Home Office Inspiration That Won’t Break the Budget

Recently Melissa (The Inspired Room) created a beautiful home office for herself. She’s loving it!  Who wouldn’t love working in this gorgeous space!  Perhaps, the neatest part is how it turned out to be much more than just a home office.  It’s also a haven, a “girl space” where she can enjoy some time with her daughters.    You can take the full tour at The Inspired Room.

Home Office with Anthropologie Curtains


Virginia (Live, Love, DIY) put together a wonderful home office for less than $400!  She used lots of good ole elbow grease to create a beautiful inviting room in which to work.  You’ll love her gallery wall and the chandelier she created for just $20.

Home Office for Blogging and Working


Kate (Centsational Girl) has a great home office and it just got even better!  She added new curtains…love the crisp red and white with touches of aqua blue.  She changed her larger desk for a smaller one while a new rug completed this beautiful space.  Kate even upgraded her computer.  I’m seriously loving the white monitor!

white home office with red and gray accents

Are you contemplating a home office renovation, or, are you starting from scratch like I did when I turned my son’s old room into a home office/craft room/ sewing space?  Would love to see your office!

Pottery Barn Inspired Home Office

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  1. Michele from Finch Rest says

    Definately needing to redo the office – very inspirational spaces.

  2. such great inspiration!

  3. I just redid mine…then hubby got a new computer and now I need to redo my desktop AGAIN to make way for the old one…sigh…but I am enjoying a space of MY OWN with it. 🙂
    Your new office looks so gorgeous–the curtains were a wonderful, surprising addition. They added a softness to the room that was not obviously needed, but makes you take a deep breath and let it out slow–ly anyway.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  4. Way to go!!!!

  5. Thank you so much for such a beautiful feature among some of my blog idols! Totally made my day!!!! xo ~ Virginia

  6. These are lovely! I love how they represent each one’s different personalities – these rooms are so inviting that one would not feel like they were working at all! Beautifully done,

  7. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Such pretty inspiration! Would love to have a room to turn into a combination place to create jewelry/office/hobby, etc., but it is not going to happen here.
    Enjoy your evening.

  8. Thank you so much for the feature! You made my day!! What a lovely post full of beautiful and unique offices.

  9. Ps I love your office and that corner desk is fabulous!

  10. Samantha says

    Fabulous inspiration, I could use some ideas, I spend a lot of time in my office.

  11. Love these ideas–we’re finishing our attic space out and I will have an office space, I think. If not there, then the loft room which needs heat and air, as it was an addition back in the 1950s. Old houses. Sheesh. But these look great, and a girl can dream, can’t she?

  12. Susan…you certainly chose some of the most marvelous home offices in blogland…I really love yours too…Have always admired it from afar…I am working on my “tiny office space” in a corner of the second guest room…I have had many ideas swirling thru my mind, but you did give me some renewed inspiration…Thanks so much for presenting these gorgeous office spaces/workrooms…

  13. I love Kate’s monitor! I got a kick out of how she chose it largely for its color vs. technical features! We all probably do a lot of that kind of buying, whether we do it consciously, or not! I’m not there yet, but it’s on the LIST!

  14. By “it”, I mean a beautiful work space!

  15. Hi Susan: Really pretty offices. I love the curtains in Kate’s office also. My office area is teeny, so Ihave to be selective in what goes in there, so I still have room for the computer equipment and paper storage. I could use a prettier way to store books in my work area, though. Thank you for the inspirational photos. Take care, and have a lovely weekend!

  16. I’m inspired by the design of the first picture. I may use it as a reference for the redesigning of my home office space, but I’ll try to change the feel of the overall design, because I find it a bit girly because of the curtains. I love the paint of the wall because I’m a huge fan of dark hues, and I love the contrasting effect of the colors.

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