I Can’t Live Without This Thing–Keep Finding New Ways to Use It!

In the past, I’ve shared this awesome little desktop vacuum with you. It is amazing! I like it so much, when I set up a desk in the guest room at my son’s home, which is also a great workspace for my oldest grandson when I’m not there, I immediately purchased a second one since I use it so much at home.

Mini Vacuum for cleaning mousepad, keyboard, puzzle board


I use it at least once a week to vacuum my large desk mat that does double duty as a mouse pad. I can’t stand it when my laser mouse skips due to dust or something else that’s almost too small to even see.

Large Mouse Pad, Forest Design


A few months back I shared how I had discovered the mini-vac is also awesome for cleaning puzzle dust off the felt surface of a puzzle board.

Puzzle Dust on Puzzle Board


Before, in order to clean my puzzle board, I was running a sticky lint brush over it which took forever since I kept having to stop and peel off another sticky sheet. Also, it didn’t do a very good job of cleaning it. I can clean it with the little mini vacuum in about 30-45 seconds.

Puzzle Board after Cleaning


This is what it picked up the last time I vacuumed the puzzle board.

Best way to clean puzzle board


Today I discovered two more new uses for this little vacuum. I always vacuum/dust the shoe shelving in one of my closets every couple of months. Today, I decided to try the mini-vacuum on my Ugg boots and it did a great job of re-fluffing up the shearling. The boot on the left is the first one I did and you can see how much better it looks compared to the one on the right.


I also discovered it does a great job of getting dust off of suede boots. My boots always get dusty over the winter from just sitting on the shelf for so many months and it’s hard to “dust” suede boots. The mini-vac worked great for cleaning and fluffing the suede right back up!


I had vacuumed the closet before I started cleaning the shelves but my vacuum never does a great job on this small,  red, wool rug. Not sure why, it just never refluffs it very well. I used the min-vac on the rug and it looked so much better afterward! Here’s all it picked up from the boots and the rug.


I just ordered a second mini-vacuum since I want to keep one in my closet at all times. I ordered it in pink this time for my office since I have several pink accessories in the office like my scissors, tape dispenser, calculator, and stapler. (It’s available in pink here: Pink Desktop Mini-Vac.)


So the white mini vac will go to live in the closet full time for those times I need to re-fluff and clean my boots.  (Find it in white and orange here: Mini-Vac.)

Mini Vacuum for cleaning mousepad, keyboard, puzzle board


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. How cool. You always find the greatest things, Susan. I wonder if it is powerful enough to vacuum inside the crevices of my cat tree.

    • I think it would be although it might not get down into corners real well. It has very stiff bristles so those really help with how well it vacuums. I think that’s why it fluffed up my boots so well and why it picks up puzzle dust/lint so well.

  2. Any info you can share on the pretty rug shown? The colors are very pretty.

    • Thanks, Sam! It’s a rug I purchased many, many years ago, so long ago, I can’t remember where now. It may be one of the ones I purchased from a local rug shop about 25+ years ago that sells Oriental Rugs. The shop was still there a year or so ago when I was in that area, so they may still be open. Let me know if you want their name and I can give that to you.

  3. Thanks for the Mini-Vac idea,,,you always have great items that I get for my husband as extra Christmas or birthday gifts. Definitely going to get this.

  4. Susan, do you charge this electrically, or do you use batteries? I was a little confused at the 2 prices quoted for this item on amazon.

    • I have the battery-only version but I notice that they make a version that’s chargeable for a $3-4 more. I have been using mine forever and I don’t think I’ve ever had to change the batteries, so when I ordered again, I just went with the battery-operated version.

  5. franki Parde says

    CLEVER!!! franki

  6. Cyndi Raines says

    That is amazing! You do find really neat things, hehe, I like how it fluffed your boots. I bet even the manufacturer hadn’t thought of that! You should call them and tell them all the uses you are finding for it and maybe they will send you a free one or a coupon!

  7. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. I am a quilter and there are always little bits of thread all over my sewing table. I decided to buy one of these and see how it works in my sewing table and cutting table.

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