Decorating with Deer Heads and Antlers, Real and Whimsical

This was the picture that really got me going on antlers, this time around.   I’ve always loved seeing shed antlers used in wreaths and in other decorative ways and I’ve always had a passion for brown transferware.  Phoebe Howard combined them for this wall and wow, I loved it the minute I saw it!   I wish I could ask Phoebe Howard what inspired her to create this–what made her think to combine them.  Do you think the homeowner had a collection of transferware and roe deer antlers already?

Antlers with Brown Transferware

This beautiful room pictured in Country Living, belongs to designer, Ann Stillman O’Leary.  I love everything about it: the brick that hasn’t been painted, the pops of lime green, the rich warmth of the leather and of course, I love the antler collection above her grandmother’s chest.

Living Room with Antlers

 Image above and below from Country Living

Here’s a closer view of the antler display over the tiger maple chest.

Antlers above Chest

I managed to squeeze a faux deer head into my office recently.

Here’s a closer photo from the Horchow website.  You can see more of this guy in this post: Deer Head with Rosemary Wreath

A couple of weeks ago after spotting the deer head at Horchow, before ordering him I looked around online to see what else was available.  I had to save a few of these to share with you…they take faux deer heads to a whole new level.  The following pictures are from Etsy shops and the sources are linked below them.

Deer heads aren’t for cabins and rustic interiors anymore.  Isn’t this a hoot?

Decorative Deer Heads


Another fun one!  Love his blue nose.  Didn’t they do a great job with the placement of the pattern?


 They even have them in a damask look.

 Source for pic above and below

Love it!

Then there’s Suzanne Kasler’s Atelier antler wall…love it, too.

Decorating with Deer Heads White

Source for pics above and below

Another wonderful space with the same white deer antlers from Ballard Designs.

Decorating with White Faux Antlers Heads for Christmas

I would still love to copy designer, Phoebe Howard’s idea.  I  just don’t think my pocket book wants me to buy that much vintage brown transferware and roe deer heads, though.  πŸ˜‰  Maybe I can start collecting now, just one plate at the time.

Roe Antlers with Brown Transferware


Are you collecting anything right now, one at the time?

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  1. How fun, Susan. And, I’ve been meaning to tell you I like the deer head in your office.
    I love that bedroom in the background of the first photo.β™₯

  2. My daughter just got a knitted antlered deer head. It appears this is a new look in decorating.

  3. I love this combination! Like you, there are many collections happening around here…brown transferware for one. Ironstone for another, pewter…the list goes on. The antlers at our house (in decorating anyway) will have to be faux. We buy collected antlers for chew toys for our great dane instead of raw hide, as it is a healthier choice for her. She would have no trouble taking an antler off the wall if she thought it was one of hers. And they are all hers…:) I
    REALLY enjoy your blogs. Your style and tutorials are a constant inspiration. I am digging out the transferware today! Thank you for all the hard work and time you put into what you do.

    • Thanks, Linda. That is too funny…I could just see her taking it right down off the wall and you finding your deer antler plaque half chewed up. πŸ™‚ You would have to hang it really, really, really high!

  4. Love the look of the antlers combined with the brown transferware. Your faux deer head and wreath looks perfect above the mirror. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love your office/creative room, Susan. Love these Country Living photos too. But, I just can’t get excited about the antler/head on the wall decor. I’m too much of an animal lover to want anything resembling a head on the wall. Or even the antlers. Just creeps me out!

  6. This makes antlers look good. Not what I usually see. I love that kitty is in your office picture. Does he ever let you out of his sight?
    I look so forward to your fall decorations as it is my favorite time of year.

    • Thanks! No, actually he follows me EVERYWHERE I go and if sit down in any chair other than my desk chair, I have a giant cat in my lap. lol He has to compete with a book or ipad occasionally. πŸ˜‰

  7. My cat follows me everywhere also… soon as I sit to watch TV in the evening, there he is, right on my lap….I can no longer do any cross stitching…..he is in to everything!!! Love that first bedroom with the plaid…..and of course the brown transfer-ware, I am collecting brown a piece at a time, very hard to find!!!

  8. So funny … I just did a deer head post on my blog on Friday. I am loving this look right now … rustic, funky and chic!

  9. Some clever decorating ideas, Susan–I love the rooms that you showed in your post. I’m kind of loving the grey walls with the white accents–that’s a new like for me! Take care, give the cats a hug, and have a great long weekend!

  10. Very cute. I love all of these. That first room you featured is so cozy and lovely – I just want to step right into it with a cup of coffee and a good book on a rainy day.

  11. Not feeling the antlers – real or faux. They creep me out sort of….remind me of the desert and being parched …too many old Road Runner cartoons I guess. Love all the plates on the walls though! Thanks!

  12. I love that bedroom – the first one by Phoebe Howard. That photo is like an Alfred Hitchcock photo. He used to shoot a scene that made you want to peak around the corner. (Learned that in a film class. I never thought to use that until I started taking photos.) I love the legs on that end table; it is so feminine. Now for my two-cents worth – this is your house and you should do what you want, but since you asked – that would be no on the antlers; they make me uncomfortable. I feel terrible saying so, but I don’t think they will have longevity and as expensive as they are they should be timeless.

    • I have to remember that…Alfred Hitchcock photo…great term! I like gardens that are designed that way…with corners all throughout that lead to wonderful secret gardens. Antlers and deer heads have been around a long time…not sure why they are so popular now.

  13. I just cannot get my head (no pun intended) around any form of deer heads, antlers etc. We have them live around here and in my last home, I lived up in the hills and they would come see me every day. I am so happy you put the clock back!! πŸ™‚
    We once stayed at a B. and B. where she had heads of every animal on the wall and I couldn`t stand to be in that living room with all those eyes!! πŸ™‚ She also showed my hubby and brother her gun collection. Needless to say I did not sleep well that night!! Call me chicken and you may call me dear!! πŸ™‚

    • I love collecting the naturally shed ones…just love to bring anything “nature” oriented in my home. You cracked me up with that B & B story…sounds like something from a movie! πŸ™‚

  14. Hi, Susan!
    I agree with you: Phoebe Howard’s wall looks great! I’d like to see the pattern of each individual piece of those brown transferware plates and bowls!
    That bedroom on the right is a dream! I love that buffalo check fabric! Soft green is one of my favorite colors! And the brown nightstand does not only look right in that room, but it also fits perfectly with the brown transferware on the wall, when the door is open! Love, love, love it!!!
    Susan, I like your deer head because it is monochromatic, but I am not sure about those colored ones… Maybe, they are just a bit too imaginative? lol
    What I love to collect is: BOOKS (Among others, I have the complete collection of Agatha Christie’s novels. I bought an extra bookcase just for this lady, that I adore! I still buy and always will buy printed books, even though I own an e-book reader, too), of course my beloved chubby CHERUBS (I think I have more than 150 of them, in different sizes) and ceramic BOXES (in different colors and sizes, too!). And a lot of knick-knack, but this doesn’t count! πŸ˜‰
    Happy sunday!

    • Cecilia, thanks for sharing what you collect. It is so much fun to have something you collect, just a piece or two at the time. You have some wonderful collections…cherubs are so cute! I love that bedroom, too. I’m really smitten by buffalo check fabrics lately.

  15. I really like the first photo, the other faux heads are a little strange to me:) I have some antlers that my BIL sent me from Michigan and pkan touse them in the new house, I hope. Have a great weekend, Susan. XO, Pinky

  16. christygarden says

    Really like the look but think my husband would not get it. I think its really great in French influenced interiors.

  17. I am loving the “Less is More look of the white with Rosemary wreath”..such style, a touch of class..just enough it get’s the spotlight all by itself. Yes!


  18. Sorry, I haven’t made the turn for deer heads yet, but do have a question for you. Totally off subject, however, did not know where to locate the information. What is the name of the wall color in your bedroom? I know the name changed and that is what I need. Thought it changed to Sugar Cook but Home Depot told me on Saturday no. As you can see, I am totally confused. Thanks in advance and hope you had a great Labor Day week-end.

    • Hi MaryEllen,
      It’s the same color I used in the office. It’s Duron Sugar Cookie but the last time Home Depot looked it up in their system for me ti mix it, they had it listed in their system as Sugar Cook. This should help…go to this post which is the post from when I painted the office. I included the exact formula in that post. Just print off the label and take it to HD. Another reader did that and she said it worked great…they mixed it right up.

  19. Mary from Virginia says

    I love the transferware-especially brown and white-which I am looking for a few pieces to hang in my family room. I can’t say I love the deer look, antlers or deer heads. I think if someone is a true hunter and they want to display their “catch” it doesn’t bother me and on a side note there is nothing prettier (to me) than a bear skin rug-talk about soft! But I am not going out and buying one. My sister’s in-laws all hunt and have numerous bear rugs, stuffed bears, deer and antlers to spear! I guess the little mounted antlers that are bought just because they’re in style just seem trendy and something I’ll find at a yard sale in the near future.
    Loved that bedroom in the background of the first picture!

  20. Mary from Virginia says

    Oops, typo and pun spear is supposed to be spare! LOL

  21. This is one trend I don’t have to worry about catching up to. Love the brown transferware though. I absolutely love pictures of live animals and have a few Charles Frace prints. I have the baby Harp Seal and even it bothers me if I think about the documentaries to much.
    It is wonderful that we can be exposed to so many different styles and trends. We can see them in a home environment to see if it’s a fit. The internet and blogging are a fabulous source. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Hey Susan, I love the faux dear head and you got a good deal! I’m tempted to order one. I smilled when I saw the black and white damask covered head. I used napkins like that to cover some faux pumpkins last fall. I tried what you and Debbie did with the fabric but I am just not that tallented. The napkins were much easier. I’m glad you put the clock back on the wall. Without it the space to the right of the dresser looked too bare. Vikki in VA

    • Thanks, Vikki. If you do order the deer head from Horchow, be sure too Google for Horchow coupons. I never realized they were available online until recently. Don’t feel bad…I’m not sure about Debbie, but I used paper, too last year. I photocopied the paper and then cut it into strips. It still wrinkled in a few places where the pumpkin curved (which bugged me) but the pattern was so busy you didn’t really notice it once it was finished.

  23. I love the white ‘faux’ deer head in your study/workroom, Susan. The green wreath sets it off so prettily! Looking at these photos, it would be nice if someone made faux antlers as “hooks” for clothing/hats, or as door pulls. That would really add a nice rustic touch to the right room!

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