives (hopefully this Wednesday) I’ll share some photos of how it looks inside. I’ve been reading about which foods freeze well. Did you know you can even freeze butter? lol I had no idea. What do you like catching on sale and stocking up on in your freezer?

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  1. Good morning!
    Congratulations on your new freezer! Two years ago when we moved to SC, we bought a new freezer. The only one we could purchase (due to pandemic and supply chain issues) was a huge upright which I love. When the young men delivered it, they asked what on earth I was going to put in this humongous freezer. I quickly said “We’re from New Jersey – probably bodies”. I wish you could have seen their faces – LOL. We have often laughed about that one.
    I freeze just about everything. Over the years, I have learned by trial and error what works. It’s great for freezing portions of soups, stews, cakes, cookies, etc.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And…you can freeze your leftovers!

    • Too funny! I think that would be easier with a chest freezer. 😉 I think homemade vegetable beef soup may be the first thing I freeze. I have the ingredients, now just need the freezer. Ha!

  2. well, I hope you like/love your chest freezer…I few years ago we got rid of our chest freezer it was only 61 years old and it was a Westinghouse..(no they don’t make them like they did back then) The basket would freeze up to the point that you could not move them and you could never find what was in the bottom and I am short so I had a hard time trying to get to the bottom of the freezer. We got an up right and I just love it. At a glance you can see what is in the freezer and it has different bins and shelving on the door so it’s as they say It’s A good thing. by you having several bins and as long as the don’t frost over making them not able to move you should be okay. lets us know a year from now how it’s going. rls

    • You are so right, Robin. Nothing lasts like it used to. I’m still using the GE washing machine I purchased in 1980 and still love it, especially its handwash basket which I use all the time. 61 years is awesome! That was a mighty compressor!

  3. Thanks so much Susan and I must say, you are the Queen of Organization!! You always inspire! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Personal, I prefer the upright freezer because it is easier on my back so I gave my chest freezer to my son. We had an 18 cubic foot when the kids were home but have downside to a 13 now that the kids are gone. It comes in very handy with the snow up north

    • I bet! I hope I can stock mine up for any future snow storms. Would be nice to have homemade soup in just a few minutes on a cold winter night.

  5. SharonFromMichigan says

    Susan, You’re going to love having a freezer. A chest type freezer doesn’t work for me so we have had a smaller upright freezer for years. I love being able to go to local farmer’s markets & buying in season fruits & veggies and then using my vacuum food saver & throwing them into the freezer. I have a basket of fresh green beans, corn off the cob, fresh blueberries picked right off the bush & lots of butter (when it’s on sale, I stock up – lol). I also use it for chicken breasts & pork chops. If you use a food sealer for veggies, then can be put in the sealed plastic right out of the freezer into boiling water without losing all the vitamins & nutrients into the water. You’ll find that you will re-coup the cost of the freezer through eating fresh food all year long & not paying higher grocery store prices. Also depending on what you’re freezing, most fresh frozen veggies will be okay in the freezer for 2+ years!

    • Sharon, I got a freezer for the first time last year and actually never thought of buying fresh veggies and freezing them. Do you have to do anything to prepare them? (The word ‘blanche’ comes to mind from a long-ago memory, lol) If you literally can just toss them in, that would be great! Do you also use those freezer bags – like the sandwich bags but meant for the freezer? I wonder if they would work as well as the vacuum sealer. Thanks. I hope you see this! Happy Thanksgiving!

      • SharonFromMichigan says

        Some veggies you can just wash & freeze, others have to be quick boiled (blanched). Fresh corn on the cob got boiled for 3 min then you can either cut the kernels off or freeze on the cob. Green beans were just washed, then frozen. I googled how to freeze veggies. I bought a vacuum sealer when Kmart was going out of business many years ago & I’ve been using that. The trick is to remove as much air from the bag as you can to prevent freezer burn. I seem to recall that Ziploc made some sort of vacuum seal bags that allowed the removal of air without buying a vacuum sealer. Hope this helps – Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    • Many, many years ago, my sister and I bought both a vacuum sealer thingy. I can’t remember the brand now. I finally donated mine many years ago. Kinda wish I’d kept it now. I’ve seen them on Amazon, I may need to invest in one again. Thanks for those tips on how to prepare and store veggies! So the green beans, you just snap them and freeze them for cooking later? I love that idea! That would take a lot of stress out of cooking if the beans were already snapped. I will check for the Ziplock bags! Now I know what to ask for when my son asks me what I want for Christmas…a vacuum sealer!

  6. Hi, You will love your freezer you will wonder why you waited so long to get one I love having a freezer with just the 2 of us when I first got one I had bought a Sear’s chest freezer and it held a 1/2 a cow a pig and all of the fruits and veggies my first year and I said I will never be without one and I still have one I have had a upright freezer also now a smaller chest freezer they come in handy so I am sure you will enjoy it

    • Joyce, I know you’re right! Better late than never! Ha! I wish there was a way to try both styles of freezers before having to choose upright vs chest. I think I’ll like this one since I’ll have the baskets for organizing everything. I’ll know before long.

      • The freezer that you are gettilng looks great baskets are great in a freezer and those baskets in that freezer look like they are going to be perfect both a upright and a chest freezer are good but a chest one holds more my sisters upright just held her 1/2 a cow and a few other things and it was a big chest freezer and I have no trouble with defrosting it very easy just turn it off and as it starts to thaw just pick out the ice wipe it out and it is ready to go again

  7. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  8. I agree with all the earlier posts that you will love having a freezer! We have an upright freezer and I love being able to see everything at a glance. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer machine I recommend getting one. You always save money when you buy in bulk. I buy the large packages of boneless, skinless chicken breast. Since it’s just hubby and I at home now I seal 2 in a bag, write the date on the bag and in the freezer they go. Wish I had known you could freeze butter. The butter we like has continued to go up in price almost on a weekly basis. Sigh!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Among the things I am thankful for is your blog. I read every post! XXOO

    • That’s a great idea, Vikki! I will start doing that…buying in bulk and just dividing it up. I know, everything has gone up drastically lately.

  9. You’re so fortunate to have all that amazing space in your basement. That freezer is fabulous and looks super efficient, especially with the rail system. But I’m super impressed with your wonderful work bench! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Week, Susan!

    • Thanks so much, Debra! I bought the bench at Home Depot many years ago and it was super easy to assemble. If I’m remembering correctly, the legs just fold underneath it, I don’t think I even had to attach them. Definitely recommend it! Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!

  10. Tina Reynolds says

    Yes! I freeze butter! I freeze unsalted butter quarters when I buy them from Costco or Sam’s Club. One surprise: I freeze flour, well wrapped in cling wrap and then placed in two freezer bags. I freeze bacon as well as the usual meats. A supply of frozen fruits and vegetables comes in handy, and I get the breakfast “bowls” and premade omelets for my husband so that he can quickly make his own breakfast…no mess! YAY! I’ve frozen so many things and love shopping from my own freezer when the weather is too rotten to go out! I love the basket/rail organizing system. I am so short and when I lean into the chest freezer to grab that item on the bottom, I feel like I will fall in! I often say that my next freezer will be an upright, but who knows? The baskets might help me a lot!

    • Tina, I didn’t know you could freeze flour! (I’m learning so much today.) Do you mean you leave it in the original bag, then wrap it in cling film – then place in the freezer bags? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

      • Tina Reynolds says

        Yes, I do leave it in the regular wrapper. I put it into a cocoon of Saran wrap so it won’t absorb other flavors/odors…just in case. The way I happened upon this was that during the whole Covid/supply chain issue thing, our stores had empty shelves where many item once were. I do a lot of home baking and so when I found two bags of my favorite King Arthur flour, at last, I grabbed them. Then I got worried about freshness. I looked it up and tried it. It worked just fine, and someone had posted that a side benefit is that your flour (extra supplies of it) will not get any of those little bugs that some people say flour can get. I usually use it up quickly enough, so I’ve never had any bugs, but I guess if it were around, un-used in a pantry, for a long time then it might get bugs. I hope I never see those! Happy Thanksgiving!

        • Cocoon, lol. I like that. Thanks, Tina. I never would have thought of freezing flour. That was so helpful. And I’m with you .. bugs .. eww. Fortunately, I’ve never had that problem and like you, I hope I never will. Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Pam you can freeze corn meal too. I’ve got several bags of flour but when I went to the freezer to get more corn meal I was out!! Oh no right here at Thanksgiving but I’ll be replacing it! lol Actually you can freeze just about anything. Kroger puts their milk on sale when the date gets to expiration date and I buy it and freeze it. As it’s thawing, just shake it up to keep it mixed. It tastes fine. You can freeze chips if you have too many. I’ve done that as well. Bread of any kind. It’s limitless believe me!

        • What?? Chips – milk?! I never would have thought of either of those. That’s crazy. AND, great to know! lol. This post has opened up a whole new world for me. So thankful for all the helpful ladies here. Thanks, Nina. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    • I hope this one want be too deep. When I looked at the measurements, it seemed kinda short, almost too short in height. Will be interesting to see once it arrives. That’s a great idea bout freezing flour…keep the weevil eggs from hatching, if there are any inside.

  11. Tina W Reynolds says

    Susan, your basement level storage is swoon-worthy! Having everything so well organized and everything in one place, together, will surely make life feel easier! It looks great and I see a few ideas that I should (must!) implement.
    Now, back to the freezer: I try to use everything in the early summer and defrost, because my chest freezer is in my garage. You won’t have to do that but I find that as a habit, it works for rotating things out so that nothing ever just languishes in the freezer! A good set of freezer storage boxes, or a nice supply of freezer bags and a Sharpie nearby helps facilitate getting things put away properly and the putting the date on the bag is super helpful to me! No more, “Oh that Bolognese sauce has only been in there for…2 months, maybe…three???” LOL! I freeze my homemade Bolognese sauce, vegetable soup, tomato sauce, split pea soup, etc.. It feels so great to have home cooked soup on a cold night, and no work!

    • Thanks for all those tips, Tina! I just ordered some labels so I’ll be ready when the freezer arrives. Hopefully, it won’t be too much a hassle to defrost. I like your idea of clearing things out each year!

  12. Susan, you are seriously killing me with this incredible storage space. Everything, the size of the space, the shelves, the buckets, the way you’re got everything laid out. Ahhh! I love it so much. Lol. I want a porch designed exactly like yours, and now I want a storage space like this as well! 😀

    I’m so glad you found a freezer you like. That basket / rail system is brilliant and would make using it so much simpler and more efficient. I’d love to see yours once you have it up and running.

    Back to Turkey Day plans. Have a great week!

    • Thanks, Pam! I’ll be sure to share it, will take me a while to fill it up but I’ll share it with a few things in it once it arrives. I need to make some home made soup to put inside. lol

  13. Sandra D, Jol_Il says

    I agree you will love it. I never had a chest freezer because my Aunt had one and she had to move so much aside to get to the bottom items. I hope the sliding shelves work well. As many said a vacuum sealer is great when you own a freezer. We buy meat from a butcher and get 10 lbs ground round at a time. Beef roast, pork chops, chicken. I also buy bacon, hot dogs on sale. Sams club has some pre-made burgers we love to take out and fry on a whim. I stack loaves of bread on one side (only about 3) but first I take that tag thing off and get out as much air without squishing the bread and twist tie it closed. If you don’t use much bread you could take out some and put in a zipped freezer bag. When you vacuum seal try to get the stuff inside FLAT as possible. I learned that with shredded zucchini I grew. Otherwise, the bags slip and slide all over. Don’t forget to label what it is and the date. I use purchase or grown date for fresh stuff and best buy date for purchased stuff. I have 10 boxes of butter right now & I just stick them in the freezer as is. Buying butter, etc on sale is important with inflation. I have frozen spaghetti sauce, homemade chili, vegetable soup because I make big batches at a time. I don’t freeze dairy. I tried cream cheese once and it had a weird texture. Sometimes I love to make a mug of hot chocolate from scratch and throw in mini marshmallows. I was sick of sticky, gooey MM’s and read you can freeze the bag and they won’t stick so bad-it works! Again, flatten those bags. I usually have one bag open of flour, corn meal and such plus one extra on hand for when I run low. I keep the extra bags on the bottom of my freezer. If you freeze flour, dry beans (pinto, black eye peas, etc) and even rice for 4 weeks it supposedly kills any weevil eggs. I learned that from some “preppers” on YT. They prepare for storms, shortages, etc not just now but in the past so they have many hints to share. They are predicting a lot of food shortages (mustard seed crops are low & beef are two that come to mind) and if it doesn’t happen, you’ll use the oldest products first and it’s not a waste, just stocking up as a precaution. I keep a lot of items I’ve stocked up on, canned goods in my pantry, etc on an Excel spreadsheet so I know what I have, need. Enjoy the freezer.

    • That’s a great point about keeping everything flat! Also, an awesome idea about freezing flour, rice and such! I never would have thought of freezing some of those items. I know, I’ve been hearing about the food shortages. I hope it doesn’t come to pass. So smart to keep a spreadsheet on those things! That is something my sister would have done, she kept a well-stocked pantry at all times.

    • In the summer I go to a Peach Orchard and buy a bushel of peaches and hubs and I put them in the freezer. Then before they stop selling, I go again and get another bushel and we put them up. I share with both dil’s and I have a granddaughter who loves peaches so I share when she comes over. As I said, the list is endless of things that can be frozen.

  14. I have never had a freezer, but a friend had one and I remember digging around in it looking for something. I love the rail system. What a great idea. Since you bought a chest freezer, does that mean you will need to defrost it? I hope not. That sounds like a miserable project. Do you have a food sealer? That is something I need to get. It would be great for freezing your extra quantities. I’ve been freezing butter for years. It works out great. I absolutely love your organizing. Your tool bench is so clean and organized. Impressive. Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Oh wow I didn’t even know they had freezers with basket organizing! How awesome. We’ve had our chest freezer for years and we have to keep a running list taped on it to always know what’s in there – decided to do that a few years back as opposed to having to taking everything out to only discover what we thought was there wasn’t anymore. It’s not ideal but holy moley I do love those baskets. Well done, Susan.

  16. Your freezer looks great and the organization is so amazing! I have had a freezer for about 20 years. I love to bake – and some things freeze beautifully. I also love to cook and since it is just my husband and I it is great for “planned overs”. First one was a yard sale upright, then years later our neighbors were moving and gifted us a larger upright. That bit the dust and I decided to stay with an upright since I am only 5 feet tall and would have trouble reaching to the bottom of the unit. Mine is not frost free…from my understanding that is better for long term storage. I defrost it every year or so…depends. It is not a hard job. When we moved I was going to give the freezer away but thought I would take it with us, just in case – and there is perfect spot for it in our laundry room. I don’t know what I would do without it. Right now it is holding bunches of pumpkin muffins and pumpkin bread for holiday gifts. Enjoy your new freezer!

    • Thanks, Ann! I’ve heard that too…that freezers that require defrosting seem to hold food for a longer period of time. Good to hear it’s not a big deal to defrost! Glad you held onto yours! I hope if I ever move, I’ll have space for this one.

  17. Love the tubs on the floor under the shelves, great additional storage and neat as well. Your paper towel dispenser is great in that spot as well. Love this idea, wish I would have thought about something like this when my late husband worked in the garage and up at the farm garage, would have been so much better than a roll of paper towels! I had no clue that chest freezers could have a rail system or that GE made one with a rail system! That is so much nicer because yes, things get “lost” in a chest freezer. lol I’m anxious to see yours when it comes in! I’d like one myself sometime, so I will be paying close attention to your review. Thanks Susan! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hugs, Brenda

  18. Oh, you will love your freezer, Susan! A little tidbit that I learned about this summer…. dissolving labels. I didn’t like using permanent markers or regular glue backed labels on plastic bags or containers, and found dissolving ones on Amazon. No more scraping labels or scratching out and writing over! Simply washes off in the sink. Have a wonderful Holiday this week!

    • Thanks so much for telling me about those, Rosie! I just ordered some on Amazon this evening after I read you comment. Love that they will dissolve!

      • Great! I also use them on jars in the fridge to remind me when I opened something, as lots of times, even permanent markers do not work on the caps or sides. I also make my own dressings and like to add a jar label to remind me of my concoctions (sometimes they look really… interesting… and unidentifiable! :)). Anything to make life easier, right!?!?

  19. Hi Susan!
    Your organization is absolutely thrilling to see. I love organizing. I finally finished the Christmas decor and am now getting busy getting rid of things. Just too much stuff, it’s starting to bug me. finally cleaning out the Christmas bins too. You will love the freezer…it clears out so much in the fridge. I have an upright freezer as well as an extra size by side refrigerator/freezer.I hate it when the kitchen one is too crowded. Your garage is so pretty and restful now.

    • Thanks so much, Jillian! It’s ridiculous how happy it makes me to get things organized! Ha! So I understand exactly how you feel!
      My side-by-side refrig/freezer in my kitchen often feels too crowded. It’s a counter-depth refrigerator so not as deep as a normal freezer, although it may be a little taller. I think it will help a lot with the overcrowding and size restrictions I have in my kitchen freezer.

  20. Susan I have enjoyed watching the storage area transform. Now….when are you coming to my house! I admire your energy and accomplishment of these projects. My basement sure could use a storage makeover. You will love the convenience of having extra meals on hand, especially when friends or family visit. One warning I have about your new freezer is to purchase a remote alarm. Our daughter had a freezer in the basement, but did not check it daily. Their freezer failed and they lost everything, not to mention the terrible mess to clean up. Our 8 year old grandson was in tears when he realized his deep sea fishing trip catch was ruined.

  21. Strawberries and raspberries can be cleaned, and frozen in ziplock bags, Any shredded cheese freezes good. Butter freezes for 12 months. I dices and freeze onions, celery and peppers. When available in quantity it’s one mess and one cleanup for 8 months of cooking. Frozen Smoked turkey drumsticks make a taste of Thanksgiving dinner in January and February. Meats bought on sale help fight inflation.

    • That’s brilliant, Chris! I would love to do that for those times I make soup…would make it a lot faster. I may have to join Costco or Sams and keep an out eye for sales.

  22. It looks like you made a wise purchase. I can’t imagine not having a freezer. My mother got one when I was 8 years old, and I remember that Sears freezer with all the little boxes inside in which you put the freezer bags into and label. My husband and I bought a chest freezer over 40 years ago, one I had to defrost. I did put baskets inside to organize but had to stand on my head to get stuff. It was still running when we gave it away many years later. My mother gave me her upright in 1987, and it is still going. I do have to defrost it, but I guess that means there is less to tear up. I stock on butter during the sales in November and December and have enough for a year. Of course, I freeze veggies, bread for short periods of time, meat, blueberries, pecans, etc. You will enjoy having one.

    • Thanks, Nan! Oh, that Sears freezer sounds so nosalgic. I would love to see a photo of the interior. I should look for butter sales, I think Publix normally puts a lot of things on sale this time of year. Thanks for those tips on what I could freeze!

  23. My in-laws bought us a chest freezer after we were married. When it gave out 20+ yrs later, we bought an upright which I discovered I like more. I’m 5’7″ and still had heck of a time reaching down to grab something that wasn’t on top with the chest one. Ours only had 2 metal baskets so retrieving most items was like a fishing expedition lol. I appreciate the upright for this reason and also due to my age now. Can’t imagine not having a freezer no matter what kind. I freeze everything from our garden and so many other things like others have mentioned. Hope the shortages don’t happen but I’ve been preparing since end of summer just in case.

    I agree with person who mentioned getting a remote alarm especially since yours is in the basement. If you experience many power outages due to weather conditions (we do), you may want to invest in a generator if you don’t own one. Nothing worse than losing all that frozen food you’ve stocked up on.

  24. This is a great post with lots of information from everyone! I am so sick and tired of defrosting my upright freezer of 20+ years that I want to get a new frost free upright. I know frost free freezers are not as economical, but so-so-so tired of defrosting. I can’t fit a chest on my porch and I don’t like lifting the lid and you can’t store anything on a chest style. I keep paper towels up on my upright. I’ve been freezing butter for years (just at Sam’s today and the butter is now $14!!! It used to be $9) and also orange juice in the carton. We have a lemon tree and I squeezed juice and put into quart freezer bags and wrote the amount of water and sugar to add. Love to freeze blue berries when I buy the big Costco/Sam’s size. I put them into smoothies right from the freezer. Really any fruit. I did peaches for cobblers one year (I added pectin to keep the color fresh). I just peeled and cut into slices. Bread freezes well too, but not for a long period of time. I’ve been using plastic buckets to keep frozen food separate in my upright. Also, when you have a separate freezer you can buy more than one gallon (1/2 gallon now) of ice cream because you’ll have room! I think the drawers in the chest freezer will be perfect for you.

  25. Susan, I love your clear bins. I switched all my Christmas decor to clear bins last year and what a difference it made. My talented husband made a honeycomb system on one wall in the garage to house all the bins I use for holiday decorations. When people come for a garage sale the women say to their husbands, “I need you too build me that, too.” Ha! We have 2 freezers. Have had an upright for many years and love it but when we started buying a 1/4 beef every year we added a chest freezer for that meat. My upright houses butter, chips, tortilla and potato, bacon, homemade breads, cookies and of course, my 20 pie crusts I make and put into my 20 Corningware pie plates about twice a year. Wonderful to pull out a homemade pie crust for family or company when needed. I also make casseroles and divide them and freeze one for later. Couldn’t live without my freezers!! You will wonder how you ever got by without one. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

  26. We like to buy pecans by the case every fall from a local pecan sheller. They freeze perfectly for use throughout the year.
    Also, your freezer will be more efficient when it is full. You can freeze gallon jugs of water until you have other items ready for your freezer.

  27. Well Susan I just ordered a garage ready frost free upright freezer from Lowes. We have been thinking about buying one for quite a while now. Your post and all the comments sealed the deal! We are putting it in an extra room we have that we choose not to heat (oil prices you know). We are also in the process of having a side porch added to this old house (circa 1870). By the way frozen butter makes the best puff pastry! Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. Hi, Susan,

    I’m slowly catching up on your blogs and was drawn to this one. My husband and I have had a chest freezer for years, and I love it. It came with a 4-basket system. It’s not always as organized as I’d like, and things do end up in a heap on the bottom sometimes, but we use it for everything from meat to frozen fruit (for smoothies!) and veggies to bread to butter to homemade cookies, stews, soups, sauces, etc. There’s not much you can’t freeze. One tip: If you put bread in it, leave the bread in its original bag and put an additional ziploc freezer bag over it to keep it fresh. One warning: As another follower stated, chest freezers do build up ice. If you keep an eye on it and regularly slide your baskets back and forth, they should remain “unstuck.” But when ice builds up, you don’t have to take everything out and defrost. I use a putty knife and a rubber mallet to loosen the ice, take the chunks out, put them in a bucket, and dump them in the kitchen sink to melt. However, there can be advantages to some ice build-up. During Hurricane Ian recently, our iced-up chest freezer (to which we had added bags of ice and gallon jugs filled with water that froze before the storm) saved our food while the power was out for two days. It turned out to be a blessing that I had not de-iced before hurricane season!

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