Buffalo Curtains for the Library and Kitchen

Recently I shared a little update to my home office…yellow buffalo check curtains. (You’ll find that post here: Buffalo Curtains for the Office) I’m really enjoying them. They have me craving new curtains/drapes for my family room and bedroom.

After I shared the curtains in my office, I received an email from Marlene.  She had read my post about how much I love the look of the buffalo check fabric and was nice enough to share some pics of her buffalo check curtains.

Buffalo Check Curtains for the Library
I fell in love with her traditional decor and couldn’t wait to share her beautiful library and kitchen here on BNOTP.

 I noticed Marlene changes out her floral arrangement for the holidays and seasons. This pic was taken around Christmastime.  Cute doggie!

Red Buffalo Curtains


Marlene’s sweet doggy reminds me of a book I just purchased at A Classy Flea today. I had been eyeing it forever online and was excited to find it locally. It’s called, Living with Dogs.  In addition to beautiful dogs, it’s filled with gorgeous traditional interiors. Can’t wait to pour through it this weekend.

Another wonderful floral arrangement… 

Buffalo Curtains for the Library


The red buffalo curtains are really beautiful with Marlene’s Christmas decor.  Love the black leather wingback chair.

Buffalo Check Curtains for the Library

Beautiful library…great doggie lamp.

Buffalo Check Curtains for the Library

Marlene also has buffalo check curtains in her kitchen.  Let’s go inside for a better look.

Buffalo Check Curtains for the Kitchen


Love a blue and white kitchen.

Blue and White Kitchen

Noticed the blue and white transferware…pretty!  Marlene, thanks so much for showing us how you’ve used buffalo check curtains in your home. We loved the tour!

Buffalo Check Curtains for the Kitchen


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Okay, I’m off to drool my way through Living with Dogs.   Should have known I’d never last to the weekend. 😉

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  1. Susan I just love your blog and all the pics are just eye candy for all us readers. Thanks for sharing your passion so well.


  2. I got so carried away with your pics I forgot to mention I too have the buffalo checks in black in my kitchen.


  3. Love when people submit their pictures to show that they were inspired….thanks!

  4. Hello, Susan!
    Since I have been on vacation with my husband for a couple of days I have sooo missed your posts!
    Now I’m just trying to catch up on them this week and all is well! LOL
    Susan, we have been at the North Sea which we love so much! I can tell you there are so many wonderful and romantic places to enjoy quality time that I always think I’m in Heaven when I’m there!LOL Even though we had not so sunny weather, hubby and I loved to sit on the beach in a traditional, typical “STRANDKORB” (literally “Beach basket”) that actually is a roofed wicker beach chair. They are very cute and give comfort and protection from the sun or wind, rain, etc. We love STRANDKÖRBE (plural form) and the best of them is, they are available in many colors and normally they are upholstered in stripe or buffalo check fabric! I wish you could see them! I’m sure you would love them, too! I love them so much, especially those in buffalo check fabric! (Please, check the pictures on English/American Wikipedia. You will certainly fall in love with them! LOL) That’s one reason why I LOVE Marlene’s home! Thank you for sharing! BTW: Susan, my friend, congratulations on your 200th Tablescape Thursday! I’m sure, Tuesday, August 25, 2008 is a calendar date, “written in Heaven”! Simply heavenly!
    Hugs to you!

  5. In australia we call it whale check I have some in my bedroom http://farmgirl67.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/spring-cleaning.html

  6. Love the Buffalo Check curtains! I have the smaller check valances from Country Curtains in tan/white and another set in burgundy/white. They are great – machine washable too! I switch them out in the spring and fall. However, I’m been thinking of bringing more red in my kitchen and family room lately. I like the larger check on the Buffalo check and I think they are washable too. I just might order two more sets – one in red and the other in yellow and maybe a kitchen valance in a third color of blue. Boy, could I have fun changing the colors and now after seeing the colors on your post I see I can use different colors in each room (open to each other) and now I know it will look great. Thanks for sharing the photos with us! You are a sweetie!

    • Sandy, I do love how Marlene used different colors in different rooms…they look great! Love the red ones. Check Country Curtains…that’s the least expensive place I have found them and they will even line them for you.

  7. Susan, thanks for sharing these photos of Marlene’s home. Beautiful! I love buffalo checks and recently purchased a red and white buffalo check table cloth. 😉 I figure it will be fun for numerous occasions from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to any of the Patriotic holidays, or just a picnic.

  8. I love using red in decorating and have a lot of it in our main house. Love these drapes! I have red and taupe checked drapes in the bonus room that our (college) kids use. If we ever move, I think I’ll take them with me – I love them so much. Loved the pictures!

    • Kathy, I left mine really long so I could take them with me. I am thinking about going ahead and hemming them and just hopping they will fit wherever I might want to use them again one day. I just have one set so may not work in the next house anyway. What is it about checks or plaids that we love so much?! Do you ever read the blog Tartanscot. I haven’t visited it in ages…but love the rooms he posts.

  9. I love buffalo checks in just about any color. I think your yellow drapes in your office are so perfect in your space. I really like the red checks as well. I haven’t figured out how I could incorporate them into my decor, but I’m still thinking about it!

  10. Hi Susan,
    I like your yellow check curtains. I find checks always look fresh and make me think of summer .
    Have a good week Barb from Australia

  11. Mary from Virginia says

    What a beautiful home! LOVE the curtains! Marlene places everything in her home so well. I really enjoyed her seeing her home. She needs to send in more pictures!

  12. Janette@The2Seasons says

    I love anything checked. Two thumbs up!!!

  13. Love all things buffalo check!!…I have chosen a great buffalo check fabric for dining room valances and possible new cushions for the sunroom….such a classic pattern that goes great in any decor…Now I just have to do it!!…Love Marlene’s beautiful traditional home….and such a cute dog!!!….Have a great week Susan!!

  14. Susan, I am a BIG fan of buffalo checks! They are not only traditional but almost universal in design. Marlene has a gorgeous home and is so generous to share it with us!
    I am looking for gold/white checks for my bedroom.
    So fun to see how others decorate using the same pattern!

  15. Always have been nuts for checks, gingham and buffalo checks. Great window inspiration!

  16. Love the check…just added a yellow and cream to my kiitchen and adore it. Its so timeless and casual and pretty.

  17. Thanks for showing more of Marlene’s home. Love that red and blue combination!

  18. I just LOVE Marlene’s home. How do I subscribe to her blog by email? I would love to see more of her home. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!! Sandy B

  19. Love your style, thanks for sharing. Would love to have your sunny happy office with the buffalo curtains. You spurred me to purchase Living With Dogs from Amazon. A while back this book was only available for an outrageous amount but luckily the price was a song.

    • Good going! I have to reallllly want a book to buy it when it first comes out…prefer to wait a year or two and save bunches. 🙂

    • Wow, Bobbie…I just looked at the pricing on Amazon for a new copy of Living with Dogs and was horrified! I only paid $10 at A Classy Flea and my book appears to be brand new. I would definitely go with a used book in good condition if I were buying it on Amazon. Glad you found one at a great price. New ones must be hard to find now as much as they are going for on Amazon.

  20. Love the curtains and pics.. but also loved the picture with the Westie. I have a Westie.. They are the best DOGS.. my husband was 100% against me getting a “house” dog. I’m thinking he is more in love with our Westie than I am. He feel in love within 24 hours of Finley being in our home!

  21. Love the curtains and Miss Marlene’s house! I adore the Westie pic b/c I have a Westie too -aren’t we crazy about our fur babies 🙂 Jennifer

  22. Cyndee Jones says

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for posting the beautiful photos from Marlene! I absolutely love decorating with RED, and seeing what she has done using red Buffalo Check fabric for her curtains has made my head spin with ideas!

    Your blog is enjoyed more and more with each post you send. Keep up the good work and enjoy your summer! Stay cool.

  23. Ooooh! Buffalo check. I use a lot during Christmas in the black and white check, now I’m wondering why I remove it after the holidays??? Let’s us know what you think about the book “Living with Dogs.”

  24. Dear Susan, May you have a great Summer! I hadn’t heard these be called Buffalo Curtains….think that’s a neat name since I live close by a Buffalo Ranch in Kansas. They are a nice looking window treatment.

    Also love the white kitchen with blue/white window treatment. Think it looks crisp and clean and I need that look for my own kitchen when it gets an overhaul anyday nowwwwww. Please pray it be sooooon. Lord knows I need my Kitchen!

    I always enjoy stopping by your place and seeing what you are up to in blogland.
    God bless,

  25. What a pretty home. My kitchen also gets seasonal updates with toile valences. Red on white for November through January, green on white for March through May and the traditional black on white for the rest of the year.

  26. Hi Susan, thanks for sharing the photos of Marlene’s home- beautiful curtains. I love her traditional decor; it never goes out of style!

  27. Hi Susan, I’m so glad drapes have come back, big time! For a while everyone just had blinds or shutters. The softness and texture of beautiful draperies will change the look of a room so dramatically. I don’t know how realistic it is to move drapes to another home, but as expensive as good ones are, it sure would be nice!
    Cheers!, barbara

  28. Wow, I just got a change to read this post today and just love the buffalo check curtains and the blue transferware. Thanks for sharing this post.

  29. Ohhhh….. Love the buffalo check curtains — both yours in yellow, and Marlene’s as well! I am a sucker for blue and white anything… and dogs! Thank you for the book recommendation!

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