2 Before & Afters: How My Daughter-in-Love, Nancy, and I Work from Home

Welcome to the 585th Metamorphosis Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I have an exciting, pretty “Before and After” to share today, actually a couple of Before and Afters! You may remember a while back I purchased this small desk to use when visiting my son, daughter-in-love and grandchildren. In the past, I always brought along my laptop. Combined with an exterior monitor, this set up worked quite well for 2-3 week visits.

Workstation and Desk Arrangement for Small Space


When I came up this time, I wasn’t sure how long I’d be here since I’m helping homeschool and care for my grandsons while my son and daughter-in-law work during the day. Since I had a feeling this visit would be longer than normal, I brought up my main computer with me this time. Before leaving home, I hurriedly shopped online for a desk that would support a CPU Tower and double monitors.

At home, I’m used to working with two monitors. When traveling, I find it very slow and somewhat frustrating trying to work with just a single monitor. Double monitors will spoil you quickly!



The new desk was definitely working better for me than the smaller one. I gave the smaller desk to my daughter-in-love, Nancy. Though the larger desk was working much better, there were a few things about it that I wished were different.

I prefer a deeper desk because I like to rest my arms on my desk while typing. That wasn’t really possible on the new desk below since it’s fairly shallow. There’s just enough room on the surface of the desk for a keyboard. I have been mainly using the pull-out tray for my keyboard, but again, the tray is fairly shallow so there’s nowhere to rest your arms while typing.

Also, I wasn’t thrilled that my speakers ended up partially hidden behind the monitors, although that was a minor issue. The main issue was the desk not being quite as deep as I would have liked.

Desk for Double Monitors


During the time I was working from this desk…

Desk for working at home during Coronavirus Pandemic


…Nancy was working from my previous smaller desk. She quickly discovered that she needed more desk space for writing/taking notes, etc.. so she started shopping online for a desk that better suited her needs. I looked online to see if I could find one that she would like better and ironically we both found the exact same desk.

I emailed her a link to the desk I found and she replied back that it was the same desk she had just ordered. After her desk arrived, I realized it was much better suited for my needs, as well, so I ended up ordering it, too. So how about a reveal? 🙂

Workstation and Desk Arrangement for Small Space


My son and daughter-in-law live in an adorable 1920’s home with dormer windows in all the bedrooms. If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you know I have a thing for dormer windows! I think they add so much character to a home from the outside and I love the personality they give to a room.

Nancy tucked her new desk into one of the two dormer windows in the master bedroom and it was a perfect fit. Of course, a lot of measuring took place before it was ordered so she was pretty sure it would be a great fit.

Create a small office space at home


Look at all that surface space! This desk is nice and deep with lots of room for taking notes/writing.

Design a small office area at home


I looked online and found desk pads for the two of us. I ordered two desk pads, one in green and one in pink, the two colors I thought Nancy and I would like best. Nancy loved the pink one as I thought she would, so that’s the one she chose for her desk.

White Desk for Working at Home


When the keyboard is pushed forward, there’s plenty of room for resting your arms. Yes!

White Desk, Pink Desk Mat


If you’re in need of a protective desk mat that also works great as a mouse pad, you’ll find the one Nancy has here: Desk Mat.

Her desk mat is actually two-sided so it can be used with either side up. The other side is a pretty silver color. It’s also available in a black/silver combo and a black/yellow combo.

Pink Desk Mat, Protects Desk


Nancy liked my phone holder so much, she added one to her desk in a blue color that turned out to be an exact match to the color of the walls here in the master bedroom. Amazing how well it matches! It comes in 5 different colors.

Phone Holder for Desk, Pen Holder


Here’s how it looks when a phone is resting against it. If you could use one of these in your home, you’ll find it here: Phone Stand, Eyeglass Pen Holder.


Nancy’s beautiful desk is available here: White Desk.

So how is this desk working for me in the guest room?

Create a small office space at home


It’s working great! I’m IN-LOVE! ♥ Hard to see in this photo below but the little area that’s on either side of the shelf holding the monitors works great for holding my Bose Speakers. If you need desk speakers, very much recommend these available here: Bose Speakers.

You can see the green mat I chose for my desk in the photo below. I love this soft shade of green and I love how it’s working to protect the surface of the desk. As a bonus, it works great as a mouse pad, too.

Desk for working at home


The drawers on this desk are so roomy! Nancy and I both store our laptops inside one of the drawers.

Desk with drawers for storage


The other drawer in my desk holds my iPad and earphones with space left over.

Desk with drawer storage, work from home


The desk also has two smaller drawers that hold an amazing amount because they are so deep.

Desk Pad and Mouse Pad, Protects Desk, Waterproof


In one I have tape stored and there’s still plenty of room left for other items.

If you need a great tape dispenser, the one I just purchased for my desk is the best deal I’ve come across. It’s heavy so it doesn’t budge when you pull a piece of tape and it comes with 6 rolls of tape. You’ll find it here: Tape Dispenser with Tape.

Desk with Deep drawers


The other drawer holds post-it notes, a pink measuring tape, batteries and the little mini desk vacuum that I’ve shared here at the blog before. I like mine at home so much, I ordered another one to use on my desk here. You’ll find this cute, little vacuum available here: Mini Vacuum.

Desk with great storage


I love how nice and deep the desk surface is on this desk, plenty of room to rest your arms while typing and plenty of space to write/work. If you like the look of the desk Nancy and I are both using and loving, you’ll find it available here: White Desk.

Pretty Desk Mat, Protects Desk


If you are in need of a protective desk mat for your desk, you’ll find the one I have here: Desk Mat. It comes in a bunch of different colors including a pretty blue color that makes me think of Tiffany Blue.

Desk Pad and Mouse Pad, Protects Desk, Waterproof


My CPU tower is resting on this pretty multi-media stand I purchased here: Stand. It’s working great and I love how invisible it is under the desk.

Glass Stand for monitor or CPU


I’m a little obsessed with these ocean, beachy looking coasters I purchased to use on my desk.

Ocean Beach Inspired Coasters for Glasses


Here’s a better picture showing how pretty they are. They are available here: Beachy Coasters. I may not be able to go to the beach right now, but at least I can have a little bit of it here on my desk. Ha!

Ocean, Beach Coasters


Some things to know: This is by far the most fun I’ve ever had putting furniture together! First of all, this desk came in pristine condition. As you know, I’ve had so many issues in the past with furniture arriving damaged and poorly packaged. Both desks arrived beautifully packaged/protected.

Assembling them was so much fun because the instructions were excellent! I put the four drawers together for each desk sitting at the dining room table listening to a book on Audible. I’m thrilled with this desk–from the packaging to the assembly process to how beautiful it looks and how well it functions. Highly, highly recommend it! Again, you’ll find it available here: White Desk.

Desk for working at home


Hope you enjoyed these two Before and Afters! Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Jill from Southern NH says

    What adorable desks, Susan! I just love white furniture and bookcases. Would you mind asking Nancy the name of pretty blue paint color on their bedroom walls? Wondering if it is Sherwin Williams Denim Blue, the color I’m considering for our guest room. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Jill! They moved here 6 years ago so Nancy doesn’t remember the name of the color now. We found the can in the basement and I took a photo of the top, though it’s hard to read now. Maybe the guys at Home Depot would be able to read it. The can says: Behr Premium Plus, Interior Flat, Mate Interior, Deep Base 1300, Low Odor, Zero VOC

      Here’s a second image a bit closer.

  2. What are you doing with the old desks? Love the new ones.

    • Thanks! We listed the smallest one on a neighborhood Facebook group and it sold quickly. We just listed the one I was using. A lot of folks are looking for desks since so many people are working from home right now.

  3. Patty Meneley Mitchell says

    After I saw your mention of Dorothy Lane Market some time ago I wanted to write just because it brought back wonderful memories. I am from Oakwood and went to both elementary and high school,there.

    • That is so cool, Patty! A couple of days ago I visited a much bigger Dorothy Lane Mkt further up Far Hills Road. I had never visited that one and I loved it, too! I love shopping there!

  4. Diane D King says

    I know that house on your computer screens! It is at Isle of Hope, GA, on Bluff Drive. My friend Janie Coslick restored it, and my friend Judy Monroe lived in it. I have attended church activitiess there. It is a gorgeous home! We call it the Gingerbread House. Why did you have that photo on your monitor?

  5. Doesn’t having just the right equipment make chores so much easier? Looks like you’ll both be productive in style!

  6. Joyce Howe says

    I love the desk. I did note that this one does not have the lower keyboard tray, which I really need. I find my shoulders hurt when I try to type on the higher desk height. Is this desktop lower than the standard 30″ height? Just wondering as I noted you had a keyboard tray on your previous one. I know you can get pullout keyboard trays to attach on desks, if the base of the bottom on this one is solid below the drawers. I could not tell from the pictures on their website whether it is open below the drawers, or not. Thanks.

    • I don’t think you could install a keyboard tray on this desk since the drawers are in that area. The top of this one is 29-1/2 inches up from the floor which works out as a good height for Nancy and for me. When I’m sitting typing, my arms are level.

  7. I am so happy for you and your family that you are together during this self-isolation!

  8. Franki Parde says

    I did!! Dynamite desk!!! HAPPY EASTER MONDAY!! franki

  9. Love the home office before and afters! Looks like you both got exactly what you wanted – obviously you’re birds of a feather! 🙂 Like Diane, I was going to ask you about the house on your computer wallpaper. Now I know! Hope you’re all still well and happy over there! ❤️

  10. Susan, I love your new OH workspace! I have a question about your little vac. I looked on amazon and am not sure how it works. I’m probably being a little dense, but could you tell me how it operates? Thanks!

    • Thanks so much, Martha! It’s great for vacuuming your keyboard and your mousepad…that’s the main way I use it. It gets rid of all the dust/dirt/crumbs etc… I always use it to vacuum off the tops of the books I keep standing up and on display full time on my desk.

    • Me too. Is there a hose attachment ? Does it come apart or just sucks in dirt like it is ?

  11. I was hopeful that desk would work for my needs but sadly just a couple inches to wide for my cubby area. BUT….the glass shelf is a perfect answer….it will allow me to shove my keyboard under it when I need the desk space to write on so I just ordered that. Thanks again Susan for another great product and solution to a problem!!!

  12. Looks great in both rooms! Love those coasters and that little vacuum too. I’m beginning to wonder when you’re going to make the move permanent. 😉

  13. Thanks so much for continuing to host during this health crisis, spreading beauty, laughter and information!! Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy!! Hope you had a great Easter!!!

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    What a great find! Happy for both you and Nancy. I love that it is white and the sides of the desk remind me of the Mission type furniture with the open slats. Love the extra cubby drawers. I could see this in my home too, but I already have 2 desks in our 3rd bedroom which I use as an office. The desk I use the most is an antique oak desk and then I have a desk my great grandpa built and I love it. I also have a Mission library table/desk in our basement, ha. I guess I have a thing for desks! Lol. I am sure you will be able to sell your other desk quickly as it was very nice also. So happy for you that you are getting an extended stay with the family and you will get to enjoy a “northern spring” also.

  15. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share how to style with succulents, my almond butterscotch pancake recipe, and 5 porch decor ideas for spring, before the flowers! Hope you are staying healthy and safe, have a wonderful day!

  16. Leslie Williams says

    Susan, thank you so much for your blog. Your taste is impeccable and I love the details you give us. I’m moving from California to Tennessee in a few months to be closer to grandkids and I love this desk. It’s exactly what I’m looking for. I use 2 monitors now — from you suggestion — and I’m making note of this desk so I can have it delivered to my new home when it’s time. Have a wonderful spring! And thank you again for your wonderful connections to us in the online world.

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