Easy Storage for Winter Boots, Keeps Them Upright-No Slouching or Falling Over

Welcome to the 519th Metamorphosis Monday!

Whooo, I’m back home. I got in quite late last night after the always-long drive home from Ohio. The drive went by relatively fast since the weather was awesome (no rain!) and I was listening to a really good book all the way home. The book I was listening to via Audible was, Influenza: The Hundred Year Hunt to Cure The Deadliest Disease in History by Dr. Jeremy Brown.

It was fascinating hearing about some of the deadliest flu outbreaks over the past 100 years, like the pandemic Flu of 1918 that was estimated to have killed between 50-100 million people worldwide.  Can you imagine living through something like that?!

Though there’s still no cure for Influenza, it’s amazing how far we’ve come in the fight against this deadly, ever-morphing foe. We are so fortunate to be living now during the age of antibiotics since so many folks died not from the flu, but due to secondary infections as a result of catching the flu.


Metamorphosis Monday

When I got home late last night, I wasn’t sure what I’d be sharing today for Met Monday, but as soon as I started unpacking and storing away some of my boots that I’d taken on the trip, I knew just what to share.

Boot and Shoe Storage


A while back I posted about some very inexpensive (yet effective) boot supporters I was using to keep my taller boots standing nicely in my closet. (You’ll find those here: Boot Shaper.)

I don’t like it when boots fall over sideways because it looks really messy, plus, it’s bad for the boots. You can see the boot shaper I was using before in the boot on the right?

Boot Storage Ideas


Here’s a better view looking down into the boots. These plastic shapers worked great and definitely did the job of keeping my boots upright in my closet, but I decided to upgrade them with something that’s a little faster/easier to use.

With the shapers below, each time I wore my boots I needed to roll the plastic shaper back up again before sticking it back down into the boot. It didn’t take a huge amount of time to roll them back up, but since I wear my boots a lot during the winter, I decided to go ahead and invest in a shaper that would be a bit faster to remove and replace.

Boot Shapers, Support



This was the shaper I chose.

Quilted Boot Shaper, Great for Boot Storage

Here’s how they look in a photo from online here: Boot Shapers.

Boot Shaper, Holds Boots Upright


Here’s how they look down inside my boots. They are super fast to remove and to put back each time I wear a pair of boots. That’s especially great when you’re in a hurry. Plus, I love how they look down inside my boots.

How to Keep Boots from Falling Over


Ugg boots are terrible about falling over when not being worn, so I really like keeping them stuffed with these boot shapers. Also, boots take up less space in a closet when they are standing up properly and not falling over.

Keep Ugg Boots from Falling Over in Closet


I don’t need to use the shapers in all my boots, just those that are made of a softer material and prone to slouching or falling over.  I purchased these quilted boot shapers here: Quilted Boot Shaper.

Boot Shaper Keeps Boots Standing Upright


I’ve done a little closet makeover since I last shared this winter closet. I moved all my winter handbags to the top shelf, then moved my bulky winter sweaters to the shelf where I used to store some of my handbags. I can almost completely get dressed in this “winter” closet now since I have all my winter socks in the little baskets under the bench seen on the right. This saves a lot of time since I’m not running back and forth between the other three closets that are part of this master bedroom area.

Boot, Sweater, Handbag Storage


Hope you find this helpful if you’re looking for a fast method for storing away your winter boots and keeping them upright in your closet.

Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Less expensive hack for boots…… pool noodles! Of course you probably won’t find them this time of year (but maybe some will have some left from last summer). Usually found at a dollar store – 1 noodle will work for at least 2 boots! Not that is an inexpensive hack!

    • I’ve heard of using those, was just afraid they would scrape up the inside of my leather boots. Also, wasn’t sure if the bottom would fit into the ankle area of the boot. These are really cushy, so no worry of damaging the inside of the boot, plus they fit nicely into the ankle area. Thanks for that suggestion, Marlou!

  2. Linda Rubin says

    I use pool noodles. Just cut them to size. Really cheap and works great.

  3. Karen Schwaderer says

    We were on I75 yesterday as well. The only problem we had what the dreaded stretch between Knoxville and Chattanooga. We came to a complete stop twice, both for no apparent reason.

    • Don’t you just wonder about those mystery stops?! I don’t like the hills and twists/turns, especially with the big 18-wheelers all around. Glad you made it, Karen!

  4. Thank you for always finding great solutions. Ordered boot “pillows”today.

    • Hope you enjoy them, Anne! I really love how they look in my boots. For my tallest boots, I place them inside the boot before I zip them back up to store them on the shelf. That way I know the insert is all the way down into the ankle.

  5. My closet, boots, shoes, etc. ARE A MESS…gaaaa. It’s hard to find a start…oh, well… YOURS looks great!! franki

  6. I use styrofoam pool noodles- I cut them into 3 pieces- so 2 noodles would work for 3 pair of boots- works like a charm. Very easy to use and inexpensive!!

  7. I use pool noodles, too. My boots are fine with them, but if I had gorgeous boots like you I would go your way. Have to mention about your listening to the book about the big influenza epidemic in 1918. Thursday would have been my mother’s 100th birthday, born in 1919. She was born “late in life” to my grandmother. Family lore ( and a story I used in my mother’s eulogy) is that in 1918 by grandmother was sick and so sick she when to the doctor because she was sure she had the flu. My grandparents owned a saloon and with all the people and the spittoons ( yuck) she was sure she had the flu and was dying. The doctor examined her and said yes, she had “the flu with arms and legs”! And that was my mother !
    Thanks for all your great blog posts – enjoy being home !

    • That is too funny! I bet that was a huge surprise! lol Much better than having the flu, though! If I had been alive during that time and had just sneezed, I probably would have thought I had the flu. Can’t imagine living through that period!
      Thanks, Ann! When I’m visiting my grandchildren, I don’t want to leave and they encourage me to stay longer, so I do. But then once I’m home, it feels so good to be back in my own house/bed/surroundings. I wish I could pick this house up and put it in Ohio!

  8. Thank you Susan, your boots all look like they’re brand new!

  9. Heh-heh-heh, I have no need for winter boots here in Mexico but I think you’re going to cost me a bundle because when I clicked on the link you posted, I saw the price in pesos so Container Store ships here. ‍♀️

  10. Oh, I forgot to mention, my father who was born in 1907 was 2nd to last of 12 children (weighed almost 12 lbs as well) but he lost 2 siblings to the Spanish flu. It actually seemed surprising to me as they lived on a farm out in the boonies of Oklahoma. One would think they wouldn’t have been exposed to it.

  11. Glad you had a good visit with your family and an uneventful trip home. The boot protectors are another good idea of yours.
    Too bad a complete preventive cure for the flu still hasn’t been found. Even if it isn’t a sure thing, I still get a flu shot every year. Unfortunately, some people I know refuse to get the shot. It was tragic to hear about Bre Payton, the news woman, dying from the H1N1 virus right after Christmas. She was a beautiful girl. Aren’t you glad you stayed well this Christmas?
    Are you happy with the packing cubes you ordered and could tell me the brand you chose again? I couldn’t find your old post about them.

  12. Hi Susan,
    so glad you traveled home safely and it didn’t rain!
    Plus, it seems you were in “good company”: that book you were listening to while driving sounds very interesting and thought-provoking, and, yes, you’re right, we are lucky to live in this era! 🙂
    Susan, your closet looks amazing and well-organized (why doesn’t that really surprise me? lol) and I love your new boot shapers! They’re easy/fast to use and very soft, so I’d say, that’s a perfect combination for your beautiful and elegant leather boots! Good choice! 🙂
    Hugs to you.

  13. Hi Susan! Thanks for your link party. This question is a little off topic, but I remember a while back you did a European River cruise. My husband and I are considering doing one this fall (?). I’d love your input on where and which cruise line you’d recommend. Thanks so much! Liz

    • I took one with Vantage and it was really good. The ship was practically brand new which was nice. They run specials from time to time on their last minute travel deals page here: https://www.vantagetravel.com/whyvantage/last-minute-deals The prices on there right don’t look that great, though.
      I’ve heard Tauck is great, but they can be a bit pricey.
      Oh, I just looked at GCT’s last minute travel deals and they appear to have some really good one. I’m tempted by some of those, although I think they only let couples take advantage of the Last Minute Travel Deals, now. You can see them all here: https://www.gct.com/ways-to-save/last-minute-travel-deals?linklocation=footer
      Liz, if you end up wanting to book a trip with GCT, appreciate if you give them my referral number: 2634289.
      They will give you $100 off any trip and will do the same for me if I travel with them again in the future. I’ve been on three trips with them so far and liked them all.
      I would love to do the Holland Belgium trip again…can’t believe it’s only $1,295 per person!
      The Seine: Paris to Normandy is very tempting, too at $1,395 per person. I always love their last minute travel deals!

  14. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    So…are you now going to get your flu shot before you turn 100+?

  15. Those boot inserts are really nice. Love your closet!!! Happy New Year, Kippi

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Glad you are home safe and sound and I’m loving our mild weather you must have brought up from Atlanta! Thank you! It is 50 degress outside and the next 14 days are predicted to be in the high 30’s and 40’s which is awesome for this time of year for us in MI! We did get about 2″ of snow lastlast night, will soon be melted with the rain showers and warmer temps. Your closet is an inspiration and once again will soon be going through mine. Thanks for the ideas on the boot support, mine are flopping right now, ha. The pool noodles sound interesting, too.

  17. Thank you for the book recommendation. My mother was orphaned in the 1918 flu epidemic at age 5 and as a consequence she was separated from her 4 older siblings and was shuffled farther and farther away from family and ended up not knowing any of them. After considerable detective work we were able to locate the 2 still living siblings when my mother was in her 80’s. She became a registered nurse, graduating from Jefferson Memorial hospital, Philadelphia before the advent of sulpha drugs, a precursor to antibiotics. As a result she was a huge advocate for being current on the most up to date flu vaccines and a big stickler for hand washing and she lived to the ripe old age of 102. I’m going to track down a print copy of Influenza: The Hundred Year Hunt to Cure The Deadliest Disease in History by Dr. Jeremy Brown to add to my stack of winter reading which I do to avoid the sneezing, hacking hoards one finds on trips into the public at this time of year.

  18. Pool noodles work very well and there is no way they could scratch your boots inside or out. I got one for 50 cents after labor day, and that does a pair of boots nicely.

  19. Thank you for sharing. It’s really great solution!!

  20. Wow, Susan, I need you to come organize my closet!

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