Supper in Sorrento

Welcome to the 460th Tablescape Thursday!

Good Morning! Hope your day is going grand!

Yesterday I put together the second dish cabinet with drawers, can’t wait to share it with you! If you read yesterday’s post, you know it may be a while before I’ll be able to find the other cabinets I need since they seem to be sold out everywhere. I promise to share the storage I have so far, real soon.

Thanks for all your suggestions yesterday for other cabinet options. I truly do appreciate the time you took to share those. I like the style/design of these cabinets and would like all the cabinets to match, so I do need to stay with the brand/style I’ve purchased so far. I just need to find a company that has them in stock and uses someone other than UPS and FedEx to ship them since they are so heavy.

I’ve been communicating with a couple of people at Amazon including a manager, so hopefully when they have them in stock again, they can ship the four cabinets I still need at once via the same carrier that delivered the ones that didn’t arrive damaged. Will keep you posted on that, as well.

Okay, enough about cabinets! lol I have something way more lovely to share today! Last week I shared Martha’s whimsical table setting featuring the most adorable chicken dishes. If you missed that table setting, you’ll find it here: A Breakfast Brunch with Friends.

Figural Chicken Plate, Jacques Pepin


Martha recently had a dinner for her Pastor and his wife. They  had all been to Sorrento the year before so Martha went with a beautiful “lemon” theme for her table, a remembrance of that special trip to Italy.

Italian Lemon-Themed Table Setting


How gorgeous is this table! Oh my goodness, I love it!

Italian Lemon Themed Table Setting


Martha set her table with beautiful lemon plates from Williams-Sonoma. The pattern is Meyer Lemon. Unfortunately, they are no longer available, I think Meyer Lemon was a pattern WS carried last year.  The beautiful table runner and napkins were also from Williams-Sonoma and you’ll find it available here: Lemon Table Runner. I love the bees on the runner!

Italian, Sorrento, Lemon Table Setting


Such a pretty pattern! I’m kicking myself for not buying some of these last year!

Meyer Lemon Salad Plate


I love the green plaid flatware Martha used in this setting. It’s perfect with the lemon salad plates, the placemats and the and the napkins! You’ll find the flatware available here: Green Plaid Flatware.

Martha placed a special, custom-made spoon at her Pastor’s place setting. She had the spoon made here: Hand-Stamped Vintage Silverware. The spoon said, “You’re my favorite” because that’s what her pastor always tells each of his parishioners. I would love to have seen his face when he read that spoon. Such a thoughtful gift!

Meyer Lemon Plates


Each salad plate has a different lemony pattern/design.

Meyer Lemon Salad Plates


So pretty and soo Sorrento!

Lemon Salad Plates


Love the lemon napkins, those were from Williams-Sonoma, also. Oh, it’s looks like those are still available! You’ll find them here: Lemon Napkins. The green napkins and sunflower napkin rings were both from Pier 1. Not sure if these napkin rings are still available, but I found similar ones here: Sunflower Napkin Rings.

Meyer Lemon Napkins, Sunflower Napkin Rings


Martha paired the perfect glasses with her lemon-themed table setting. She found these cute lemon glasses at Dollar Tree. I have a set of these and absolutely love them!

Lemon Glassware


For her centerpiece, Martha created a lovely floral arrangement in a beautiful pitcher she brought back from her trip to Sorrento. I love the scene on the pitcher…so pretty!

Beautiful Italian Sorrento Pitcher, Floral Centerpiece


I love Martha’s tall pillar candle holders! I used to use mine in tablescapes a lot but they’ve been tucked away in the bottom of a closet, so I tend to forget I even have them. Maybe with my revamped storage, I’ll actually see and use some of those again. Tall candle holders add so much romance and drama to a table setting, I just love them! If you don’t have any, check your nearest Hobby Lobby. HomeGoods also carries them sometimes.

Tall Pillar Candlestick


Thanks so much to Martha for sharing this special “Supper in Sorrento” table setting. I know all her guests felt so special and so appreciated to dine at such a beautiful table!

Italian, Sorrento, Lemon Table Setting

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Looking forward to all the tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Susan, Martha has done it once again with a beautiful table. The lemon theme is perfect summer and Sorremto! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Fabulous lemon table, and her chicken plates are too cute! Good luck with your cabinets Susan, I’m almost surprised you’re not building your own as handy as you are! Thanks for the fun today~

  3. Love those lemons! I love Sorrento as well…If I can’t go there, I will settle for a glass of limoncello instead! Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend!

  4. Dawne Marie says

    The lemon table is stunning! The plaid flatware! Thank you for sharing this lovely table. The glasses are cute too!

  5. Gorgeous! Love everything especially the vase…. Christine

  6. Thanks so much for hosting this lovely get-together each week Susan. Martha and I were on the same page with our lemon yellow tablescapes – hers is fantastic and I really enjoyed seeing it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Charlotte says

    Beautiful table! How special to recreate memories from a trip they shared together. That makes for an easy conversation starter. I love the lemon plates too, will be on the look out for those!

  8. Ahhh…Sorrento…LUV-ly table, etc.!! franki

  9. Such a beautiful table, makes me want to go to Sorrento.
    Good luck with your storage cabinets.

  10. I have lemon-themed napkins, so love all these ideas for a lemon table setting. I have never seen plaid flatware before–those are so cute. And just how sweet was that special spoon? Sounds like Martha captured the sentiment perfectly.

  11. Beautiful table! Love the plaid flatware and the jug, particularly.

  12. What a beautiful table. The colors are dreamy. I love that hand painted pitcher!

  13. By far, one of the prettiest tables I have seen. Ever. Beautiful colors: everything blending perfectly: plaid, patterns, solids. My jaw dropped as I scrolled down the page. Martha, you have honored your guests well. Thanks for sharing this, Susan. It made my day. Rosie

  14. I love these dishes too!!! I wish I could get some! What a gorgeous setting and the special spoon was SO nice!

  15. This table is not only pretty, but there are some fabulous links at this week’s party to! So much eye candy….
    The WS Meyer lemon pattern was big last year. I purchased the dish towels to use as napkins….work great. PS the WS Meyer Lemon hand soap and lotion are the bomb too. I buy it in the BIG jugs now. I use the trio (soap, lotion, dish detergent) in my kitchen, and have been known to use the lotion in the bath after showering too. 😉
    Thanks for hosting, Susan. Just think of all the other things you’ll uncover when you finally get reorganized….I imagine you’ll be inspired all over again.

  16. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Sorry to hear those dishes are not available…I really like yellow and lemons. My DIL’s father has a meyer lemon tree, I put some in a bowl and the next morning my kitchen was so fresh and great smelling. No wonder it’s used in so many perfumes. Beautiful table, thanks!

    • Elizabeth, I noticed the Williams-Sonoma location in Virginia left a comment on my latest Instagram post saying they still had some of the lemon dishes left. You may want to give them a call, I bet they could ship them to you. Their phone number is: 757-428-8908. I just copied that down from their Instagram page, so hopefully that’s correct. It’s the Virginia Beach, VA location om Laskin Road that has them per the comment they left on my Instagram post today. Hope that helps!

  17. Love these dishes, I have a set, just got them from ebay!!! Love this table setting, it’s just beautiful. Hubby and I have been to Sorrento twice, and absolutely loved it. There were lemons and Limoncello everywhere! Thanks, Susan, for another great Tablescape Thursday, I look forward to every one.

  18. I love love love this table. Just beautiful and so cheerful. My mother had some printed table clothes in the 50’s I think they make the table happy. I am going to stop at the dollar tree stores. The lemon glasses are so summer. Susan I am looking forward to seeing your cabinets finished. I have many sets of dishes that I haven’t used because they are to difficult to get to.

  19. Kathleen Workman says

    Susan, the WS Meyer Lemon salad plates are available on eBay. New in box. Thought this might help. Also the matching table linens.

  20. So pretty!!!! I love following along on your blog and that you are so helpful in sharing not only info, but actual links! Thank you! Do you know where she found the candle rings? Not the candles or the holders, but the greenery candle rings? I love them!!

  21. Nancy Elizabeth says

    Beautiful yellows and greens so refreshing! This table is so inviting. Martha’s ideas are stunning, love the lemon plates and the pitcher! Thank you for sharing Marta’s table designs with us.

  22. Those chicken plates are way too cute! As for the Lemon/Sorrento table ….. gorgeous. -Brenda-

  23. Julia Innocenti says

    Just beautiful!

  24. The Lemon Table is so very pretty. I have lemon envy. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

  25. Cynthia Raines says

    Well done Martha! Very pretty! I have the lemon glasses and enjoy them. 🙂 Susan, sorry about your storage woes – that’s a dirty shame they don’t ship properly – what a waste of everyone’s time and money! Loved the black ruffled sweater.

    • Thanks, Cyndi! UPS finally picked up the last of the broken cabinets yesterday. Definitely disappointing. I think Amazon is looking into it now, though…so hopefully they won’t ship more that way. I keep wondering how long this has been going on.

  26. Linda Louise S. says

    Love the lemon table setting. I’m sure everyone was delighted to sit down at the table. I can’t help but wonder what Martha served for dinner. Any chance you can share the menu with us? Did you ever think of just getting all the cabinets with the draws? I know it’s not what you want but they would all arrive in one piece! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  27. Diane Egbert says

    Love the lemons . So fresh ,reminds me of Italy.

  28. Margo Kuhn says

    Very nice. I love yellow and lemons too. Although WS has great quality dinnerware, I think Pier One has a different version of the lemon plates. I wish I had enough room to have more varieties of dinnerware, flatware and glasses. It’s so much fun to set a theme table.

  29. I really like this one! Beautiful and refreshing. Thanks for hosting this weekly get-together.

  30. Elena S. says

    I saw those lemon dishes at WS last year, and I kept waiting and waiting to see if they would go on sale (I thought they were too expensive); I waited so long, they were gone. But Martha’s table is really beautiful! It just so happens that yesterday I put out all my lemon “décor” in my kitchen (tablecloth, napkins, kitchen towels, S&P shakers) and now that I see her table, I’m really regretting not getting those dishes when I had a chance, I saw them on Ebay but even more expensive than the WS ones!

    • Elena, Williams Sonoma in Virginia Beach, VA follows me on Instagram and yesterday they left a comment on my Instagram post of Martha’s table saying they still had some in stock. Their phone number on their Instagram page is listed as 757-428-8908. Since they left that comment, I bet they would be willing to ship them. Give ’em a call! Hope they still have some left!

  31. Linda Nixon says

    UPS left my package through the doggie door. The dogs had a field day with the box and the contents were found on the lawn. Fedex left my package on the garbage can at 3:00 pm and the garbage was picked up one hour later. Needless to say we ask for the sellers to mail via USPS. Lisa, our postal carrier brings our packages to the door or leaves it in an appropriate place leaving a note telling us if we are not at home. Love everything you do.

  32. Your table with lemon plates is so beautiful Susan.
    I too have a Summer table with Lemons and Apples since I did the setting for six and I have four of each plate so here I used three of each.
    I love your glasses and napkins too.
    Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend.

  33. Martha’s table is stunning!

  34. Susan! Those Sonoma lemon plates are on EBay…8 available …search Sonoma Citrus plates…better hurry!

    • Thanks, Nancy! I see the citrus plates for a pretty good price, but the one seller I see that has the lemon plates, wants $40 + for a single plate. Yikes! There are some other WS lemon plate sets on there, but they are a different pattern. I really shouldn’t buy any now anyway since I’m knee deep in building storage cabinets. lol I just ordered one more cabinet for the garage. 🙂

  35. Beautiful!!! Kind regards…Renato from Sorrento, Italy 🙂

  36. What a gorgeous tablescaple! I love the lemon theme. Makes it look so fresh, bright, very summer-like. Lovely!

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