Spring Fever!

Welcome to the 597th Tablescape Thursday!

Our 600th Tablescape Thursday is just 3 weeks away! Can you believe it? Wow, I wish I could slow down the passage of time, so scary how fast it’s going by. Do you feel that way, too?

I finished this table late yesterday evening. The sun was just starting to go down and I caught a little of the Blue Hour. Some of the photos in this post were taken last night and others were taken this morning. You’ll easily be able to tell which were taken this morning because the colors are much more vibrant and look the way they do in person. Amazing the difference natural lighting can make!

Spring or Easter Table Setting


A photo from this morning…

Spring Table Ideas, Easter or Spring Table


As you can tell, I have a serious case of spring fever! The daffodils are all up and in full bloom here and the birds are active and singing. Spring is very much in the air. I think I’ll go ahead and replace the header across the top of the blog today with the spring/summer header.

If it’s not yet spring in your neck of the woods, take heart! It will be soon! In the meantime, I’ll give you a big dose of spring with today’s tablescape.

Easter Table Setting Ideas


Another photo from last night…

Bunny Cupcake Holder, Bunny Holding up Cupcake


A sweet bunny is holding up our dessert, a cake from the Publix Bakery.

Pink & Yellow Cake


The large bunny cake pedestal in the center of the table came from HomeGoods. A similar one is available here: Bunny Cake Stand. Here’s another one to consider: Bunny Cake Stand.

Upside Down Bunny Pedestal Cake Stand


I placed Mr. Bunny atop a regular cake platter/pedestal for a little extra height. The flowers underneath the bottom of the cake stand are actually hydrangea napkin rings. I have 8 and they were just enough to completely encircle the cake pedestal.


Upside Down Bunny Pedestal Cake Stand


You may remember them from this previous spring table setting. (View this tablescape in full here: Spring Table Setting with Sweet Bath’s Pink Dianthus.)

Floral Spring Tablescape with Bath's Pink Dianthus


The bunny cupcake stands were a find in Pottery Barn many years ago. They are no longer available, but I found some that are very similar here: Bunny Cupcake Stands.

I baked these little cupcakes yesterday afternoon.

Bunny Cupcake Holder Stand for Spring Table, Easter Table


This was the mix and icing I used to make the cupcakes. When you take a bite, it’s like a party inside! Ha! So ya know how sometimes cupcakes don’t look that pretty when displayed in the paper cup they were baked in? The paper baking cup always starts out really bright and colorful but ends up darkening in the oven. Plus, the cupcake shows through, darkening the paper cup even more. I wanted the cupcakes to look pretty in this table setting so I baked them in the pink, polka-dot cups, then placed them (still inside the polka-dot cups) into the tulip cups afterward.

Cupcake Making Supplies


When it came time to ice them, I used a regular icing tip with plans to make swirls on top. I was not impressed with how that was looking! Looks like a pink snake curled up on top of our cupcakes.


I changed out my icing tip from the one on the right, to the one on the left.


Here’s how that tip worked out. Much better! The design looks like flowers which works great for this spring table setting.

Pink Cupcakes


The salad plates for this table are from Pier 1 either last year or the year before. I think last year but my years all run together, so hard to remember now.

Bunny Salad Plates, Bunny in a Garden Plates


I brought out my Kim Parker, “Emma’s Garden” chargers for this springtime table setting. They were a find in Marshall’s many years ago. Green bamboo flatware works well with the colors in the chargers, the salad plates, and the glassware.

Bunny Floral Plates for Spring and Easter


This table is all about bunnies and flowers!

Floral Napkin, Green Bead Napkin Rings


I think I found the green stemware in HomeGoods many years ago. The clear tea/water glasses are Breeze Clear by Noritake. They are currently on sale here: Breeze Clear.

Noritake Breeze Glasses



Hope you enjoyed this springtime table setting! Now we just need some leaves on the trees and spring will really be here!

Spring Table Ideas, Easter or Spring Table


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. The table is beautiful, I love the cupcakes especially! So very pretty, and like you I love spring and all the beauty God sends us. My redbud tree is beginning to bloom, it is just glorious. I look at all your table settings and like them all!

    • Thanks so much, Jacqueline! ♥
      Oh, I love to see the Redbud trees blooming. I didn’t notice if ours are blooming here yet when I was out and about this afternoon. I’ll pay more attention when I next leave the house. I love seeing them! Happy (almost) spring to you!

  2. Ranger Smith says

    Dear Susan – As usual, my Thursday is enhanced by your blog! You’ve taught me so much over the years, all the while entertaining as well. Such a vibrant, cheerful table you’ve set. I can’t believe your green stemware is from Home Goods! Coincidentally, I used Funfetti icing on a “rainbow” layer cake just last weekend. Have a great day.

  3. BEAUTIFUL….thanks for sharing….Patiently waiting for spring here in Central Texas…..woke up to 29 degrees. This blog warmed me up in a hurry !

  4. Wow! Love those green goblets! And the desserts! Can I come over? Lol! (long trek from California…)

  5. I’m always happy to see Emma’s Garden, I think those are my favorite chargers out of any I’ve ever seen! And the bunny salad plates go perfectly with them. I’m ready for flowers and bunnies, I’m waiting until this weekend to reset my table for St. Patrick’s Day and the flowers and bunnies are next after that! 🙂 Snow in the N GA mountains this morning (not too much though) and it’s COLD but spring is coming.
    Just a “FYI” – I’ve enjoyed many of your “house tour” posts and I noticed earlier this week that there’s a house tour video of Oakton, the antebellum home on Kennesaw Ave. at the corner with St. Mary’s Lane. (in Marietta) If you look on Facebook for “Oakton” you should find the video in their recent posts. I thought you might enjoy it.

  6. This is a “Fabulous Happy Table” ! You’ve outdone yourself and given us the hope of spring in spades. Thank you for all of your efforts in sharing this lovely setting and especially your personal baking creativity.

  7. Ah, spring! And the cupcakes and cake add just the right finishing touches to a joyous tablescape. Thanks for the lovely gift today.

  8. Anne Shaheen says

    Thank you for such great posts. Keeps me current in every area of home, food, family and fashion. And we share the love of Dorothy Lane Mkt!

  9. Kristell Mazzuco says

    With my new computer your posts were lost but they finally are arriving. So glad you archive everything so I can go back and see what I missed. Thanks for all your creativeness!

  10. Susan, absolutely Beautiful……everything you do so perfect, from decorating to fashion to these wonderful pink cupcakes…..thank you for such a lovely Easter post.

  11. We have a beautiful day to enjoy your table (even though the temps and wind are not cooperating)! Loved the look of your cupcakes and the goblets. I never have any luck at Home Goods 🙁

    • That perfectly describes today here…it was so sunny and beautiful, but cold and blustery. I kinda liked it, though. lol After so much rain, it was wonderful to see the sun!
      HomeGoods is very hit or miss. Last couple of years I haven’t had much luck but this year when I was there, they had a lot of Easter/Spring goodies in. Maybe they are going to stocking up better on those items now…hope so!

  12. Spring is almost here in our neck of the woods too – I’m so excited! The bunnies are darling, and I love your chargers. ❤️ Thanks for another week of table inspiration!

  13. Super cute Susan with the bunny plates. I love the flower cupcake paper. Such a pretty table. Home Goods is such a fun store. Thanks for iosting.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous. And that camera of yours rocks. I have a Samsung that I just got and I need to use the camera obviously!

    • Thanks, Wendy! It’s amazing what Samsung camera phones can do! Play around with it a bit. I just discovered some new things about a month or so ago that I never realized mine could do and I’ve had it 3 years!

  15. Stunning Tablescape What is the brand of the beautiful dark emerald green goblets?

  16. Biodynamic Barb says

    It’s unfathomable to me that you’ve put together almost 600 tablescapes! In the past year I’ve managed 6, and each one was traumatic, taking months of agonizing decision making. You have my utmost admiration.

    Great idea to double-cup the cupcakes!

    I’m afraid I’m one of the few who doesn’t want spring – I LOVE winter and wish it would stick around another few months. We had snow in April one year, which was wonderful.

    Can you believe I never noticed your header changing? What a good idea.

    • Thanks so much, Barb! Some tables me a lot longer than others. This one took a full day counting a trip to the grocery store and some baking. That’s why I didn’t get my photos taken before dark. Be glad when the time change occurs because that will give me a bit more daylight for photos.
      I know what you mean about agonizing…I do that sometimes over certain elements in a table. Sometimes I can tell it’s missing something but not sure what it is…and I can’t stop until I fix it! lol That leads to me being up late some nights, but it’s worth it when it’s all finished.

      I think I’m going to start doing that as much as I can, doubling up on the cups for the cupcakes. I love how pretty the colors are before they are baked. They change drastically in the oven.
      What?! You never noticed that?! I have 6-7 banners that I change to throughout the year. I’ll try to remember to change it out for Memorial Day so you can see the Patriotic Banner/Header. Most of the banners are holiday-oriented so I change it a lot starting around Halloween and going through Christmas.

  17. So fresh and fun! Love the bright spring colors!

  18. So much goodness in that tablescape. Cutest cupcake decor ever; how do you think of these things?
    Too funny about changing your blog header today. I was just about to send you a”‘sternly worded” (lol) request to do that on March 1st instead of waiting 3 more weeks!

    • Thanks so much, Mia! lol I definitely thought about you when I changed it today! I thought you would approve. 😉 I can’t believe I beat you to it this year! When the daffodils are up and in full bloom, that snow-covered banner has to go! 🙂

  19. Its always so fun to read your blog and the comments. Terrific table setting with the rabbits and cupcakes. I like that they are doing their leg stretches for your colorful spring table.
    The cupcakes look yummy.
    I didn’t notice the header change either. You are so creative. I appreciate now that it went from winter to spring full of flowers and a bike.

    • lol Leg stretches…love that!
      Thanks, Teresa! I couldn’t wait any longer. With the daffodils blooming in my yard, my head is already on thoughts of spring. The birds seem to think so, too. They are starting to sing up a storm in my backyard. Been listening to the owls hooting tonight…love that sound so much!
      Do you have any flowers blooming yet in TX?

      • Hi Susan,
        Yes the azaleas are blooming, Japanese maple trees, and a lovely but short lived purple bud tree. I don’t know the name of it but they are in the neighborhood.
        Unfortunately, none of those types of plants are in my yard. In another 6 weeks, the 56 crepe myrtles in my yard will bloom in a variety of colors. I look forward to that color spectacle when they are in full color. Blue bonnets soon…. Hope you are having a great weekend.

        • That could be a Red Bud tree or a Tulip Magnolia. I’m guessing Red Bud. 56 Crepe Myrtles sounds amazing! I’ve never seen Blue Bonnets blooming in person, that’s going on my bucket list!

  20. That looks so cute, so springy! Your cupcakes look professional with the simple switch of the tip (and the holders). The napkin rings under the pedestal works great too. I have spent much of today reorganizing dishes and glassware, switching over seasons. Yes, I have spring fever!

  21. Those green goblets are gorgeous. Love them. And Susan, your cupcakes are adorable. That second tip really did the trick. I also really like your choices for the wrappers. Glad to see the bunny cupcake holders out again. They are so cute.

    It’s sunny here today. Sunny and cold, but at least it’s sunny! Have a wonderful weekend, old pal.

  22. Those chargers are so pretty! It’s very hard to find chargers that are not a solid plain color. I’m getting ready to decoupage plain white chargers with blue and white napkins. There are so many gorgeous paper napkins available that the choices are endless. Perfect with my plain white dishes to add color to a tablescape.

  23. This is beautiful Susan! So bright and cheerful. The cupcakes are adorable and so is the cake. Love the dishes and the pretty napkins! Those hydrangea napkin rings worked out well for your center display!

  24. Susan, so beautiful, as always! I love, love, love the bunny cake/cupcake stands — so sweet and cute!

  25. Brenda Lawrence says

    A beautiful and springy table setting Susan! Sure gives me the spring fever alright. Love how your cupcakes came out. Nice job. The bunny cake stand and bunny cup cake stands are just to cute! I’m all about bunny’s and flower’s! Hugs, Brenda

  26. Franki Parde says

    On a cold, VERY windy day, your photos are a breath of fresh air!! So pretty!! franki

  27. Love this tablescape, Susan. So colorful and whimsical! Also thank you for the tip re ‘the icing tip’ used … ☺. -Brenda-
    P.S.: It’s been snowing here since early morning and there is more in the forecast tomorrow so Spring seems months away where I am.

  28. Bravo, Susan. You have definitely expressed the idea that “Spring Has Sprung”! LOVE your table with all its vibrant colors and bunny! You absolutely made my day today!! Thank you!

  29. How wonderful to see your cheerful spring post in the midst of a cold windy February day. Love the bunny table setting and the cupcakes are the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing the details of the cupcakes. I’ll have to make those for my great grandgirls. Thank you making our day brighter.

  30. What a beautiful setting. Those cupcakes look delicious. Love the bunny cake stand. Thank You for sharing.

  31. Susan, it is always special when you do a table, and today’s table is tonic for those of us longing for spring. Thank you. I always admire your Emma’s Garden chargers, they are special. What a happy surprise that the bunny plates match so well, and what is not to like about your adorable bunny stands? I love walking through Home Goods at this time of year, it is a pastel and bunny heaven. Like another of your followers, I am soon to do Saint Patrick’s day decor and table and Easter and my bunnies will have to wait until after March 17. While our daffodils are blooming, it is cold and warmer days seem far away. Thank you for the Spring Peek! Marie

  32. Hello Susan, I have been following your blog for quite sometime now. Your tablescapes are gorgeous! You’re very talented with how you put them together! Your home is very lovely as well!
    I’ve been wanting to contact you for a very long time as I started setting up my own crafting blog probably close to a year ago and got stuck with not being able to find a blog header that I envision in my head. I’m not sure what direction to go for it. But I absolutely love the sweet & whimsical style of your headers and was wondering if you would mind sharing who designed them for you. If I could get the picture I have in my mind over to an artist I would be thrilled!
    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Linda Page Gurganus says

    I love your tablescape! I’m going to make your cupcakes and pull out my bunny dishes for dinner Friday night. My Aunt Diane will be visiting me and Ben’s sisters-in-law and brother-in-law will be here for dinner. Diane is now 83 and never slows down! That’s going to be you at that age!! Thanks for the ideas.

  34. cleo headley says

    Bright , beautiful and so cheerful….you never disappoint !!!

    Spring is far off for us…..it is 23 right now and blizzard winds all day. North of us it is snowing 2 to 3 inches an hour, tomorrow and the weekend more of the same……. Have to tell you, I love winter and look forward to more…..I have a long list of things to finish before I can welcome Spring !!!

  35. Dawne Marie says

    This table setting is beautiful! Love the cupcakes, the green glasses, the dishes, the bunnies…..love it all! You are so talented. Thank you for spending your day to make us happy. This brightens my day!

  36. So lovely to open your blog today and see the lovely precursors to spring. I especially liked the dinner ware and those rascally rabbits look like they escaped from Cirque du Soleil. Thanks so much for the uplift as we navigate these last weeks of winter.

  37. Cyndi Raines says

    What a sweet table. I love the bunny with her legs in the air! The cupcakes are beautiful! Yes, eager for spring, but it cold and snowy here, however, warmer weather (in the high 30’s ,ha) is coming next week so we’re hopeful. Tomorrow the winter greenery gets put away and some spring decor will be coming out so that should help, but yes, oh yes, looking forward to spring!

  38. Bobbi Duncan says

    This tablescape looks so cheerful. Love the hydrangea and cupcake ideas! We’ve had such a warm winter this year, with only two light dustings of snow, so it hasn’t felt as though spring was far away. I’m looking forward to walking in the warmth of spring. Hugs!

  39. What a beautiful table! Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am excited to share how to turn photos into artwork. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  40. Vickie H. says

    One of my all-time fave tables you have ever done. And those cupcakes are the perfect touch. Love it all!

  41. An incredible table setting that popped my eyes out, Susan! The word Beautiful just pales with your entire table setting, come on, it looks stunning. You just woke me to Spring even though my heart still longs for it to show up. I love the bunny to bits, and the cupcake is one of its kind.

  42. What a darling tablescape! This is my favorite thing you post because you never run out of ideas and inspiration for us!

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