Decorating the Porch with Cedar Garland and a Snowflake Wreath

Welcome to the 204th Metamorphosis Monday! For this Met Monday, I’m sharing my front porch decor for the holidays.

Decorate Your Porch for Christmas 2

Once again I used my Pottery Barn Knock-off Garland along with fresh cedar around the door.  (Pottery Barn Knock-off Garland tutorial can be found here: Pottery Barn Inspired Garland Tutorial: Make Your Own for 1/3 the cost.)

Decorating the Porch for Christmas with Garland, Sled, Ice Skates, Muff and Snowflake Wreath


One change this year…the cedar garland has berries mixed in throughout.  You can see some just to the right of the top peak.

Decorating the Porch for Christmas with Garland, Sled, Ice Skates, Muff and Snowflake Wreath


Instead of accenting the peaks with bows this year, I used huge pine cones given to us many years ago by our niece.  I’m not sure where she found them, but they are wonderful, so I’ve saved them all these 20+ years and love using them at Christmastime.  They are lightly covered with gold glitter.

Decorating the Porch for Christmas with Garland, Sled, Ice Skates, Muff and Snowflake Wreath


Have you ever seen a snowflake wreath?  I actually laughed out loud when I spotted this snowflake wreath in a local nursery.  I thought it was just the most whimsical, cutest idea for the holidays.  Have you ever done that…seen something that surprised you or delighted you and made you laugh right out loud in a store?  I couldn’t help myself.  The guy who was cutting my cedar garland in the aisle right beside me must have wondered what I was laughing about.  You know I had to have one for my front door this year!

Decorating the Porch for Christmas with Garland, Sled, Ice Skates, Muff and Snowflake Wreath


It’s made with various types of greenery and the prettiest blue berries.  The way they layered and varied the greenery, it really does have a lacy “snowflake” appearance.   Its pine cone center worked great with the pine cone accents I added to the garland.

Decorating the Porch for Christmas with Garland, Sled, Ice Skates, Muff and Snowflake Wreath


It was a bit more expensive than their regular wreaths, but I’ll leave it up as long as it looks nice.  I hope it lasts for a while past Christmas.  I may try misting it to see if that helps it stay fresh longer.

Decorating the Porch for Christmas with Garland, Sled, Ice Skates, Muff and Snowflake Wreath 09


I love using this vintage sled and ice skates each year—love them on the porch at Christmastime.  I placed a large container of nandina (with berries) at the foot of the sled.  Nandina wilts quickly so I have it in water and it has stayed fresh for several days now.  I was happy to see that it still looked pretty for the party last night.

Decorate a Christmas Porch with Sled, Skates and Muff


I also used a large lantern again this year.  Love a bit of candlelight on the porch.  I surrounded the lantern with clusters of magnolia from the magnolia tree in my front yard.  Behind the lantern, you can see where I’m using one of the remote-controlled outlets I blogged about in this post: A Plaid Christmas and Lighting the Tree via Remote 

Decorating the Porch for Christmas with Garland, Sled, Ice Skates, Muff and Snowflake Wreath


A few years ago I was out antiquing…gosh, I haven’t gone antiquing in ages.  I just realized that.  Must go soon…it’s like therapy, right up there with gardening.  Anyway, I stumbled across this darling muff and hat in an antique store. (Hat not pictured in this photo.)

Decorate a Christmas Porch with Sled, Skates and Muff


I loved it and was smitten by its softness and the tiny red roses with green velvet bows.  At the time I was thinking of placing a bench in the entry/foyer.  I tried a bench there for a short while, but it crowded out the space and I finally had to face the fact that my foyer just wasn’t large enough for a bench. This year it hit me—why not use the muff and hat on a Christmas porch!  One of my dinner guests last night loved it, saying it brought back memories from her childhood.

Decorate Christmas with Sled and Skates


Per Wikipedia, muffs were first introduced to women’s fashion back in the 16th century. I was surprised to read they were popular with both men and women in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Can you imagine a guy using one today?   Muffs saw a brief return to women’s fashion in the late 1940s and 1950s.  I’m wondering if this muff dates back to that time period.  If it does, it’s in remarkably good shape to be 60 years old.

Decorate with Ice Skates for Christmas


I tucked some of the cedar from the cedar garland down into the top of the skate.  I also added a few berries from my nandina bushes.



The view as it was just starting to get dark…

Christmas Porch with Snowflake Wreath and Lit Garland


Decorating the Porch for Christmas with Garland, Sled, Ice Skates, Muff and Snowflake Wreath


Merry Christmas! How are your Christmas preparations coming along? Are friends and family coming in?

Decorating the Porch for Christmas with Garland, Sled, Ice Skates, Muff and Snowflake Wreath


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. Hi Susan! Your porch looks fantastic! I love love your wreath – so different and so pretty!
    Have a great day, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Susan, the front porch is just beautiful. I love the snowflake wreath – it’s different and goes so well with your sled and ice skating theme. Just lovely. Thanks for hosting another Met Monday. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Your porch looks lovely as it always does!!

    Thanks so much for hosting!!
    I linked up my 19 trees for this year!


  4. I LOVE your front porch decor!! And the muff is the detail that takes it over the top!! It’s great how you’ll be able to leave some of it up after Christmas for a lovely wintry look! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Thanks for hosting! So glad to be joining your party this week. I love your snowflake wreath! What a great find! The other wintry decorations are gorgeous too. Have a wonderful week!

  6. Thanks so much for hosting! I hope you have a wonderful week leading up to Christmas! XO, Aimee

  7. I love your porch, Susan…so pretty and festive!…hugs…Debbie

  8. Susan:

    Your porch looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the sled and the muffs added! No, I have never seen one of the snowflake wreaths and it looks wonderful on your red door!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  9. Your porch looks beautiful! I love that muff with its tiny roses and bows! and no, I haven’t seen a snowflake wreath like that, this is my first time and I like it a lot! Have a great week!

  10. Thanks for hosting Susan! That snowflake wreath would have come hope with me too…good job! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas…Ann

  11. Thanks so much for hosting! I love your star wreath and the ice skates, sled and muff. Your porch looks great, very inviting. Have a great week.

  12. Wow Susan your porch looks fabulous! I like those giant pine cones and the snowflake wreath! What a lovely welcoming entry you have! The sled, skates, and hand muffs are classic! I trust your party went well!

  13. Susan,
    What a festive greeting to all your family and guests!!!
    I adore the vintage sled with the muffs and skates!
    Magnolia leaves are gorgeous and you ladies in the South are so fortunate to have the “real thing” in your home decor for Christmas!!!
    Thanks for hosting MM and have a wonderful week as you make your final prepartations for Christmas!!!

  14. Your front porch is absolutely gorgeous! I’m so thrilled to be joining in your party this week and can’t wait to check out some of the other amazing projects I see. πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting us!

  15. Absolutley beautiful Susan! Love it all and the addition of the faux fur Muff just tops it all. Where on earth did you ever find one? Haven’t seen one in a very long time. (Know they were very fashionable in my Mother’s day as I have photos of her with one and as a child I can recall having one myself and as I just happen to be celebrating my 39th Birthday …. AGAIN … today …. definitely know its been awhile since seeing one.)
    Stay dry with the rain you are having. With warm hugs -Brenda-

    • Hi Brenda, I found the muff 2-3 years ago while antiquing. I think it was in the Queen of Hearts…but not sure now. Happy 39th! I think I’ll celebrate my 36th in January. πŸ˜‰

  16. Your porch looks stunning! Love the sled and skates!


  17. Your front porch is beautiful and so very festive, Susan! I never had a “muff,” but I do remember them — oh, dear, I just seriously dated myself…! I wish they would make a come-back; my hands are always cold (yep, even here in the AZ desert)! I think the snowflake wreath is wonderful and a fun departure from the traditional wreath shape. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party, Susan. I hope you have a great week!

  18. Your porch looks so festive – love that snowflake wreath (I would have laughed out loud too)! And that muff and hat are perfect on the sled! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  19. I am just in awe of that fantastic snowflake wreath, Susan! Think I’ll show it to a local florist to see if she can replicate it for me next year. The porch looks wonderful- the addition of the muff and hat are adorable on the sled. It all looks so cozy and welcoming. Merry Christmas!!
    ~ Sue

    • It absolutely floored me when I saw it Sue! I was wondering what I might find locally and was tickled when I spotted it. I wonder how hard it would be to make. I think when it’s past its prime, I’ll save the frame under it to see how it’s made. Thanks!

  20. Awww, Susan!
    Even though you told me you had found a “cute wreath”, I had no idea it would look like this!
    But now I know you were kidding me! A snowflake wreath?! This is not cute, this is GORGEOUS!!!
    I have never seen anything like this, before!
    Love, love, love it!
    Have you ever thought of snow spray it?
    Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow… πŸ™‚
    I can’t wait to see the evening pictures! (I fear I’ll not sleep tonight… lol)
    ~Hugs to you~

  21. I absolutely love it. Great job and thanks for sharing.

  22. Susan, your porch looks so festive and welcoming! I love the snowflake wreath.

    Merry Christmas!

  23. I had a muff when I was a little girl in the early 5os. It came with my winter coat and had a string that went around my neck. I also had jodhpurs. How many people would have to look that up? I had to look up the spelling, and it wasn’t what I thought.

  24. Hello Susan, and Merry Christmas!
    Your porch looks charming — beautiful and seasonal.
    I, too, love the muff — Like that muff itself, I am also 60 years old, and I remember actually using muffs when I was a young child. My sister and I had matching rabbit fur muffs, each with a rabbit’s food in the front, and I remember I never really wanted to touch the foot too closely!

    Our muffs were special to us – we used them just for church and parties in the winter, for school and play it was bulky handknitted mittens!

    What a delight to see the muff, and to remember how very fancy Peggy and I always felt using ours.
    BTW I remember a brief resurgence of muffs when my own girls were young — back late 80s, early 90s.
    But heck, I’m 60, so I may not be remembering accurately!
    Hahahaha — have a wonderful holiday!
    My daughter and SIL are coming from California on 12/27 and will be here thru early January– very happy!

    • Cass, that is hilarious about the rabbit’s foot and you not wanting to touch it. Too cute! πŸ™‚
      Maybe my muff is from the late 80’s or early 90s…that would explain why its in such pristine condition. It doesn’t look like it was ever use. Maybe it was just used for special occasions.
      Have fun with your daughter and SIL…love this time of year when we get to see our family more!

  25. Susan, I just love the muff and hat. I bought my daughter both when she was three in a leopard skin print along with a burgundy wool coat with velvet collar. Wish I could find a photo, that was in 1972.
    What a surprise to find the snowflake wreath, I bet you looked around to see if anyone heard you laugh!! πŸ™‚
    Hope you had a lovely party and as your guests came to your door, they knew they were in for a treat.

    • Megan, that sounds so cute! I did look around. The nice guy was cutting my garland a few feet away in the isle behind me. He probably thought I’d lost my mind. lol I was just so tickled with it. The party was awesome…will have to share some about it in a post. πŸ™‚

  26. Love the wreath!

    About the muff, I’m no where near 60, but my younger sister and I had muffs as youngsters. In fact, I still have mine. My sister’s muff had a tiny mouse (not real, of course) peeking from within the fur. Mine is satin-lined and I always felt it was more for fashion than function as satin isn’t exactly a warm fabric.

  27. What a pretty snowflake wreath!LOVE your sled and skates too!Thank you for hosting!

  28. Barbara (WA) says

    I was just about done with getting ready to host Christmas for the extended family only to discover it won’t be at our home this year ~ I was so glad to find that out after I’d accomplished so much! Then this past weekend I did all the baking because a wind storm was threatening which always brings power outages. Not a puff of wind last night, haha! At least I am ready for Christmas Eve with our grown sons. Love the sled and muff on the porch!

  29. Susan – what a wonderful display – how I dream of a cold Christmas – here in New Zealand it is 30degrees and so hot! Our wreaths and displays can’t be “real” as the heat kills them in days. How beautiful your entrance is. Have a wonderful Christmas and snow!

  30. Susan I think this is my favorite!

    Jo @ LoblollyLane

  31. Susan, your front porch is so very lovely. I too am crazy about your muff and hat. I can remember as a kid wanting one so very badly and not ever having one. Your sled looks in amazing good shape too, and your pillars with your Pottery Barn knockoff makes me want pillars in front of my house, too. Unfortunately, pillars would look terrible with the design of my Mediterranean style home. But, I am working on making some of the Pottary Barn knockoff garland to trim my front door.

  32. A muff, a muff, I couldn’t believe my eyes. That is the one thing I lusted after as a little girl. When I was a teenager I bought one for my little sister so I vicariously got one. I love that this resonanted so much with your readers. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  33. Susan your porch is lovely! I love the sled and skates. Thank you for hosting each week too πŸ™‚

    xoxo, Tanya

  34. Your porch is so lovely! Thanks for hosting!

  35. Magnificient!

  36. Hi Susan,

    Your Christmas decorations look wonderful! Love the sled, skates and the wreaths.. I have linked up for the first time ever! Hope I did it right.

  37. Beautiful again this year. I love the pine cones in place of the bows and the muff and hat are wonderful extra touches as well. Always love your porch. πŸ™‚

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  38. Hi Susan!!!! I LOOOVE the muff and hat addition! I wore a muff in my sister’s wedding and our dresses were green velvet! It was so pretty…..back in the early 70’s!!! Your porch looks wonderful and the snowflake wreath is fabulous!!!! I love that PB knockoff garland. Have a great week. I am preparing for my sister and our son to get here from Fl.!!! XO, Pinky

  39. merle turner says

    Your front porch looks lovely, very welcoming.

  40. Susan, your front porch is just picture perfect. I love the additions of the snowflake wreath and the muff and hat. I love muffs, and remember as a child having a golden book about a couple who goes ice skating and the ice cracks and the young man saves the girl. The girl is in a skirted skating outfit with a muff, and even at a young age I was a romantic. I loved the idea of dressing up to skate. In the subzero temperatures of Upstate New York, all our skating was done in heavily padded snowsuits that weighted a ton! I also want to add that your inside preparations for your dinner party were wonderful. I so enjoyed seeing your beautifully prepared rooms. Illness has halted all decorations, so I was happy to visit your home and imagine how lovey it would be if I could be half as decorated and ready for the season. I am sure it was a wonderful evening. MM

  41. Love that wreath- how unique and charming!! All linked up this week~ thank you for hosting!

  42. Susan, I had one of those muffs when I was about 6 or 7 yrs. old. Mama and I rode the bus(Greyhound or Trailways)from NC to DC to spend the Christmas holidays with my sisters and I had the white muff and a Scotty hat and the bus driver would tease me about my Scotty hat. It seems like my sister-in-law gave me the white muff, but yours is so beautiful, mine was plain white. Trying to remember what kind of coat I had to go with the muff and the Scotty hat.

    How do you manage to keep that garland wrapped around the large pillars? I read somewhere to spray your greenery wit a product called hWilt-proof” and it will stay nice for you. Just read it on some blog last evening. I’m sure you can find out about that from a florist or maybe they can offer some suggestions.

    Can’t wait to see your party you’re exhausted today. Sure everybody had a great time though.

    • I am…pretty tired. Party ended around 11:30 and then I worked on the post until 2:30…got back up around 8 this morn to finish. So this girl is whipped!
      Love the story about your ride to DC and the white muff. What a wonderful memory. πŸ™‚
      I have a tiny nail in the top of the porch behind the column and then there’s another tiny nail at the bottom, so once I wrap the garland pull attach the end to the nail, it doesn’t budge. That seems to be the trick, pulling it taunt.
      I need to find some “wilt-proof.” I’d love to somehow preserve the snowflake wreath enough to keep in all winter. Thanks for telling me about it, Betty!

    • your porch is lovely. I wanted to share a story about the muffs. When my daughter got married in Dec. 1999 she wanted her bride maids to carry muffs. I made all the white furry muffs for them. A florist friend attached pine, holly and red roses in a small arrangement to the muffs. They were beautiful. All the girls wore black gowns. U can imagine how the white muffs showed up on the black. O’course it snowed that day but it was so pretty in the pictures.

  43. Your front porch is just beautiful and the snowflake wreath is just the right touch to give it that little special, unusual detail that we don’t normally see. About the muff, if I remember correctly, the muffs the men used were usually black or a dark brown and made from tight curled lambs wool. It may have been cut short to get the tight curly look. I can’t remember what this type of wool is called. I’m old and my brain cells are few!!! I have decided that I need to make a trip to Atlanta and visit you and have you take me around to all of the wonderful homes that you tour. I get very envious when you post a home tour!!! I am a big fan of home tours and you seem to have so many beautiful homes to see in your area so watch out. I might just show up some day!!! LOL Of course, if I do, the first tour I want to do is of your home because it is just so lovely throughout all of the seasons.

  44. I forgot to mention that I love the added touch of Magnolia leaves. I have a 50+ yr old magnolia tree in my front yard and I use the leaves throughout the year. It is a great inexpensive decorative item.

  45. Merry Christmas Susan, Wilt Proof may be in the gardening section at Lowes or Home Depot. It is used here in the North to help prevent rhod0dendrons and holly leaves from wilting due to freezing winds. Your porch is makes me want to come right in and spend the holidays. Thank you for your blog and have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

  46. Love the skates, sled, and muff–none of which will never be needed here in Missisippi, so I guess I could find some to decorate with!

  47. your porch is lovely, I just love all the fresh greens; they always smell amazing.

  48. Your porch is just beautiful! I love the muff, skates and the sled wonderful! Thanks for hosting again this week, Laura

  49. I love the muff and hat, I wish I could find one also. My bridesmaids carried one in my wedding. Happy Christmas

  50. Susan, I’ve never seen a snowflake wreath before. It is so unique and gorgeous! Love the muff and hat additions to the sled and skates. Your entry is so inviting. PB should come take a pic of your home and use it in their catalog!

  51. Merry Christmas, Susan!
    Now that evergreen snowflake that adorns your front entrance is, indeed, swoonworthy! What a wonderful and truly unique way to welcome visitors to your home this season. You have inspired me for next year… Thanks for sharing the photos. All the best to you and yours for a beautiful holiday and the a Happy New Year!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  52. Susan,
    The sled and ice skates are great. Merry Christmas.

  53. Mary from Virginia says

    You have created a very happy and cheerful front porch. You might have strangers up there looking around to get some ideas! I love the muff and skates-too cute! Your porch always looks so clean! If it wasn’t dark I would be outside checking to see how dirty my porch looks! You are a true inspiration for better front porch decorating!

  54. Your outdoor decor is fabulous Susan! Thanx for hosting.

  55. LOVE the wreath!

  56. Thank you so much for hosting! Have a wonderful week. πŸ™‚


  57. I’ve never seen a snowflake wreath, but I want one now! Love your porch. Love it every year. Thanks for hosting the party.

  58. Susan~ I LOVE your snowflake wreath with its shape and combination of greenery! I would think it would look good for several weeks if you mist it and if the temperatures stay cooler!

    I found my Santa plates at HomeGoods two years ago and haven’t seen any since.
    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week~ Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks, Mary. I can’t remember if I got mine last year or the year before…it may have been 2 years ago. They are sooo cute. Maybe eventually they will get more. Pottery Barn got more of the clock plates in but unfortunately they were in black, so I resisted. Still love their original style the best. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful Christmas!

  59. Your porch is lovely! Thank you for sharing and hosting. Wishing you a pretty week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  60. W.O.W. Your porch looks amazing! Love all the details, especially the skates!

  61. Sharon McMurray says

    Your porch is gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

  62. Your porch is beautiful!!! Thanks so much for hosting!

  63. OMG! It’s gorgeous!!
    Come do mine!!! LOL

  64. Susan your porch looks fabulous! I love your wreathe and the ice skates are adorable! Happy holidays! Traci

  65. Your Christmas porch is just beautiful.. I don’t know how it could get any better!!

    Wishing you a very, Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  66. Susan, I love the columns and mantel shelf surrounding your front entrance! Do you have any idea who manufactures them or where I could purchase something similar?

  67. All that is missing is the snow and your porch is perfect.

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