Superga Sneakers, A Favorite of Kate Middleton

I’m declaring this the summer of the sneaker! lol I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I’m on a sneaker tear. I think I could live the rest of my life wearing only Sperry Topsiders and Superba Sneakers!

Recently, after reading the book, Classic Style, I added a pair of Stan Smith sneakers to my shoe wardrobe.


You can read more about these legendary sneakers in this previous post: Going Classic.

I had been eyeing some really cute striped Superga sneakers for a while. When I learned that Superga is the sneaker Kate Middleton wears, I decided to give them a try.


I normally just show a stock photo when I share shoes, but for this post I thought I’d share some photos of the shoes actually being worn. I started out trying to take photos in this little, antique, dresser mirror that I placed on the floor in my upstairs living room. Umm, not very exciting, huh? I nixed that idea and decided to share them in a more fun way, after all sneakers are a casual, fun shoe.


As I share the Superga sneakers I recently added to my summer wardrobe, you’ll catch a glimpse of a new tray I just added to the “trunk” coffee table in my upstairs living room. I took all the photos for this post in that room this morning since the natural lighting is so nice in there for photos. Regarding the tray, I’ll share more about it toward the end of this post in case you’re interested.

I started out with plans to purchase two pairs of Superga Sneakers, including the white pair Kate was wearing in the earlier photo. White goes with everything, so it’s always a smart option.


So many things I love about these shoes! I love the material/fabric used to make Superba shoes. I don’t know if it’s a canvas type fabric or maybe a heavy cotton, but whatever it is, it has a great texture and appearance. It looks so much more durable than your typical sneaker fabric, but mostly I just love the texture of the material.

Also, if you have bunions, this shoe may be a great option. They are nice and wide! Here I have them paired with denim jeggings from Talbots.


Here’s how they look with white, denim jeans.


Cute! You’ll find these available here: White Superga Sneakers. This evening I discovered they are currently on sale here: White Superga Sneakers on sale.


I saw these last year and really wanted a pair, but I passed them by. I was so glad they brought them back again for this summer! I’ve paired them with my white denim jeans, but they would look great with blue denim, as well. They would also look super cute with shorts or a white summer skirt. You’ll find them available here: Superga Striped Sneakers.



When my sneakers were first delivered, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to stay with my regular size, which is a 7, or go down a half-size, so I drove over to the Talbots near my home and tried them on.

I found without a sock, a 6.5 was probably fine, but if I tried them on with socks, the 7’s were a better fit. I prefer to wear my sneakers with “no-show” socks, so I stayed with my true size, a size 7. (Update: These are the two types of No-Show Socks I’m currently wearing with my sneakers and I like them both: No-Show Socks and No-Show Socks.)

While there, I spotted these adorable Superba sneakers in navy and white gingham. I had noticed them several times while shopping before, but had been trying to resist. lol They only had one pair left in my size. I tried them on and once I saw them in the mirror, that was it. They had to come home with me! You’ll find these in both blue/white gingham and red/white gingham here: Gingham Superba Sneakers. They are also available on sale in limited sizes here: Gingham Superba on Sale.




Do you own any Superga Sneakers and do you enjoy them?

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  1. I am gaga over your new sneaks, Susan! They are soooooo cute. And truth be told, I’m also a bit envious of your feet. Wish I could trade mine in on a different model. I’m only 5’5″ tall but I wear a size 9 shoe…..with an AAA width. Yes, the curse of the loooong, skinny, worthless feet! HA!!!

    Question for you. You mentioned no show socks. Do you have a brand you recommend? I’ve been sporting the dorky bobby sock look for far too long. Maybe I should give the no shows a try.


  2. I love alllll of those sneakers and especially love how they look with your white denim which I wear year round. I could have told you how good that orange would look with all your blue since I’m a big Auburn fan (LOL)….War Eagle!

  3. How are the Superga sneakers for arch support? I usually wear Merrell sneakers but they aren’t always very attractive. Have you spent any length of time walking in your Superga sneakers? I know that everyone’s feet have different needs but wanted to hear about your experience!

    • I’ve only worn the white pair out so far and they were great! There was no breaking them in, they were super comfortable right from the start. The other pairs are made the same way and are super comfortable when I walk in them inside, so I think they will be great the first time I wear them, as well.
      I think they have good arch support because I can actually feel it pressing into my arch when I walk in them…so it’s definitely there. I just tried on one of my Merrill sneakers on one foot and the Superba on the other. They have a different feel, the Merrill’s probably have more arch support but they are a lot more narrow, almost too narrow for my foot.

  4. Love the superga sneakers, I bought 2 pairs this spring but they just flopped around on my feet. I wondered if they were sized wrong, but surely not both pairs…and I think my feet are slightly wide-ish…anyway. they look so cute on you and wish I could wear them πŸ™

    • You may have needed to size down a half-size. I noticed online a lot of people recommend that. At first I thought the 7’s were too big until I realized I didn’t have the laces tightened up all the way down. Once I tightened up the laces, they fit much better. I like my shoes to be a bit roomy, hate having my toes cramped, so I’m loving these. Jillian, next time you’re in a store that sells them, try a half size smaller and make sure the laces are snug all the way down the length of where they lace up. See if that helps.

  5. It would be hard to pick just one pair, so I can see how 3 prs got adopted πŸ™‚ I, too, want to hear about arch support; it’s always an issue for me.

    • Shoes and bags, definitely a weakness! πŸ˜‰ They do feel like they have arch support, but I’m not sure how it compares to other type shoes. But I can definitely feel it, so there’s some built into the shoe.

  6. Cute sneakers, and I love the Hermes-inspired tray. Patti P of the traveling tote tribe does the MacKenzie-Childs inspired painting, and I’ve commissioned several things with her. Hey, we love what we love, right? I love catching up on reading on weekends too. I feel like I’m catching up on life again. What a relief.

  7. I’m so tempted to order the stripe or checks, but have so many similar Tom’s that I don’t really need them. πŸ˜‰
    I’m in love with the tray! I think I will order one, but can’t decide between the Hermes or the Veuve Clicquot. I have an old pine chest that we use as a coffee table, and I can see one of these on that piece, or a foot stool or ottoman. I have several square trays, so don’t need another, but…… πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy the weekend.

    • Sarah, she makes them in rectangular and round sizes, too. She also has a bar tray…the kind that’s big enough to sit atop one of those folding bases. I think she all sizes and shapes. I was really tempted by the larger ones, but finally decided on a square one. I love the high-lacquer finish that that she puts on it. I wouldn’t mind a Tiffany one, would be cute in a bathroom holding perfume. πŸ™‚

    • I think this is my first square tray and I like how it works on a rectangular coffee table.

  8. Lisa Polinsky says

    Greetings Susan!
    Love your fashion posts, more please!. Ordered the stripe tday no Talbots for me closer than 50 miles. Would you please post all the fashion people you follow again, and where you find the best deals for Hermes? You always look so chic! Thank you!

    • Thanks, Lisa! You are so sweet to say that! Unfortunately, the only place I know to get deals on Hermes is if you’re flying through an airport outside the U.S. that has an Hermes boutique, you can save quite a bit in those. I hadn’t realized how much until I was flying home from Morocco and had a stop in the Charles de Gaulle airport. I hadn’t even noticed that there was an Hermes there until that trip. I saved around $130-$140 on a Clic H bracelet by buying it there. So anytime you’re in that airport, check out that Hermes. Actually, anytime you’re outside the U.S. check out the Hermes stores because I think the prices are better in Europe for Hermes.
      Of course, you can sometimes find a good deal on eBay but the problem is there are so many fakes on there. Plus, you don’t save very much at all by buying there because there is such a demand for Hermes products, they command a good amount on eBay. I’ve even seen things sell on eBay for a lot more than they do in the Hermes store! So I don’t really recommend eBay for buying Hermes.

      I don’t follow any fashion blogs online, but I do watch a few YouTubers whenever I’m sorting through and editing my photos for a post. The fashion youtubers I enjoy are Justine Leconte Officiel, Elle Florence, Rachiella (although she rarely posts) Lydia Elise Millen and Just Jennifer. Jennifer does a mix of things, not just fashion/jewelry. You can “search” for any of those ladies on Youtube and they should pop up. When you’re on Youtube watching a video, they will often suggest similar YouTubers to follow, so they will recommend others.

  9. Becky O'Brien says

    I just got my Superga’s – they are Navy with Cherries all over them. Too cute.
    I got a size 7.5 and sent them back for an 8. Odd, I think they run true, but I knew 7.5 would be tight with a sock.

    • Those are sooo cute, Becky! I love those!
      Yeah, I love wearing socks with my shoes, even during the summer, unless they are sandals. So good idea to allow space for that. I wear really thick socks in the winter so always have to size up for my winter shoes/boots.

  10. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, I love your new sneaks, especially the striped ones. You said they run wide–I wear a regular width–would they be too wide for me? I really appreciate that you always go all out explaining details of products rather than just listing the products–really helps. The tray does add the “pop”–love it! Hugs!

    • Thanks, Bobbi! I’m so glad that helps! When I find something I love, I get so excited about it! πŸ™‚ I wear a regular B width, too…and these don’t feel too wide, but they are nice and roomy in the width, which I love. It gives plenty of space to wear a no-show sock. And there’s no “breaking-in” period.

  11. Linda P. says

    Hi Susan – Your blog is my favorite. I also love that you post details about your favorite things and purchases. I find them so interesting and helpful.
    Thanks again!

    • Thanks, Linda! I’m so glad to hear that. It’s so much fun to share what I’m enjoying and loving and it’s makes me happy to know you find it helpful, too! πŸ™‚

  12. I love, love, love my Superga sneakers. I got the first pair two years ago before a trip to Europe, where I wore them as a change from my regular walking shoes. Then started wearing them everywhere, with jeans, even casual dresses if I’m going to be on my feet, shopping, etc. Bought a second pair this year in navy but loving your gingham ones.

    • Janet, I was just thinking about that today. I saw a picture online of a model wearing them with a casual dress and it was really cute! I wear skirts almost all summer long because they are so cool. I think I’ll start wearing my Superba sneakers with those on occasion, instead of always wearing my sandals.
      I would love to add a pair of navy to my collection, too. Navy is such a classic color, goes with so much! You’ve inspired me to do that sometime soon!

  13. Marlene Stephenson says

    I have got the sneaker bug too,got the white, now i want more.Lol!!!

    • lol I’m so glad I’m not alone in my obsession with these sneakers! πŸ™‚ I found some on Amazon last night that were pink with daisies! I totally would have bought them if they had been in my size.
      You can see them here:
      I wonder if I could get away with a 7 1/2, afraid they would be too big. Sooo cute!

  14. Kay from Kansas says

    Susan, Your recommendations are great! I had to go to Talbots yesterday to try on the Superba sneakers, of course, appreciated your link to the Nordstrom sale on white! Got those & can’t wait for them to come in the mail! Showed my daughter last night and now she’s anxious to try them, too!

    • Kay, I’m so glad you got it yesterday because I just noticed this morning, it’s no longer on sale at Nordstrom. I love mine and keep looking for excuses to wear them. I wore the gingham ones to go grocery shopping last night. You know you like a shoe when you wear it something as mundane as that! πŸ™‚

  15. Jill from Southern NH says

    Cute! I’ve been eyeing Superga sneakers for a while now too. Last year they did a collection for Target, but by the time I found about it they were gone. I went to buy a full-price pair during a Talbots sitewide percent-off day once, but they weren’t discount eligible, so I love the deal with free shipping you shared from Nordstrom. Do you spray yours with ScotchGuard, or another fabric protector to keep them clean? Thanks for the info on size (these kind of shoes can give me blisters if they’re the tiniest bit too big or small) and, for posting the gingham pic – they look more grey on the other sites, so I was happy to see they are β€˜true blue’ in your morning room picture.

  16. I was thrilled to see your post that these sneakers are good for bunions! On my left foot, I have a bunion under my big toe and under my baby toe! So I hope these work! I was wearing Saucony but realized they aggravate my arthritic knee because the sole is too thick and the heel as well. Gee… it stinks getting older lol! Anyway, I am looking forward to receiving these. Have a great day!

  17. Never have had much success in the purchasing of sneakers so have given up wearing them but I just may try a pair of Superbas. Hate to think of the money I’ve spent and ended up giving them away namely because they always seem to dig into my ankle bone and I am not flat-footed … . To conclude; what I would love to see is one of the Manufactures design them with an open-toe as surely it isn’t impossible for them to do or is it because they would no longer be classified as a sneaker but in that case they could always call them ‘tweakers’ … ha. In closing, thank you Susan for the tip as I will definitely try a pair. -Brenda-

  18. Juanita in OH says

    These sneakers are adorable, especially in your size! Even though I have giant’s feet I just might get a pair. I LOVE your Hermes tray and the color is perfect, it also matches the bill of the duck next to it. Use it in great health. TFS

  19. Really cute ones. Thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰

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