Tips On Using a Sweater Shaver & How I Almost Ruined My L.L. Bean Boots

Welcome to the 575th Metamorphosis Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope you had an awesome weekend! Before I get into my Met Monday post, I wanted to share a few thoughts I had this weekend about the sweater shaver I just purchased a few days ago. I know several of you have shared stories from the past where you used an electric shaver/pill-fuzz remover and ended up having the device cut your sweater.

I used to have a very inexpensive, tiny shaver many years ago and though it never cut a sweater, it worked rather poorly. The one that I purchased recently (shown below on the right) is a gazillion times better. (You’ll find it available here: Sweater Shaver.)

Sweater Shaver for Removing Fuzz and Pills


So here’s my recommendation if you decided to buy this sweater shaver or any electric/battery operated shaver

1. Buy a quality shaver…spend a few $ to make sure you’re getting a good one.

2. Don’t use the shaver on really lightweight, fragile sweaters. I doubt I’ll use the shaver on any of really lightweight cashmere sweaters since they are so delicate/light. I’ll just use my sweater combs for those. These are the combs I use for my more delicate cashmere sweaters. They are also great to take along while traveling. You’ll find them available here: Sweater Combs.

Sweater Combs

3. Important: Look over your sweater before using the shaver to see if you have any snags/threads sticking out. If you do, the shaver could suck those in and cut them. If you find you do have some threads sticking out, use a little snag repair tool to pull those back to the underside of the sweater before using your shaver.

This is the one I use whenever I get a pull. You’ll find it available here: Snag Repair Tool.)


4. Also, Important: Spread your sweater out on a flat surface like a table or counter when using your sweater shaver. Don’t ever use the shaver on your sweater while you’re wearing it or while it’s on a soft surface like a bed. The instructions that came with my shaver emphasize using it on a flat, firm surface and not using it on a sweater you are currently wearing.

So far I’ve used my shaver on three sweaters and all has gone well. I think if you follow these basic rules, you’ll be fine and won’t damage your sweaters.

5. One last tip: There’s no need to press down hard, just normal pressure as you move the shaver over the top of your sweater works great.

Just wanted to pass these tips along in case you have or buy one of the battery-operated/electric sweater shavers like the one I just purchased recently.

Best Way to Remove Pills and Fuzz from Sweaters


Metamorphosis Monday

Okay, now to the real purpose of today’s post. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve shared these L.L. Bean boots many times here on the blog. I have several pairs of duck boots and love them all, but these are hands-down my favorites. They are so easy to slip on and are very warm. Plus, they go with every outfit I own which is super convenient! (Boots are available here: Shearling-Lined Duck Boots.)


I wore them on a rainy day recently to run errands. When I got back home, before changing I made myself a snack of pecan and jelly crackers. I know that sounds weird. I love peanut butter but whenever I eat it, I feel yucky afterward and my breathing can get a bit raspy, so I substitute pecans, instead.

Anyway, a few days later I pulled out my boots to wear them again and I was horrified to find a big ole blop of jelly on my right boot. I’m always saying how comfortable these boots are, so comfortable that I sometimes forget to take them off when I get home. This is what I get for not changing out of my boots as soon as I got back home. ๐Ÿ™

How to Clean a Stain from Leather Boots


I freaked out when I saw the jelly on the boots and immediately wiped it off before taking these photos, but you can see the ugly stain it left behind. It had even dripped down a bit so it stained the boot in two places. Arggg!

Cleaning Stains from Leather Boots


After getting the jelly off, I used these Weiman Leather Wipes that I’ve raved about so many times here on the blog to clean the spots where the jelly had landed.

Best Leather Cleaner for Handbags


Here’s how my boot looked the next day.

Best Way to Clean Food Stain off Leather Boots


I don’t know how the wipes work, but they’ve never let me down. I love them!

Best Product to Clean Stain on Leather Boots


I just realized I need to go back and clean the smaller spot at the bottom, I don’t think I ever used the leather wipes on that spot, I was so focused on the bigger spot above. Anyway, I’m very pleased with how well it cleaned the jelly spot off, and from now on I will take off my boots before I eat anything! lol

Leather Boots, Best Product for Cleaning


I just purchased two more containers of these wipes recently. I was down to my last container and didn’t want to run out. I use these to wipe off all my leather boots and bags periodically to keep them looking brand new. Not only does it clean leather, but it also conditions it. Definitely recommend these if you need an easy, convenient way to clean your boots or leather bags.

Saying that, I recommend testing any product on a small, inconspicuous spot the first time you use it, just to make sure you don’t have any issues. These aren’t designed for patent leather and some leather isn’t meant to be cleaned, so just read the directions first before using them.

And don’t eat jelly anything while wearing nice clothes or boots!ย  lol

You’ll find these wipes here: Leather Wipes for Cleaning and Conditioning.

Best Leather Cleaner for Handbags



Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. This is great Susan – I can’t wait to try it out! And thanks for the extra sweater shaver tips. Thanks as always for all you do to keep this fun party happening – I look for it every week! Happy Monday!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! I need this.

  3. Susan, you’re amazing. You have tips for everything. (Okay, I finally wore the most beautiful bathrobe I’ve ever owned (Costco) and stupidly drank red wine and dropped a small amount on my robe. I ran upstairs, took it off, and soaked it in cold water. Nobody would know it’s there. But I do!! Do you have a suggestion for red wine on a white robe?

    A million thank yous.

    Wendy in Suwanee

    • Ummm, I know some folks swear by Oxyclean. You may try soaking it in that for a bit. Some folks even soak antique linens a solution of Oxyclean to bring them back to being white again. There are quite a few all-fabric bleaches out there, as well. I bet The Laundress makes something for whites.
      Yup, I just looked and they do. Here’s what they recommend for whites: .
      And here’s their “stain solution.” .
      If you end up trying either of those products, would you let me know how you like them? I’ve purchased quite a few of their laundry washes and have loved the ones I’ve used so far.

  4. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share my tips for styling a bookshelf. Hope you have a great week!

  5. Hi Susan, Thank you for the sweater shaving tips and I’m really glad to know about the leather cleaning wipes! We have a leather chair that I need to try those out on. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for hosting the party every week; I hope you have a good day!



  6. Thanks for the tips on sweaters. Susan, how do you hang up your sweaters? I’ve tried hanging on padded racks, but then the sweaters stick out at the shoulders. I’ve tried laying across a rack, but they get wrinkled. Do you have suggestions? Thanks so much.

    • Thanks, Nancy! My pullover sweaters are all folded and stacked on a shelf in my closet. The only ones I hang are a few cardigans and I hang those on special sweater hangers I purchased a while back. I think I shared those in a previous post…let me see if I can find that post.
      Okay, found it…here’s the post:
      I’ve been quite happy with how those work for my cardigans. I would hang really heavy sweaters on them, though. I find those are best just folded.
      My sweater collection has about doubled since that last post. I need more shelves! lol

      • Thank you for your help, Susan. I didn’t remember that post about the hangers. I do read your blogs every week. I will be checking out these hangers and look for room in my closet to stack some folded sweaters.

  7. Susan, I just ordered the leather cleaner. Thank you again for sleuthing the great products that you find and recommend to us.

  8. Brenda Lawrence says

    Those are great tips on the sweater shaver Susan. Especially the one about making sure you are on a flat surface when shaving. I’m so glad you were able to get the stain off your boot! Never fails, I also drip jelly on something when eating it, so I’ve learned not to eat it when I’m wearing good clothing. lol These leather wipes are good, I used to get them down at my grocery store for my leather furniture. Don’t have that furniture anymore, so haven’t gotten anymore of the wipes. But will definitely if I get anything leather again. Hugs, Brenda

    • I haven’t tried them on furniture but if they work anywhere near as well as do on boots and handbags, I bet they do a great job. I only have one leather chair. I should probably use these on it to help condition it.

  9. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  10. The funny thing, Susan, is that I noticed the small spot at the bottom right away and thought “oh she’s missed a spot”. Then you mentioned it. Those leather wipes did a marvelous job of cleaning those spots off and I plan to buy them since I have a brown leather reclining chair that belongs to hubby! Men don’t seem to be as careful as women. lol

    • lol I was so busy concentrating on the big spot, I forgot about the little one. As soon as the post went up, I pull that boot back out and worked on the little spot. I’ll have to take another photo and add it to the post showing how it looks now.
      I hope they work for your leather chair!

  11. Great tips!! Thanks! I’m going to try those leather wipes on a leather sofa that’s stained on one end by boy sweat/body oil. Might not work, but at least it’s worth a try!

    • I hope it works, Rhonda! If these are not wet enough or don’t have enough of the cleaning/conditioning stuff on them, you may want to buy this set instead:

      These leather wipes are pretty wet but I think they may work better for smaller jobs, like cleaning shoes or a handbag. So you may want to get the Weiman Leather Cleaner/Conditioner in the spray bottle if it’s a pretty large area you’re cleaning. I would love to know how it works for you!

      • Thanks for the additional advice, Susan. This boy is a couch potato and his “spot” is definitely darker than the rest of the sofa–Pottery Barn and only a couple of years old. Not a happy mama!! I may have some of the wipes in my stash, and now that I think about it, I may even have the leather cleaner/conditioner. I’ll let you know the results.

  12. Robin Lambert says

    Susan, you said โ€œI love peanut butter but whenever I eat it, I feel yucky afterward and my breathing can get a bit raspy, so I substitute pecans, instead.โ€ Nurse talking here, you may very well have a peanut allergy that could be life-threatening. Respiratory symptoms are especially dangerous; responses get worse over time. The next time youโ€™re exposed to peanuts, you could have anaphylactic shock, and need immediate treatment to prevent death. Please report your symptoms to your doctor and follow her advice for prevention and treatment.

    • Thanks, Robin. I wondered about that. Normally what happens is if I break down and buy a jar of peanut butter (because I do love it) I’m usually okay after eating one peanut butter sandwich. But if it eat a peanut butter sandwich 2-3 days in a row for lunch, that’s when I start to noticing a tiny bit of wheezing/raspiness.
      Unfortunately, as I get older, I keep becoming “sensitive” to more and more stuff. I used to could eat anything, now I avoid certain spices. So annoying!
      Thanks for that warning, I will talk to my doctor about it.

  13. Thank you for hosting each week.

  14. You may find over time that that area continues to change, showing slightly darker. Leather changes color anyway, darker or lighter, with age. Most of us outdoor girls just oil the leather or with another product because we never look go-to-town clean. ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s a leather cleaning soap called Leather Therapy that is liquid, leaves no foam residue when dried, and doesn’t darken much. If you get to the point where you need to do something more than the wipes, try the product. Comes in a nice squirt bottle. Test on something first, let sit a day or so and decide what you think. Julie W.

  15. I absolutely love the leather wipes and I also bought the spray which is perfect for doing larger items like the leather loveseats in our family room… We’ve had them for a few years and the spray made them look like new! Another great recommendation, thanks Susan!

  16. Connie Williamson Chandler says

    Thank you for telling us about the sweater shaver. I got mine yesterday. I charged it and used it on 4 sweaters I had that was headed to a thrift shop. They look brand new! I have bought several things you have recommended and have not been disappointed in any of them. Thank you!

  17. I’ve heard of “jelly on my belly and I like it fine!!” Not so much on leather boots…glad the wipes worked! franki

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