Buffalo Check Curtains for the Office

Welcome to the 174th Metamorphosis Monday!

Greetings!  Hope your weekend was great!  I’m really excited about a change I made recently here in the office.  Did you guess what it was from the hint I left a few days ago?

Not long after I moved into this house twenty+ years ago, I purchased plantation shutters for all the windows.  In hindsight, that was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my home.  If you’re interested in knowing more about plantation shutters and what features are important when shopping for shutters, check out this previous post:  Plantation Shutters.

Home Office Renovation with Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture


I’ve really enjoyed having shutters here in the office, especially during the winter months when the leaves fall from the trees and privacy is more of an issue.   In the evening, I usually just close the lower louvers unless it’s really cold outside.  Then I close them all.

It takes me a long time to finish/decorate a room.  I sometimes wonder if this blog should be called “The Accidental Decorator” because it seems like the rooms in my home evolve through lots of happy little accidents.

Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office Addition


Country Curtains has been carrying pretty buffalo check curtains for years.  I know because I’ve been stalking them for years.  (They are also available in a black/white and a red/white combination.)  I’ve often thought of buying them for either the living room “someday library” or for the dining room.  But since the someday library hasn’t come to fruition yet and I don’t think they are quite right for my red dining room, I’ve just admired them from afar.  Until now.

Buffalo Check Curtains Draperies


My love for this style fabric goes all the way back to the first time I came across this beautiful room designed by Mary Douglas Drysdale.  The draperies are silk taffeta.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Buffalo Check Silk Draperies by Mary Douglas Drysdale


It took my curtains almost a full month to arrive since I asked Country Curtains to line them.  They will also make them to a specific length, but it costs a fair amount more per their representative.

Buffalo Check Curtains Draperies


I purchased a curtain rod that would blend right into the office walls.  I wanted it to just basically disappear.   I found a beige/cream Martha Stewart rod at Home Depot.  It’s the color of the finials in this picture.


I installed all the brackets up nice and high because hanging curtains higher than the window tends to pull the eye upward, sometimes making the windows and room feel a bit bigger.   I pre-drilled the holes and used the little plastic wall anchors that came with the rod.  The curtain rod was supposed to stretch to 84 inches in length.  I pulled it out a tad further, stretching it to 86 inches.


So here’s how they look “installed” in the office.  The buffalo check draperies come in 4 lengths at Country Curtains: 63″, 84″, 96″ and 108″.  I wanted the curtains to reach the floor so that nixed the 63″ size.  108″ would have been way too tall.  So my choices were 84″ or 96″.  If I had gone with 84 inches, they would have started just barely there above the window molding.  Since I wanted to hang them higher than that, I went with the 96″ length.  I knew that would be a bit too long for my 8 ft. ceilings, but I figured the extra length would be hidden behind the desk and could just puddle on the floor.  Also, I thought the extra length might come in handy if I ever move and have higher ceilings.  Just thinking ahead…

Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office Addition


As mentioned, Country Curtains will also line your draperies.  They use a nice heavy cotton fabric for that.  The additional cost depends on the size curtain you purchase.  It ran around $30 per panel for the 96″ curtain.  I like the way curtains hang when they are lined, they just feel and look more substantial. I felt like it was worth it to pay a bit more and have them lined.

Two cautions about having them lined:  1. If you don’t like them, you can’t return them   2.  It takes almost a full month to get them.  Those concerns didn’t deter me.  It was worth the wait to me to have them custom lined and I figured if I didn’t like the way they looked here in the office, I’d just buy one more pair and use them in my “someday library.”

Buffalo Check Curtains Draperies


I have to tell you, though…I absolutely love these curtains.  The fabric is so nice.  They are 82% cotton and 18% acrylic, and they feel and look like a nice heavy linen/cotton.  Having them lined definitely gave them a “custom drapery” feel.  My cost before shipping was a little over $200.00.  I can’t remember what shipping was now (couldn’t find my receipt this evening) but it wasn’t that much.  I remember it was reasonable.

The colors in the fabric are a gold/yellow, a soft wheat color and a soft white.  It works well with the wall color, Duron, Sugar Cookie.

Buffalo Check Curtains Draperies


The curtains also tie in nicely with the gold color in my fave Ballard Designs bee pillow (outlet bargain) and the dress form on the other side of the room.   I just realized I can see the curtains in the mirror.  Like that!  Update:  The mirror was recently changed to one that’s a better fit for the chest.  You’ll find the new mirror in this post:  A New Mirror for the Office.

Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office Addition


Max has all but abandoned sleeping on the top of the desk since I added this ottoman to the office.  He loves HIS ottoman!  I had to de-fur it before I took pics for this post. lol  It’s usually covered in kitty fur.


For comparison, here’s a view of the pillow against the curtains.  I love how the sweet Santos looks against the backdrop of the curtains.

Ballard Designs Napolean Bee Pillow


The colors in the cushion of the desk chair sort of pull all the colors in the room together.

Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office Addition


This photo most accurately shows the colors in the curtains and the wall color since the camera wasn’t pointed directly into the bright light coming in through the windows.

Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office with IKEA Billy Bookshelves


The only thing this room needs now is a new lamp or two.  I have all brass lamps in here because that’s what I just happen to already have when the room was being “assembled.”  Though I do like brass lamps (I know I’m a minority) I’d like a little more variety in here.  I’ve been looking whenever I’m out shopping. I can find bases I like, but I never like the shades.  So this “accidental decorator” will continue to be on the look out.

I will probably replace the picture hanging above the file organizer with a slightly smaller one, but I do kind of like how the frame looks with the new curtains.

Buffalo Check Curtains Draperies


So that’s it for my metamorphosis this week.  Can’t wait to see all the great Before and Afters linked up for this Metamorphosis Monday!

Pssst:  If you are new to reading BNOTP, you’ll find the full metamorphosis of this office from child’s bedroom to office/craft/sewing room in this post:  Pottery Barn Bedford Office Addition

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  1. Pretty!

  2. Lorraine says

    Love the new drapes! The really add to the room! Looking forward to browsing through these wonderful entries!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  3. Love the buffalo check. It is a great classic and of course I am a fan of yellow. However the thing in the room that makes my heart go Pitty Pat is Max. I could be president of his fan club.
    Have a blessed week, Ginger

  4. PS: I didn’t have to fill anything into the info spaces. Thumbs up!

  5. The curtains look beautiful, Susan. I bet they look pretty closed, as well! Thanks so much for hosting the party. I particularly love the blue shutter “privacy” screen in that garden, and the Teacup chandelier. Take care.

  6. Holy cow those curtains are so pretty! I love them. Thanks for hosting!

    Amy {aprons & ambition}

  7. I too have always admired these curtains! Country Curtains have excellent quality curtains and I enjoy perusing their store (yup, we have a local store) on occasion since the sales reps are always very knowledgable and friendly. I almost bought these exact curtains a few times, but they never quite worked with in our home. Oh well. I can enjoy the pics of them in your room-they look fabulous!

    Oh, I like brass too :).

  8. Anonymous says

    Susan, the energy and drive you have spent on transforming your son’s bedroom to a stunning office has truly inspired me! I so enjoyed reading all the posts and imagining you schlepping all that furniture and those books down the stairs. That’s what inspiration does, right? It propels us until the goal is achieved. I never felt the office was quite “finished” … until I saw the picture with those curtains! Now it looks finished.
    Well done! Leslie in Texas

  9. InHisGrip says

    Just the thing for your office! Well done. Your timing is perfect, as I just ordered the buffalo plaid rocker set (in black), and was thinking about adding the drapes in my attic sitting room… Now I know I can order them lined! Thanks for the tip… Also, I have one as well. When you order from Country Curtains, you can almost always google ‘coupon code’ and find a free shipping coupon. I found this out when I ordered my rocker pad set. The ‘free shipping’ sale in the catalog was over, and the nice lady who took my order told me to google and I can almost always find one. Their free shipping only works for phone orders, though, not online, so just phone in your order… It saves me almost $12 shipping… Enjoy those drapes… I now know I was meant to have those black plaid ones, too! Your post is a SIGN that it was meant to be! :0)

  10. Anonymous says

    Dear Susan:

    I love your office and drool everytime I see it.

    Yesterday when you showed those beautiful curtains and
    the nightstand that you had purchased fromPier One
    I decided to go to Pier One this morning.

    They had the nightstand marked 249. it had some scratches and was
    missing some knobs. Since I wanted different knobs and knew that
    the scratches would not bother me since the other office furniture is
    a little scratched. I purchased it. Imagine my suprise when the clerk said
    that will be $83.00 and change. With new knobs at 1.99 each of 9 the
    nightstand cost me about 103.
    Thanks so much for showing me this nightstand yesterday.

    I am enjoying my new printer stand.

    Denise Lamb

  11. So pretty! And you are such an enabler… I really, really need to update the rest of my home; not just the art studio πŸ˜‰ ! Linking up for my very first time! Thank you!

  12. Susan, I love your yellow Country Curtains Buffalo Check curtains! As I type this I am looking at my Country Curtains valances in my family room and kitchen. I have the smaller checked valances in a tan/white up now and a second set in checked cranberry that I put up in the fall. I love my Country Curtains valances because they are washable. I also ordered curtains in the cranberry check in the 63 inch length but didn’t care for them on my windows. Maybe it’s because they weren’t lined – not sure but I don’t think mine were lined? Or maybe a longer length, like yours, would have been better? Thanks for sharing your post. You have great taste!

  13. I like it a lot. Very warm. Doesn’t Max know you bought those stairs especially for him? Though I don’t blame him a bit. The ottoman looks very inviting. Enjoy your lovely space AND your lovely kitty.

  14. Love the yellow curtains! They look so fresh and summery! Also love the bee pillow. And the cat of course! Liz

  15. LOVE your curtains and your office is looking great!
    Thank you for hosting.

  16. I LOVE the curtains! They make the room look so cozy and warm! I am so jealous of your office/craft room. I have a room in the basement that I am trying to fix up but I would really like one like yours! Max looks as handsome as ever! It is funny that those fur babies take over everything! Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing!

  17. I love your new buffalo check curtains, Susan! They are a really cheerful look for your home office. My mom and I have shopped at Country Curtains for years; they always have a nice selection of curtains for every room in the house.

    Thanks for hosting Metamorphosis Monday and have a great week!


  18. Candice has left a new comment on your post “Buffalo Check Curtains for the Office: Welcome to…”:

    Susan, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now and you are such an inspiration for me. I love that you are so detailed in your explanations of how you’ve done something, whether it’s decorating a room, creating a tablescape, buying plants, new computer apps and especially when you take us shopping with you. I look forward to each and every post. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  19. Little Bit says

    The draperies are perfect! I prefer for them to puddle on the floor and always prefer to line them… Besides the fact the light coming through the fabric without lining makes it look cheap, having a lining on them will make the draperies last way longer, protecting it from sun damage.

    Thanks for hosting! Little Bit

  20. Very, very nice!!! I did not know that “Country Curtains” would “line”…that is great. Your room looks terrific!! franki

  21. Anonymous says

    Superlative! No wonder you’re so productive in such beautiful surroundings. Wish I could find you a bee themed throw rug….

  22. I love your entire room for crafts and sewing. The curtains are darling. I really like the way you have the bolts of material on the wall. I wish my craft room resembled your. Looks so enjoyable to work in. Blessings, Jo-Ann

  23. Modern Country Lady says

    I love those big checked fabrics- and the yellow goes so well with the rest of the room.I have just been given some of the same but then red and white checked fabric by a neighbour, so I am looking forward to trying out what I can do with that- I am itching to get going ! Sadly I can only sit in bed and rest right now as I have just been to the doc who diagnosed a damaged cornea- so all I can do is relax and read the paper with one eye!I have included some projects I did in the past which hopefully will inspire people to get going!! Thanks for hosting and have a good week!! XOXO bea

  24. allisamazing says

    Love the curtains! The soft yellow is so pretty. Thanks for hosting.

  25. Julie Jenks says

    Thanks for hosting. Your space is so amazing! Have a great week. πŸ™‚

  26. Sweet Violets says

    The curtains are wonderful!!! How do you open the shutters….do you have to move the desks every time??? Or are they always covering the windows??? I worked for Country Curtains for many a year, they continue to carry quality goods…..

  27. Kristine @ Lovely Again by Kris says

    I love the curtains! Your office is amazing!

  28. Anonymous says

    I have The Signature Style book and instantly feel in love w/that room too. I have given this book as housewarming/wedding gifts because it is so good. Have loved the outsized yellow Gingham for years & had it skirting my kitchen sink cupboards long ago. Laura Ashley carried it then but not long enough! That was the only thing I had a hard time letting go off when we redid the kitchen. I like the Napoleon Bee and have that on pillows also. Have you ever visited Bee Cottage on line? You would love it.

  29. Princess Kate says

    9 years ago that was the first thing we did to our house was having plantation shutters installed. We used Next Day Blinds and I tell you what — that was the greatest investment we ever made. Still absolutely love them 9 years later. I love the new curtains. The room is just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  30. The Aud Author, Audrey says

    Beautiful Susan! It’s amazing how drapes can transform a room. I love the look!

  31. Fabulous choice Susan great price too. The curtains make the room look so cozy. I can see Mr. Max approves too, as long as you don’t ask him to get off the ottoman.
    “Accidental Decorator”..I like that name, but you could also be called the “Eternal Decorator”!! πŸ™‚

  32. Anonymous says

    Love the buffalo print, always have loved gingham of any sort.

    I think you have just solved a decorating problem I’ve been having. My living and dining rooms are still the taupe colour that was so popular a few years ago and I have been struggling like crazy to find a new colour. I think your “Sugar Cookie” walls are the answer. Can’t wait to get to the paint store tomorrow and check it out – I’m soooo excited! (BTW, thanks for giving the formula; what a great idea!).

  33. I laughed at myself while reading your post today. My first thought was, β€œchecked curtains?” Then I thought, β€œhow elegant”. Next I thought, β€œthat cat sure is comfortable on that stool, why is he not in his usual place?” Then you addressed him. With each thought you addressed it in the next paragraph. My next thought was if I ever get a room to make into an office it will be looking just like yours. Beautiful.

  34. Susan, I’ve been impressed and envious of your new office since you first started showing us preview pictures. The finishing touch of the drapes is just perfect!! I, too, have been pining for those yellow buffalo-checked curtains for years now. Good purchase on your part. Your room re-do motivated me to do the same, and that was my Mother’s Day gift from my husband. I now have several pieces of the PB Bedford office-ware and love it!! Thanks for all your inspirational ideas!!

  35. Susan, you’re a constant source of motivation for me!! I’d been envious of your redone room since I first saw the pictures and over Mother’s Day weekend, my husband and sons put together a new craft room for me modeled after your room. I have a few pieces of the PB Bedford furniture and just love it!! I, too, have yearned for those yellow buffalo-checked curtains and I think they work perfectly in your room!! Good purchase on your part. Thanks for all of your inspiring ideas you are so blessed to get and so kindly share with the rest of us!!

  36. Catherine (Stone and Rose) says

    Your room looks wonderful- love those curtains! Thank you so much for hosting!!

  37. Like so many others, LOVE-em Susan! -Brenda-

  38. Love the shutters and the curtains! I might have to check out Country Curtains again, it’s been awhile.

  39. Debbie@Debbie-Dabble says

    What a lovely room!

    Thanks so much for hosting!


  40. Wow what a beautiful room!
    Thanks so much for hosting

  41. Nann from At Nann's Table says

    Always love seeing what you do with your office/workroom. It is always pristine clean and so beautiful. The new drapes are so pretty. Love the buttery yellows. I feel so at home there. Can I move in and use your office:D

  42. Martina @ Northern Nesting says

    Susan LOVE LOVE the new curtains! I just got my can of fish foam delivered today and LOVE IT!!

  43. Liz-Imageremix says

    Everything you posted is so soft and comfy looking. Dreamy stuff I could get used to…thank you for the party. Lots to see, so I’ll get to it!


  44. I absolutely love your office!! Every single detail is stunning, and the new curtains just add to the feel. Thanks for hosting the party as well.

  45. Katie@Le/BeauPaonVictorian says

    Beautiful curtains! I have purchased curtains and shades from Country Curtains and have been very happy with everything I have purchased there. I really love the luxe softness that curtains add to a room. I really like plantation shutters too, but I love combinations of window treatments together, it just adds such a nice cozy touch!

  46. On Crooked Creek says

    I adore your curtains and the softness they added to all the hard edges of the desk. They are truly “the finishing touch”…well, for now!Also, so glad to see new photos of Max. He’s such a handsome fellow surrounded in yellow!!! Lovely!

  47. They look really good, Susan.and I like how Brit the room is…Christine

  48. How to Nest for Less says

    his is one of my favorite rooms in all of blogland, and it just keeps getting better!! LOVE the curtains πŸ™‚

  49. I just want to know if that desk EVER gets messy? I LOVE al the pics of your office that you post and it always looks complete, then you tweek one little thing and it seams to complete the room even more! I seriously do love it!

  50. I love Buffalo check!!! How classic…the yellow and white are so fresh and cheery! They look absolutely perfect in your to-die-for office!!!

  51. I love the buffalo check in that room Susan. How wonderful to be able to create in such sweet surroundings.

  52. Scribbler says

    Love your curtains! I have many yards of a similar fabric which I have had since my decorating days. I do have plans for it, but I always love to see it done up in a new room because it is just so happy and cheerful in nature.

    I think Blogger is having some issues with the comments. I could not get the box to open at the time I put on my link. I have had similar problems with several other blogs, which do not all use the same linking tool. I know you usually have many many comments, and I think others have the same problem. Just thought I would pass this along.

  53. Cindy (Applestone Cottage) says

    There is absolutely no doubt that you picked the perfect curtains for in there Susan!
    Love the transformation!

  54. Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures says

    Your curtains add so much charm to an already gorgeous office; so cozy. Max is there perfect finishing touch! Thanks so much for hosting every week Susan.

  55. laxsupermom says

    Love the new curtains! I’ve always liked a classic buffalo check, too. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this party each week.

  56. Kathy A Delightsome Life says

    Hello Susan, these curtains are the perfect accent to your office – bright and cheerful – they’ll be wonderful in the winter months. Thank you for hosting and I hope you have a great week,

  57. Confessions of a Plate Addict says

    They are lovely, Susan! Max seems to approve the changes! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  58. Hi Susan…..I love these curtains and have wanted them for a very long time….I want the black panels for my family room french door wall and I want them in black but the husband says they will look like the “old house”…..which totally turned me off from buying them…But seeing them in your room they are beautiful….Now I have to work on him πŸ™‚

  59. Fabby's Living says

    Great draperies, I totally love yellow. Looks like Max is satisfied with the new look, lol.. so relaxed in the ottoman..hahahheee
    Thanks for hosting Susan. Have a terrific week.

  60. Ms. Redo says

    Love your new curtains – they give the room such a “finished” look – not that we’re ever finished with a room, no no, but you know what I mean πŸ™‚ Definitely worth it to have them lined, too. I’m linking up a little Whitman’s chocolate box re-do that I’m using to send a gift, just having fun with all things small this month. Thanks for hostessing! Hugs ~ Mary

  61. Wow – what a beautiful space! I would have that place messed up in no time at all with my “creative urges” lol!

    Thanks for hosting!

  62. Katie @ Wildwood Creek says

    Love the curtains! I have always loved buffalo check. Max definitely seeks out the most comfortable spot in the room!

  63. Cottage and Broome says

    Those drapes are a beautiful addition to your room. I loved if before but those finish it off so nicely. Thanks for hosting, Laura

  64. Kathy @ Creative Expressions says

    Beautiful, Susan! I love them! I’m always drawn to those drapes, too, when I would get the catalog. I think the color looks great in the room. Nice choice!

  65. Susan – the room is so, so pretty! I really love it. I’ve enjoyed watching you pull it all together and the curtains just make the room! I’m like you when it comes to how long it takes me to “finish” a room – if that even really ever happens. πŸ˜‰ I spent so many years rushing to buy things to fill a room and have only recently realized the lesson of how much money I wasted by doing that. Plus – now I’m stuck living with some furniture that I no longer care for. Anyway – great job in your beautiful office. It would be so inspiring to work in there!

  66. Bonnie Bee says

    Susan- the buffalo check sunny yellow drapes are the cherry on top of the sundae!!!… PERFECT cozy elegance for your craft-office room! Each item in your room is a reflection of your design talents and marry so very well together.. KUDOS on a job VERY well done!

  67. Jennifer @ Town and Country Living says

    Max is beautiful! The curtains really add softness to the corner of the room with the desk. And I’ve always drooled over that bee pillow of yours!! The room is gorgeous.

  68. Susan I have always loved those curtains as well! They look just perfect on your office! Thanx for hosting!

  69. I love those curtains.. I did not know they would line the curtains for you. That is wonderful news. I also like the size of the picture that you want to replace.. The size of it balances out the wall, a smaller one might get lost. And the colors are perfect in there.. That room needed curtains. Accidental decorating is a great way to be.. Have a wonderful week.. xo marlis

  70. Calypso in the Country says

    The curtains look perfect in there! I never knew Country Curtains lined them. When I ordered the ticking stripe ones for my bedroom, I was able to order a custom length. I wonder if they still do that? Anyway, I love how your room looks and I love buffalo checks too!

  71. Thanks for hosting the par-tay this week Kim! I have loved those curtains for so long and in that very color, just like you. They look fantastic in your always evolving, always gorgeous office. Jane

  72. Those curtains look great in there! Thank you for hosting.

  73. Shirley@Hospitality Designs says

    I love buffalo check…thinking of doing the check in my dining room….They look perfect in your room….and Mary Douglas Drysdale is definitely one of my favorite designers. You have a fantastic work room….Have always admired it from afar!

  74. The Farmhouse Porch says

    I never get tired of seeing this beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, magazine worthy office!!! And now with those drapes…sigh. You’ve taken a perfect space and made it even better! Love it all! And I just checked out an old post you did of your back porch, with that pretty green hutch and white wicker. Let me scream it with caps….LOVE IT!:D

  75. The drapes are beautiful. I’ve seen them in person and they are made very well.
    I came so close to getting the same chandelier for my sunroom but I discovered my husband would hit his head. I also have 8 foot ceilings πŸ™‚

  76. Susan – Your curtains are lovely. They really finish the room. I agree, it is so worth the money to have the curtains lined, gives them better weight to hang better. Your office gets more and more gorgeous!! Thanks for hosting.

  77. Your office is gorgeous! Your little Max is adorable. He looks so loveable laying on that ottoman!

  78. Susan @ homeroad.net says

    I think I would probably never come out of that beautiful room if it was mine… all my favorite things.. Buffalo check, the santos, the bee pillow, Pottery Barn… I love everything in it!

  79. Trish @ TheOldPostRoad says

    Those look great, Susan! Perfect for that office!

  80. Laura @ cookiecrumbsandsawdust says

    Hi Susan,

    I like the new curtains! The yellow check looks great in that room. I purchased curtain panels from Country Curtains years ago, and was very happy with them. CC even has a few brick and mortar stores. I’ve only been to the one in Napervillle, IL.

    Thanks for hosting!

    I appreciate it,

  81. The Farmer's Attic says

    Your room is beautiful and the curtains really finish it nicely!!! Thanks for sharing!


  82. Karah @ thespacebetweenblog says

    I love those curtains. And that bee pillow is such a great accessory!! Thanks so much for hosting. πŸ™‚

  83. Electically Vintage says

    The curtains really bring the room together! Love the little bee pillow (I have the bee rug)!

    Brass is back – but if you don’t like the lamps, a coat of spray paint will work wonders!

    Hope Max is enjoying the curtains as he lazes on the ottoman!

  84. Laura from Top This Top That says

    Your curtains look fantastic in your office. I am a big fan of big,bold check!!

  85. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    There is something so cheerful about yellow and check mixed together. Your new curtains are a perfect choice.

    Love that sweet kitty Max! πŸ™‚

  86. Pine Tree Home says

    I’ve always been a fan of buffalo check curtains and these look very custom. Great choice for the room.

  87. Your office is just absolutely gorgeous!

  88. Terry Moore says

    ow that this room has come together so well, I bet you don’t even miss the mural that you painted over! Love the softness that the curtains add.

  89. Lynn @ UpCountry Olio says

    I’ve always been a fan of biggie checks too, but I didn’t know it was called Buffalo Check. It’s just the perfect finishing touch for your inspiring room. No wonder such beautiful blog posts are born there!! Thanks for hosting this linky too!


  90. Something Nice and Pretty says

    The curtains sure are pretty and go so well with your room! Thanks for hosting a great party!

  91. I’m with Ginger! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MAX! If you ever need a kitty sitter, I’m there :).
    I’ve been to the Country Curtain store in Massachusetts several times. We have a weekend home in the Berkshire area about minutes 40 away from them. It’s a fun place to visit, with lots of gorgeous eye candy. I know they have good quality and comparably speaking, their prices are not bad, but since I sew, I’ve always found it hard to buy from them! Guess I’m just cheap cause I haven’t been using the sewing machine lately anyway :).
    I’m a huge fan of the check pattern also. They look so beautiful! And I have to say something about shutters…they are by far my favorite window treatment. I have them in our master bath and they are seriously the most long lasting, practical and beautiful treatment one could buy. Of course, they are expensive, but they are a ‘forever’ treatment.
    You are soooo lucky to not only have a beautiful home and beautiful office, but a beautiful puddy cat too. I used to have a shaded silver persian that I have to say would give Max a run for his money in the looks department, but when he passed away I vowed to never again get a pet that sheds. Now my only pet is my hubby.

  92. Your new drapes enrich, soften and add such a pleasant feel to the room. I love them. I like brass also and will use mine along with gold frames forever. I like gold! The office metamorphosis has been fun to watch.

  93. Susan, I really like your idea about making the curtain rod disappear. I, too, have shutters in every room of my house and no curtains at all. I have wondered, occasionally, about adding some curtains and I think your idea would work for me. Thanks for the inspiration. Your office looks fabulous!

  94. County Line Road says

    Love the Buffalo checks. They look fabulous and finish off that room perfectly!

  95. Di Lewis says

    Hi! I love your buffplaid curtains. They add great warmth and brightness.thanx for hosting Susan.

  96. I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime now and watching your office morf into something beautiful… as you, I love white furniture with a hint of color.. your room is just my taste… I want to copy some into my room. Thanks for hosting once again! Sandy

  97. Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista says

    I love the idea of a “someday” room. Like once my kids are bigger my library will be a “real office” not a room with toys on the bottom two shelves!

    Thanks for hosting,

  98. Tombstone Livestock says

    Love the addition of the curtains, but Max makes the room. Pet your “Chief of Staff” LOL for me.

  99. How to Nest for Less says

    This is one of my favorite rooms in all of blogland, and it just keeps getting better!! LOVE the curtains πŸ™‚

  100. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says

    I have long admired those yellow buffalo checked, but I had no idea that Country Curtains would line them for you. They are just perfect for your office/craft room. Thanks for hosting the party, Susan.

  101. Susan, I love your blog. I have always been crazy about buffalo check fabric. Your office looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  102. Hi Susan….coming over from Susan Branch’s blog…I love the Sugar Cookie…and those Curtains are PERFECT for our office! I will be looking them up… Thanks for sharing:))

  103. Christina McCall says

    Susan, once again…bravo!!!! You did a beautiful job pulling in all of your colors. I love the backdrop (the wall color), then using all of the lovely accessories to add some “pop” to the room with that beautiful and colorful chandelier, but also stay within the colors of the Sugar Cook yellow color. You inspire me to no end. I have two rooms that I will be working on to bring to life since 2 of my daughters are living away from home and 1 have one going to school. Your ideas, resources and the ability to just share all of your knowledge really keeps me focused and on a budget. Thank you again. You are the blog I just brag and tell everyone I know!!! Christina

  104. Beth Perkins says

    I have the same Buffalo Check curtains, just been waiting for the right place to use them. I am also testing out buttery yellow paint and was wondering if I could actually put the curtains against a yellow wall, looks like I can!

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