Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes

Welcome to the 216th Tablescape Thursday!

The Witching Hour:
Ever since I made knock-off Pottery Barn clock plates, I’ve been eager to use them in a table setting.  They are finally making their appearance in a table  I’m dubbing, The Witching Hour, a term (per Wikipedia) first used in Washington Irving’s short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, to signify midnight.

When I read that in Wikipedia, I instantly thought of the funny (and spooky) scene in the movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil with Minerva.  Do you remember it?  It takes place in Bonaventure Cemetery and is totally funny, albeit a little spooky.  (Pssst:  You can take a tour of Mercer House in this post:  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: Touring Mercer House)

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


Come a bit closer if you dare.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


It’s a little hard to see but I made a spider-web tablecloth.  If you wish to make one for a Halloween party, just start by stretching a long piece of faux spider-web stuff across a table and taping it down underneath the table with clear tape.  You can find bags of the faux spider web anywhere that’s selling Halloween decorations.

Stretch your web out nice and thin for the most realistic appearance.  After I had the table partially covered, I actually found it easier to finish this process by placing the centerpiece on the table which help to hold additional pieces of webbing in place.  You can tape the web underneath your centerpiece and the tape won’t be visible.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


The web is really noticeable in person but hard to share in photos.  I tried to capture it for you in this pic.  I created a spider web tablecloth for a previous Halloween table setting in 2009.  That one was atop a glass table and I placed string lights underneath.  It created a great effect with the lights glowing up through the spider web.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


Come check out this fun centerpiece.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


I found this whimsical witch’s hat a couple of months ago in Marshall’s for $12 and bought it to use as a door decoration for Halloween.  I thought it would be hilarious on the front door with a sign crookedly hanging beneath it declaring, “The Witch is In.”  🙂  Wouldn’t the Trick-or-Treaters love that?

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


Unfortunately, a black and white door decoration didn’t work with this year’s Halloween front porch decorations, but there’s always next year.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece_wm


Do you see the HUGE spider perched on the side of the hat, just above the brim?  She’s been busy weaving a web all around the candelabras.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


The porch crows had to get in on the table setting, too.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


I came across these scary looking spider cupcakes at Martha Stewart online and decided to make my own version.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece 12


Here’s a little view looking down at the spider cupcakes perched atop Pottery Barn Knock-off clock plates.   I just noticed, the Gourmet Settings Treble Clef flatware mimics the curl of the top of the witch’s hat.  How fun is that!  This flatware goes so well with any whimsical tablescape.  It has become one of my faves. It’s available at Amazon here: Gourmet Settings Treble Clef.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece 10


I only have four black dinner plates so I used those along with two white dinner plates, placing the white places at the ends of the table.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match your china, especially if you don’t have enough of one pattern.

The cupcakes are super easy to make.  Just bake chocolate cupcakes and cut slivers of marshmallow to create scary fangs.  Red hots work well for the eyes.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece 10


If you follow Between Naps on the Porch on Facebook, you got a sneak preview of these guys yesterday.  At first I shared a pic of just the fangs on a plate and asked what folks thought they were.  The answers were so funny!

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


The spider leg cupcake stands are available here: Spider Cupcake Holders

Spider Cupcake with Marshmallows Fangs and Eyes Made from Red Hot


The “numbered” glasses are from Ballard Designs outlet in Alpharetta, Georgia.   This one has the number 4 on it…kind of hard to see in this pic.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


The first time I saw the glasses they were priced at $2.99 each and I passed them over.  A few weeks ago I stopped in again while on the way to a doctor’s appointment.  This time they were on sale for .99 cents each.  You know I can’t pass up dollar store pricing.   On some of the glasses the number is written out like the “six” below.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


On others, it’s the actual number itself, like the “7” below.  I bought a dozen, numbers 1-12.    I thought they would work well with the clock plates.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


Evening is approaching and the candles took on a soft glow.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


Looking forward to all the wonderful tablescapes posted for this Tablescape Thursday.

Halloween Tablescape with Spider Cupcakes, Clock Plates & a Witch's Hat Centerpiece


You’ll find lots more Halloween Tablescapes under the Tablescape/Holiday category or The Holiday Home/Tablescape category at the top of BNOTP.  Or, click here:  Halloween Tablescapes.  You’ll also find additional Halloween crafts and decorating ideas under the The Holiday Home category.

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  1. Susan, I love the black and white table! The witches hat with crows is perfect. Thanks for sharing and for hosting 🙂

  2. Hi Susan~ Love your Witching Hour table and spider cupcakes! I fell under the spell of that same hat at HomeGoods and used it on my table this week 🙂 Happy Haunting!

  3. Oh I love this! What a great theme! Those cupcakes turned out adorable! Love that hat! You have to love the fabric and that crazy long pointy tip! The crows look great perched on the candlesticks! I can’t believe how green your leaves still are! We’re all done here with the fall leaves!

    • Liz, thanks so much! It’s been so pretty here. Yesterday was 79 degrees so I couldn’t resist putting that table out on the porch. Fall will be here in Georgia soon, though. The leaves in north GA have already changed and they are just starting to change here in the Atlanta area. Beautiful time of the year!

  4. Your spider-y tablescape is splendid!

    And thank you so much for hosting.

  5. Hi Susan! I love this table with the cute spiders–not scary! And that hat must be one of the best I’ve every seen for a witch. I loved it on Mary’s table and you have given it a completely different look, equally wonderful! If I had one I would wear it to answer the door, during the witching hour! I was just looking at the PB clock plates online last night, but I like the clearer look of yours better. Great job! Linda

    • I need to check out Mary’s table. It is a fun hat! 🙂 The clock plates they have online this year are black. I liked the cream ones they had a year or so ago a bit better, but the black ones are fun, too.

  6. Nancy Crane says

    Did you tell us where you purchased the blackbirds? This is such a great tablescape and I just love that hat!

    • Thanks, Nancy! The ones I used in today’s tablescapes all came from Dollar Tree, I think. I’ve also purchased them at Michaels. They often run out of them at Michaels early in the season. If you have a Dollar Tree near you, check there…you can’t beat the price. Oh, Pottery Barn also has them, but they are a good bit more there.

  7. So fun! I wish I had bought some of those cupcake holders when I saw them. They look great with this table. I LOVE your PB knockoff plates. A spooky and fun table. Thanks for hosting. laurie

  8. Susan, you outdid yourself with all these details, I have longed for those Pottery Barn plates and never thought about using fabric to recreate. Also, where in the world did you find the silverware? I might have missed it when you shared. Thanks so much for this party, I love visiting all the Halloween tablescapes, such amazing talent everywhere I look.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

    • Thanks so much, Leslie! I forgot to mention where I found the flatware. It’s by Gourmet Settings (I think that’s the name of the company) and it’s called Treble Clef. I found it at HomeGoods. Occasionally, I’ve seen it in Tuesday Morning. You can also find it online. It’s kind of pricey (or seemed so to me) BUT I use it ALL. THE. TIME. It goes with soooo many table settings. It’s really well made, too. By the way, PB has the clock plates in now, in black…just not in the original color they used to have. I may break down and buy some black ones. lol Trying to resist. 🙂

  9. Great table Susan..but the cupcakes are adorable, so clever, I totally love them!! My grandgirls love bugs, so I can just imagine them eating this ones! Thank you for hosting another terrific and fun party. Big hugs,

  10. Glad you didn’t use this witches hat on your door for this a wonderful centerpiece for your table. The clock plates are fabulous with this stack of plates for your theme of black and white. I even bought a set of glass dinner plates with plans to transform them. Thanks for all the creative and fun ideas plus being a wonderful party hostess each week.

    Thanks, Pam

  11. The cloth and candelabras look so good covered with the web stuff! I bet that was challenging to get to stay in place on the table, thanks for showing how you did that. The witch hat is too fabulous and I love the number glasses with the clock plates, sort of like time is ticking to the “witching hour!” So much fun and creepiness here!

    • Jenna, you are not kidding! HA! That web stuff sticks to every teeny rough spot on your hands, and I have plenty of those this time of year. Love that…ticking the witching hour…great way to put it! 🙂

  12. The Witching Hour! Love it — LOVE the hat and the giant spider.
    Great, funny, yet also very attractive, tablescape.
    As always — lovely!

  13. Okay Susan, you did it, I have just sprayed your table!! 🙂

  14. This is the cutest table! I love it — “The Witch is in!”

  15. Susan, this table is full of darling ideas. I’m going to try the spider web tablecloth sometime. Too cute! Love, love, love the clock plates, the number glasses, and those darling spider cupcake holders. Ironic that I posted a spider theme table today, have posted one previously this season, and have yet a third one waiting to share. And I don’t even like spiders!
    Thanks for sharing the inspiration here and for hosting each week……….Sarah

  16. Linda Page says

    I just love this table setting. Everything is just perfect, especially the cupcakes!!! Those are great. I love the spider legs holders. You are amazing!

  17. Oh Susan, I love the knock off plates.. I guess I missed that post. Now I want some too!! Your table looks fabulous and I do love those numbered glasses. I’d love to be sitting there! xomarlis

  18. GREAT tablescape, Susan!!! Love your cupcakes.

  19. It’s almost too cute to be spooky! I loved the idea of a spider web tablecloth. I whimsy of the witch’s hat and the spider cupcakes make this whole thing adorable. I love it.

  20. Beautiful tablescape, Susan. The centerpiece is awesome…Christine

  21. Susan, this is so wonderful! Love every detail, but especially your ideas for the spider web tablecloth and the spider cupcakes! Must copy both!!! You’re always such an inspiration! xox B.

  22. Wow! That’s fun to know where the term “witching hour” came from. Great table too! Thanks Susan!

  23. Susan, am I allowed to link up a table from last year??? I haven’t been able to get a table set yet????

  24. oh man….wish I had seen those spider cup cakes earlier. They are so so cute! I have the big spider holder which will hold a pumpkin cake for our party but the cupcakes would be cute as neighbor gifts. Thank you Susan for hosting your fun party. Always a treat to be here. Your scape is so charming. Love that hat! xo

  25. I just love visiting your blog. It’s always a wonderful treat for me.

  26. I just love all all the Halloween decor you created and it sure seems doable the way you explain it. Wish I was having a get together but I will be using a few tips when we go to our Clubhouse for their annual Halloween party.

  27. The table looks just right, not too ghoulish! The cupcake looks so good! I bought the holders but didn’t make the cukcakes yet. I used them in a scape to hold green apples. Cupcakes are better!
    Happy Halloween, it will be over by next TT. On to Tgiving, which is really soon!

  28. Susan, I love this tablescape. Love all the black & white. I never really got that much into Halloween, but this tablescape would be right up my alley if I ever did get into Halloween this much. 🙂 I always love what you do. 🙂

  29. Love your tablescape! Must say that I was inspired by your plates from your earlier post and found some “clock/time” fabric and framed it with a mat on which I wrote “TIME to do the laundry” and hung it in my laundry room. You are such an inspiration and you never fail to amaze me.

  30. Moni - Zu Haus at Home says

    Love the tablescape and thank you for hosting!

  31. Susan, you are SO creative!!! GREAT, GREAT, GREAT tablescape!!! I thought of another use for your clock plates……they would be wonderful for a New Year’s Eve tablescape!!! Always good to have multiple uses for our dishes!


  32. Love the black and white theme and the witch’s hat is perfect!

  33. Oh Susan…such a great Halloween table…I love those spider cupcake holders….Now those glasses are great…I wonder if I could tackle a glass etching project…I love those glasses!!!…

    • Shirley, I’ve seen some tutorials online somewhere. That sounds like a fun thing to learn. I wouldn’t mine monogramming some. Maybe we can find inexpensive glasses at the dollar store and give it a go. 🙂

  34. Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life says

    The table looks amazing!

  35. The cup cake holders are the best. I am going to use them on my next table. Great table as alway. Thanks for hosting.

  36. Susan, I had to come over to see those little marshmallow pieces that you showed on FB. You really had everybody going with those! Your tablescape is just marvelous, and I do marvel at your ability to keep doing such original ones. Would you believe that I had a set of treble clef flatware and gave it to my stepson. No telling where it is now!

    • Jane, tell him you want it back! 😉 Actually, you can still purchase it, I think. I still see it in HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, etc… occasionally. That was so funny on FB! The answers were cracking me up!

  37. Dearest Susan, it appears you outdid yourself again. Creative and unique!
    “HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU” Hugs -Brenda-

  38. Love Halloween and love this tablescape! Maybe as a surprise next year you could do ‘bleeding’ tapers! They are nine inch white candles that drip red wax on the inside. Your guests will be so surprised! I think the manufacturers name is Ganz and you can get them on Am#zon.

  39. I found these cute little spider cupcake stands at amazon.com and can’t wait to use them this coming fall. This table is beyond adorable, Susan! You’re so creative! BTW, have you seen how much the PB clock plates are selling for on eBay????

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