How I’m Passing the Time and Keeping My Sanity

Do you consider yourself an Introvert or an Extrovert, or somewhere in between? I’m pretty sure I’m more of an Introvert since I can spend days and days at home alone and never get bored. Between books, movies, home projects, puzzles, and online entertainment, I have to really work at it to get bored.

If you’re finding this time depressing or a real struggle, probably the best antidote is getting out for a walk in the neighborhood. We took a long, almost six-mile walk through the surrounding neighborhoods a few days ago and even though we kept our distance, it was nice waving and chatting at a distance with neighbors who were working outside.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things we can do at home that are relaxing and enjoyable during this time. Most of the ones I’m sharing in today’s post can be done completely alone or with another family member who is living with you.

If you’ve ever had an interest in birding, this is a great time to really get into it even more. The shop where I purchase all my birdseed back in Georgia and here in Ohio, Wild Birds Unlimited, has arranged it where their customers can call and order whatever they need over the phone, paying with a credit card. Then the customer can just pull up to the curb, pop their trunk and they’ll load the seed right into the trunk.

Spring is such a great time for birdwatching because the birds are all super active right now as they begin the nesting season. It always brings me so much joy to see the beautiful birds in my area feeding at the feeders I have hanging just outside my kitchen window. I’m a little sad that I’m not home this spring to feed the bluebirds who nest every year in my yard, but I did hang a feeder here at my son/dil’s home last fall and I’ve enjoyed filling it for the birds who visit their backyard.

If you’re in need of a great feeder, I have two favorites that I can definitely recommend. The one below is my absolute favorite since it’s easy to fill and completely squirrel proof. Though it’s squirrel proof, it’s not always raccoon-proof. lol


It’s also easy to fill and easy to clean. This is the feeder I purchased for my son’s back yard last year and my grandsons have really enjoyed birdwatching and looking up the birds in their birding books. If you’re in need of a feeder, you’ll find this one here: Bird Feeder.

Favorite Bird Feeder, Best


This is the other feeder that I use in my backyard. Cardinals and bigger birds who require a perch love it because it has a nice, big perching ring. They can also perch on the feeder above, but this one is a bit more comfortable for larger birds.


Bluebirds love it, too. Bluebirds love shelled sunflower seeds. They don’t have the right kind of beak to crack the shell off of a seed, but if you buy a small bag of the No-Mess Sunflower Seed, they will eat from the feeders, too. Their favorite it mealworms, though! The ones I normally buy are currently sold out (arggg) but you’ll find other brands available here: Mealworms.


It’s also squirrel proof, shutting down if a wily squirrel tries to raid it. You’ll find it available here: Bird Feeder.


Puzzle Time

One of my favorite past times throughout the year is puzzling. I hadn’t put a puzzle together in years until a couple of years ago, now I’m addicted! There are so many amazing ones I’ve wanted to share with you. I’ve had several emails and comments from BNOTP readers asking for puzzle recommendations and several folks have asked about the puzzle board I use to put mine together.

Unfortunately, just like toilet paper, there are virtually no great puzzles left anywhere online. Amazon is wiped out and even the websites of the puzzle manufacturers state they have been overwhelmed and are no longer even taking orders! Is that not crazy?!

I searched high and low and as of the time I was putting this post together, the few I’m sharing below are the only ones I could still find available online. I’ve been working on this post for a few days and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve added a puzzle to the post, only to find it sold out the very next day. So if the few I’m sharing below are still available and you want one, don’t wait. It will be gone by this evening or tomorrow if it isn’t already.

I thought this one was adorable. As of this writing, it was still available here: Cats with Puzzle


A few months back I put this delightful puzzle together. It depicts many of the scenes/events/places in the wonderful plays of William Shakespeare. It comes with an insert that explains all the different scenes in the puzzle and in which play they appear. If you love Shakespeare, you’ll find this puzzle here: The World of Shakespeare.


Here’s one more I found that I’m sure will soon be gone. A gorgeous seaside scene with a beautiful stone cottage and a wonderful old lighthouse. Seaside Lighthouse Puzzle.


I just discovered this puzzle a few days ago and unfortunately, it’s sold out. It’s called Bemused Bookseller and I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on in this scene because I’ve experienced it myself when purchasing pre-loved books. I even wrote a post about it but can’t find it right now. If I do find it, I’ll come back and add a link to the post.

The name of the bookstore is Bound to Please Book Shop. Love that!

Book Seller Puzzle


Apparently the bookseller is a buyer/seller of pre-loved books based on the writing on the box, and it appears she’s found something pretty amazing tucked inside one of the books. What do you think it is? I see cards with hearts and roses on them, do you think she’s come across a sweet love letter? I see more letters down under her arm and beneath the book.

The doggies in their bed are so cute! Do you see the kitty asleep on the ladder? I love a puzzle that tells a story. If you would love doing this puzzle, you’ll find it here: Bemused Bookseller. Hopefully, they will get more in soon.

Book Seller Puzzle


I’ve had several emails/comments lately asking about my puzzle board. It was available until just recently but I think it’s currently showing sold out like so many things are right now. I have two that I’ve been enjoying using. I’ve had this one in my office for a few years.

Tilting, Slanting Puzzle Board, Easy on the Back


I purchased this one last year while visiting my grandchildren. They love working their puzzles on it or helping me with puzzles I already have going. A puzzle board greatly saves the back and I love that it can be easily closed up and moved at any time without disturbing the puzzle.

When they are available again, which will hopefully be soon, you’ll find them here: Puzzle Board.

Puzzle Board for Working Puzzles While Standing or Sitting


More Games to Keep You Busy

This sounds really interesting and has great reviews: 4.6 stars after 1,087 reviews. I think I’m going to order one, I love games and puzzles! You’ll find it here: Games, Puzzles, Trivia Challenges.


If you love word search games, this looks like a good set. You’ll find it here: Word Search Games.


This sounds really intriguing! It’s a game you can play by yourself or with up to 4 players. I ordered it this evening. You’ll find it here: On The Dot.



I listen to a ton of books on Audible each year.  This is my favorite non-fiction for 2019. It has a 4.8-star rating after 4,666 reviews so apparently a lot of people have really enjoyed it. It’s that good!

Some of the “habits” mentioned in the book, I’ve been doing for years, probably due to my passion/love for organization. I LOVE finding little hacks, small changes or techniques that end up making a huge difference or improvement in my everyday life. You’ll find this book available here: Atomic Habits. It’s definitely a book I will listen to over and over again because it contains so much great information.

Atomic Habits by James Clear


I rarely listen to fiction anymore but I’ve heard so many good things about I Capture the Castle, I decided to check it out. I’m really enjoying it so far! If you like a fast-paced book, you may find it too slow. If you enjoy a book that pulls you into another world with really interesting characters, I think you’ll enjoy it.


Acorn TV

I ditched cable TV a few years back and haven’t missed it at all, but I love watching British mystery and comedy shows online on Acorn TV. Agatha Raisin is one of my favorites. There are a lot of great mystery shows on  Acorn TV, as well.

Acorn TV is ridiculously inexpensive, I think I pay around $5 a month. Totally worth that and more! Check it out here: Acorn TV.



If you’re looking for some fun movies, I’ve listed a few of my faves below. I haven’t seen Local Hero, yet but it has great reviews and sounds like the type of movie I would enjoy, so I’ve added it to this list. I plan to rent it sometime soon.

I was a little hesitant to put The Red Violin on this list, even though I love the movie. The reason I was reluctant to include it is because I only watch and want to recommend happy, uplifting movies. Unfortunately, The Red Violin starring Samuel L. Jackson, starts off with a sad situation, but once you get past the tragic opening (which thankfully is short) it’s a wonderful movie with gorgeous scenery, beautiful music and costumes, and an intriguing storyline. If you can take some initial sadness, the rest of the movie is excellent!

Waking Ned Devine (Comedy)

Leap Year (Romantic Comedy)

Emma (Comedy/Drama)

Local Hero (Comedy)

An Affair to Remember (Romance)

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Drama…I haven’t seen this one yet.)

Doris Day Movies (Romantic Comedies)

The Red Violin (Drama/Adventure) It’s also available here: The Red Violin.


Please share any fun, happy or uplifting movies that you know and love. We all need some smiles and happiness to help get us through the days ahead.

As I think of more ways/ideas to help pass the time, I’ll create another post to share those.

Stay safe, my Friend! We are all in this together!

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  1. Carol Matthews says

    I’m a total introvert – I have a cushion that says it perfectly: Introverts Unite! (Separately, in your own homes).
    I’m sure this time is very difficult for extroverts, and I hope they are finding ways to get the stimulation they need.
    I really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing!

  2. Barbara Smith says

    As much as you love books, I would like to recommend the movie 84 Charing Cross Rd. with Anne Bancroft.

  3. It’s good to hear another person say they never get bored! I can always find something to keep me busy and I look forward to quiet moments when I can read, read, read!!! Thanks for sharing more interesting ideas.
    Enjoy your family.

    • Another introvert here! Except for worry about catching that virus when I must buy groceries or essentials, and our weekly date night/pub night, my life has hardly changed. I really do not have a big stash of crafting materials, and didn’t want to risk going out, so yesterday I scrounged up the following to make a new wreath: 1)a basket-plate I have had for years & seldom use, 2) three dollar-store rabbit figurines bought last year, 3)three old loom spindles 4)orange spool of plumb-bob thread, 5)stem and leaves from a fake flower bunch, 6)florist stem tape, 7) an old iron plant ring/scarf ring and 8) jewelry wire 9) a pair of lime green and white garden gloves from fall sale @ the dollar store. With some craft paint (I always have on hand) I painted the basket plate the same lime green as the florist stem tape. I tape-wrapped the iron ring, wired the basket to the ring with the jewelry wire. Then I wrapped the spindles with the orange string, stuck the fake stem/leaves into the wide ends of the spindles And attached those “carrots” to the “wreath base” I had made. With glue gun, I placed 3 rabbits near/on my “carrots” and added a bow made from those garden gloves. Most of this stuff was in my garage collecting dust (I washed it all first.;) Now I have a really cute Easter wreath for my front door (so now I can collect pollen LOL.) Junk-to-wreaths, anyone?

  4. Thanks for the great ideas. I really want to see Emma. You are the second person to recommend that. Like you, I am an introvert, take walks, and really don’t mind staying at home. I guess if I had to say what I miss, it is the old normalcy. I read books on my phone that I check them out from the public library. The library is always open and the costs nothing, except for the library tax I pay each year.

  5. We watched a great movie on Amazon Prime. It is a mystery with lots of twists and turns. No real violence or gore. It’s along the lines of Clue.
    Title: Knives Out
    Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Chris Evans
    Rating: PG, drama, mystery, comedy
    We highly recommend it and would be completely appropriate for pre-adolescents and up. Younger kids just wouldn’t get it but nothing that would be offensive.

    • Sandra D in Joliet says

      I love murder mysteries and the trailer looks very interesting. I just might rent that for tonight since it’s not free. Thanks Janet!

  6. Susan, the puzzle board is available on the Bits and Pieces website for $99. It’s the one with the blue felt. I love mine too!

    • Thanks for the link Mary! My 95 yo mom lives with us and I ordered one for her and a couple of their puzzles. Susan, I love the bemused bookseller puzzle and will order that one when it becomes available.

      I’ve never had time to work a puzzle but I’m a dentist and we are shutdown until at least April 24 so I will likely work a little of the puzzle with Mom.

      Catching up on a bunch of projects at home that I’ve not had time to do.
      I’m by nature an introvert (a lot of dentists are believe it or not—love talking with my patients one on one but don’t like a big party or crowds!).

      Stay safe and well everyone!


  7. I’m an extrovert and if it weren’t for my love of gardening and the fact that the weather is getting more beautiful every day, I would be bonkers. All of my outside activities, church, volunteering, club meetings, shopping…etc., have been canceled. My heart is breaking for our country and what we are going through. I rely on my faith and my many blessings from God to keep me optimistic. I’ve completed two puzzles and am working on a third which helps so I appreciate your links to those fabulous puzzles. Stay well Susan. XXOO

  8. virginia westlake says

    A beautiful day in the neighborhood is a wonderful movie! I highly recommend it!

  9. I was an extrovert until I retired ( a high school guidance counselor) and now I am an introvert, so I am loving this time at home doing all the things I love. I did do some shopping last week, our favorite socks (the merino wool ones) were only $19.50 on Amazon so I bought another 6 pair for next winter.

  10. Franki Parde says

    Here you go again…we are sooo…oh, you already seem to know what I’d say… I just happened to “stock up” on puzzles at “Tuesday Morning” a couple of months ago. The grandkiddos were elated when I “dropped them off” yesterday. I am going to try ACORN…our internet service is almost non existent here in the country…but, anything has got to be better than current programming… franki

  11. I love being at home. But I like the ability to go if I need to….
    One movie that I love is Kate and Leopold with Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman. Such a fun movie. And a couple of Hallmark movies that I really enjoy, Royal Matchmaker and a Christmas movie that I watch over and over is A Very Merry Mix- Up.

  12. My dad and I used to do puzzles in the winter years ago. I haven’t done one in years. Maybe I should try that again. I don’t have any trouble entertaining myself, so being home doesn’t bother me. I love to read to keep busy. Every time you post that picture of the raccoon in your bird feeder it makes me laugh. We, too, feed our GA birds and get our feed and feeders from Wild Birds Unlimited. The feeders are super busy this time of year. Stay well!

  13. Thank you so much for this post! I searched your site yesterday for recommended puzzles after searching Amazon. I was planning to try our independent bookstore but your Cats post led me to Barnes and Noble. While out of stock online most stores nearby had it in stock. I bought a puzzle last summer but just did not make time but pulled it out this week. I was so entertained and was ready for more! We had a busy spring of trips and destination weddings planned (poor brides) so I feel like I’ve been given the gift of time. I’m definitely an introvert and can always entertain myself. Thanks for all of your ideas over the years!

  14. Hi Susan!

    I love the puzzle of the cats in the book shelves. I’ve Googled it and can’t find it. Can you send me the link?

    And I agree: Atomic Habits is the best!!

    Also, what do you think this experience is going to do to the travel world? I’d love your thoughts (no pressure if you don’t feel like it).


  15. Barbara Edwards Armacost says

    I have worked the jigsaw puzzles online for quite a while and enjoy them. You can get them through an app provided by Apple. The name it gives is Ximad Magic Puzzles. They give free puzzles frequently and when you finish a puzzle you get coins to use to buy new sets. I especially like the ones with castles. I play them on my iPad so a desktop computer would be even better.

  16. Hi Susan- I just watched “Hampstead”, starring Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson, made in 2017. It is a sweet unexpected love story set in England. Also watched “Poms”, starring Keaton, but found it very disappointing. So happy “Call the Midwife” series is returning to PBS next week! Have you watched the series? Very heartwarming! You can access it from PBS website if you subscribe to their Passport and stream any of their series, like “Downton Abbey”, etc.

  17. Forgot to mention… Atlanta author- Mary Kay Andrews- books are perfect diversions for this time!

  18. penny Spencer says

    Hello. I enjoy my own company but do miss being able to just “go out” to local little shops or to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and snack at a local small eatery. I wish I had stocked up on books and puzzles from local library, but…
    The On The Dot game is fun, however, I beat my poor husband at it every time. Will try Scrabble again. We have been playing facetime Uno and Flash with our son, dil and grands. Those games work out well. Trying to figure out ways to play more with facetime. I do a progressive drawing with little grandgirl which she enjoys. I also facetime read a book and they’ll read one back to us. Need to stay connected somehow. Take care.

  19. I was so glad to see this post. Something to read while eating lunch! Like you, I don’t have a problem keeping myself entertained. Seems like I’m spending a lot of time cleaning since the recommendations are to sanitize surfaces every day. I like chick flicks mostly. Besides the Hallmark channel, I found a couple that are similar to HM movies on Amazon Prime: Road Less Traveled, Christmas Catch, and Scent and Sensibility (not a typo). I have a couple of puzzles that were Christmas gifts that I haven’t had time to work. I had not heard and find it surprising that they are sold out of puzzles. I wouldn’t have guessed that one. Good to see all the movie suggestions and books recs.

  20. happy introvert says

    Hi Susan,

    As expected, you did not let me down. I wanted to check in to see if you had posted any ideas, and sure enough, you have. Thanks for the recommendations. I too am a homebody and introvert, so this time has not been difficult for me at all. A couple of ideas to add to yours for those who might be looking for inspiration;

    Scrap booking / picture organizing — This is one of those projects that a lot of people have and plan to ‘get to,’ but often feel overwhelmed by the task and believe they haven’t enough time. This might be a good time to tackle it and make a fun project of it.

    Diary / Journaling / Memory noting — I’ve never been one to keep a journal. However, for those inclined, it would be nice to jot down some things for your children, grandchildren or other loved ones. Not necessarily a day to day type of thing, but special events, particular memories, etc. that you hope won’t be forgotten to time.

    Inventorying for insurance — Not necessarily a fun thing, but a useful thing to do. Take pictures or videos of everything. Open cupboard and closet doors, drawers, etc. Make sure you leave a copy somewhere safe, like a safe deposit box at the bank or with a friend.

    Essential papers in order — A lot of people dread getting their ‘affairs in order.’ But there are tools to help you get organized. And, you’ll be doing a huge favor for your family. There are big workbooks available that help you organize what you have and gather what you don’t. Very worthwhile, imo.

    De-cluttering / giving goods away — It’s Spring now anyway, so it’s a great time to go through closets and drawers and pare down. What has been sitting around unused by you might be of great help to someone else.

    Take up that hobby! — So many of us have spent our lives thinking, ‘I would love to do such and such, if only I had time.’ Well, no time like the present. I have found great resources on youtube and online for easy language learning and even to brush up on things like grammar, math, etc.

    Learn about our world. — this is another thing many busy people feel they don’t have time for. So many people have no idea that there are over 50 countries in Africa, what the European Union is and how it operates, who Angela Merkle is, or how to identify the countries of the middle east.

    Meh, I know that what is fun and interesting to one person isn’t necessarily fun and interesting to another, but there you go. 😀

    A few movies that I think are either silly/funny and good for a laugh, or have a bit of romance. The Odd Couple (Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau) about two divorced men/room-mates who drive each other to distraction. Such a funny movie. Funny Farm, about a couple moving to a small New England town and finding the country is not all it’s cracked up to be. Silly and funny. Meet the Parents, about a poor, hapless man for whom everything goes wrong when he meets his future in-laws. Crocodile Dundee, about the sweet, outback Aussie brought to the big city. Notting Hill. A romance about a movie star and a regular bloke who owns a bookstore into which she stumbles. Spoiler: It has a happy ending! If I can think of others, I’ll come back and add a reply. Thanks for the ideas, Susan! Stay well.

  21. Just watched “The Secret” on Acorn. Based on a true story, it’s some tale but not fun and uplifting! I get a daily email from Bookbub which gives you a list of free or very low cost books for Kindle. You fill out your interests and they send you names of books you might want.

    Paying the housekeeper to stay home which is killing me. My house is all tile floored and with 5 dogs I’ve had to mop myself. I loathe it. However, since I’m not entertaining it doesn’t matter much if the house isn’t spic & span.

    Amazon isn’t shipping to Mexico currently due to the virus and the Amazon Mexico site isn’t as good and is more expensive. I quit ordering breakables from the Mexico site since they don’t pack worth a darn.

    Other than that I’m just lying around and getting fat but that sure beats getting dead! Stay safe!

  22. Sandra D in Joliet says

    Definitely an introvert but I enjoy it when I get together with like minded folks. I used to go to crochet and calligraphy that I enjoyed until they ended. I love puzzles but prefer 1000 piece and above. I really don’t have enough space anymore since my brother needed a place to live. I gave up my craft room (925 sq ft home) although I gave a lot of stuff away, I’m stuffed. I love seeing the puzzles in my Mary Maxim catalogs and they do have some 1000 piece puzzles in stock. I didn’t check them all but you might want to. I quilt, cross stitch, crochet, do wool applique, read on my Kindle Fire, love Acorn, Britbox and Amazon Prime so I never get bored. Too early and wet to garden. I’m thinking of dumping Netflix because they have more seasonal tv shows that never finished the story! A pet peeve of mine. I now have to check the internet and see if the show abruptly quit or not. I love murder mysteries but some are rated TV-14 and some are MA (mature). I think Poirot with David Suchet would be suitable for most families but I always suggest parents watch the shows and determine that for themselves. I really enjoy nature shows and there are plenty of those suitable for family viewing. I buy from WBU also. Stay safe

  23. Becky O’brien says

    Have you seen the Art of Racing in the Rain? Couple of sad spots but overall, so sweet. Let me know if you like it and I’ll send more reco’s

  24. There is a jigsaw puzzle site online that I enjoy. I like it because you never have to look for that piece you dropped. There are also several soduku and crossword puzzle sites too.

  25. Hello! I tend to be an introvert, and can always find something to do on my own. My new project is to finally organize all my recipes. Over the years I have collected hundreds of paper recipes which have been completely unaccessible because they were piled in a big bin. Am now debating do I resolutely cull them and keep the print version or somehow figure out how to keep more of them and store electronically?
    Regarding your jigsaw puzzles…what’s the most number of jigsaw pieces in a puzzle you try to tackle? 500? 1000? 2000?!
    P.S. Love the movie Waking Ned Devine!

  26. I love your blog! I just ordered the dot game for five of our grandchildren. I, like you, am an introvert and am enjoying this time. Thank you for keeping us entertained!

  27. Robin Lambert says

    I do puzzles on my iPad. I use the site Magic Puzzles. You can earn points to buy puzzles or pay for them, and adjust the difficulty. They have lots of free ones right now due to the times. I’ve been addicted for months. If you have a question, they will answer in a day or two.

  28. Kathleen Workman says

    Susan, it’s all your fault. I hadn’t heard of blogs until I found you. Now I intend to start one. Since you are the very best, are there resources you can recommend. I’ve bought these two books so far: Kick A Blog, and everyone writes. I’ve been encouraged to do this several times by other bloggers, but would appreciate any advice for completely clueless. Perhaps that’s what I should name my blog@ I’m having a difficult time with the name. I don’t know if it’s appropriate, see there’s that clueless again, but would loves someone ideas from others if I describe a vision of my blog. Someone could steal it for sure. So that’s why I’m sending this message to the very high quality you! Grateful for any counsel, advice you care to share. Aware you may prefer a private messaging system rather than bug your readers with a topic they are not interested in having take up your space. Oh, yes, I’m a true introvert forced to be extrovert in my executive career. People wear me out. I need my happy spot at home, creating, reading, using my Cricut, sewing simple projects, beading, making jewelry and needle craft, especially cross stitch.

  29. A drop in the ocean by jenni Ogden is a really really good book

  30. Kay Brown says

    I have complete peace and am enjoying this slow down time in my life, recharging my introvert self! I purchased the puzzle table, from your recommendation. for my 85 year old mother. What a difference it has made in her pain level! I cannot thank you enough! I just looked on Hobby Lobby website and it seems as though they have some puzzles in stock. Don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon!

    • I’m so glad she loves it. It really does save the back. I remember before I bought mine, my back killed me every time I did a puzzle. I would have to stop well before I wanted to because of the pain.
      I just visited Hobby Lobby but unforunately all the puzzles I clicked on were saying, Sold Out.

  31. I also don’t understand boredom. My problem is not boredom, it’s motivation!

  32. I love “An affair to remember” and also enjoyed the remake with Warren Beatty and his real life wife Annette Bening it’s called “Love Affair”…. I rarely get bored because I’m almost always busy…. I’m actually enjoying the slower pace right now ❤

  33. Nancy Widaman says

    We watched the movie “The Upside” with Bryan Cranston , Kevin Hart, and Nicole Kidman. It was uplifting and funny. It is for the adult audience and is really good.

  34. Oh I LOVE Waking Ned Devine and Local Hero – those are two of my favorite movies of all time! In fact I listed Ned in a post a while back. I also love Cold Comfort Farm, with Joanna Lumley and a great cast of famous English actors – another oldie but super goodie!

    Thanks as always for your great tips, and Happy Saturday! 🙂

  35. cleo headley says

    Great suggestions !! I love puzzles and have one going right now on the dining table, the only clear spot in this house…

    I can go either way, I am comfortable with myself and have so many hobbies and interests, that I am never bored. But do enjoy shopping and going about as I please and meet with friends, so that has to wait for now.

    My current quilt is positioned on my sewing machine and got another one ready to cut on the work table. Love jewelry design, cross stitch, crafting and painting.

    Love the Science channel, Smithsonian channel, Military channel and PBS and Britbox.

    Saw the movie ‘The Mountain Between Us’, it was wonderful. Also the new ‘Little Women’, we all cried……. the other day I watched ‘The Big Chill’ and ‘Breakfast Club’……then ‘Major League’…….I am now resting my eyes….

    Stay safe, and keep praying…
    Cleo, xoxoxo

  36. I find the best puzzles here, and great customer service

    My local Hallmark used to sell a small selection of these until the closed.

    Stay safe!

  37. Bobbi Duncan says

    Great suggestions, Susan! I love any brain teasers. Ordered Atomic Habits, too. I’d have to say I’m mostly an introvert. I never find it hard to entertain myself. Actually, I always feel there are not enough hours in any given day to do all I’d like to. However, I love community volunteering–feel happiest knowing I can bring a little joy to others–and being a garden club member. That may be labeled an extrovert tendency since I do enjoy conversations with others. Right now, I am making an inventory of our belongings for insurance purposes–too much stuff!!!! We are also STILL doing home fix-up projects–feel that will never end. Finally finished gathering together everything in our basement and around the house to donate or sell (whew!). Some uplifting movies that come to mind (not all are for the little ones) are: RV with Robin Williams; Meet the Parents; Bridesmaids; Wedding Crashers; 9 to 5; Emma; Little Women (with Susan Sarandon, and the latest one out as well). Haven’t seen A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood yet, but looking forward to it. Your blog is the best–always inspiring. Hugs!

  38. We have been watching birds a lot. We have a squirrel proof seed feeder, a hummingbird feeder and a suet feeder outside the bay window so get entertained a lot. We play game often as well. I also enjoy doing word search puzzles, online mahjong, reading, and seeing how many words I can make from one work (for example sentimental). RV is also a fall back. Walks as weather permits and long drives for freedom and fresh air are great! Just hanging in there and supporting each other!

  39. Deborah Flanagan says

    A great movie that I think you would enjoy: Enchanted April. 🙂

  40. Ellen Smith says

    The link for the bird feeder you love so much goes to a page of birdfeeders. I cannot find the exact one. Is it no longer available?

    • It looks like it’s still available.
      You’ll see it on the second row here:
      It’s called the Squirrel Buster Classic Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder w/4 Feeding ports. It shows 4 birds on it: tufted titmouse, goldfinch and a nuthatch. I can’t see the other bird. lol

      If you still have trouble finding it, try this link. It may take you directly to it:

  41. I’m an INTJ personality. (Somewhat rare and I’ve been told even more so, if a woman … lol!) Being a stay-at-home Mom once the children arrived and at my age (72), like yourself Susan have never been really bored as always have kept myself occupied. Currently; as a hobby sewer am making cotton clinical masks (to donate) to those who express a desire for one. In fact, now have a mini production line going …. ☺. To conclude; please ‘practice social distancing’ as feel that it plays a major roll in containing this nasty virus. Now off I go as am going to whip up a lemon loaf as have been craving a taste for such. Warmest hugs -Brenda-
    P.S.: Where I am even though most of the snow has now disappeared; temperature wise it feels more like Autumn than Spring.

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