A Last Minute Centerpiece Idea & Some New Gifts I’ve Purchased for Loved Ones

Whoa, Thanksgiving is almost here! I’m not hosting this year so I’m going to be spending today hanging my wreaths on my exterior windows. I’ve also been shopping online since so many of the Black Friday sales are going on everywhere. Before I share the ones I’ve jumped on, I wanted to share a couple of things you may find helpful as you are finishing up your last-minute details for your Thanksgiving festivities.

If you need a last-minute centerpiece for an entry table, sideboard, or even for your Thanksgiving table, here’s one I put together many years ago that literally took me 15 minutes to create! To make it you’ll need some pretty green apples and oranges, easily available in any grocery store, and a bit of greenery from the garden. The greenery I used was magnolia leaves around the base/bottom, a few nandina berries, and a few sprigs of Leyland Cypress, but you can substitute these with whatever you have available in your garden. If you don’t have anything producing berries at the moment but you have some faux berries or something similar available, use those! You can read more about how I put this together in this post here: 15-Minute Holiday Centerpiece.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece


One more previous post that may come in handy is this one where I shared a whole big list of ingredients that can be used in substitution if you find at the last minute you’re missing an ingredient you need for a recipe you wish to make. You’ll find that post here: Emergency Substitutions for Common Ingredients.

Emergency Substitutions for Common Ingredients


Okay, here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the amazing sales that are currently underway. Many of these would make excellent gifts for yourself or a loved one. I’m just a little obsessed with these Ugg boots. I think they would look amazing with jeans or jeggings of any color. They are currently on sale for 30% off here: UGG Boots.


I just ordered my son L.L. Bean slippers a month or so back when I ordered them for my grandsons, but since he lives in this type of shoe/slipper when he’s at home, he goes through them pretty quickly. When I saw that these were 50% off, I immediately bought him a pair. They will be part of his Christmas from me. I really love the style of these with their contrast stitching. If you have a guy on your Christmas list this year, based on the awesome reviews, I think he would love these. You’ll find them here: Shearling-Lined Moccasin Slippers for Men.


I love snow boots even though it rarely snows here in Georgia. These are just sooo cute and come in a lot of different colors.


There are too many colors to show them all in this post, but these three are probably my favorite.


Love this lilac color! ♥ If you live where cold-weather boots or snow boots are a must, you’ll find these on sale half off here: Women’s Snow Boots. See everything that’s on sale here: Early Black Friday Sale.


I’ve often shared here on the blog how much I love this toiletry case that always goes with me whenever I travel. I’m an organization freak and I love how I can organize all the different cosmetics, contact solutions, shampoos, etc… out into separate compartments. Also, I love how I can hang it anywhere, like on a towel rack, when traveling.



There’s even a separate spot for makeup brushes which is pretty awesome since those can be a bit messy. This travel toiletry case is available here and would make a fantastic gift: Travel-Cosmetic Bag.





I recently saw this cosmetic case being demonstrated online. Because it’s so inexpensive, I decided to buy one to try. It is supposed to arrive today.

Cosmetic Bag for Travel


The thing that drew me to it (again) is the organizational aspect/design. I like how when it’s unzipped, the entire case opens up wide open so you can literally see everything that’s in the case all at once. It also has little side pockets, another feature I love. Not sure if it will replace my other travel case, but I like the design so much, I want to give it a try. I think it would make a great gift or stocking stuffer, too! It’s available here: Cosmetic Toiletry Bag.


These beautiful Swarovski earrings have amazing reviews (4.7 stars after 560 reviews/ratings) so I’m thinking of ordering a pair. I love earrings that hang down just a bit and have a little movement. They are just so feminine and elegant! These would be great to wear to a holiday party, but I love wearing earrings like this with jeans, too!  You’ll find these available here: Swarovski Earrings. 4.7


The adorable gingerbread house bag that I shared recently in THIS post is still on sale 50% off here: Gingerbread House Crossbody and Hand-held bag. I can’t wait to start carrying it after Thanksgiving has passed!

Kate Spade Gingerbread House Handbag and Card Holder


Talbots has some pretty amazing sales going on right now, too! This super-cute Fair Isle sweater is currently on sale 40% off making it just $35.99 now. Great price for a fall sweater! You’ll find it here: Fair Isle Sweater with Cute Squirrel.


Love this crisp, all-cotton (my fave!) white top that looks oh, so chic! It would look great worn with denim, straight-leg jeans, jeggings, or comfy yoga pants.


I especially love the button detail going down the back–it’s little details like that that really make a shirt special! It was originally $89, and is now on sale for $42! You’ll find it on sale here: Crisp, White, Collared Shirt with Button Detail.


As I shop today, if I come across any other can’t-pass-up deals, I’ll stop back by and update this post. See you tomorrow morning for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Thanks for all the great finds! I just love that gingerbread purse and card holder – they’re the cutest! Hope you have a fun day hanging your wreaths!

    • Thanks, going to be a big job today since I’ll be changing some of the hanging ribbons, not the bows…but the hanging ribbons. Happy Thanksgiving, Barbara!

  2. Eloise Fitzsimmons says

    You might want to read the reviews on the white shirt . It didn’t fair very well. I
    loved your 15 min. centerpiece !

  3. That Emergancy sub post is a great idea, and well timed.
    Those snow boots look so cute as well as cozy. I am a bit surprised that with the 50% off on the slippers, you didn’t buy 2 prs for your son and then already have next year;s pair bought–or, maybe you did, ha!

    • I probably should have–especially at that price. 🙂 I wish they made the exact same ones for women, too. They have a similar design for women, but I don’t like it near as much.

  4. Eloise Fitzsimmons says

    I clicked on your link, then hit plus (don’t think this made any difference ) and
    then clicked on the red stars . I think there were 9 reviews. Some good !
    Happy wreathing !

    • This time it showed me reviews, last time it said, 0.
      So, I’ve been reading the 4 negative reviews (1 star and 2 star) and one of the one-star reviews gave it a single star because it’s 100% cotton, so they didn’t think it would pack well and their husband didn’t like how it looked on them. It clearly states that it’s all cotton in the listing. That’s one of the things I love about it. Why would someone give an item a 1 star for it being exactly as it’s described? It makes you wonder if people even read the descriptions before they buy.

      I see a single 2-star review and they complained that it needs ironing. Duh, it’s 100% cotton, it’s gonna need ironing. I can’t imagine leaving a 2-star review because something requires ironing.

      It’s nice that someone at Talbots took the time to reply back–good thing I don’t have that job because I’d be like, “Did you read the description before ordering?!” LOL

      Another 1-star review sounds like they bought the wrong size because the buttons opened up when she wrapped her arms around something. She probably needs to size up.

      I don’t own that shirt, but I definitely recommend reading the negative reviews to see if they have any validity before ordering.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Susan, I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends. Can’t wait to see other gift ideas. and thank you for always putting a smile on my face with your blogs.

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