Building a Screened-in Porch

Welcome to the very first Metamorphosis Monday! When I moved into my home 18 years ago, I knew one day I would want to redo my deck. The previous homeowners had never properly cared for the existing deck, and it was in a sad state. I tried cleaning it with an incredibly strong deck cleaner and “painting” it with a solid color stain for decks, but the solid stain didn’t hold up well. It was time to make a BIG change.

As you can see below, in a “Before” picture, the original deck on the right was very small.  The previous homeowner had enlarged the deck by adding the section on the left. The deck flooring had deteriorated and was popping up in places, creating a real hazard. The stairs stuck out into the center of the yard which was really a poor design. On this first Met Monday, I thought I would share some of the exterior changes that took place when the screened-in porch and decks were added.

Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions



The picture below was taken right after the workers tore off the old deck.  I was so happy to see it gone! You can see how over the years the dirt underneath the deck had splashed up onto the house when it rained and had discolored the siding. Notice the boards nailed across the doorways. I asked one of the construction workers to do that because I was afraid during the construction, I would forget and open the door to let the dog out. No doubt, he would have rushed straight out and that first step would have been a big surprise! See the door going into the terrace level, the one below the small window? I had that door replaced with a window and added French doors to the wall behind the ladder. This added even more daylight to the terrace/basement level. You’ll be able to see this change in the next picture.


In this photo, the porch, decks, and terrace level are in mid-construction. During the additions of the porch and decks, I completely re-did the previous owner’s basement renovation. It had been completed with a hung ceiling, orange carpeting, and really dark paneling.  I finished the basement back in with sheetrock walls, tray ceilings, and pretty columns where ugly, metal poles had been.  The only thing that area needs now to be complete is carpet and the walls painted.

The deck on the far left was designed to hold the grill, as well as my existing patio furniture which included an umbrella. The deck on the far right (just outside the kitchen bay window) was the perfect spot for another seating area with a pergola overhead.  That was another feature I really wanted–a pretty pergola.

Screened in Porch Additon


Another view showing the edge of the steps on the right.  Having the steps coming down on the side of the deck was a much better design than having them sticking out into the center of the yard as they had done previously.

Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions

The future screened-in porch…can you believe it once looked like this?

Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions


Let’s get to those “After” pictures!  This photo was taken from the same angle as the one above. It’s come a long way!

Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions


Same angle again, only an evening view… By the time this photo was taken, I had added sheers to the porch. You can read all about that here: Sheers for Porch Windows.

Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions

This is an interior photo taken from the same angle as above. You can read more about the green hutch here: Painting a hutch for the porch.

Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions

Since this house has a full terrace level, the screened-in porch and decks are one story up.  That’s good for catching a nice breeze during hot summer days.

Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions

A view of the area with the pergola overhead:  The candle-lier came from Smith & Hawken…miss that store.

Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions

An exterior view of the screened-in porch…those things hanging on either side are bird feeders.  This pic was taken right after the porch was finished last April. I’m often asked how I keep the porch looking so clean. I think it helps that it’s a full story up. The only really messy time is during pollen season.  Once that’s over, it isn’t that bad and just needs a once-a-month vacuuming and dusting, like any other area of your home would need. Since it’s an outside room, I don’t stress over it being perfect.

Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions

In this view, you are looking across from the kitchen door to the exterior deck–the one with the table and umbrella.

Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions

In the pic below, you can see the portion of the deck that houses the grill. I had a gas line run to the grill so I don’t have to worry about ever running out of gas. Plus, I don’t have to lug those heavy propane tanks back to the store for a refill anymore. If you are renovating your deck, I highly recommend this. It does require a grill designed for that kind of connection, but the cost of running the gas line to the grill is less than you might imagine. To read about how to hide those ugly metal swing chains, click here: Hiding metal swing chains.


Screened-in Porch, Deck and Pergola Additions


Hope you enjoyed this Metamorphosis! Can’t wait to see all the “Before and Afters” on this, our first Met Monday.

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Build a Screened Porch

You’ll find additional pics and how much it costs to build a screened porch in this post: How Much Does It Cost To Build a Screened Porch.

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  1. I signed up for your Met Monday. Thank you so much for hosting this.

    I love your porch. I have always wanted a screened-in porch. I’m showing your deck to my husband, I know he will love it too! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!


  2. Terri and Bob says

    I totally adore this porch/deck metamorphasis. It is an incredible change. Love everything about it.

  3. carolinajewel says

    What an incredible transformation! I love your deck and your porch. I love your chandelier and your porch swing! I signed up for your Met Monday!

  4. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    Looks Fabulous! What a difference! I think I may need to add a screen porch to my Honey Do List! Did you know that I’m having a giveaway?? Come by and enter if you haven’t already.

  5. I’m participating in your MM! Your deck(s) are out of this world! You really did a wonderful job of decorating them all. You have to enjoy them. I’d love to visit (in real life – not just virtually)! PAM

  6. Happy To Be says

    Just beautiful everything you do..good luck with your new Monday thing…it will indeed be a hit like tuesday is for you..I wanted to do this but ran out of time with my daughter here this week end…oh come see what I found for you at my blog and now its not an award girl..just something you might like for a tuesday…hugs and smiles Gloria

  7. Valerie@travelingthrough2 says

    Oh wow, that was amazing!

  8. Ma'dame French says

    Oh that deck in unbelievable, it gives me deck envy (lol) we made a very small addition to ours but yours is much more in line to what we want….I will keep these pics as future reference;) French

  9. Meadowsweet Days says

    Stunning, Susan! Thank you for hosting….. this is so much fun! Now I’ll have to look around for more projects!


  10. I am speechless! What a change! Oh…I want one too!

  11. That is a huge project. It turned out beautiful. Wish I had an space as fantastic as this one!

  12. Hi Susan,
    Thank-you for the nice comments on my tablescape and for hosting this first Met Monday. I’m so glad to be part of it. I love your porch and I loved seeing the process here today. I remember your porch was one of the first things I saw on RMS and I always love coming back to it. Have a great week and keep up the great blogging. We love it! Cindy @ Applestone Cottage.

  13. Melissa Miller says

    Very cool! I can only imagine the value you have added to your lovely home.
    What a wonderful addition.
    It’s actual living space.
    ~Beautiful and inspiring post. 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for hosting this. It’s been alot of fun and I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects. As usual, this porch just leaves me breathless. Such an amazing transformation. Kathy

  15. The before and after is amazing. I love the design you came up with and the porch is just fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  16. What an awesome metamorphosis! I absolute love your porch! Simply beautiful!

    Love your idea for hosting Met Monday! Thanks and have a wonderful Monday.

  17. imjacobsmom says

    I’m loving the design of your porch and decks. You came up with a great plan! ~ Robyn

  18. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    GREAT START FOR MET MON! It is REALLY amazing to see the before. laurie

  19. Your porch transformation is wonderful!

    I’ve added my before/after and hooked up to Mr. Linky! How fun!
    Can’t wait to see all the posts!

  20. OOOPS! I put my comment in last week’s post about MM. What I was trying to say is ((hugs)) to you Susan. Thanks for hosting! Loved the porch/deck redo!


  21. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    What a vision you had. It is truly gorgeous. I can why you spend alot of time out there reading, the view is incredible. Thanks for hosting Met Monday. I’m off to see the others.. hugs ~lynne~

  22. The Kramer Angle says

    That is my dream screen porch! Fabulous!

  23. You just don’t dream small do you Susan? It is wonderful! Thanks for starting the Met Monday. I have officially placed my link on the list. My project is just a week bit smaller LOL!

  24. What an amazing transformation! It’s so warm and inviting. You did an extraordinary job.

  25. Susan, what a wonderful transformation! You have done a superb job, and have created such an inviting living space! I think we would all just love to come visit with you over a cool glass of lemonade with a lovely light breeze blowing through the trees!
    Thank you for taking the time to enable us to enjoy your home with you!
    Happee 1st Met Monday!
    Becky :o)

  26. Envoy-ette says

    Wow! This is really something to be proud of! I love the two open decks on the side as well. You used your space wisely. Now I have to build a second story on my ranch house just so I can have decks like yours! LOL-Oh, I wish!

  27. Susan, this is so beautiful, I would never have thought of the arches. They just make it so beautiful!I agree, you certainly don’t dream small! Connie/puddin07

  28. Susan, your transformation pictures are amazing! Thanks for hosting Met Monday. What fun to look at everyone’s before and after projects. Have a great day! 🙂 Pam (pam25)

  29. ~CC Catherine says

    Susan, OOPS – I must confess, I didn’t read my directions right and didn’t put the “Permalink” the first time I joined Mr. Linky…so I did it again correctly under #19. Didn’t know if you could remove the first one I did that leads directly to my blog or not??? About your first M.Monday post…I could listen about your deck for a month…all the tips you give really help to know what all goes in to a project like this, but also gives one the awesome satisfaction of seeing how much it’s enjoyed! Fabulous! ~CC Catherine

  30. I love this…and I am certain you have had many accolades over the remarkable transformation but they are so well deserved and well founded…I just think, quite frankly its awesome!

    And the way you describe it, I can simply tell how delighted you are with the final outcome!

    Please forgive my first submission…we are not completed yet 🙂 LOL still in the planning and sketching phase…No hard feelings, Susan, at all if you feel it is out of place…just let me know! 🙂

  31. Oh, do you have any pictures of the basement before? It may have been the ugliest room I’ve ever seen. How they could get so much bad 70s in one room of a house that was build AFTER the seventies is a mystery. Drug trips. That’s the only logical explanation for the decorating choices of that house when you bought it. That carpet was a psychodelic (sp?) experience in its own right.

    I love the new porch/deck. It’s such a huge improvement. I can’t wait to see it decorated in person in March.

  32. Susan, I’ve always loved your porch. The pictures are a wonderful way to share the transformation. So, do we get to see your basement now??? ☺ Diane

  33. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    I’ve loved your screened porch, since the first time I saw it! It’s absolutely beautiful!

  34. lifeinredshoes says

    Oh my! Your caterpillar certainly morphed into a beautiful butterfly.

  35. What an inspiration! We have a two-tiered deck and I hate it as it is. The top tier gets too much sun and the bottom is too small. This just gets me thinking about a redo – my poor husband!!!

    BTW – Thank you for the information. I didn’t get a chance to call this weekend but will check during the week. I haven’t wanted to make the drive to Cumming for the new Lakewood but one of these days I might just to check it out. We live in East Point…the other location was so convenient. Happy Monday!

  36. Holly's Mom says

    What a great and fun idea. It is nice to see all the wonderful things people out there are doing.

  37. Absolutely beautiful!
    I really want a screened porch added to my existing deck but am not sure if it will cause the lightening in my kitchen eating area to change. I would love to see your terrace level. I am always looking for ideas on how to renovate our unfinished basement.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. Susan, this is a beautitful renovation, I love the screened in porch and the pergola!

    Plus your dog and kitty look so ready for a change in that pic!!! Too cute!

  39. I just added the link to your blog for MM and am going to participate. Love your after of the porch! When IKE hit our home part of our patio was damaged and so we have been thinking of doing an enclosed patio this time around. Yours was all the incentive I needed, can’t wait to share the photos with my hubby. Thanks for sharing!

  40. An Accomplished Woman says

    Your porch is so beautiful. I love everything you do in your home. It is one of my favorite.

  41. Sorry I am so late to the party. Your post didn’t show on my dashboard when I shut the computer down last night. The last one showing was by another poster.

    It is really hard to say now if you should have been a design architect or a decorator. You obviously have talents in both areas. Your vision came together perfectly.

    I remember from your e-mails that this project had numerous stumbling blocks from no show contractors to the weather, but the end results was worth the aggravation. Beautiful and wonderful transformation.

  42. It is hard to believe this is the same deck! As usual, your vision is impeccable! Congrats on your first MM!! L~

  43. prof en retraite says

    Hi Susan…Well, you know I think it’s beautiful! Here in the South, a screen porch is almost a necessity because of those pesky mosquitos. Looks like Met Mon is a big success! Have a greatr week…Debbie

  44. Barb @ GritsandGlamour says

    Hi Susan – sorry I joined MM late. My dear mom was put into the hospital yesterday and I was there until midnight. It was her 75th birthday. 🙁

    Anyway – just wanted you to know I joined.

    Also, I have saved every single picture of your porch for reference when we add our own screened porch. I cannot imagine anything more perfect than your set up. I loved seeing the before and after….amazing!

  45. Kim Chalfant says

    Another hit! Please add me to the list as my name isn’t showing up on Mr Linky either. My permalink is:

    Beautiful deck!


  46. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Susan, your porch & decks projects is just fabulous! What a great addition to your home. I'm officially jealous, as all I want is a screened in porch!

    I've got a little before & after project going on today, so here's my link:

  47. Cami @ Creating Myself says

    Oh my Susan….your screened porch is EXACTLY what I have always dreamed about. What a great first Met Monday post!

  48. glimpse of my world says

    Hi Susan… love it! I am going to join the fun next Monday for sure!! I have many before and after! If anyone wants to click on my master bathroom .. the “AFTER” photo’s are up.
    Have a great day…

  49. This is just pure inspiration for anyone wanting to add a porch or deck! It tells us it’s possible with a lot of hard work, a little frustration I’m sure … and that the result will be nothing short of spectacular! P.S. I’m still trying to “figure out” the little linky thing, but I will.

  50. judicreations says

    Oh my that is BEAUTIFUL. You have an added room and a beautiful one too. I think I would want to just move right in there. You have decorated it such a beautiful airy way that fits right in with those trees and leaves and branches.

    What a great idea you had to make it so functional too. I just love it!!

    Have a lovely day…enjoy that lovely area…

  51. Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity says

    Susan, This tranformation is wonderful. I want a space like that. But, if and when we ever finally do it ours has to be a all season room to to our cold winter.
    I love how you have it decorated. You have so much style. I love everything you do!
    Hugs, Terrie

  52. Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster says

    My craft room/hubby’s office went through a metamorphosis change to being a beautiful office just for him.

  53. Raxx - A day in the life says

    Your porch is breathtaking! I love this (Met Mondays) idea very much!

    I need to go over your porch photos again, a job well done!

  54. Stitcher S says

    It is a beautiful transformation.

    This is my first visit to your blog, and it’s great! I love your home, it’s gorgeous.

  55. salmagundi says

    Thanks for hosting Met Monday. I spent so much time (probably too much) looking at everyone’s posts – so much inspiration. I can hardly wait until next week. Sally

  56. What a beautiful change…it was fun to see the differences that were made…thank you for sharing.

  57. Wow, great addition to your home! I want one!!lol And I hope to join in this segment next week, would have been here on the first one but this flu has knocked me down.

  58. Glenda/MidSouth says

    A beautiful transformation – I know you must really enjoy it all, expecially the porch.

  59. OH MY STARS!!!! This is truly gorgeous and so is your blog. I’m off to look around some more but wanted to say hi and tell you I’ve signed up too!

  60. Susan, thanks so much for hosting this event. It has been such a treat seeing all of these makeovers, very inspiring! Thanks for your sweet comments on the kitchen renovation, I still don’t know why anyone thought that those fluorescent light boxes were a good idea lol. Hugs, Kathy

  61. Lady Katherine says

    Wow! You have do a total demo on the old porch! I never would have never thought you had changed the porch this much. It is beautiful.

  62. Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio says

    What a lovely deck and porch! The transformation is amazing!

  63. Alisa Lucas-Brown says

    The transformation is stunning! I love, love, love it!!!!

  64. Miss Janice says

    Susan, your porch photos attracted me to your blog. Thanks for the photos of the transformation–what a huge project…but it’s awesome! Your home is a dream-home:-)

  65. A Hint of Home says

    What a fabulous transformation!
    It looks so inviting, I’m sure you get a lot of use out of it. You did a great job redesigning the whole back.

  66. Victoria ~ Auction Girl Vintage says

    It’s wonderful seeing the before-and-during pictures. I could — um, and DO — spend hours drooling on all the delicious photos of your home :o)



  68. vintagewindow says

    Beautiful!! I could lounge there all day.


  69. 9405018--Pat says

    Susan! Stunning…..This is my dream porch and deck…thanks for sharing ..Pat

  70. Cottage Rose says

    Hey Susan; I just loving all the before and after photos of your deck and screened in porch. It is so beautiful it is a great inspiration for me to do my patio off our family room. Hmmmm I will have to let hubby know his summer is all planned out.. lol


  71. Gorgeous! I visited all of the participants…and forgot to comment here!

    Looks like a success…congrats! I am going to take before pictures from now on!

  72. WOW! That is one impressive living/entertaining space! LOVE IT!

  73. Susan, Wow! That is a beautiful space. I love how comfy and cozy it looks, yet oh so elegant.

  74. Just beautiful, and what a wonderful addition to your beautiful home!
    I hope you get to spend plenty of time enjoying it!
    Thanks for the tour!

  75. carolinagirl says

    I absolutely LOVE your outdoor living space! It is heavenly!

  76. once in a blue moon... says

    i adore the trasformation, it could not be any cuter, more inviting or better use of space~

  77. Misti of Studio M Designs says

    Wow! I would bet that you live out on that deck! It is stunning- and more than that, it’s more space to decorate! We all need that… I need to get more of my before and after client homes up for viewing, maybe by next week, I will be more organized. I am a newbie to your blog and will be returning soon! Love it… Somehow a Thanksgiving post came up first in Mr. Linky so I have two, sorry.

  78. Momovthree says

    Thanks so much for hosting yesterday. I’m still catching up on all the great makeovers shared! I loved seeing your porch in progress.

  79. Oh my goodness. What a fabulous idea and transformation. The added space and design is over the top. I just love the end result. It adds so much space for fun. Glad you took all the photos! I’m late this week for getting around to “Met” Monday so I’m hoping to catch up and get on to Tablescape Tuesday soon :0)

  80. Your desk is stunning! I am a day late, but I did add my name to the list with my before and after of my barn lights. We went from ugly florscent lights to candlabra light fixtures!

  81. Love looking through all of the links to your party. Your porch is absolutely wonderful. What a transformation. Your table and cane backed chairs are beautiful too. I enjoy your blog, though I think this is my first comment.

  82. Sit A Spell says

    This is now an amazing space! I could spend hours there. I know you will enjoy relaxing on your new porch! My hubby swept snow off my screened in porch…the snow actually blew through!

  83. Just Me..Patty says

    I'd want to move in plzzzz, lol. Stunning and Im green with envy..This is so what I want mine will just be a smaller version. Love it and thanks so much for sharing the inspiration

  84. Totally inspired! Do you remember (roughly) how large the screened-in portion is? We are beginning to get estimates for adding a screened-in porch, and I am trying to figure out how much space I want (and can afford!)

    Will definitely bookmark this site. Thanks!

  85. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Jamie,
    It's 14 feet deep and 18 feet wide.
    Thanks so much…hope you visit often!

  86. Oh Susan, how beautiful your deck is, we are going to redo our deck next year and I love the Ideal of a screened in deck, I would have to turn it into a sleeping porch though I have always wanted a sleeping porch/deck. Anyway I am going to show my hubby your pictures and maybe we can get close to yours. 🙂

  87. Anonymous says

    Love the porch…I am looking to install one on my home and was wondering what type of wood(s) you used (for longevity and painting purposes). Look forward to hearing back from you and thanks for sharing your home.


  88. Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch says

    Hi Greg, The contractor just used pressure-treated pine for the porch and decks. He used something different for the "handrail" part of the porch. It's not a handrail…but can't think of a better term for it. I'm talking about the rail that the top screened windows rest on. That rail is some type of man-made product that can withstand having water sitting on it all day during storms and will not rot.
    The flooring is KDAT wood…just Google that term and you can read all about it. Also, you find some additional info under the FAQ section at the top of this page. Hope this info helps.

  89. Stunning, simply stunning.

  90. Susan: How high is your porch at its peak? I will be building one this coming spring and my goal is to go as high as the current construction of our house will allow. We have two bedroom windows to avoid. Also, what did you use for the decking? I’m checking into all man-made products and natural woods (ipe). Maintenance is not our thing so I’m trying to make this simple. Do you know anyone who did a porch and no decking? Just hardscaping on the yard below? I’m also thinking about that… Thanks! Jan

    • Jan, congrats, you’ll love it. I’m away from computer… Typing this on my iPad. Just click on the FAQ at the top of the sidebar and you’ll find the answers to your questions. I didn’t use decking…read about it in the FAQ.

  91. Hi!
    I have a question about your beautiful porch. I am trying to build a similar one, we live in Kansas, and wondering if the posts you used are treated or non treated posts. Do you know? Also, whether you had to special order the screens and were they 48” screens? Mine will be 18’ wide and 16’ deep.
    If you can answer these questions, great! I just absolutely fell in love with your porch and am trying to do something very similar but on the ground level as our house is a ranch w/full basement. Thank you for your time and answers if you have them!! Gayle

    • Hi Gayle,
      All the wood is pressured treated on the porch…all the posts, the flooring, everything. The openings for the windows are not really standard. And they kind of vary all the way around the porch. The contractor had a screen guy build screens to go in the openings. They were designed for each opening. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  92. Betty Birkner says

    On your porch, is your screen on the inside and then your railing is on the outside of the screen? So another words do you look through your screen to the railing? Thanks Trying to finish our screened in porch and yours is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen.

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