A Shopping Trip Inside the Belleek Pottery Factory Store

Welcome to the 468th Tablescape Thursday!

I didn’t get a chance to put a table together this week, in fact my porch is still not put back together since I took it apart in anticipation of Irma’s arrival. I want to mop the floor and give it a good end-of-summer cleaning before I put everything back in place.

But I do have a treat for you! I took quite a few photos when I was shopping inside the Belleek Pottery store after touring their factory where their artisans create the beautiful pieces we know and love. So let’s go pottery shopping together!

After seeing how Belleek Pottery is all hand-made, I had a much greater appreciation for their beautiful pottery. They do more than just the shamrock pattern for which they are so well-known, but I have to admit, this pattern is still my favorite of what they offer.


The basket-weave design with Belleek’s signature shamrock design is so pretty! Belleek Pottery is known for its thin, delicate porcelain, known as Parian ware and for its luminous, white ceramic glaze. That’s what give it that lustrous shine. Parian ware is a form of bisque porcelain, its name coming from Paros, a Greek island that’s well-known for fine white marble.


John Caldwell Bloomfield started his pottery factory back in 1849 after he inherited land that turned out to be rich in minerals, perfect for making pottery. He started the factory during the years of the Irish potato famine with the hope it would provide work for his tenants. It wasn’t until 1863 that the factory began producing the Parian ware for which Belleek is known.


Pretty vases and pitchers…


Belleek Pottery carries other patterns, as well. This blue, grey and white pattern was really pretty.


I really love the all white, simple but beautiful! The design makes me think of some of the weave patterns you see in Irish sweaters.


Their Aynsley Floral pattern is so pretty! Would be perfect for serving dessert and coffee in the spring or summer.

Update: I Googled to learn more about the Aynsley line and Wikipedia states that Aynsley is a company that was started by John Aynsley in 1775 in Longton Staffordshire. In 1970, the company was bought by Waterford, then in May 1997, Aynsley China was acquired by The Belleek Pottery Group.


Remember the bowls we saw being made by hand in the factory?


It was wonderful to see the finished pieces in the shop, especially after having just seen how each element of the bowl is made by hand.


They also had pretty glassware available for purchase, including Galway Crystal.


I think the Christmas pieces are from their Aynsley line, as well. I love the Santa in the sleigh with the reindeer. It would make such a cute centerpiece for a Christmas table!


This was the lamp I almost purchased. I really liked the simple design and it was on sale for a really great price. Even though it was out of stock, it could still be purchased for later delivery.


If you read THIS previous post, you know I ended up purchasing the castle lamp. It was the perfect souvenir from this tour where we were staying in castles all along the way. It hasn’t arrived yet, will probably be another 4-5 weeks, I’m guessing. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you and where I end up using it here in my home office.


Another pretty lamp that was available…


Here’s a better close up. It’s hard taking photos of lamps when they are on.


A pretty porcelain figurine…this would make a great lamp base as shown in THIS previous post and in THIS post.


Hope you enjoyed this little shopping trip inside Belleek Pottery. Definitely recommend taking the tour if you ever travel to Ireland!

Take a tour and see how Belleek Pottery is made here: Tour the Belleek Pottery Factory.



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  1. What a great tour! I love the Castle Lamp you chose. It is a great reminder of your trip! How fun – a trip of a lifetime.

  2. I think it would have been very difficult to decide which purchases to make when everything is like candy to a tablescaper! Thanks for hosting, glad you made it through Irma safely.

    • lol so true! My eyes were about to fall out of my head in there. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Ann. We really got lucky in my neighborhood, some areas of metro Atlanta didn’t fare as well, unfortunately.

  3. rattlebridge farm says

    Your lamp is so elegant! Thanks for hosting the party~!

  4. Very happy to hear that you are safe from the storm and did not have any significant issues. The pottery is beautiful!

  5. You showed remarkable restraint in that shop–something akin to a superpower!

  6. When we visited Belleek, I wanted one of everything! I’ve gotten to the age where I have a lot of “stuff”. For souvenirs I choose a Santa ornament for my Christmas tree. That is what I got at Belleek. I have hundreds of Santas now, each one carefully labeled with trip and date. Each year is a happy walk down memory lane when I decorate!
    We lost power and water for about 24 hours when Irma came through Clemson, SC. Not complaining since thousands have lost everything.

    • Glad it wasn’t any worse for y’all Roxanne! That’s such a great idea, collecting the Santa ornaments…love that! I bought an ornament in Italy but I think that’s the only place I’ve done that.

  7. Oh my I couldn’t have walked out of there without several things! At a minimum I think one of those hand made baskets would have to be mine. I love those lamps especially the one with flowers. I’ve always admired their dishes because of how they look- and now I know why!

  8. I love seeing all the places you visited in Ireland. The factory tour was wonderful. So many beautiful pieces. You chose well buying that gorgeous lamp!

  9. So much beauty in that store! I have a few old salad plates in the shamrock pattern, since my husband’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day. The stemware with the colored stems are shouting my name! If I were there, I’m sure I’d leave with several things being shipped home! Your castle lamp is beautiful and will be a lovely reminder in your office of this fabulous trip to Ireland. And may the luck of the Irish be with all of America in this deadly hurricane season. I’m praying we have seen the last storm this year.

    • They definitely don’t blink an eye about shipping. I guess they are used to doing that for all the travelers who visit. That is so neat that your hubby’s birthday is on St. Paddy’s Day! Thanks, Martha! I hope so, too! We don’t usually have to worry in this area, Irma was a real beast to threaten this far north.

  10. Great shopping trip! I hadn’t heard of Aynsley china, its beautiful! I’m going to check it out!!

    Glad you are home safe and sound!

  11. Eeekkk…Belleek!! How beautiful!! Our son’s birthday is March 17th…hmmm…Christmas ideas… franki

  12. Susan, it’s been great fun to follow along on your trip to Ireland. Thanks for sharing. Belleek is so beautiful. We received a few pieces as wedding gifts, but I’ve never added more. I’m fascinated with it’s paper thin walls and lovely glaze.
    I think the lamp was a perfect souvenir choice. It will always remind you of this special trip.

    • I noticed that about it, too…very different from what you normally see. Definitely, I really wanted something special from Ireland, such a beautiful place. Thanks, Sarah!

  13. Hi Susan: Thank you for all the interesting information here! Thanks for all the history on the Belleek Pottery Factory. Fascinating! I just love the castle/shamrock lamp! It will look great in your office. Looking forward to seeing it in place. Also, I love the idea of turning treasured figurines into lamps. Such good work all of you have done.
    I have a question: different subject! A few weeks ago you told us about some ultrasonic pest control repellents. I went to Amazon and found many different kinds. Some have poor reviews. Some people said the ones they bought made the pests increase!! Yuck!! I’d like to get the kind you recommend. Can you tell me again which ones you have and where you bought them? I have spiders driving me crazy! Thanks so much!! Jane xo

    • Hi Jane,
      These are the ones I purchased and seem to work very well: http://amzn.to/2wZFhF6
      I have one in my garage, one my the door that leads to my screened porch, one in entrance/foyer and one in the garage. Since I added them, I’ve only seen maybe two tiny baby spiders in the whole house. I used to constantly find them building webs in the little corner at the foot of the main staircase and under the table in my entry. I would catch them in a tupperware container and put them outside (hate to kill anything) and within days another spider would be back in the same spot. I never see one now in those two spots since I added one of those repellers to my entry.
      I wonder if the ones you were looking at online where they said they saw an increase in bugs, I wonder if that’s because the bugs were agitated from the sound (which we and pets can’t hear) and were basically coming out from wherever they were. I bet that’s what it was. Bugs don’t like these so I can see how that would make them start coming out if a home had a lot of them. The only thing I battle are the spiders that somehow find a way into my home. I don’t like vacuuming them up, just feel too guilty doing that and I’m tired of having to catch them to take them outdoors. So these have really helped a lot. They aren’t full proof but I rarely see a spider in my home or any type bug in my garage now.

      • @Susan and Jane: Hope you don’t mind me chiming in, but many insects (like spiders and ants also mice BTW, not sure about moles though) do not like peppermint! For a tip; apply a drop or two of Peppermint ESSENTIAL OIL (not cooking extract) to a cotton ball and place it in the area where you see either and I guaranty after a few applications, your problem will be solved. (It is like what sunlight is, to a Vampire …. ha.) Another upside is; it smells great and is environmental friendly. -Brenda-

        • Thank you Susan and Brenda. Don’t mind you “chiming in” at all Brenda. I wonder, Susan, if I will have more at first and then they will go away? I’m just paranoid that if I get an influx of spiders I’ll freak out!! I have them outside right over my back and front doors. I have transom windows (don’t open) right over the doors, and when I turn on the porch light I can see those spiders with the big bellies busily spinning webs every night! If I would open the door and go out after dark, I would run into the webs! EEEk! I used my power hose today and washed out the webs and debris, but they were right back at it tonight!! I know spiders eat other bugs and are “good” but not over my doors!! I wonder, Brenda, if I put cotton balls with Peppermint (I have some essential oil) in the corners of those transoms if they would go away. I’m almost at the point to hire a pest control but hate the spray everywhere. These will disappear when the weather turns cold but I think they “live” in the ceiling above my porches and the overhangs or eaves. Ugh! I might have to have a pest control once and then use the ultrasonic devices or peppermint after that. Thank you so much for your advice and suggestions! Jane xo

        • Interesting! Maybe I should try the peppermint on the spiders that build on my front porch. They love that covered porch!

          • Susan, you should try it as it acts as a repellent since spiders can actually smell. (Who knew!) In other words, it won’t harm them but it appears to keep them at bay. -Brenda-

  14. Wow, I would have been overwhelmed in that awesome store… sure I would have come home with some purchase, that’s for sure. I like your castle lamp.
    Happy you had an awesome trip and you are back safe.
    Thank you for hosting Susan.

  15. Oh my goodness, such temptation! Favourites though would have been the Galway Crystal (love their assortment of colours) and the Aynsley Floral China whose patterns remind me of chinoiserie wall paper and what you might find in Chintz fabric. That said; the castle lamp you chose is a super choice and is going to look lovely in your office. Thanks for sharing, Susan. -Brenda-

  16. I have always loved Belleek China and if you had been near me when I was reading your post you would have heard a lot of sighing. I purchased an old small pitcher for my daughter. She loves Belleek too. The pitcher has the yellow glaze on the inside, which is typical of the older pieces. I haven’t seen that glaze on any of the newer pieces. Thanks for sharing your trip to Ireland.

    • I was doing a lot of sighing, too Barbara! πŸ™‚ The older pieces seem to be quite valuable. I was noticing on eBay that those are definitely listed for more.

  17. I am always drawn to glass so that was my favorite. It’s amazing how much beauty surrounds us.

  18. Cyndi Raines says

    Thank you for sharing. The patience that is involved to create such lovely pieces…wow. I especially enjoyed the picture of the artisan at work, what incrediable talent! The dishes with the roping does remind me of cable knit sweaters! Ha I think the castle lamp was the perfect choice, especially since you stayed at the beautiful castles. Can’t wait to see it in your office. I would have purchased that as well. Regarding the plug in lights to get rid of mice, we purchased ours at Lowes and they work! I am thrilled! We have 4 in our basement and no further evidence of them. Thank God! I HATE them and am going to get a set for our garage (unattached) and my potting shed. So thanks Susan and thanks to the other BNOTP reader who suggested those. I am thrilled that they work, definitely worth the money!

    • That’s awesome, Cyndi! I will remember that in case I ever get a mouse in the garage. It amazes me that these things work, but I sure am glad they do.

  19. I have that lamp you bought, love it. I have a few other pieces too: small tray that was in your 1st picture, 2nd row; I also have a covered casserole dish and small castle cookie jar. Every year I try to add 1 or 2 more pieces to my collection. Thank you for sharing with us.

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