Cozy Inside this Rainy, Blustery Weekend

It’s been a cold, blustery, rainy weekend, definitely feels like winter has arrived, even though it’s still just fall. After putting out suet for the birds and making sure the feeders were all filled, I’ve been doing a bit of online shopping for myself and for Christmas.


I always like to get a head start because Christmas gift shopping and wrapping is the one thing I can always get done ahead of time. The holiday season is so much more enjoyable and less stressful when I know that’s complete!

I’m pretty obsessed these days with L.L. Beans flannel shirts, both the slightly fitted and relaxed styles. I’ve purchased four so far and absolutely love them! They look so great under sweaters!

Frye Boots, Jeans, L.L. Bean Plaid Shirt, L.L. Fisherman Sweater


I also love their corduroy shirt jackets with the plaid lining. I just purchased my second one of those.  They are generously cut so I went down a size. So far I have it in the gorgeous Collegiate Blue color and just added the Royal Plum color. I don’t want to take them off when I wear them. They feel incredibly cozy and soft! ♥

Corduroy Jacket, L.L. Bean


Talbots is having an awesome 30% off sale and it’s on EVERYTHING! Love that! Use the code: FRIENDS30 at check out to get the 30% off discount.

Did you know they have velvet Superga sneakers for winter! I may just have to buy a pair of those for those more formal jean affairs when regular sneaks won’t do. Ha! πŸ™‚ (Velvet Superga Sneakers are available here: Superga Sneakers.)

Blue Velvet Superga Sneakers


Here are a few of the things I’ve purchased or think would make wonderful gifts for either yourself or a love one. You’ll find the velvet Superga Sneakers linked below, too.

Click on any photo below for more information about that item. Happy browsing!


Pssst: I have something pretty awesome to share on Met Monday! It’s a genius idea that a BNOTP reader discovered and shared with me. You are going to love it, I promise! πŸ™‚

Have a great Sunday evening and see you tomorrow for Met Monday!

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  1. Isn’t “this something”…shopping from inside…ya gotta luv the internet (at times!!) Things surely have changed!! Good buys. franki

  2. Peggy Gregory says

    I just purchased a pair of red suede mules with a red bow from Nordstroms. They are adorable and comfortable and not as pricy as Talbots. I have very little red in my closet so I have been scouring the Internet this weekend for outfits to go with my new shoes!

    • Peggy, I think I found those and they are cute! I just added them to the grouping…love them! Talbots has a good it of red this year, they’ve done a lot of pairing black and white with red and it looks really nice!

      • Peggy Gregory says

        Yep. Those are the mules I purchased. I am going to look at Talbots for “red!” Thanks. BTW, I live about an hour southwest of Atlanta and it is chilly here also. I love this weather.

  3. Anne Shaheen says

    I even do a lot of grocery shopping online with Costco

  4. That Barbour tartan wrap is what I would get if I lived in a cold climate but I love the corduroy jacket. (Still hate cold weather but love the clothes.). It always seems you get more value for your money with winter clothes than summer.

    • lol Ginger, you sound like me. I love all the sweaters and boots, just hate the cold weather. It’s a lot more bearable when you’re dressed for it, though. I never was growing up so I think that made me hate cold weather even more.

  5. I do my grocery shopping online also with Kroger and then go pick it up. Works great plus I am not tempted to buy things I don’t really need.
    The Zappo plaid flats look really cute but the one review indicates they are not at all attractive in person. If you ordered them, I would really like to know what you think of them when they arrive. Thanks!

    • I should try that sometime. I think Publix does that, too. Oh, that’s a shame, I loved how they looked online. If I order them, I’ll let you know.

      • Susan, I used Instacart from Publix once and loved the service, but not the inflated prices. Something I can get at Walgreens most weeks for $4.99 was $7.49 plus delivery fees and tip. Then I got an email saying on a certain date they would charge my card for a $149 (can’t remember exactly now) annual membership. This would be such a good service for those housebound, but not at those prices. I think Shipt (?) might be better.

  6. I second the plaid wrap!

  7. I love the LL Bean corduroy shirts. I have the flannel lined in red and three others unlined. This fall I bought two of the relaxed flannel plaid shirts. So soft and cozy. Those are my new favorite shirts, one in Black Watch and one Princess Mary. LL Bean has been one of my favorite online stores for years. They are so nice about returns and exchanges. When I posted a review about a jacket and mentioned I loved it in all the colors I’d bought except black, because it got fuzzy hard to remove pilling, they sent me a note saying they would give me a refund if I wanted to return the black. The jacket was two years old and they didn’t care. I didn’t return it though. That didn’t seem ethical.
    Online shopping is so much easier!

    • I had never tried the plaid shirts and now I’m hooked! I’ve purchased four this fall. I think I’m good now on those. πŸ™‚ They are so soft and warm!
      Wow, Mary–what great customer service! I’m not sure if they still do this, but Lands End used to be the same way. They warranted their striped rugby shirts for life, not sure if they still do. This was many years ago, I had purchased two shirts and the cuffs on both shirts lost their elasticity, and became baggy looking. They were a year old at that point but I called them to see if they really did warranty them for life. They sent me a new one and refunded me for the one they no longer had. Love companies like L.L. Bean and Lands End, worth paying a bit more for that kind of service.

  8. Jean Tucker says

    Susan, I want to order the cable knit fisherman sweater but after reading all the reviews I still don’t know what size to order. I was wondering what size you ordered and how the fit was. I am 5’2″ and 120 lbs.

    • Jean, I’m a barely taller than you, 5 foot, 3 1/2 inches and I ordered a medium at first. It was definitely too big. I exchanged it for a Small and that fit perfectly! So I think I would go with a small. The sleeves are designed with a deep cuff area so it appears that’s meant to be turned up, so that’s how I wear it…and I like it a lot! It looks great with a plaid shirt underneath, with the collar out and the plaid showing out from under the cuffs. I’m just starting to figure out what size I wear in all their clothes. I wear a Small in their sweaters, a Small in their plaid shirts and an Extra Small in their Corduroy “Big Shirts.” I never wear an Extra-Small in anything, so I was surprised by that.

  9. Elizabeth Roderick says

    I do believe you simply must have the velvet sneakers for dressy occasions. Really like all the choices you shared..thank you!

    • πŸ™‚ They are really cute! I’m just afraid I’d get them dirty. Velvet shoes scare me! lol

      • I 2nd that suggestion. Just give them a spray of Scotch Guard and you’ll be all set. (Home Depot for sure carries it.) Always appreciate your shopping tips Susan and the links you provide. -Brenda-

  10. Thanks so much Susan. I was just thinking about the flannel shirts I bought last winter and how they shrunk and felt terrible in spite of not putting them in the dryer. I decided to go for quality this year. Off to L.L. Bean I go. I like to wear them over a cotton top-long or short sleeve. So pretty layer that way.

    Happy Christmas shopping!

    • I haven’t washed any of mine, yet since I’ve worn one of them a couple of times. I plan to wash them in my hand wash basket or by hand and hang them to dry, although I’ve read that it’s not a bad idea to put in the dryer for just a few minutes to get rid of the wrinkles, but then let them dry naturally. I definitely don’t want them to shrink.

  11. Susan, I am on the LL Bean fan list too. Totally worth the money! Both my husband and I have coats that are 27 years old this year. And worn frequently, too. Mine is finally showing wear, because I use it to haul dirt and hay. Happy shopping! Oh, and as I was reading this post, I thought of a quote I heard recently, and I wish I could give the origin proper credit…but it goes something like: there is no bad weather, just bad clothing. πŸ™‚ I kind of agree, if I am dressed for it, even the minus 20s is ok! Well, tolerable……

  12. I love the many looks of Superga shoes, but I find the flat flat flat sole bed inside and out uncomfortable and doesn’t allow me to be on my feet for long. I can wear them a bit longer with my Birkenstock inserts (for arch support). But then I’m 65 with OLD feet.

  13. How is the fit on the llbean cotton fisherman sweater? Is it as short as shown on their website?

    • It wasn’t on me, it was just right. I’m 5′ 3 1/2″ tall. I had to order down one size. I normally wear medium size sweaters in Talbot clothing since I don’t like for them to be too tight. The Medium was too big, so I exchanged it for a Small.

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