Such a Big Improvement–Love This Spice Rack Organizer!

My spice organization left a lot to be desired. The only place I have near my stove to store spices is inside this relatively narrow cabinet next to the stove. To try and make it more functional, I have a lot of my spices on a little turntable. It’s not a great system because when I need a particular spice, I have to spin it around and around searching for the one that I need. Often, the smaller spice containers that I have stacked atop each other end up falling off, plus I can’t even see which spices are stored in the center of the turntable without moving other spices.

Spice Rack Organizer


While shopping online a few days ago, I saw this awesome shelf system that adjusts to fit pretty much any size cabinet. I decided to give it a try. It’s designed so that the shelves can be adjusted for regular spice jars or for the little shorter ones. I  like that!

Spice Rack, Spice Organizer for Cabinet


It can also be adjusted to hold all tall spice bottles.


It comes with legs that are of two different heights, so it can be put together to fit almost any size cabinet. The directions that came with it were really detailed, plus I found several videos on YouTube showing exactly how to put it together.

Spice Rack Organizer Parts


There are several pieces that look like the one below. The narrow pieces on the right easily snap on and off to adjust for the width of a cabinet. It’s really a brilliant design!

Shelf Expander for Spice Rack


Here’s how it looks inside my cabinet. I love it–it’s such an improvement! I can easily store so many more spices inside this cabinet now and I love how easy it is to see each spice without having to move other spices out of the way. This cabinet is only 12-1/2 inches wide and the distance between the shelves is around 11-1/2 inches. The sides of the organizer could easily be pushed a lot farther out if my cabinet was wider, but it works great inside my small cabinet, too. Surprisingly, it will even work inside cabinets more narrow than mine. It’s incredibly adjustable.

Spice Organizer Rack for Cabinet


If there’s a lot more height between shelves, the sections can hook together for more levels as shown in this picture.

Spice Rack, Spice Organizer for Cabinet


I didn’t have that much height between my cabinet shelves so I just placed a rack on each shelf instead of stacking/connecting them on top of each other. Had to share this awesome spice rack/organizer since it definitely exceeded my expectations! It makes me want to buy more spices to fill it up! If you could use something like this for organizing your spices, you’ll find this spice organizer here: Spice Organizer for Cabinets.

Spice Organizer Rack for Cabinet

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have the hardest time finding my spices in my spice cabinet. Reach to get one, and then the glass jar falls on granite countertop, or they all fall. This looks fabulous. I’m ordering one tonight. You always have such amazing tips for us.

  2. Susan, I also find it helpful to put spices on one side and herbs on the other to find things more quickly. Yes, my brain works that way………

  3. I like that. I saw an option with a divided drawer for spices. I think my biggest hurdle is putting dates on them when you buy new spices. They get old before you know it especially when you don’t use them frequently.
    If I ever remodel the kitchen, I would like the pull out drawers inside cabinets.

    • They do. Some spices have expiration dates on them, I think. I need to go through mine again since it’s been a while.

      • I have that same narrow cabinet top and bottom. I would like to have those dividers to stand up cookie sheets etc. but some brilliant mind put a half shelf in the bottom one. If someone is building, buying, or remodeling- the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house and needs to be efficient.
        Re dates on spices. They wear off or some of us old folks can’t see them. A Sharpie works. I have thrown out a lot of food items lately. When I bought salt last time, I put the date on the top. Let’s just say it was old. LOL

        • My bottom cabinet on that side is narrow with a shelf, too. It would be perfect for storing cookie sheets without the shelf…never thought about that before. That is a smart idea, putting the date on them with a sharpie.

  4. You described that turntable perfectly, but thus far, it was my only option. I just raced to Amazon and one-clicked this spice organizer. Thank you!

  5. That’s neat. I had to get creative with my shelf storage when we were in the condo, and I found something similar, and a couple more. I’m still using them in our home now. Nothing better than good, useful organization!

  6. alphabetizing made my spice organization (whether in the cupboard or on a turntable or on a wall shelf) so much easier!!

  7. I have this same organizer and it makes a world of difference in my spice cabinet. I am a bit loony, so my spices are arranged alphabetically. I’m slowly replacing odd size containers with jars the size of the McCormick jars, so they fit in on the shelf. I appreciate how the taller bottle of vanilla and oil fit in the middle. The top shelf of my spice cabinet holds Sam’s size jars turned on their side. the plastic jars are flat on one side, so they don’t roll. I write the name of the spice on the jar lid.

  8. Thanks for posting such a perfect cabinet organizer. I too can never find the spice I’m looking for without moving everything around. I immediately went and purchased it.

  9. What an awesome find, Susan! Your spices look quite cozy now. This was an ingenious invention. Something so simple, yet so helpful. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Betty Smith says

    I also alphabetize my spices/herbs on my turntable. I also do this with my flavorings, and also pudding mixes and jellos that I haved stored in small plastic baskets on shelf in baking center cabinet

  11. Tina W Reynolds says

    Love it! What an awesome Spring Cleaning item!!!

  12. Teresa Pasquariello says

    So that spice organizer is on my list. I wonder if they have something similar for canned goods. That’s another “pain in the kitchen”. I’m not sure how our new cabinets are going to be. I got some inexpensive dish storage sets from Wayfair to hold while the work is being done, to be used again with my rarely used dishes. Now I’m going to get some of the clear ribbed shelving to line the new cupboards. Makes it nice for cleaning. Debating on whether to treat myself to new sets of Corelle which we use for everyday. Saw some that just are white with black edges. They look sharp. Enough said, keeping the wheels turning. Have a good week, Teresa

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something for canned goods. I love anything that helps with organization and saves time!

  13. Bobbi Duncan says

    I have this spice organizer and LOVE it! It was always such a hassle to move containers around before I found this. It’s funny how you tolerate inconvenience, and when someone comes up with the solution you wonder why you didn’t think of it. Hope you’re enjoying a lovely spring. BTW, your basement looks amazing–love that epoxy floor, too. Hugs!

    • That is awesome to hear…I love it so far!
      Exactly! I wish I had thought of it!
      Thanks, Bobbi! The new lighting that was installed in the basement yesterday really helped the floor look more like it does in my garage! Looking forward to sharing that on Monday.

  14. Teresa Pasquariello says

    Susan, I just looked around and it looks like there is the same idea for canned goods on Amazon. I like it because you can see everything and not waste space. So another good idea. Teresa

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