Decorate in White for Fall

It’s late summer and the temps are still warm here in the south, but in the evenings there’s a hint of fall in the air.

Screened Porch


Yesterday I shared a new lamp I had just added to the porch. It’s painted one of my fave colors, a soft green. I love the color combination of green and white. It feels so fresh and so alive.

Porch Decorated in Green and White


I have a hutch here on the porch and it’s painted in the same pretty green. Each year when I decorate it in early fall, I normally go with the traditional fall colors of red, gold, brown. This year I decided to try something completely different.

Porch Hutch Decorated for Fall


Inspired by the new lamp, I decided to decorate the hutch for fall in soft whites and creams. I’m liking how that looks with the lamp that lives on the hutch, too.

Decorate a Hutch for Fall in White


Would you ever believe you could decorate for fall using collectibles and objects in white and cream? I’m surprised how much I like it. It really makes for a nice transition from summer to fall.

Decorate for Fall in White


Let’s take a closer look.

White Turkeys, White Pumpkins for Fall

Pumpkins remind us fall is just around the corner while the turkeys take us deeper into fall and celebrations of Thanksgiving.

White Pumpkins & Turkeys for Fall


I found these cute turkey soup tureens in Old Time Pottery three years ago. Unfortunately, they only had three so I’ve never been able to use them in a Thanksgiving table setting. Maybe I’ll have to set a two-person Thanksgiving table sometime. I keep checking when I visit OTP, hoping they’ll get another one in.

White Pumpkins and Turkeys


I baked blueberry muffins this morning in hopes you would stop by. Be sure and have one before you go! I’ve already sampled them, you know…just to make sure they were okay to eat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

White Turkeys, White Pumpkins for Fall


I’m holding onto summer just a little bit longer…but anticipating fall in all its glory.

Decorate a Hutch for Fall in White


Decorating in White for Fall

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  1. Susan, the white pumpkins and turkeys are so pretty and fresh for fall! They are the perfect compliment to your pretty lamp. I love seeing the whites and neutrals for fall.

  2. Beautiful…something different! I love the turkeys! Thank you Susan for yet another inspiration!

  3. So, where did you get the PUMPKIN soup tureens??? They are beautiful!!! I love how you have done this, Susan! Great transitional look. It is hot and humis here today and tomorrow but cooling off by the weekend! Have a great week. XO, Pinky

  4. I always marvel at the range of crockery you have, Susan and how effectively you display it!

  5. Very pretty! Perfect for this time of year, in our ‘still hot’ weather.

  6. Thumbs up, Susan. It looks great!

  7. Looks great!!

  8. The new lamp and all your pretty pottery looks very festive for this time of year, Susan! It is fun to do something a little off the beaten path and I think this looks just perfect for your porch. I’ve always had a hard time decorating for fall because most of my rooms are neutral with touches pf pastels. Orange just doesn’t look too great! I love when I can find the white and grey pumpkins, but was never too sure about what to add… so, lots of great ideas here, Susan! Thanks!


  9. I was shopping on Sat. and started to reach for the traditional pumpkins, leaves, etc., all in fall colors. By the time I had reached the end of the aisle, I turned around and put them back. I had decided to use white pumpkins also. Your display is absolutely beautiful and SOOTHING!! It has been a difficult summer for me and the red, greens and golds are just too colorful for me right now. Thanks for doing the white fall so well!

  10. Love the fresh airiness of it all, Susan!

    xoxo laurie

  11. I’ve been seeing alot of people decorating for fall in white this year. I’m thinking I like it!
    P.S. Thanks for the muffin!

  12. I love the white especially here in Georgia where it’s hot as fire until late October and sometimes even November. The reds, yellows, oranges and browns just make me feel hotter unless I have lots of white or black with them. This is just perfect for our dog day and Indian summer heat! Great job and love all the soup tureens.

  13. Susan,
    What a great idea! It really does fit our “hot” falls down here and looks fresh to boot. I will be stealing this idea with pride. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. I am so JEALOUS! Love all those pumpkin tureens! I’m heading to pier 1 as we speak.

  15. Susan, I love the white pumpkin tureens too! Will have to get over to Pier on to check them out. White is my favorite, and I love how you’ve incorporated it into your fall decor for your hutch.

  16. Marilyn Clark says

    I love the cream and white. Makes me want to run out and buy a bunch of white fall pottery ! I love something different from the orange and gold that still speaks Fall. Looks so fresh and inviting !

  17. So pretty Susan – I adore all your pumpkin tureens! I’ve been thinking about painting the backs of my living room bookcases in red or green and decorating them with all white dรฉcor. You just inspired me to take the plunge!

  18. Susan,
    I too have decided to do white this year for fall decorating! I have never been a fan of the color orange, but have always used orange in the fall along with the other traditional fall colors. I decided after seeing some lovely little white linen pumpkin pillows on etsy that I would do white this year along with the other pale pumpkin colors this fall. (Peach, light bluish and white). I am liking less color this year, may even go white this Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Oh your hutch is just lovely! I’ve always had a “thing” for turkeys. Probably because we used to show them as kids in 4H. We even have a few wild ones that come to our feeders all winter. (My husband laughs at me…I’ve named them.) Anytime I see a turkey planter, plate, or tureen at a thrift store? It’s mine! And speaking of muffins. I made raspberry white chocolate ones this morning! Come over anytime!

  20. I love the fresh, clean look, Susan! I’m in the midst of painting my entire main floor so won’t be decorating for fall until much later … and since I seem to be moving at the speed of a snail, I may just go straight to the Christmas dรฉcor when I finish! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t even think about fall right now … daytime temperatures are still well into the 80s here and even though I’m not a huge fan of the heat, I have to say I’m enjoying it. Your table settings are one of my favourite parts of your blog and I would love to see you design a two-person autumn/Thanksgiving table. I know it would be wonderful! You are such an inspiration to creatively-challenged me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. High 90s here today with so much humidity it is unbearable………….loving your whites for early fall transitioning……………..can’t wait till it cools off, I really hate hate hate it too hot.

    Your collection is amazing – hope you do find more of those turkeys, but just three lined up as a centerpiece would be awesome.

  22. What a great idea to decorate with whites and creams for our “Fall” here in the South that feels more like summer to most folks. I adore this look on your porch. Thanks for sharing your great photos with us…love your new lamp!

  23. Susan, I love the white for fall…You have such a talent for decorating. I love your house and your porch.

  24. Lovely display Susan! I marvel at your tableware and pottery collections also! Where so you store all of these items? do you must have a walk in closet just for your decor pieces?

  25. OHMYGOSH Susan, your White pumpkin collection is to die for!!! Amazing looking hutch with the lovely White fall pieces…LOVE IT!!! Big hugs,

  26. Why don’t you mix the pumpkins and turkeys on your table?You told us not to be afraid to mix so do it!!!!!!!

  27. Mary from Virginia says

    I have several white ceramic pumpkins that I bought at Garden Ridge (do you have a Garden Ridge?) Anyway, my sister and I purchased them 4 or 5 years ago after noticing a lady who had a cart full. We thought she had to be onto something! I’ve enjoyed my white pumpkins so much that we will be using white pumpkins for my niece’s October 19th wedding. My sister is even growing white pumpkins for the wedding.

    I love your pumpkins against that pretty green! I may have to go to Pier 1 soon. Thank you for the tip.

  28. Love it Sue! Great idea. I’ll be by in the morning for a blueberry muffin and some coffee!! Wait how many hours is it from Atlanta to Traverse City? Well I better start hustling!!

  29. Love it Sue! Great idea. Iโ€™ll be by in the morning for a blueberry muffin and some coffee!! Wait how many hours is it from Atlanta to Traverse City? Well I better start hustling!!

  30. Susan, the hutch with your collection of pumpkins and tureens is impressive! I love all the colors of fall but I love the white, also. Did you know that we’re growing some white pumpkins in our garden? I’m ready to cut them off the vine to start decorating with them, but it may be too early!

  31. Genius idea! I absolutely love the look — the perfect transition — especially when you live in a warm climate. Brilliant!!

  32. I too am having a hard time with the traditional colours…. not sure why this year. So far all I have done is placed a few armloads of dried hydrangea blooms about in buckets, baskets and a little box. Luv the hint of clour they provide. Thinking a neutral palette this year.
    Luv your green and white!!

  33. Susan, I like the white fall decor. It does look fresh and cool. Great idea!

  34. Love the cream white turkeys and pumpkins. They really stand out against the green of your hutch. Very attractive. I am a fan of cream white for my hutch decor any time of the year. I have been collecting the cream white harvest pieces for years. I don’t think of them as fall, to me they are just pretty.

  35. I love your posts and I love the lo0k of your porch!!!
    Here’s my question… looks like, from this photo, that your porch is open to the element (ie, not glass enclosed etc).
    How do you keep it so clean???!!! dust and dirt free, leaf free, bug free etc etc
    I have to hose down my porch every other day and could never have real furniture on it (of course, it’s not as elevated and deep as yours….)

    Just wondering for my next house with it’s wrap around porch (a girl can dream…. :))

    • Thanks, Lori! It gets dirty, I just vacuum or sweep it about once a month which takes about 10 minutes. This year it’s needed cleaning more often because we’ve had constant rain. Pollen season is the really bad time but that only lasts about a month in the spring. I think it may help that it’s a full story up…that probably does help it to stay a bit cleaner.

  36. Love your porch and decorating in white for fall! I find myself leaning in that direction too! Absolutely beautiful!~~Angela

  37. Your white fall look is gorgeous; luv your porch! I decorated my living room with cream pumpkins this year, even
    spray painted one of my old orange pumpkins a shiny gold then hot glued rows of ivory pearl Christmas garlands,
    40 percent off at Hobby Lobby, covering the whole pumpkin- OMGee stunning and sophicated:-).

  38. Diana Walters says

    Susan, I am a huge fan of using white/cream for year round base layer decorating. The way you have it now is perfect! Closer to Halloween, I might change the turkey tureens for some Halloween/All Hallows decor, then put them back and closer to Thanksgiving add some berries or ribbons with more autumnal colors. As always, I love the way you put things together and would love to sit on your porch with a cuppa joe and a muffin to discuss all the ways that we are fabulous! HA!

  39. Hi Susan. Love, love, love the white pieces in your green cabinet. So fresh and pretty.

  40. So beautiful!!! Love all the white on your pretty cabinet. So elegant for the fall. I am a big fan of the white pumpkin. Such a lovely porch. I would love to be invited for drinks!

  41. This is lovely. I love your turkey tureens and pumpkins. I have been pulling out all my white as well. I don’t have any fall specific whites but I intend to add a few nods to the season.
    I have always like your cupboard. It make the porch seem more like an extra room. You are a great stylist.
    Have a great week, Ginger

  42. Susan, I really like the atmospheres you create and your lamps are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for inspiring me and regards from France

  43. ~SuSan~
    I too love your turkey and pumpkins, they are a winner !!!
    All your lamps are wonderful on your porch, I really like the white one with the weave on it is my fav!!!
    I wanted to go look around yesterday at Hobby Lobby and Michaels, but with temps in the high 90s here in northern Indiana, I wasn’t in the fall mood for some reason (hehe). But over the weekend I purchased some beautiful mums in Indianapolis while visiting my daughter so thats one step close to FaLL !!yeahhh
    Have a super day !

  44. This is so pretty! I have some white fall dรฉcor and am going to try something similar in a child-size hutch we have. Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!!!

  45. Hi Susan,
    I love all the white dishes and your porch is georgous! I was wondering where you got the “water” pitcher….love it!
    Charlotte T

  46. Hi, Susan,
    On the west coast we are struggling with high temps and humidity (so unlike our normal weather!) and I’ve held off on fall decorating ( I still need the “coolness” of white curtains and light colors). Your idea of white and cream fall decor has really inspired me to act! I’m shopping today for those colors for my living room mantel! Then I’ll feel like I’m giving a nod to fall, and saying good-bye to summer without it being too much of a startling experience! I’m just not ready for bright yellows and oranges and fall leaves. Thanks for the good ideas!

  47. Great choice! Love the white and the green. Just a touch of orange is all I can manage – not my favorite.

  48. Very pretty, Susan. I’ve started decorating my Floridian hutch all white for autumn this year. Love how fresh your whites look with the green.

  49. Hi, Susan! Oh, I just love this look with all of your white and those are darling pumpkins. I adore your sweet green hutch and I had it in mind when I painted my breakfast hutch green! I kinda copy catted! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. Very nice. I have autumn colors all though my home all year ; on the walls, in the furniture(what can I say I love autumn!) But I love white accents and I think I may follow in your footsteps and do a white fall this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  51. Susan Thorne says

    I went to Pier 1 this morning looking for the white pumpkin tureens but they only have orange. They said the have never had white & even looked it up in case they were going to get them. Couldn’t even find them at all! I am sooooo disappointed ๐Ÿ™

  52. I ADORE the white turkeys! I collect white/cream turkeys because we live on a turkey farm and that’s what we raise! Farmers switched to white because dark feathers leave a dark mark when plucked, and it was kind of unappetizing on the skin of the Thanksgiving bird. Besides, collecting white turkeys means I can incorporate them into my decor pretty easily without people wondering why I have my Thanksgiving decorations up all year long!

  53. Sonam Srivastava says

    wow… lovely!

    please link to Designing Life’s 1st Linking Party!

  54. Your display of white fall decor really spoke to me. I am a bit obsessed and also mainly use whites all through the year actually. I have large topiary trees flanking black front door. I made a huge wreath with boxwood type foliage and vintage looking artichokes and also dark greenish black slightly shimmery ribbon. I scattered a few large white pumpkins (real) and 2 great looking older grayish black ones (fake, Pottery Barn). Also, put out a few of our Magnolia tree branches. Thank you for your lovely display which will serve as a springboard for others who also enjoy white.

    • Denise, that sounds beautiful! Orange is my least favorite color…just don’t really like it so I love the idea of decorating with white and using a lot of natural colors, green and earthy colors. Would love to see pictures of your decor…sounds really pretty!

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