Fanciful, Enchanting Decorations for an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

On this past Tablescape Thursday, I shared a whimsical Alice in Wonderland table Elena created in celebration of her daughter’s birthday. If you missed seeing that enchanting tablescape, you’ll find it here: Alice in Wonderland Birthday Celebration Table Setting.

Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Tablescape with Talking Flowers


In that post, I also shared the festive way Elena decorated her sideboard for the party.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Themed Party, Talking Flowers 01


I didn’t get a chance to share all of Elena’s decorations for the party last week since that would have made that post way too long, but the decorations were all just way too fun to be missed.  Elena also decorated a console in her living room in the Alice in Wonderland theme.


Elena fell in love with the adorable, funny, whimsical flowers created by a very talented Etsy shop owner and incorporated them into her decorating for the party. (Shop can be found here:  The Cheshire Cat is one of my favorite characters in Alice in Wonderland. This flower really captures his super wide grin. lol


In addition to decorating her sideboard and console, Elena also decorated her fireplace mantel.



Here are a few close-ups of some of the character flowers who appear singing and talking in the garden scene.


It’s truly amazing how different the face is for each flower. That amazes me because they are all so unique!


Elena made these wonderful floating teacups and she recently shared a tutorial of how she made them. I’ll be posting the tutorial in just a few days, so keep an eye out for that if you would like to make a floating teacup decoration, too.


This flower has a monkey face, I think. Too funny!


Love these topsy turvy cups!


These adorable, whimsical flowers (and many more) are all available here: Alice in Wonderland Talking/Singing Flowers.


The floating teacups are so fanciful! Elena is so talented to figure out how to make these! I can’t wait to share that tutorial with you–hope to get that posted for our next Metamorphosis Monday.


See you tomorrow for our Tablescape Thursday party!

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  1. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Elena has a lot of decorations in this theme and they are all fabulous! Those flowers and their faces are so cute and crack me up all at the same time. lol I’ve seen the floating tea cups and know how to make them, it blew me away when I found out how they “float”. Anxious to see if Elena made hers the same way. Love all her decorations, she can put on a beautiful party for sure! Hugs, Brenda

  2. warren giering says

    Elena, your decorations are beyond spectacular. I am in awe of your talent.

    • Thank you Warren for your very kind words. I truly love tablescaping and making things for “theme” tablescapes. I joyfully stumbled across Susan’s wonderful blog about 10 years ago. I almost instantly transformed into an enthusiastic tablescaper and crafter, Susan inspired me that much! I love love LOVE BNOTP.

  3. these are wonderful decorations. i have made a floating teacup before but i definitely want to do more. i am actually doing a bunch of Alice posts and giveaways this month for alice in april.

  4. DawneMarie says

    Beautiful! Touches of whimsy! Elena is extremely talented! Thanks for brightening my day Susan and Elena. Can’t wait to learn how to make the floating teacups.

  5. SUCH TALENT! Would have loved to be at that party!

  6. This is beyond fabulous! The decor is just perfect, and those flowers and the floating teacups lead the line. It will be very interesting to see how those floating teacups are made. Elena, you set the bar very high!

  7. Elena’s tablescapes are spectacular! She is extremely talented.

  8. I absolutely LOVE all of the singing flowers I bought from the Etsy store, and I have so many of them, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Two of my favorites are the blue Absolem caterpillar flower (he’s so stern!) and the white dendrobium monkey face orchids. I marvel at the talent of the young lady who sculpts and paints the faces of these fun and beautiful flowers. She’s a completely self-taught artist gifted in both painting and sculpting. Incredible!

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh my! What an awesome party! Elena has totally blown me away with her floating teacups and all the special touches ! Wow! Am a little behind in my blog reading, will hurry to see your next post as I think she is in that one too.

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