They Arrived and I Love Them! Plus a Special Bird Sighting!

Recently I shared an adorable spoon I ordered online from a company that hand-stamps silver-plate spoons with delightful phases. You can purchase one of their designs or have them custom make a spoon with any saying that you like. (Read more about that in my previous post here: What Saying or Quote Would You Choose?)


I was so happy with the first spoon I ordered, I decided to order several more from HERE, including some for the Cocoa Bar out on the porch. They arrived today and I love them!


Is this not the cutest?! I love how the “L” is slightly leaning, just adds to the whimsy! πŸ™‚


Remember the sign I made for the Hot Cocoa bar on the porch? I’ve always loved the song, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. So when I made the sign, I borrowed one of the lines from that song. (Sign tutorial can be found here: DIY Hot Cocoa Sign.)


I decided to have a couple of spoons stamped with that lyric. I asked if they could use different silver patterns if they had them available, and they did! πŸ™‚


I chose this one from the examples available on their website. It will be perfect for the Hot Cocoa Bar, too.


I’ve always loved the book, The Secret Garden. It’s been years since I read it and recently I discovered it was available on Audible. I had just finished listening to it when I discovered these cute spoons..


For one of my spoons I chose a phrase from the book. I love how it turned out, but there is one little change I will make if I order it again sometime. I think I would ask for a bird, instead of the heart that I requested. A bird would be perfect since a very clever robin plays a big role in the book. You may remember in the book, it’s a robin who shows Mary where the key is buried that opens the gate to the secret garden.

Just wanted to share how all my spoons came out in case you’re still looking for Christmas gift ideas. A gardener or book lover would love a copy of The Secret Garden and one of these cute spoons.

You can see all the designs available (or design your own) here: Silver-plate Spoons With Wonderful Phrases or Sayings.


Tonight, right before I wrote this post, I ordered one that you guys suggested in the comments on my previous post! I ordered a spoon with this phrase: Between Naps On The Porch. πŸ™‚

I don’t know why I didn’t think of that last time I ordered, so thanks for the suggestion! I requested their little bird design for it (if it will fit) since I love bird watching from the porch.



Which reminds me, I don’t think I ever shared this, but I saw my very first Scarlet Tanager this past summer! I almost died on the spot!

I first captured him with my cell phone and the picture was terrible. I made sure I had my real camera downstairs after that, just in case he returned. And he did!

I later read that Scarlet Tanagers never come to feeders and are even hard to see when out in the field. Apparently they prefer to hang out in the very tops of trees where they can’t be seen at all. This guy stayed in the area for about a month or longer. I saw him eating at my suet feeder almost every day for several weeks. Some days he visited the suet feeder more than once! I relished every moment since I knew this was a rarity!


The birds are really returning to my feeders now that the weather has turned cold. Stay warm, dear Friends! It’s cold here in Georgia!

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  1. The spoons are cute!
    love the bird shots!

  2. I’m glad to hear you ordered the BNOTP spoon. They all are so cute–what a great gift. (note that the link “HERE” under first photo is not working)

  3. Hi I love your bird photos! I have a couple of bird feeders scattered in my backyard and am convinced that bird watching is more interesting than anything on television!

  4. Way cool, Susan! Love the spoons and that bluebird, that scarlet tanager!

  5. Juanita in OH says

    This is such a comforting post. Everything about it is cozy which, to me represents the peacefulness of the season. I LOVE words and could probably spend a fortune trying to get everything I would like. I think the spoons are an ultimate gift. The Scarlet Tanager is beautiful and your shot really shows the detail. TFS.

  6. It’s hot cocoa time on the North coast, as lake effect snow has been piling on for several hours, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping! Per your delightful spoon’s suggestion, I’m ready for s hot drink and a good book. Fannie Flag’s The whole Town’s Talking is on deck for tonight. Susan, if you haven’t already read her books, I think you would love them!A word to the wise — this week I tried to buy the Mark and Graham plaid bag you recommended but it was sold out and I can’t find another as nice. Next year I will act on your recommendations sooner! Stay warm!

    • I haven’t read her’s…thanks for the suggestion!
      I think that happened last year, too. I was going to buy one and they sold out before I could. Hopefully they will have them again next year since they’ve been such a big hit.
      Thanks, Brenda…you too!

  7. Your spoons are all adorable! This is such a clever idea. I’m going to order some for gifts. I received one last year, Paris is Always a Good Idea. It has a little Eiffel Tower. ‘-)

    • Love that! I remember seeing that on a spoon but I can’t remember if it had the Eiffel Tower. That would perfect if it did! Love that movie, I need to pull it out and watch it again.

  8. Susan, the Secret Garden quote is my favorite. My Grandmother had a beautiful yard filled with trees, bushes, vines, flowers and birds. It was cool and shady and we played many hours in our own secret garden. She was a wise lady and I learned much from her. I miss her every day. I love the hot chocolate bar. Wish I had room for one, but we are pretty crowded. Thanks for your wonderful posts. Ashley

  9. FYI, two things that may interest you. I see how much you like the old truck with a pine tree in the back. At they have a cookie cutter in that shape and a kitchen towel with that image on it. So cute!

  10. The spoons, quotes, and article are interesting. What is the font used on your spoons? Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Dorinda Selke says

    Oh Susan I’d love to come on down to Georgia and have some hot cocoa with y’all on that perfectly perfect porch of yours ❄️ Hugs, Dorinda

  12. Jane Franks says

    Love the spoons, Susan, and “The Secret Garden” — I just dug out my copy! I’ll have to read it again after Christmas! Thanks for the reminder! Jane

  13. Waiting for my spoons. I ordered them when I read your blog! They have been shipped! Can’t wait!

    • Mine took a while to get here because the postal service sent them to another city with a similar zipcode. They transposed two numbers in the zipcode and sent them to the wrong post office. So then they had to be sent back to Atlanta and then finally routed to my area. So it took about 2-3 days longer than it should have due to the mistake. Mary, check the tracking and you can see where they are right now. I was like a kid waiting on Christmas to get here. lol

  14. What a pretty bird!!! franki

  15. I ordered one of the spoons as a Christmas gift. Can’t wait to get it! Your spoons are so cute!!! Congrats on the Scarlet Tanager!! I’ve never seen one. Don’t think they have Texas on their flight pattern!!!

  16. Wolves the Spoons and love the Birds. They are so pretty

  17. Love the spoons and going to get some for gifts and for me ! REALLY love The Secret Garden – my favorite book of all time. As a school librarian we often have displays or programs where teachers name their favorite book…and the students all know mine is The Secret Garden. I have my own copy that my husband bought me because “he would walk the world over to get me the blade of grass I wanted”. Love the story and how it promotes a positive message of life, and love, and gardens ! Thanks for sharing the idea of the spoons and your bird visitors….I put little wreaths on my birdhouses, but it is too darn cold here in PA for any feathered friends !

  18. Linda Bloom says

    I just ordered one for a gift & anxious to see which spoon I will get. Hope it will be as pretty as your’s. The custom saying that I requested will be perfect for the person I will be giving it too. Thanks for letting us know about these.

  19. Oh, I’m so glad I mentioned you getting your blog title on your spoon. I almost didn’t! I love it! I ordered a few of these darling spoons, too, thank you so much for sharing the idea with us.

    Your feathered friend is stunning. What an honor to host him!

  20. I absolutely love the spoons, Susan!

  21. Thank you so much for blogging about the spoons. I ordered a mug and spoon for a friend’s Christmas present and both arrived today. I love them. I also ordered a spoon for myself, but once I saw it in person, it sparked an idea for a gift for one of my aunts so I will be giving it away. Now, I’ll have to order another one for me! Please let us see the BNOTP spoon once your receive it.

  22. Your spoons are so cute! Little treasures. The Scarlet Tanager gorgeous! Hope he comes every year. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Love the spoons – it is such a great idea. Your coco bar is terrific idea and it looks terrific. Everything looks so festive on the porch.

    Your Scarlet Tanager is beautiful – we don’t get them here in So CA.

    Have a great week.


  24. Adorable!

  25. Christine Anderson says

    i ordered on and I love it!!!

  26. Hi. I love the spoons – How am I missing where they are from

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