A Fun Halloween Night!

Welcome to the 666th Metamorphosis Monday!

I feel a bit jet-lagged this morning from all the fun and festivities last night. I was working at my computer yesterday afternoon and suddenly realized it was four o’clock and I didn’t have the spiders up on the porch columns, didn’t have the pillows out on the benches, and hadn’t lit the gas lantern. I usually light it for Halloween and let it burn all through the holiday season.

The little ones in my neighborhood always start coming around early for Halloween, especially when the next day is a school night. I threw it into high gear–getting the porch fully decorated again and cleaning all the glass panes in the gas lantern before lighting it. Lighting the lantern involves using a pair of pliers to turn a small, metal handle on the meter located on the side of the house. Then I patiently wait for the gas to reach the lantern (takes about a minute) so I can light it. I think it adds a little ambiance to Halloween night.


Before long, it will be time to decorate the lantern for Christmas.

Gas Lantern Decorated for Christmas


Here’s how the candy bags looked when filled and ready to go. I found this huge, plastic cauldron many years ago and it comes in handy every year for holding the bags near the front door. The kids were hilarious, I had so much fun! My neighbor next door had a large movie screen set up and a fun party going for the kids and their parents as they stopped by. What a fun, fun Halloween!

Candy in Bags, Ready for Halloween


Recently, I shared how I planned to decorate the porch for Halloween. I decided to add one more spider into the mix since I shared that post.

It's Halloween Night, Porch Decor


A Halloween Porch


Before, there were just two, the ones crawling down the columns. The one near the front door is a new addition. Hee, hee.

Halloween Porch Decorating Ideas


These spider decorations are the easiest way in the world to add some spooky fun to a front porch for Halloween! I should have used these ages ago! I would have left them up the whole month of October but I wasn’t sure how they would hold up to rain and we’ve had a ton of that over the last few months. So I put them up yesterday afternoon. I wish now I had put the one over the door up earlier since he’s out of the rain.

Halloween Night Porch, Spiders


The spider by the front door was only removed from his packaging a couple of hours before these photos were taken, so his hairy legs hadn’t had time to fluff up as much as those on the columns. They were quite fluffy by the time I removed them all last night. lol

Halloween Night, 2021


I placed a pumpkin beside the lantern near the steps so the little ones wouldn’t bump into it. That worked great and no one ever bumped into it or the lantern.

Spiders on Columns, Halloween


A few of the parents came up right to the porch and were so sweet and generous with their comments about the decorations. I think the parents love the decorations as much (if not more) than the kids! I know how excited I get when I see a home decorated for any holiday, but then I’m crazy about stuff like that!

Decorate for Halloween, Halloween Porch


How was your Halloween? I hope it was awesome!

A Halloween Porch

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time and effort goes into doing so and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  2. I know the kids loved your giant spiders Susan, spooktacular! Thanks for the Monday fun!

  3. The spiders are awesome! We had friends for dinner earlier this week and I had little black spider rings on the napkins ( and scattered around the table)…they were a big hit. The women put them right on their fingers. My friend emailed yesterday that she thought she had a big spider in her bedroom, got a tissue to get it, and then realized it was the ring that had fallen off the floor!

  4. Where did you get Spiders they are wonderful.
    Don’t know how I missed if you told us before
    Your Blog is always so informative and beautiful
    So happy you are willing to use your time to make those
    Of us who follow you feel better
    Thank You

  5. Love your Halloween porch decor!! The spiders are creepy fun. Especially love a gas light! Also love your front porch lights…very beautiful!

  6. Looks so fabulous, fun and festive!! Love those spiders!! Your treat bags are adorable. Would you mind sharing how you hung the spiders? Especially the one at your front door. I always have a hard time hanging things(spiders, garland, wreaths) and wonder how to do it without much damage.

    • Thanks, Anne! The ones on the columns, I just used one of their legs on either side and wrapped those around the columns and together. That kinda makes them look like they have six legs so I probably should have used black yarn. I was just being lazy and used their legs instead.
      For the one near the door, I have three skinny, tall nails across the very top of that piece of wood molding over the door. I use it every Christmas for the fresh garland I like to decorate with around the door. I wrapped two of the legs around the nails that are sticking up and one leg I sorta tucked under a section of the lantern. The legs are wired inside so they are great about staying where you position them.

    • I bet you could use command hooks and just hook the tips of the legs around those or use black yarn and attach them to the command hooks that way.

  7. Anne Stevenson says

    It just hit me after I posted and saw your red door. Have you thought about next year, adding a black grapevine wreath with a large Vampire in the middle? Count Dracula with that red door would be so ghoulish. I’m not into gore, and don’t like to scare kids, but I can also see a large set of just fangs on the wreath or smaller ones all around it with your red door behind it! I think the adults would get a bigger kick out of it than the small kids!

    • That would be amazing! lol I do need a more Halloween-appropriate wreath. I have a few Halloween door thingies that I’ve used in the past, but none fit with the spider theme this year. I love your idea, though!

  8. Love the big spiders! Their size is perfect. We live in rural area and don’t get trick or treaters so Halloween is the one holiday I don’t decorate for anymore since my kids have grown. But if I did, I’d definitely use those spiders. Glad you had a fun night!

  9. Everything looks great, Susan! The spiders, the pillows (love those pillows!) the lanterns, pumpkins, all of it. And the little goodie bags are so cute. I particularly like the mummy and the skeleton.

    We had a ton of kids! Considering we usually hardly get any, we had loads and it was so much fun. But like you, I’m rather worn out today. I actually ran out of candy. That has never happened before! I always get lots and give out lots. I loved trick or treating so much when I was a kid and I always wanted to make it fun for kids when I grew up. I couldn’t believe I ran out of candy! It was getting pretty late by that time, but still. I won’t let that happen next year.

    Thanks for sharing this fun metamorphosis. I would have loved to see it in person. Oh, and that gas light! I love that. I didn’t realize it was actually gas. I had a lantern light like that at my last house (electric bulb – I used the candle shaped bulbs) and I also have a lamp post light at this house. I love them. They bring so much cozy atmosphere to your front walk. Have a great week!

    • Aww, that’s awesome that you got so many! I’m always worried I’ll run out and usually overbuy. I did pretty well this year…had just about the right amount.

      Yes, I love the flickering flame, the only thing is if we get really, really strong winds, it goes out and I have to relight it. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen a lot. I’ve thought about replacing it with an electric one since it gives off very little light so isn’t helpful for finding the walkway. But it is beautiful to see…love that part.

  10. Your Halloween Decor is amazing! Great job. Happy November and thanks for hosting.

  11. I love how your spiders look Susan, and yes, the third one made all the difference! Love the lanterns too, love gas lightening as well. Your candy bags look so cute, so much easier than handing out a few lose pieces of candy out the bucket. I went to my late husband’s cousin’s house. We took our kids trick or treating years ago and now we just have supper together and then see the kids and hand candy out. lol But we didn’t get hardly any trick or treaters! And usually, (for 30 years) there is a ton of them. Not this year. Last year in the thick of Covid, there were a lot…but not this year. I was so sad. I love seeing the kiddo’s in their costumes. I live in the country, so no trick or treaters ever at my house. Glad you enjoyed the evening and yes, I know I like seeing the décor when I took the boys trick or treating! Hugs, Brenda

    • That’s so strange how it varies so much. I wonder why y’all had so many last year and hardly any this year? I wonder if it’s because it was a Sunday night with school the next day. It’s always pretty consistent here from year to year. They always start early, well before it’s dark. When I was growing up, we always waited for dark–not sure why. lol
      I know, I love to ride down the street and see what everyone has done to get ready. Now we’ll all be decorating for Christmas soon.

  12. I love all the festive decor and candy bags you shared for Halloween. It’s all fantastic! Thanks so much for hosting. I hope you have a great week, CoCo

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