Valentine’s Day Table with Vintage Copeland Spode, Tower

Welcome to the 438th Tablescape Thursday!

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Thanks so much for all your caring comments on yesterday’s post! I had been planning on scheduling an eye appointment soon because I would love to get some new glasses before I visit Morocco next month. I don’t think contacts and the desert sand are going to mix too well. πŸ˜‰

Since so many of you were concerned, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment. My primary care doctor told me to see my eye doctor so that’s who I scheduled it with. Please don’t worry, I’m really sure I was just experiencing a “silent” migraine the other night. My vision has been totally normal since then. But I’ll be sure and mention it to the eye doctor when I see him.


Tablescape Thursday

It was raining and gloomy much of yesterday, then dark by the time I was able to take photos of this week’s table. I’ll capture some today in natural light and add those to the post later in the day.


Photo with the sun streaming in–such a gorgeous day out today!


I’ve used this silverplate ornament tree (found in Ross-Simons about 16+ years ago) in Christmas table settings. Today it’s covered in little, pink, mercury-glass hearts.


You may remember seeing the hearts in this previous Valentine’s Day table setting. (See more of this table here: Valentine’s Day Tablescape)


Or, when I used them on my feather tree one year. The feather tree was a find in Michaels many years ago.


I’ve also used the little silver tree for winter tablescapes to hold snowflake ornaments. (Table can be viewed here: Winter Table, Tablecloth by Mother Nature)


I’ve even been known to hang home-made Shamrock cookies on it. I wish I had one of those to eat right now! πŸ™‚ (See that table setting here: St. Patrick’s Day Table with 4-Leaf Clover Napkin Fold )


Beaded dragonflies have landed on our eyelet napkins. (Beaded edge red napkins are from HomeGoods (I think) and eyelet napkins are from Pier 1 a few years back. The glasses were a gift.


I chose a simple but elegant flatware. I love this flatware and have it three other colors: black, blue and ivory. The one in this table setting is their white version. You’ll find this flatware available on sale in 5 colors here: Flatware. It’s available for a slightly better price in black and ivory here: Flatware.


The dishware I chose for this Valentine’s Day table is very old and dates back to the 1920’s. It has the old Copeland Spode mark and the pattern is, Tower. I purchased it many years ago on eBay.

The cream-colored, pierced chargers are from Horchow online. I purchased a dozen of these and a dozen white chargers in a swirl design back in 2008. I wasn’t blogging then, but was doing a fair amount of entertaining. I thought having chargers in both white and cream would be helpful since those two colors would work with almost any of my dish patterns.


In the sunlight the next morning…



Without the napkin…


Here’s a better photo of this pattern from a previous table setting.


After dinner, we’ll be stirring our coffee with peppermint-covered, chocolate spoons. πŸ™‚


Found these in Marshalls a while back. They are delish from the little crumbles I’ve tasted!


Hope you enjoyed this Valentine’s Day table! I’m looking forward to viewing all the other tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!


Tablescape Thursday

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  1. So pretty Susan! I would have never thought dragonflies would work for a Valentine table but they do! Lovely china and pale pink hearts… The white tree is adorable!!

  2. Such a sweet table! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that silver ornament tree! Very nice job…..So enjoyed this!

  3. I love your white napkins and I have been unable to find any like them. Suggestions?

    • I would try googling for “eyelet napkins.” I did that last night out of curiosity and saw a good many listed on Etsy. I bet you could find some on eBay, too. I’m not sure they would be exactly the same or not. Pier 1 needs to bring these back again!

  4. Beautiful table! I love the ornament tree and the lovely pink hearts and of course the plates and chargers. The napkin holders are lovely and my eye was drawn to them right away, though I believe them to be dragonflies and not butterflies. πŸ˜‰ Have a great day!

    • Did I call them butterflies? I need to read the post again. lol Well, shoot, I did call them butterflies. Well, at least I named the photos correctly. I called them dragonflies when I named the photos before uploading them. lol Thanks for catching that, I’ll change it. πŸ™‚

      • I’ve been there many times. I proofread and then it seems as soon as I hit enter, the typo goblins come and change my words around! Well, that’s MY story anyway and I’m sticking to it! Ha!

  5. Beautiful, Susan. Those butterfly napkin rings are stunning. I love the way you combine two napkins. I do something wrong when I try that, because they don’t look as pretty as yours. (I might need to iron my napkins! I have the same napkins from Pier One, but mine look limp, because I tried using the steam setting on my dryer instead of ironing!) I want some of those chocolate covered spoons, but I’m afraid I’d eat all of them before guests arrived. Thanks for hosting.

    • Thanks, Laurie! lol I know, it’s super tempting! When I layer two napkins, I sometimes turn them where they are kinda going in opposite directions, especially if the napkin that will be on the inside is smaller than the one of the outside. So, instead of matching up the corners, I turn the inside one so its corners are in the center of the top napkin, if that make sense. It just helps the inside napkin to show a bit more. If the napkins are the same size or the inside napkin is bigger than the outer one, I usually just match up the corners. Hope this makes sense, kinda hard to explain.

  6. Nancy Elizabeth says

    This tablescape says LOVE. How sweet is this table with the eyelet napkin paired with the red, just the right touch. The Spode dinnerware is perfect for the occasion. And the added sweet touch of the blush stemware, dragonfly, and the chocolate spoon all say Be My Valentine!

  7. Anne Shaheen says

    I found after menopause alot of quirky health issues cleared up. Hormones!!!

  8. Hi Susan, just thought I would let you know that at least three of the links are saying that page doesn’t exist. I am not that tech savvy so not sure if it has something to do w/ your opening comments. Do take care of yourself; I know that is easy to say but as I get older I know how important it is!

    • Pat, Inlinkz tells me he has that fixed now, so they should all be working. Sorry it wasn’t working right earlier. This is a new linky and so they are still working out some of the bugs.

  9. Just beautiful, and inspiring, but alas I would have to add a wing onto my house to contain all the stuff that makes for such lovely table settings. Guess I’ll just have to enjoy your tables from afar.

    • I wish I had one big storage area for it all, would be so much easier than having to check all my storage places to find things. Definitely a first world problem, I know!

  10. Love, love those sparkling pink hearts! And clever to hang them on an ornament tree for the centerpiece. But the chocolate-covered spoons for stirring really got my attention. Are the spoons reusable? I can’t tell what they are made of.

    • Thanks! I’m not sure, the handles feel like plastic. I guess I need to sacrifice myself and eat one for the good of humanity so we can find out. πŸ˜‰

  11. Your table is lovely! Those pink hearts are darling and I like how they look “by themselves” on the ornament tree. And the Spode plates are perfect for Valentine’s Day! I recently got some “new to me” red/white transferware, and am planning to set a Valentine’ table this weekend, so I appreciate the inspiration. And I’m glad you’re going to get your eye issue checked out.

  12. Very pretty! I love the white eyelet napkins over the red ones. Hope the Dr. confirms that all is well with you. Are you going to tell him that your online girls made you go see him? :0) Isn’t it nice to know that everyone is concerned about you! Have a great day!

    • lol I will! Aww, thanks, Laura…appreciate you guys! But I promise it won’t be anything serious. My vision is totally back to normal now. It had something to do with that evil headache I had coming on all day.

  13. OMG! Susan I love all of your table settings but this one has gone to the top of my list. Beautiful!!!!!
    Glad you’re feeling better.

  14. I love it all especially how you did the napkins. I was going to do a double layer napkin but got lazy. Glad to know you are getting a follow up to that strange eye problem that occured.

  15. I have several sets of inexpensive colorful flatware, and they are such an easy way to add a little pizazz to a table. Hope your weather is pleasant enough to enjoy dining on the porch.

  16. I just love the rims on both the chargers and the Spode plates, it just makes for a beautiful setting. The peppermint spoons compliment the coffee cups perfectly!! Thanks so much for hosting.

  17. So glad you are going to the eye doctor……need to check that out!!

    Table is lovely, love those dishes and the hearts……

  18. Deborah Johansen says

    Love the beautiful table setting and the chocolate mint spoons.

  19. Mildred Hoppe says

    I’m glad you are seeing the doctor about your weird eye experience.
    I have a question about using two napkins. Do you leave them doubled for an actual dinner?
    If so, what do the guests do with the second napkin upon removing them from the napkin ring????

    • Yes, I do…and my guests normally place the other one on their lap. If it’s a sheer one, sometimes they just place them on the table and I’ll collect them, but normally they just place it on their lap.

  20. Such a pretty table. Smart purchase on those chargers! Love the spoons too. I am knee deep in research and decision-making, not having any fun with tables or anything else at the moment, and don’t see it happening anytime too soon. And I miss sunshine. Boo hiss.

  21. Hi Sandra, I just emailed InLinkz to get an update. I’m sorry the link isn’t working…you did put it in correctly because I checked it over on the InLinkz website.

  22. The dragonflies are the perfect addition to this beautiful table. Thanks for hosting!

  23. Sandra, I just heard from InLinkz…he fixed whatever was wrong, so your link is working now.

  24. Oh my goodness dear Susan, I do hope all is well with your eye and please keep us posted !
    Love the amazing LOVE settings, your accessories and dishes, none like yours. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I can’t find the link for the party as of yet.

    • Thanks, Fabby! It’s there. Fabby, make sure the browser you’re using is up-to-date. If your using Internet Explorer, you may want to switch to a different one because I.E. is being discontinued and it doesn’t work well with some site/code. Try viewing the blog with Chrome and see if that works okay.

  25. I just pinned the branches tree photo…LOVE THAT…and the feather tree is so pretty. I had a pink feather tree from dept. 56 for years and kept it boxed in the garage nicely for a long time. One year the mice managed to get to it. I guess they made feather beds! Maybe I will find another, certainly like the white. Valentines Day is a favorite of mine. Your photos are pretty. I decided to order the flatware in black. So reasonable and I have managed to collect a lot it would go with. It looked great on your halloween posts. Thanks for the link.

    • Oh, no! They must have had one comfy bed that winter! In black, it’s my favorite to use for Halloween. It’s perfect for that. It’s also great to use when you have a lot of color already going on in a table and you want something simple that grounds it. The black flatware works perfect for that.

  26. P.S. Susan, for your readers who like the Napoleon Bee flatware at Horchow it is 25% off until feb 11.

  27. Susan, Wonderful table and the napkins are an extra bit of fabulous sparkle! You know how to create a festive table. Thursdays are a fun anticipation party. Thanks!

  28. Cyndi Raines says

    Very pretty table Susan, and I really like the beaded dragonflies – a little touch of whimsy, very nice. Jillian, thank you for the tip on the Napoleon Bee flatware on sale. I can drool from afar. Love all the versions shown, but especially the gold edged, it’s over-the-top, very lovely! I pinned it and maybe one day… πŸ™‚ Happy Valentines to you Susan and all the sweet blog sisters!

  29. All so beautiful, Susan. I love the shots of things in shadow. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  30. bobbi duncan says

    I love this romantic table setting! I never thought about using red transferware until bloggers showed it, and I thought “what an elegant way to do Valentine’s Day”. The eyelet napkins are just perfect. I so wish Horchow, or someone, would come out with chargers like yours because they go with everything it seems. From the first time I saw yours I have been on the hunt but, alas, no luck at finding any as pretty as yours. PLEASE keep us posted if you happen to spy any again because they really elevate the dinnerware beautifully. The puffed hearts are adorable and your ornament tree has really come in handy for so many lovely table settings. You really know how to put together a great tablescape–have gotten so many ideas from you and so many compliments. Hugs!

  31. Susan You and only one other lady in blogland have the most beautiful table settings ever. I love all your dishes

  32. Susan, the Tablescape is gorgeous…I would love to have the Spode transferware. The chargers, centerpiece, and eyelet napkins are all so perfect!

  33. I, too, love your blogs and look forward to them each week wondering what wonderful surprises you have waiting for us. My question has nothing to do with this weeks blog. Just wondering if you keep your tartan plaid bedding on your bed all winter or just during Christmas. I love mine and really hated changing back after Christmas. Is that your guest bedroom, I have forgotten, or your bedroom. Is your bedroom the blue and white and do you have a third bedroom and how is decorated. I,also, am not watching HGTV. Enjoyed the House hunters and International for a while but same old same old. Miss decorators like Kitty Bartholomew from years ago and especially Candace from Canada. Hate the flip flop things. Fixer upper, altho, I like the family, one can catch the last 10 min. and see how it is decorated. Now the last thing and I am sure you are familiar with this and you probably have one but I noticed several invitations, cards, announcements and Christmas cards had stamped monogrammed return addresses on the backs of the envelopes. The persons initial or 3 letter monogram is in the middle with the surrounding address circling it. It is self inked like a “for deposit only” or other stamps. Our local little printing shop had me one ready in about 3 days and under $20.00. My newest favorite gadget. So convenient. My friend uses hers for all mail and it’s small enough for the front of the envelope she says. Very elegant.

    • Thanks, Linda! I know, I love my tartan bedding and am always a bit sad when it’s time to remove it. I normally put it on the bed around the 1st of October since it feels very fallish and I leave it on until April 1st. That’s when I change it out for my spring bedding. The tartan bedding is on my bed and the blue and white bedding is in the guest room. I’m using my son’s old bedroom as my office and the 4th bedroom was turned into a dressing area by a previous owner of my home…read about that here:
      Currently, I’m using that space as my exercise room…see that here:
      The upstairs bonus room can be a bonus space or another bedroom since it has a closet. I’m using it as an upstairs living room/spare bedroom since it has a sofa sleeper. See that room here: So that’s how all the bedrooms are currently being used. πŸ™‚
      I used to have some beautiful soft pink stationary that I purchased from Neiman Marcus many years ago. It had the engraved address on the back of the envelope. I think I’m down to only a couple of notecards/envelopes left now. Where did you get the little gadget that you’re using? It sounds very cool! I’ve looked a few times on the NM website but I could never find the same stationary/notecards that I purchased so many years ago. I love the color it was…such a gorgeous soft pink.

  34. Linda Nixon says

    Maybe taking up too much of your time but just had to tell you I am having a tea for a bride elect in March. It is an heirloom tea. Guests are asked to bring and share any family heirlooms for a display table. Lunch will be enjoyed while listening to years past music performed by a violinist. Did this once before with my niece and our families. We were so involved in looking at all of the treasures I had a hard time getting their attention to serve lunch. The brides mother brought her mothers wedding suit that still had her flowers pinned on it. (From the 20’s) We had a good laugh. Also I might mention my son received his DNA report recently and his graph showed 63% western Europe and the rest was Irish and Scot. Interesting as his middle name is Scot and spelled with one t. When he was a child we had to always to mention to dr. office, school, etc his name was spelled Timothy Scot with one t to the point that he thought his middle name was Timothy Scot with one t.

    • That is too funny about him thinking that whole was his middle name. πŸ™‚ Yeah, it’s amazing all the things you learn doing the DNA test…fascinating.
      I love the idea of an heirloom tea and everyone bringing an heirloom item. Such a wonderful idea!

  35. Hello, I am somewhat new to your blog – and absolutely loving it! I love the flatware you use in this Valentine Tablescape (and others) , and wanted to let you know that they are currently sold at Target online in all the colors for $39.99. Even better deal at Bed,Bath and Beyond (for the same price) but if you put in your email address, you get an immediate 20% off of one item – so I bought one red set for $33.91 (free shipping) Then I used hubby’s email to order 2nd set πŸ™‚
    Wanted to pass the deal on… And thank you for brightening up my day with your beautiful tablescapes!

  36. Hi, I am new to the blog world. Loved your table setting, dragon fly took the center stage. Looking forward to seeing more of your table settings.

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