Christmas Banister Decorations: Create a Fantasy in Lights

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Okay, on to something beautiful!

Decorate Your Banister for Christmas

Every year my friend, Joy decorates her Christmas banister in the most amazing way!  It takes a good bit of time and patience to create this gorgeous banister but the results are amazing!

Christmas Banister Decorations

She wraps her garland with lots of sparkly lights and layers on the ornaments.

Christmas Banister Decorations

Sooo beautiful!

Christmas Banister Decorations

Joy shared all the details on how she creates her banister in this previous post:  Beautiful Christmas Banister

Christmas Banister Decorations

Lizy at Just Dip It in Chocolate (don’t you love that blog name!) was inspired by Joy’s beautiful Christmas banister and created her own version.  This is what I so love about blogging…how we inspire each other, then take the ball and run.   Inspired by Joy’s Christmas banister, Lizy decided to go with a “candy” theme for her’s and chose colors that resembled peppermints in “all shapes and forms.”

Christmas Banister Decorations

It’s truly a fantasy come to life.  Can you imagine how a child’s face would light up upon seeing this?  Lizy shared how she made her beautiful banister and what you would need to create your own here:  Mi Escalerita-Happy Banister

Christmas Banister Decorations


Now why am I craving peppermint candy?  Ummm, I’m sure I have some around here somewhere.   Actually, I have some I bought just for a Christmas tablescape but I’m not sure it will make it to the tablescape now.  πŸ˜‰

Okay, I’m off to decorate something.  I’m way behind but feeling inspired by all these shiny, pretty banisters!

Pssst:  The seasonal footer at the bottom of BNOTP is loaded up with Christmas inspiration.  Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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  1. This is abosolutly stunning. We used to do something very similar until I found out I had MS and it wasn’t safe for me anymore. So I came up with a new idea that looks wonderful.


  2. These are just gorgeous. It really gets you in the holiday mood.

    Susan, check out Chris at for more peppermint and chocolate. I love her food blog. She makes wonderful food and makes me think “I can do that”. If you have the time, read about her trip to the CIA cooking school bootcamp.

  3. They are both very beautiful. I wish I had a bannister to do that. I only have a hand rail and haven’t figured out what to do there yet. Thanks for sharing as both are amazing.

  4. That peppermint swirly decoration looks outstanding. I have to go look for candy on someones desk now …

  5. How beautiful! I love, love, love, decorating banisters! It’s so much fun and creates a huge impact. Thank you for all the eye candy (pun intended).

  6. Can you describe how she attached the ornaments so they are secure, not hanging loosely?

    • Sandy, I sent Joy an email so I’m sure she’ll reply soon. Stay tuned. πŸ™‚

    • I just did it with ordinary ornament hooks. This was pre-toddler. This year, I’m still figuring it out, plus we’ve moved so I don’t have this wonderful banister anymore. However, we have this amazing beams out in front of our house so this is moving outside this year because I am completely nuts!

  7. Wow! Hers is absolutely stunning! I should send you the picture of our completed living room from last year. I was in love with my banister and then we bought a nine foot Christmas tree so you couldn’t even see it. : )

  8. So pretty !! Love the ornaments with the garland !

  9. I wouldn’t want want to take them down…ever. Just gorgeous! franki

  10. This is one of the most beautiful sites on the web. It’s so uplifting and inspirational. Oh, and I got such a kick out of seeing your wreaths all lined up in the hallway the other day. I always leave your site with a big smile on my face. Thanks for sharing!

  11. OH! These bannisters are gorgeous! I’m actually feelng good that I don’t have mine decorated yet because I think I’ll change from the usual garland with silk poinsettias (pretty at first, but borrrrring now) to something inspired by these pictures. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  12. Hi, Susan!
    Both banister decorations are very beautiful and those pretty candies make me laugh because they remind me of a funny episode that happened to a friend of mine (and that I have to tell you πŸ™‚ ) Many years ago my friend had some beautiful and colorful “Murano glass” candies displayed on her coffee table where in fact they looked very nice. She loved them… until that day when her husband who had never noticed them before (in his own home! lol) really tried to unwrap and eat one of them! (He even wondered about “that stupid wrapping paper” and why he couldn’t find its flap and twist it open!) LOLOLOL
    (Ok, to his defense I have to say that those candies were pretty small and they didn’t sparkle… so they really looked “real”… πŸ˜‰ )
    We girls, still laugh like crazy when we remember that funny day and… every time we see glass candies!
    So, Susan, thank you very much for the reminder! πŸ™‚
    ~Hugs to you~

  13. Mary from Virginia says

    Both are lovely! I agree, it would be hard to remove them after Christmas. I guess that is what makes Christmas decorations so special. I can’t tell you how many ideas I have tried after seeing them on a blog. Blogland is wonderful!

    • It really is! I rarely buy magazines now…so much great stuff to be found online.
      Mary, do me a favor and let me know if you get this. I just want to make sure the comment reply is truly working now.

  14. The bannister garlands are so magnificent!….Joy is so very talented….and what a spectacular statement it makes!!!…

  15. How absolutely beautiful! Whenever I see beautiful bannisters like this, is when I long for a staircase. But that would mean a 2-story house which I swore I would never have again. LOL But, its hard to resist a lovely-decorated bannister like these. xxoo

  16. Lovely work ladies.

  17. They are both beautiful! I just finished mine but when I see these mine looks pretty minimal. Dianntha

  18. These are both beautiful!!!! I finally have banister to decorate and deorate it I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I did it in all golds with flower lights! I can’t wait to show it off, next week. I am going to go look at the 2 posts you featured now. Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend. XO, Pinky

  19. These are lovely. I have always loved to make our banisters the center of the Christmas decor. Sadly, I havent decorated them the last two Christmases. We have spent the holiday and I have only decorated my kitchen. I will have to go back and look at my pictures of Christmas past.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, Ginger

  20. I meant to say we spent Christmas out of state for the last two years. Senior moment/hour! LOL!

  21. Wow her banister wrap turned out awesome!
    I’m glad you figured that glitch out about replies!
    Now I want to know if it’s working!

  22. I have tried for years to create banisters this gorgeous. These are all so stunning and creative it’s getting my own juices flowing with ideas. How do you secure your garland on your railings? They look so tight and mine seem so loose. Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. WoW Susan—-
    that was SO inspiring! And since it is now December and I can start decorating. . . !

  24. Well, that railing looks so yummy!! Liz did a great job, so colorful. Susan, what is that bulge in your cheek!! πŸ™‚

  25. Those are gorgeous! I have lights and garland wrapped around my banisters, but I love the look of the ribbons and ornaments! Definitely going to have to spice mine up next year! πŸ˜‰

  26. So lovely, makes me wish I had a banister to decorate! Your post always inspire me Susan!

  27. Ann S Mindicino says

    Mostly b/c of you, Susan and BNOTP I have been adding beautiful little touches to my home. I used to decorate more for holidays when my kids were small. We do Hanukah and Christmas so I think I have enough blue & white xmas ornaments (mostly the cheap kind that cannot break) to decorate my banister using those ornaments and add some garland & see what I come up with. I saw a wreath on Pinterest done that way as a Hanukah decoration. The 2 holidays both have lots of beautiful symbols to decorate with and enjoy the season even more. I love my home the more I add these little touches which you are so good at. Have a wonderful holiday season, Susan!

  28. Susan…I had the same thing happen to me in WordPress…I had a sweet, sweet blogger tell me that I was a no-reply blogger…When I looked into it, I had hundreds of comments that did not get sent….I wanted to cry…I still have not gotten this fixed, for my server says he can’t fix it with my gmail account…I really don’t know what this mean…But, I now reply from my gmail account…Thanks for sharing this, for I will really pursue it further…You have totally encouraged me….I love your posts…Blessings, Becky

  29. I’m happy having a one-story home, but would certainly love a bannister to decorate. These are gorgeous!

  30. I love that banisters can become such works of art and am always a little jealous of people who have one that can be such a focal point.

  31. Lizy’s bannister decor IMO is definitely ‘eye-candy’ in the true sense of the phrase. ºÜº She did a beautiful job! I guess too, one would require an electrical outlet in close proximity to the staircase or battery operated lights could be substituted though not as bright. -Brenda-
    P.S: Sorry to hear about your Blog woes Susan but glad that you got it rectified.

  32. What I love about your blog is how specific you are with instructions and photos. For example, your photo of the fuse box with the Christmas tree lights. I was imagining how I would slide the door with a screwdriver and then saw how it looked in reality. Despite the HUGE arrow pointing down, I had been imagining pushing it UP. Groan!! So, having said that, I have some specific questions about the garland. Did Joy wrap the lights around the garland and Then wrap the segment around the bannister? How did she hide the cord at the base? And I too would like to know how she attached the ornaments. Thank you! Keep up those great step-by-step pictures and instructions. NOTHING is too obvious for me!

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