Decorate a Porch in Victorian Style

Yesterday we saw how Amy completely transformed a little used patio into a fabulous screened in porch.  Today I’m back with another wonderful patio to porch transformation, although this one was done with Victorian flair.

Renee, a reader of BNOTP shared some lovely pictures of her porch addition. Is this not enchanting?! The lantern and the lovely silhouette draw you in. I want to follow that path and peek into the porch!

Victorian Screened Porch

I love the design of the porch with the hip roof. The porch was already a part of Renee’s home, she only had to screen it in to complete her screened porch.

Victorian Screened Porch

Let’s go inside out of the afternoon sun and take the tour.

Victorian Screened Porch

Porches are one of my very favorite “rooms” to decorate. The sky is the limit when decorating your porch.  Make your porch whatever you want it to be! Renee envisioned an old fashioned Victorian era porch filled with lots of pretty white wicker.  It feels so light and airy, just like summer.

Victorian Screened Porch

The green and white striped cushions remind me of old photos I’ve seen of the Victorian era resorts where the very wealthy (and sometimes famous) vacationed on holiday. Good news! You don’t have to be wealthy to create you own backyard escape, your own bit of paradise.  🙂

Renee loves to visit antique stores when traveling.  During a previous trip she found the little wicker doll chair and stool.

Victorian Screened Porch with white wicker

Look at that glorious sunshine! Oh, how I love a porch! Imagine whiling away the afternoon on this settee with a wonderful book and a big kitty in your lap.

Victorian Screened Porch with white wicker settee

When Renee was a little girl, she had a dollhouse like the little one here on the porch.  Renee said, “The dollhouse I found on Ebay…it is one like we had as kids that we wish we had not gotten rid of!”   Haven’t we all done that, gotten rid of things from our childhood to only wish we had them again.  I love that Renee was able to find another one.  It lends so much nostalgia to this wonderful porch.

Victorian Screened Porch 08_wm

Renee told me she found the cute “hand” sign on Etsy.

Victorian Screened Porch

So fun…love the clock, too!

Victorian Screened Porch with Clock Hanging from Porch Wall

Renee gets a “helping hand” with her gardening tools.

Victorian Porch

Whimsy and porches…they go together just like peanut butter and jelly!

Victorian Porch

Renee included a beautiful wicker swing on her porch. She said, “I took inspiration from your chain covers…great idea!”  Thanks Renee!  I do love hiding those metal swing chains.  Renee used electrical cord covers, too.  Looks like she may have used the same ones I did from Hobby Lobby.  Pssst: You’ll find more information about how I covered my swing chains with Hobby Lobby cord covers here: Easy Way to Hide Metal Swing Chains

Victorian Screened Porch


Renee, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful Victorian-style screened porch!

Have a porch or a room makeover you would like to share with the BNOTP readers? Send me 6-10, large, non-blurry pictures taken without the use of a flash and if possible (can’t promise) I’ll try to feature it sometime here on zay blog.  Photos should include a “room” shot along with lots of great detail/close-up pics, too.

You’ll find the BNOTP e-mail address under the “contact” tab at the top of the sidebar.

Happy Summer!


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  1. It is absolutely gorgeous. Great inspiration for the screened porch and (hopefully) sun room we are soon to build. I just saw that exact doll house at an antiques store, too! Take care, y’all – Dawn

  2. Sandi Lee says

    What a wonderful porch. Can you tell us where she found the green and white striped cushions please. I need some new ones for my wicker. Thanks so much. Hope you are doing well-thinking of you often.

  3. Wow,wow,wow,it is my dream!!
    Good afternoon!

  4. I have a daughter by the same name and I have the little round wicker table and use it in my bathroom. I added a larger round glass top to it to have more space to put my ‘bathroom reading books’, etc. there.
    You just know that this is a Southern porch as only Southerners know the value of having a porch swing, n’est ce pas? Also Southerners know the value of taking the time to ‘sit a spell’. Love the post Susan.

  5. Sandi Lee says

    Thanks so much Susan and I loved seeing the doll house too as it looks just like mine from the 50’s which was given away sadly years ago. Hopefully it has brought lots of joy to others down the ages!!! I sure loved it and spent hours moving furniture around. Thanks for your help.

  6. Thanks, Susan for this look at a beautiful porch! Especially love the swing! Like Sandi Lee, I, too, had that exact same dollhouse in the 50’s & it was metal – sure wish I still had it! And lots of OTHER things that got thrown or given away! Our “screened porch” here in FL is actually the lanai – screened-in pool area with seating…’s nice in the cooler weather, but way too hot & humid to sit & enjoy during the day now. Occasionally we’ll sit out there in the evening when it’s not 90+*!!

    • Faith, I’m pretty sure I did, too…it’s looks really familiar. That must have been on every little girls wish list back then. So even fans don’t help with that humidity, huh?

      • I looked on Ebay and there are several of those dollhouses available – most are bids and one ends in an hour & is almost $50 already! It is definitely the same one I had – it’s made by Marx & probably most every little girl who wanted one had this one! I even remember the way they hooked the pieces of metal together with those little tabs!
        As for the porch….it is 90 right now with 54% humidity, dew point of 71* and the “feels like” temp is 96*! By 3 PM it will be even worse. We have two ceiling fans out there & even turned up all the way, it’s just too darned hot to be out there. Also, as a melanoma survivor, cooling off in the pool is now on my No No list – never going through THAT again! Plus it is always so dirty out there – every tree in FL has pollen and no matter how much you clean out there, you have a layer of “dirt” no matter what. Don’t want to glass it in because it is rather narrow for the roof- covered area, but the screening goes past the 14 x 28 pool, so it feels humongous by not glassing it in! Oh, did I mention cleaning all the patio doors takes time too??!! LOL – maybe I’m just getting old & tired….!

        • Sounds like you need to cover the pool or maybe enclose it! 🙂 I read somewhere, or maybe saw it on tv that a lot of houses in FL have indoor pools due to the bugs. That would solve the sun problem. Melanoma is scary stuff! Glad you got rid of that!

        • Faith, that was fun looking at all the different styles and colors of the Marx houses on eBay. They must have made a fair number of them to have so many on eBay at one time. They are cute!

  7. Her porch is darling – love the style.

  8. Gorgeous porch! Love all the details…the dollhouse brought back good memories..I had one just like it!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful porch!
    Miss Bloomers

  9. Mary from Virginia says

    Lovely porch! Beautiful furniture! Cute and fun items all around. Yes, this porch is perfect! Thanks for the fun post. I love to see how others decorate.

    Oh and I LOVE the dollhouse. Susan, you inspired me to purchase one for myself after showing your cute yellow doll house. So glad she was able to find one like her childhood dollhouse.

    P.S. I want that silhouette 😀 I wonder where she got it?

  10. I had a doll house just like that one and wish I still had it.

  11. Such a comfortable space; looks like an invitation to linger longer. Is the silhouette in the first photo painted on the opposite side, as the cow in the next photo? Looks as if someone is popping by for tea.

    • Thanks Linda!…Yes, the silhouette is painted black on both sides, although I am thinking of painting another in color and lifelike (maybe a pretty pink dress!) The cow I found at an Antique store..

  12. I love seeing all these porches as I’m getting great ideas for a porch I’d like to add to my house in the near future! Thanks!

  13. I love the porch. Being from the South that is what you did after supper was sit on the porch. No one in So CA does that. They are all in their back yards. Miss the porch.
    Have a great week Susan.

  14. margaret carlson says

    I had that same dollhouse. I remember playing with it for hours!!

  15. Betty819 says

    Sylvia Faye..your thinking and mine were the same..looks like a Southern Brick Home and screened in porch.. Oh, doesn’t it look like you could sit there and relax all day, drink sweet tea, shell some butterbeans or peas and listen to the radio or chat with a relative, neighbor or close friend. I’m getting homesick for my Southern Roots!

    • Betty, that all sounds so nice …I remember doing all those things with my Grandmother, Mother, Sisters, Aunts and cousins growing up…yes, a porches sure bring back memories. Your right, makes one homesick.

  16. Betty819 says

    Renee, I love all your wicker furniture, all your accessories..I’m trying my best to read the sign on the Wall. I can read the word RELAX. Love the yellow rug or is that painted there like that? The sign coming out of the kitchen door(I’m assumming it is kitchen area. (back doors are more used in the South then the front entrance). That sign is near where your garden tools are hanging. Love the Home Sweet Home Sign too! Can you share where you purchased them? Home Goods, perhaps? I have a wooden plaque that was given to me as a gift and I hung it outside without sealing it and the paint finish peeled. I’m thinking of spray painting the entire sign and use it for something else..Maybe use some vinyl lettering or trace some letters, then paint them. The sign is the shape of a half side of a circle or oval . Any ideas how I can decorate it?

    • Betty, Thanks you so much! Here is the wording on “Relax” sign…I bought it on Etsy…

      Porch Rules
      Read a book
      Sip Ice Tea or Hot Chocolate
      Enjoy the Seasons
      Feel the Breeze
      Listen to the Birds
      Visit with Friends
      Take Lots of Naps
      Watch the Sun Set

      Yes, it is a rug…I bought it from … just loved the writing on it..:)
      The “Home Sweet Home” sign was also purchased at Etsy
      The other signs..Garden, Vegetables and Flowers I bought at SteinMart…I have seen lots of cute signs at Home Goods…(my favorite store!) I am also wanting to paint a sign, I’m thinking of “Eggs 10 cents” or “Fresh Flowers”…still deciding…Good Luck!…I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  17. What a lovely porch! It is perfect, love everything about it! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  18. Karen Ann says

    Really enjoyed seeing the porch decorated Victorian Style. We are soon building a porch and my only request is that is has a swing!! I love that clock and have been searching for an outdoor clock that is different. Do you have any idea where it was purchased? BTW, I love your blog and it is on my “read everyday list”.

  19. So very pretty and inviting! We are in process of enclosing one of our screened porches for a craft studio for ME! I am beyond excited!
    Thanks for sharing so many inspiring spaces on your blog!

  20. Donnamae says

    What a wonderful place to while away an afternoon! 😉

  21. ann pauley says

    She has a real knack for decorating and pulling it altogether. Great job!
    One would feel very comfortable visiting on this porch. So cozy.
    Ann P.

  22. Such a beautiful porch! Gives me ideas of what can be done with our sunroom…

  23. Peggy Thal says

    Sweet porch! Makes one want a glass of lemonade or a spot of tea. I had the same doll house as a little girl. Loved it so! Gave it away to a little neighbor girl when we moved from Texas to Connecticut . Army brat. Thanks for showing the cute little porch. It is decorated so feminine. A little outdoor home.

  24. This is an adorable porch.

  25. This is the most awesome porch ever! I’m going to borrow so many of these ideas.

    I LOVE that decorated step ladder!

  26. I love this porch!

  27. Love this!

  28. Hi Susan,
    Such a lovely screened porch makes a comfortable place to read a summer book. Thanks for sharing so that we can all gather here. Make it a lovely week.

  29. Thanks everyone for the nice words…so glad you all liked it!!

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