The Office Layout and A Laser Printer, Scanner, Copier for Tight Spaces

Every so often I get an e-mail from someone who is in the process of putting together an office with the Pottery Barn Bedford furniture and they ask what pieces I used to achieve the layout I have in my home office. It’s always hard to answer that question in an e-mail because I had to get creative and go off the grid a bit to make it work the way I wanted.

I’ve been meaning to write about this for ages. Recently, the question came up again and that was the push I needed to get busy and create this post. I hope it answers some questions and hopefully, it will prove helpful for a few folks who are working on a home office.

At the end of this post, I’m also sharing a printer I just purchased that is perfect if you need a printer/copier/scanner but have very little room for one.  So if the office part doesn’t really interest you, the “printer” part of this post may prove helpful.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Layout


When I started working on creating a home office, I fell in love with the Bedford line of office furniture at Pottery Barn.  I loved all the office spaces they showed at the PB website. The pictures you see in this post that are not of my office are all from PB online and they were my inspiration when I set to work building my home office.

Let’s take a moment to just gawk at this picture! Wouldn’t we all like to sit in an office with the windows thrown wide open, birds chirping just outside and the sun pouring in?  I’m not sure I’d get any work done, though. πŸ™‚ Days when you can throw open the windows are pretty infrequent here in the south, it’s usually too buggy or too hot. But there are a few spring and fall days when you could pull this off. Is that not the biggest abacus you’ve ever seen in your life? Okay, gawking done–time to get down to business.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Furniture Layout and Design Ideas 01


When it came time to order my office furniture, I stared and stared at these pictures, trying to figure exactly what combination of Bedford furniture pieces were used to create the look. So many of the pictures showed the corner desk and a side section that appeared to be the perfect length for two cabinets underneath as shown in the picture above and the one below.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Furniture Layout and Design Ideas 07


I knew the corner desk actually included three parts: Two cabinet units and a large center section that spanned over the top of the two cabinets for a unified even desk surface. This entire set up below is what’s known as the “Bedford Corner Desk Set.”

Bedford Corner Desk


This is the big top that fits over the two cabinets to create the Corner Desk Set.


Corner Desk Top


Where I kept running into problems was in order to create the layout I wanted, I needed a desktop that would fit over two cabinets as you see on the left side in the picture below.  I could not find one anywhere on the PB website. To fit over two cabinets, a top would need to be around 42-55 inches long, depending on how much space you wanted between the cabinets.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Furniture Layout and Design Ideas


This long rectangular desktop was the only “desktop” shown on the PB website. It measures 70 inches long. That’s way too long to work as the top for two cabinet units. It’s better designed to go over the top of three cabinets unless of course, you’re trying to create a big gap for a chair/sitting.


Rectangular Desk Top

I called a few of the PB stores and asked the associates at each one how Pottery Barn created the look I was seeing in the pictures above when it didn’t appear they sold a top the right length to fit over two cabinets. The associates I talked to looked at the pictures online and they were stumped, too. One associate said he thought the section of desk off to the side was actually three cabinets with the long 70 inch top, but maybe the photographer had cropped out part of the desk in the ad. Ahhh, that made sense, those sneaky photographers!

So, it really wasn’t a desktop with two cabinets underneath but actually, the long rectangular desktop with three cabinets underneath and the photo was just cropped so the third cabinet wasn’t visible. Unfortunately, that would mean my inspiration rooms/pictures were a myth and couldn’t be duplicated. Waaaaa!

So, how did I ultimately get this look anyway? How did I manage to find a desktop that would fit over two cabinets?

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Layout


After pouring over the measurements of the various Bedford office pieces online, I came up with an idea I hoped would work. I had no idea if it would but based on my measurements, I thought it was worth a shot.  So, here’s what I did: I purchased the corner desk set (shown below) as planned.

Bedford Corner Desk


AND, I purchased two of the “Bedford Small Desk Sets” pictured below.  The desktop for this small desk set is 52 inches long so I was pretty sure it would work as the top for two cabinets on either side of my corner desk set.

This small desk comes with three parts:  1. A 52-inch desktop, 2. A cabinet unit (which can be either an open unit or a three-drawer cabinet) and 3. Legs. I didn’t need the legs but they do come with the desk.

Bedford Small Desk


I ordered one additional cabinet so I’d have two cabinets to go under the small desktop.

When I ordered these two small desk sets to go on either side of the corner desk set, I had no idea if it was going to work. I didn’t even know if the Bedford small desktop would fit properly over two cabinets since all the pictures on the Pottery Barn site showed it with just one cabinet underneath on one end and legs on the other. I figured the worse thing that could happen is it wouldn’t work and I’d just return them both to my local Pottery Barn that’s only about two miles from my home.

Bedford Small Desk 2


Fortunately, it worked! Below you can see the top of the Bedford Small Desk with two cabinets underneath. The legs are not being used and are stored away in a closet. This section is on the left side of the corner desk set.  My measuring had paid off and it just fit without blocking the closet door visible on the far left.

Bedford Small Desk with 3 Drawer Cabinet, CPU Cabinet and Open Cabinet


The second Bedford Small Desk Set is positioned off the right side of the corner desk.  Again, I didn’t use the legs, just stored them away in a closet.

I considered using one of the small Bedford desks as an actual second desk in the room since it would have come in handy for crafts and sewing, but I do those activities right on top of my corner desk and I like having the extra storage space another cabinet provides.

Bedford Small Desk with 3 Drawer Cabinet, 2 Drawer Cabinet and Open Cabinet


The small desktop fit perfectly in front of the office windows. Another question I’m often asked in e-mails is the size of this room. It is 11 feet wide and 13 feet deep, meaning 11 feet from the left wall to the wall the bookshelves are on in this picture below. It’s 13 feet from the door (where I stood to take the photo) to the windows.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Layout


Out of curiosity, I measured to see if I could have used the 70 inch rectangular top off the right side.  The answer was, no. The room isn’t quite wide enough–almost but not quite. Plus, using a long piece on the right side would have killed the symmetry and balance of the whole layout, which I do like for this room.

Pottery Barn Office with Bedford Furniture


So that’s it, that’s how I managed to get as close as I could to the look I loved in the inspiration photos, using the corner desk set along with two small Bedford desks sets on either side-minus the legs and with the addition of another cabinet in place of the legs. I wish PB would consider having a desktop made that will fit over two cabinets, then it wouldn’t be necessary to order the “Small Desk Set” and have legs left over that serve no purpose. Probably save a little money that way, too. Maybe they’ll read this and get on that! πŸ™‚

Pottery Barn Office with Bedford Furniture


Let’s Talk Printers!

Back when I put the office together, I purchased two of the “open” units. I wanted one to hold baskets as shown below.

Bedford Small Desk with 3 Drawer Cabinet, 2 Drawer Cabinet and Open Cabinet


And I wanted the other one for my printer. I was very much trying to avoid having my printer setting on top of the desk, taking up space. For the last couple of years, I’ve used a small, all-in-one inkjet printer (visible in the pic below) and it was awful. It took forever to warm up when you turned it on, made all kinds of crazy gyrating noises as it repeatedly tried to position the ink cartridges (or whatever it was doing in there) and it used ink like there was no tomorrow. It drove me slightly crazy and I dreaded it each time I had to use it.

Pottery Barn Office with Bedford Furniture and the Airgo Desk Chair


A few days ago I started to print something and it wouldn’t work. It kept saying it was jammed, though it definitely was not. It did this once before and I finally got it to print, but not this time. I had visions of that scene from the movie “Office Space” dancing in my head…do you know the one? πŸ™‚

Office Space

I’ve been wanting to replace it for a while since it was so clunky and slow. Now I had an excuse. It costs so much to have a printer repaired and printers are so inexpensive, it isn’t worth taking them in for repairs. While I was shopping online for another all-in-one printer, I noticed my existing printer was ranked poorly with just 2 stars out of 5. No surprise there! Other folks were complaining about the same issues I had experienced.

I decided to go with a laser printer this time. I’ve always preferred those plus the prices have come way down over the years. My criteria were it had to be wireless and it had to be an all-in-one” printer like my last printer, meaning it would print, copy and scan.

Bedford Small Desk with 3 Drawer Cabinet, CPU Cabinet and Open Cabinet


That’s all very doable but here’s where it got tricky. It needed to fit inside this space that’s only 11 1/2 inches tall. Laser printers are normally taller than ink-jet printers so the width was fine but the height was proving to be a big problem.

Bedford Open Cabinet


There was a solution though and its name is Brother HL-2280DW.  I lucked out with my timing because it is currently on sale for $144.99!

Brother Compact Printer, Scanner, Copier HL-2280DW


It’s about a half-inch longer in length than my cabinet (see bottom of picture)  but it looks fine in person. There’s just enough room to raise the top to copy or scan. And, since it’s wireless, if I need to do a bunch of copying or scanning (which I almost never do) I can just pull it out and set it on top of the desk. In the past, I mainly used my all-in-one printer for printing, but every so often I do need to copy something or scan in some photos to use in a post. So a copier and scanner are a must for me. I did a test scan of a photo just to see how it worked and it did a great job! Way faster too than my old printer.

Brother Printer, Scanner, Copier HL-2280DW


So far this printer is working out great, plus, it’s as quiet as a mouse and goes to sleep when not in use. No more turning on a clunky, loud printer and waiting for it to warm up only to have it not work. Don’t miss that at all! Just wanted to share this purchase in case you need a printer/copier/scanner that’s compact and can fit in a small space.

Update: Forgot to mention, when I first added this wireless printer to my system, I had trouble getting my router and the printer talking to each other. I was following the directions that came with the printer but it just wasn’t working. I went to the Linksys website since that’s the kind of router I have and started reading their troubleshooting info about connecting to wireless printers. Nothing was working but all of a sudden I got a pop up saying that there was a software update for my router.

I did the update which took several minutes and restarted the computer. After that, the printer and router communicated fine and I had no trouble going through the setup process for the printer. Just wanted to mention this in case you buy a wireless printer sometime and have trouble getting it to communicate with your router. Check to see if there’s been a software update for your router. You can do that by going to the website for the brand router you have.

I’m shocked you can buy a laser printer these days for $145. They were so much more, back in the day.  Anyone remember that? Even the toner cartridges are fairly inexpensive now, especially compared to the inkjet cartridges.  I purchased a toner cartridge for this printer to have on hand for when the original one runs out. The one I purchased yields 2,600 pages for just $45. Hopefully, this printer will last and work without any issues. It has pretty decent reviews on Amazon so that gives me hope.

The only thing I would change is I wish it were an off-white color. Wouldn’t it be great if the companies started making printers, computer towers and monitors in off-white or white? I know a few companies do, but it never seems to be the one I need/want.

Bedford Small Desk with 3 Drawer Cabinet, CPU Cabinet and Open Cabinet


So hope that helps answer a few questions I’ve been getting about the office layout. This post will be filed under the “My Nest” category at the top of BNOTP in case you ever need to refer back to it. Just click on “My Nest” then “Office & Craft Room” to read it in the future.

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  1. Susan, I’m not in the market for an office update, but this is a very informative post. This is all great information because your office looks so pretty and efficient!

  2. Wow! I don’t even want an office but read this all the way through! (Amazing the amount of un-used information floating around in my brain.) I’ve seen pics of your office before and always liked the drapes, but never paid much attention to the layout. So glad you took a little time off from the weed warpath to share this ‘how-to’. As for weekend plans, we’re taking 40 folks from church to Branson for a week! WHEEEE!!

  3. Such a great office!! It looks so organized and easy to use. You decorated it beautifully too, Susan. Printers have always been a pain. I don’t even know how many we have bought. The ink is crazy expensive and never lasts very long. Thanks for your advice on the printer. I really like the size. Thanks for sharing!

    • I had just bought two brand new cartridges for the ink jet printer, even splurged and bought a color one this time, too. I usually just purchased the black ink due to the price. Figures, it would croak, right? Murphy’s Law! They are horribly expensive. I’m hoping the laser one will work for a long time. Thanks, Peggy!

  4. Does your new printer print in color also? BTW, your office is fabulous! Do you deliver?

    • Thanks, Carol! I think my delivery days are over. lol It was a pain getting all the office furniture up my back stairs!
      No, this just prints in black. I wonder if they make color toner that you can put in a laser printer? I’ve never had a need for that so I’m not sure. I had that color option on my old ink jet printer and never used it. In all the time I had that printer, I only went through one color cartridge and it got used up accidentally from just printing logos and miscellaneous stuff that happened to be on something else I was printing. This last time I purchased cartridges for it, I went ahead and purchased a color one just so the printer would quit telling me it was out of color ink. lol Now I wish I hadn’t done that!

  5. Is your new printer black and white? Some day the color ones will be affordable for the home user too. πŸ™‚

    • Yep, I think so. I never print color so just need black ink for my everyday use. It does scan pictures in color though. I tried scanning a picture and it does show all the colors when it’s saved to your computer, which makes sense. It also does duplex which is printing on both sides of a paper to conserve paper.
      I wonder if they make laser printers that print in color, I’m guessing they do but I bet it is expensive.

  6. Oh this is truly valuable design info- t hank you so much for taking the time to spell it out for us, Susan.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Susan,
    you certainly know the proverb: “Where there is a will there is a way”, right?
    I’d expand it by adding:
    “And where there is a way there is an idea,
    aaaannnnd… where there is an idea there is… Susan”! πŸ™‚
    Love your persistence! You are the proof, it always pays to be a tenaciuos girl!
    Your office is dreamy!
    ~Hugs to you from across the pond~

  8. Your office is always to neat and tidy. I wish mine was! Saturday is my birthday and I’m treating myself to a traditional English high tea.

    • JoAnn, trust me, it isn’t always. I do cram a few things in drawers and the closets before I take pics. lol Happy Birthday…it’s less than two hours away by our clocks here on the east coast. πŸ™‚

  9. I was having fights with my all in one printer also and finally broke down and bought a Brother too. Absolutely love it!

  10. I am in love with your office. It hits all of the needed criteria without superfluous stuff. I am not in favor of things like the abacus from PB pic. While it is visually lovely to look at it is taking up tooooo much valuable real estate.

    My family and I love the movie Office Space and have watched it multiple times. We love your printer scene, and the one where he is trying to get ahead in traffic, but no matter which lane he is in it suddenly becomes the slow lane. And who has not felt like the guy with the red stapler?

    • I can’t imagine where you would put the giant abacus, but I do love it. I love that movie, too! That scene in traffic is a riot! The whole movie is just soooo funny! I’ve heard that it has a huge fan base. I’ve seen it several times and it never gets old. I was going through a drivethru recently to get a Coke and the person at the window had sticks and badges promoting some special all over her…she must have wearing 5 of them. As I drove off, all I could think was she’s a great employee, wearing her required flare and then some. Jennifer Anniston was so funny in that scene! πŸ™‚

  11. I’ve been working on my office also, and have started “collecting” the light “maple” cabinets from IKEA. I love your corner desk; I would have to have a raised platform to see out of my window, but it’s a thought… Lovely post!

    • Thanks Jeanie! I’ve been craving a trip to IKEA for a while now…I think you just pushed me over…gotta go now. lol I’ve been trying to collect their white wood hangers. They are so inexpensive and I love how they look in my closet. Each time I go, I purchase 4 packages of them…spreading out the cost. Hope they don’t quit selling them before I collect all I need. πŸ™‚ I’ll will look for your maple cabinets when I go. They have such neat things!

  12. Thanks for this office “tutorial”. I have had a similar idea for our “big room” — the bonus room over the garage — for about a year now. I need to get out my tape measure and start on a plan. After I get some money, that is! This post will help in the process!

  13. Thanks for this office “tutorial”. I have had a similar idea for our “big room” — the bonus room over the garage — for about a year now. I need to get out my tape measure and start working on a plan. After I get some money, that is! This post will help in the process!

    • Oh, Rhonda…that would be a great place for an office! Yes, do measure. All their measurements are online and they are accurate, so you can map everything out before you buy anything. I can never move now…my office might not fit in another house. πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks for the encouragement, Susan! I want to use it as a place for my boys to do homework and projects, rather than in front of the tv, as they often do now! I’d just like to get them more organized, and I think this will do the trick! Hope we can do it soon!

  14. Yes, they make color laser printers but they are outrageously expensive. I couldn’t imagine not being able to print in color though. They say that printer ink cartridges are more expensive per ounce than human blood. Thankfully I’ve never purchased blood but wow, I could sure go broke buying ink! Love your office, the layout, and your clear desk- something mine never is! πŸ™‚

    • I guess folks use them for printing out photos…or maybe for a presentation for a client. I believe that about the cartridges! They are ridiculous! That’s why ink jet printers are so cheap…they entice you to buy them so you’ll spend a fortune on their ink! It’s a racket!

  15. Susan, I loved reading this post. I also fell in love with the PB cabinets and I knew It was what I wanted for my new craft room. My husband loves woodworking and he is really good at it, so he offered to make the same ones for me and I have to say I just love them! I am enclosing a link on this post so you can see the post of my craft room cabinets if you would like. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! πŸ™‚

  16. I love the look of your entire workspace-walls and all. Do you have glass on the top surfaces of your desks?

    • Thanks, Joan! I do have glass on top surfaces. In the store, PB had a plexiglass available to purchase for the desktops. It’s was curling up in the store where I saw it so I didn’t like how it looked. I just called a local glass company and had them cut glass for the tops. I knew I’d be unhappy if I marked up the top with a pen or spilled paint on the surface while crafting. Also, the surface just feels/looks like it would show scratches pretty easily. The glass wasn’t inexpensive and definitely added to the cost, but it gives me peace of mind.

  17. Susan,
    I loved seeing your office, again, dear friend!!!
    I have desk organizers from Pottery Barn in my creative space, Studio One
    and I love their quality and functionality!!!
    I have the same Printer as your old one. . .
    nice to know there’s hope when it’s “on its last leg” for something much improved!!!

    • Thanks, Pat! Oh, I wish I had known you had that same one. I just took it and donated it at a thrift store today and it had two brand new cartridges (color and black ink) in it. I kept thinking I wish I knew someone I could mail those too.

  18. I have been debating whether to replace my grandma’s antique desk where I work with a more modern, functional one for some time now. I’ve finally decided now is the time & to hell with sentiment because my body is killing me trying to accomplish tasks here at this family heirloom. So, guess where I’ve been looking, with a lot of head scratching, too, I might add, for the past few days? Yes, Pottery Barn! I have been baffled & overwhelmed at the choices & configurations, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to this post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And from my aching back & wrists, too.

    • Alicia, I totally hear ya. I was working at a built in dressing table in the dressing room off my master bedroom for several months and I began to get a buzzing, stinging pain down my left arm. It ran from my neck all the way down. Every day it got worse until I finally realized if I didn’t do something, I was going to do some permanent nerve damage. After measuring I realized the dressing table was actually a couple of inches lower than a normal desk, so it was too low to be used daily as a desk. That’s when I turned my son’s old room into a home office. So don’t suffer any longer! Maybe you could place your grandma’s antique desk in another room and just use it for the occasional note writing or recipe book perusing. πŸ™‚ I just replaced the chair I’ve been sitting in for two years and what a relief…happy back now! It’s so important to be comfortable while you’re working, really makes life a lot easier. πŸ™‚

  19. I love the cream colors in the PB Bedford Collection that you used in your office. The cream colors give a nice airy feel to your office. The yellow plaid curtains and yellow walls are so feminine. Very nice! I have a light cherry color credenza and hutch in my Mom Cave. It is 111″ with a matching 5 foot storage piece at a right angle on the right side of the credenza. It’s to bad you can’t order the color you want on when you buy on Craigslist. Great storage but way to dark (and crowded).

  20. Can you tell me what computer you bought for you office? Do you use Windows 8? Love your office layout…I have a small sunroom I am converting to my new home office…a work in progress. Linda

    • Hi Linda,
      I had my computer built by Vision Computers about 4 years ago so it has Windows 7 on it. I just Vision them how I would be using it and what I needed and the salesperson guided me on what they would build for me. It’s not any more expensive than buying one from a big retailer and it doesn’t come with all that junk you don’t want. I am thinking about having them build me a new one next year since I’d like to upgrade my monitors and everything has changed so much, I need to upgrade the computer, too. I have been really pleased and can definitely recommend them. Plus, you get 3 years support and their hold time is supposed to be less than 15 seconds. I’ve never had to call them for service but once and it wasn’t anything that was wrong with the computer but turned out to be something else. I worked my computer to death and it has held up beautifully…so my next computer will definitely come from Vision. They also ship all over the world apparently.

  21. Hi,
    I found your site googling Pottery Barn Bedford desk. Like you, I have pored over their photos and am in the process of placing an order. Would you be wiling to comment on how the furniture is standing up to day to day use? Thanks!

    • Hi Athena, So far it’s done great. I spent about $250 to have glass tops made for the surfaces as soon as it was delivered because in so many of the reviews, folks were complaining how easy the top scratches, so I do recommend that. They sell some type of plexiglass looking stuff to use on top, but it was curling up when I saw it in their store, so went to the expense to have glass custom cut for the top. It’s held up well so far.

  22. Heidi L. says

    I am trying to slowly get back into the work force after being on a stay at home mom hiatus. I love your office space! It is quite inspiring! I am needing a clean, kid free space where I can feel organized and I have been looking at different desk sets and reviews. How long have you had this set and how well has it held up? Very curious before investing the money. Did you also find something comparable when you were looking? Would appreciate your feedback, I need all the ammunition I can get to sell this to my husband! LOL. Potential write off:-),

    • I’ve had it a couple of years now and it has held up well. I had glass cut to go on the top of the desk units since I’ve read the desk top will scratch. Ballard Designs had some similar style furniture back then, but I didn’t like it as much as the PB furniture. If they still do this, if you go on the Pottery Barn website, I think you’ll find where folks have written reviews on the furniture. You may want to read some of those, too. I have enjoyed it and use it every day. The only thing I didn’t like was the chair I purchased initially but the one I have now is very comfortable.

  23. I just purchased a used corner desk just like this one. I’m picking it up tomorrow. Can I ask if that back leg of the corner unit removes easily? I’m trying to see if I can fit it in my car. Thanks! I looooove your space! I just got my spare room emptied and am creating an office that I’m calling my Lady Lair and your space is a huge inspiration.

    • Maribel, yes it comes off. The corner desk top is actually in three sections…the middle part and the two “wings” that go out over the cabinet units. The leg attaches separately. It’s a two person job placing that top on the cabinets. I normally do a lot of things that are considered “two person jobs” alone but not that. You really do need another person to put it in place.

  24. Hi Susan,
    I am redoing my home office and considering the Pottery Barn Bedford collection. Your room is beautiful! Have you been pleased with the quality of the furniture? Is is holding up well? Thank you so much for your ideas. It is a little overwhelming to look at the furniture guide and try to choose all of the pieces I will need.

    • Carolyn, I have been happy with it. It’s certainly not “fine” furniture but it’s worked great for my needs and still looks great. I highly recommend having glass cut for the top…have read a lot of folks complaining in the reviews online that it scratches easily.

  25. These are lovely photos and I really like your paint color. Could you please tell me what colors you used in the first photo?

  26. Heidi LeRoy says

    Hi Susan,
    My husband and are trying to find a setup that works for both of us to share the office with two corner desks. Is your desk flush with the wall? Based on the size of our office it looks like it will end up sitting 3 inches off the wall. Any tips?



    • It is along the left side under the bulletin board and along the right side under the windows. But the Bedford corner desk doesn’t go all the way to the corner…the corner is sort of chopped off to make a flat edge. So it doesn’t touch the corner where the two walls come together. It should be fine a few inches off the wall. I used to have mine about 1 1/2 feet off the wall because I was trying to keep the ability to open and close the shutter panels. I eventually gave that up since I needed more space in the room itself. You can see how far it was out in this older post: Hope that helps, Heidi.

  27. What a great post! I love your office space. Could you let me know the dimensions of the corner desk set side by side? I am wondering if these sets would be fit in my home office. Thank you

    • Thanks, Sam! I’m not quite sure if you mean with the units that make up the side parts or not…but check this out.
      Go to this link

      Under that link, you’ll see Overview and you’ll see Dimensions & Care. Click on the Dimension & Care and they give a really detailed break down of all the measurements.
      If that doesn’t work, leave me a comment with some more detail and I’ll see if I can get that for you. I think you’ll probably find what you need though at that link since it’s so detailed.

  28. I just found this and THANK YOU! This info is priceless with a bonus about the printer – yes I know they were at one time outrageous in price so thanks for the heads up that they are affordable now. I too have the Bedford corner desk. Sadly my corner that I thought was perfect has a serious slope in the floor that seems to pile me up to one side of the desk. I am looking to revamp either the room arrangement or the desk.

    • Janet, could you maybe slide a few thin, wood shims or something up under the units or center support in the back? It’s a job to move it, I know!

  29. Hi, I love your inspiration of the Bedford office. I have some of the pieces and hope to expand soon. I noticed one piece in your set that I don’t see on the PB website. It is the small file holder that is on the desk to the right of your wrapping paper unit. Did you find that at another store? I’d love one for my desk! Would love to hear back from you.
    Thank you,

    • Thanks, Angela! I found that file sorter in Marshalls a year or two back but I saw them in there again this past summer. When you’re in Marshalls, TJ Max or HomeGoods, keep and eye out for them because they may get them in again sometime.

  30. I’m seriously considering buying some of the Bedford office desks from Pottery Barn in white for my two daughters, ages 12 and 14. How has your PB Bedford furniture held up? Are you happy with it? I’ve read some negative reviews of the Bedford furniture which said that the desktops showed wear and tear in a very short period of time. Was this your experience?

    • Yes, I’ve been happy with it but you do need to protect the surface/top with either the plastic protector PB used to sell (not sure if they still do) of have glass cut for the tops as I did. The edges will chip if you hit them with something, like if you accidentally bump the edge with a hard object like a stapler or tape dispenser. But all furniture will show wear a certain amount of wear if bumped. I do wish the paint finish was a harder finish and was less easily chipped. Would I buy it again? Yes, I love it and just accept the occasionally chip/wear will happen.

      • Hi Susan, i am considering getting glass protectors cut for my bedford desks and I have a corner desk just like yours. Would you mind telling me how you got your glass protectors cut? The corner has 3 main pieces, does your glass top cover all or is it in 3 pieces standing together. Did you get the edges of the glass chamfered? The corner desk top is huge, I am just curious if they can cut a glass top that large. Thanks πŸ™‚

        • Hi Ray,
          Well, I could write a whole post about this issue. lol The owner of the glass company I called in my area said that he couldn’t cut one big piece of glass. I don’t remember why now because that’s been several years back.

          So he cut one piece for the middle section, and two individual pieces for the sides. One good thing about doing it that way is if the edge of the glass ever chips or the glass breaks, you only have to replace the section that broke, not the entire piece.

          The bad thing about it being cut that way is dust/dirt particles get caught between the two pieces of glass where they come together/meet. Drives me crazy! It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have the big Bedford shelf piece that my monitors sit on. If it were just the desk, I could easily lift the glass to clean out from under it. I love having that top shelf but it’s a HUGE production whenever I want to lift up the glass on the corner desk section to clean under it.

          One thing that’s helped is recently I purchased this desk pad It’s wide/big enough that it partially fits across the gap where the two side glass pieces meet the center glass piece. It doesn’t overlap very much, but the place where it does overlap was where I had the most trouble with trash/dust, etc… getting between the glass sections.

          The glass company I used did bevel the edges so it doesn’t hurt at all when my arms rest on the edge.

          FYI: One day it occurred to me that I had never really used or tried the desk bare, without glass atop it. I wondered if I could just remove all the glass and just be careful and use my newly acquired desk pad to protect the area where I most worked.

          That lasted about 5 minutes. I removed one section of glass and just in the process of placing the lamp and a few more pieces back atop that section of glass, I manage to scuff the surface a little. So I immediately gave up the idea of working atop the desk without the glass in place. Some type of protective cover (be it glass or plexiglass) is a necessity for the Bedford office furniture, unless you don’t mind having a really scuffed damaged surface. I’m glad I had the glass cut from the start.

  31. Love your space. I am trying to think of a room to use as a office but also to sew, sit in a comfy chair and do needlework in and watch TV! Do you like your setup for sewing. I see your machine covered and you mentioned it as a sewing room too but how do you like your machine on top of the table? Do you use an insert around your machine while you sew? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Dianne, I don’t sew a lot, just sporadically when the mood hits and I’m working on a little project. When I do, I just move my keyboard out of the way and use the machine on my desk. My chair is adjustable so I can change the height if necessary. If I were sewing something large, I would probably need to work on a larger table but the desk works great for the small things I’ve sewn, so far. I do tend to end up doing every thing in this room. I have a small TV just above the monitors so I can have the TV playing or be listening to a book on Audible on my cell phone while I work, sew or just surf the net. I do like the way I have it set up. If I had wanted, I could have used the legs that came with the Pottery Barn “small desk” instead of placing the unit that holds the printer under the desk. That would have created leg space if I had wanted to sit there to sew. I keep thread and other sewing stuff in the drawers of the unit on the left. But I really wanted that unit to hold the printer…hate having a printer taking up desktop space. Hope that helps.

  32. I too am struggling with a Pottery Barn office design. How is that you FINALLY find modular, well built, nice furniture and it still isn’t flexible enough? So glad to find another in my spot.

    So do the tops just “sit” on top of the pedestals are they fixed in some way? Curious as I love the Printers collection but want a LONG desk (the 70″) and it doesn’t come that long (only Bedford). Did the tops you bought sit just nicely on top?

    And lastly, I was working on a long wall desk. But you might have inspired me to put the desk (with a corner) in front of the window. The window is floor to ceiling….but I was worried about covering it up. Looks great in your pic. Did you push all the way up to the window or leave room?

  33. Wow! I have been looking for something like this for months (countless hours of internet surfing). I did see this at the PB site but hadn’t looked well enough to see how modular it was. I can see from your design how I can modify this to fit in my small corner space I need to use for my home office. Thank you for sharing this. It looks so attractive and just as important functional.


  34. Love your post. Quick question. Where did you source the baskets for the open units?

  35. Caroline says

    Love this! Is the Bedford finished on the back side? Trying to do a L – shaped arrangement! Thanks!

  36. ashlee vanetta says

    I am trying to use the same collection also… have a small desk and lateral file cabinet… moving and need to add more… on the corner desk could you use the small desk top and eliminate one of the wings that come with corner set?? My wall is only 108 long… so wanting to just use that in place of the right wing with 2 cabinets under. Thanks!

    • Ashlee, I don’t think that would work because the two wings on the corner desk actually connect into the centerpiece, so they (along with cabinets below them) help support the desk. So, I don’t see how you could leave one of them off.

      • ashlee vanetta says

        Do you think the small desk top could be connected using the parts off of the wings?? I would also be placing 2 of the single file cabinets below…Just don’t have enough wall for the wing and the small desk top with cabinets below. The manager of the local store said it should work… but I was hesitant due to how i could connect .

        • I don’t think so because the way the center piece connects to the wing is kind of complicated. Here’s a photo showing how the center part connects to the wing on the right side of the desk. The left side connects the same way. Then they are supported by the cabinet unit underneath. Sorry, Ashlee…I hope you can figure out a way to make it work for you.
          Desk Connects to Side Wings

  37. Thank you so much for posting this! I am wondering about the cabinet that you have your computer in… I don’t see that on the Pottery Barn website. Perhaps it’s been discontinued.

    Is it possible to remove the shelf that your printer is on if I wanted to put a computer inside that cabinet? Thank you!

    • The piece I have my printer in is the Bedford Open File Cabinet and it’s available on sale here: The middle shelf in that unit isn’t removable, at least it isn’t on the one that I have. You can see all the pieces here:
      That’s weird, it appears they’ve discontinued the CPU cabinet…you can see it here:
      Maybe they think folks don’t use desktop computers anymore, but I sure do. I hope they bring that piece back, hate to see it discontinued.

    • Leah, you may want to call them and ask them if they have any left over somewhere or show any available in their stores or outlets, if that’s a piece you need.

  38. I know it’s been a few years since you posted your Bedford office pics., but I was wondering if you are able to open your shutters with the furniture in front of the windows? I have the exact same PB pieces and plantation shutters, as well, and I cannot put anything in front of the windows because my pieces are about an inch taller than the bottom of the shutters. I’d have to move everything out just to open the shutters to clean or open the window behind them. Still searching for a layout that works, but love what you did! A work in progress ~ Thanks!

    • No, unfortunately I can’t. I just open and close the louvers if I want to increase/decrease the light in the room. I don’t really miss being to able to open back the shutter panels because just the light coming in through the louvers can sometimes be so bright, I can’t see my computer screen. So I often have the louvers of the shutters closed up completely while working at my computer. So I haven’t really missed not being able to open up the shutter panels themselves since I can operate the louvers without any problem. Also, I removed all the screens from my windows years ago and it’s too way hot and buggy here in GA most of the year, to open the windows. So even if I could access the windows, I’d probably never open them. It would be nice for cleaning purposes, but that’s about all I miss by not being able to open the panels back.

  39. D.L. Martin says

    I love the clean lines of your well organized office. An inspiration! One office-related question I’ve been struggling with is printer space that allows room for remedying jams; i.e., opening the rear printer door. Did you come up with a solution? Maybe I just experience more jams than the average printer owner.

  40. Madeline says

    Hi Susan
    I have one Bedford cabinet and the rectangular desktop however can’t locate a second cabinet to complete my desk. Would you be interested in selling the legs from your 52′ desktop if you still have them?
    Kind regards

    • Hi Madeline, I’m reluctant to sell those or part with them since I’m not sure what my layout will be if/when I move from here. I keep thinking of downsizing or moving to be near my grandchildren. They still sell the cabinets online at Pottery Barn, I believe. I’ve seen them on there, over the years. Also, I see from time to time on eBay. Do you have a Pottery Barn Outlet near you? I’ve even seen them in there. Some of their cabinets are still available here:

      I would love to purchase a new CPU cabinet but unfortunately, the employees in my local Pottery Barn told me that PB changed manufacturers for the Bedford line a few years back so now all the furniture has a greenish hue to it that it didn’t have before. I discovered that the hard way when I reordered the little Bedford Office Lazy Susan to replace my old one that had a small ink stain inside from a pen. The new one had a greenish hue and didn’t match my existing Bedford furniture. So I dou bt the legs I have would even match your desk.

  41. Luba Yammine says

    Hello Susan,

    What a beautiful and functional office! I love everything about it!

    I wanted to ask where you ordered glass protectors for the desks. I am considering buying a corner desk from this collection, but I want to make sure that I will be able to find glass. I haven’t had much luck thus far. Thank you for any recommendations!

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