A Tip From the Inventor: Car Handbag Holder Used with a Center-Open Console

About a month ago I shared an awesome product that solved an ongoing problem I’ve been dealing with forever: trying to keep my handbag out of the sun when I’m out running errands or on trips AND trying to keep it out of the floor whenever I have to stop suddenly.

Protect Handbag from Sun Damage & Fading While Driving in Car


This awesome car handbag holder (purchased HERE) has been working beautifully despite the fact it’s really designed to work in a car with a center console that opens from the front, not the push-button type that opens in the center as mine does.

Handbag Holder for Driving in Car, Keeps Handbag Safe, No Falling Into Floor


What I did to make it work was I hooked the cord (that normally goes under the lid of the console) through each armrest. The armrests on my car hold it firmly in place. You can kind of see how it’s hooked over them in the photo and below.

Update: Check out the suggestion Kay made in the comments of this post describing how she’s using this handbag holder in her car even though her car doesn’t have armrests or a front-opening console. Keep reading for another tip/idea from the inventor of this holder.

Car Handbag-Tote Holder Carrier


Here’s a back view of how everything looks with a larger bag in place.

Handbag Tote Holder for Car


A few days ago I was so surprised to get a comment on that previous post from the clever inventor of this awesome holder. Catherine shared the process of how this handbag holder came to be and I found it fascinating. I thought you would enjoy her story and if you have a center opening console, you may find the suggestion she left to be helpful.

Here’s the comment she left on the post where I previously shared this neat invention:

Wow! I am the inventor of the Car Cache and am blown away with this magnificent review! I had a woman that follows your blog call me with a question on how to use it with a console that doesn’t open from the front (I have suggestions towards the bottom of this note). With your great support, I thought you might want to learn my story….

I was soooo tired of my purse falling over on the passenger seat (way too lazy to close it!), or my son placing his cleats on it when I placed it on the filthy floor, or having to stretch to get it in the backseat. Plus, when in DC on a beautiful spring day, I had my windows open and stopped at a stop sign – need I say more! A young man walked by and grabbed it off the seat and ran!

I literally had a dream about this idea and made it the next day (using duct tape as the stitches!)

First day I launched it outside of Cincinnati, a professional organizer (Organize365) was Skyping with 20+ professional organizers in the morning of September 24, 2013. They started blogging/tweeting about my Car Cache and that afternoon an executive from Amazon’s headquarters called me and asked if his team can put a store up for me, “Cause this is going to be big!” And they did!!!!

Eight months later I signed with a large licensing firm and they took it to over 100,000 retailers and sold over 1mm units in a little over a year. I received my Patent 2.5 years ago and took the product back (they marketed it completely inaccurately!) and I just received my new packaging last November so am just now trying to get the word out. Right now it’s me and one Instagram ad so this review is sooo helpful to me and soooooo appreciated!

Now, for cars that do not have a console lid that opens from the front… Customers told me of a great solution! If it opens from the side or in the middle, they purchased 3M Command Hooks (the kind the holds heavy pictures) and they stuck them Upside Down on the inside back of the console and tied the strings around them. Years later I received notes that the solution was still working great with their heavy purses.

The woman that called today and told me about your blog (Thank You Priscilla!) asked about how to use it with her console that slides open… Now every car is different, but I suggested that she purchase 3M Command hooks and stick them to the Back of the console, upside down, and tie the strings around them. (you can get them in black, white, tan) My concern is tossing the purse into it could make the strings slide out of the hooks, but worth a try. She loved your write up so much she really wants to use my product!

More than you wanted to know but I am just so excited for the recognition you gave my invention – means the world to me! Any questions feel free to email me at [email protected].

Happy Easter!
Catherine Seifert

Thanks so much to Catherine for sharing the process she’s gone through to create this holder and for the tips on how to use it with a car that doesn’t have a front opening console. I may give the Command Hooks suggestion a try, although my armrest trick is doing a pretty great job right now.

Holder for Handbag in Car, Keeps Handbag Safe, Out of Floor


In chatting with Catherine via email after she left her comment, she mentioned that the pocket designed into the holder is meant to hold items riders in the backseat may be using or need, like tissues or a water bottle. That was the issue she had with how it had been marketed in the past and why she took back over the marketing of her holder. She shared that a handbag is supposed to rest on the holder as I have mine in my photos. That’s how I had seen it in the photos at Amazon, so that’s how I have been using it.

I wanted to share Catherine’s comment in case you find the “Command Hooks” idea helpful for a center opening console. Also, it’s not often we get to hear from the inventor of a product we are using and loving! I’m so glad Catherine took the time to share the story of how she came to create this awesome holder! So thankful that she did create it because it’s definitely making my life a lot easier…not to mention saving my handbags! lol

If you missed my previous post about this handbag holder, you’ll find it here: This $16.99 Product Changed my Life! The handbag holder is available here: Car Handbag Holder.

Handbag Holder for Driving in Car, Keeps Handbag Safe, No Falling Into Floor


See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I purchased one as soon as I saw your first post. I didn’t have either arm rests or a front opening console, so I separated the two bottom strings and tied each one to the seat belt belt under the latch so it does not ride up. It works great.

    • Wow, I like that idea, too! I may try that on my car. Thanks for the tip, Kay! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! 🙂

    • Kay, I just hooked mine up the way you described tying the cords underneath the seat belt latch part and it’s working great! It looks so nice that way. Thanks so much for letting me know how you had done it…I love it that way…works perfectly!

    • Where do you find one with strings instead of Velcro strap that goes under console?

  2. How nice and good for her in following through with her idea. Now if she would invent something for people who don’t have a console. I’m using the other hooks I bought and they work but it would be more convenient if they could hang on the front but I am getting in the habit of using them correctly.

    I love your site because I love the reviews and ideas I get here.

    • Thanks so much, Ginger!
      Ginger, check out the comment Kay just left. I wonder if that would work for your car? I think I may try it that idea in my car since it would look a bit neater than having it through the armrests.

  3. Brenda Lawrence says

    I definitely loved hearing from the inventor Susan! Yes, many purses have been stolen from the front passenger seat on a nice day. I rarely put down my passenger window, but you just never know. Same when getting gas, while you are busy pumping the gas they steal your purse. So I always take my whole wallet out with me. This was such a great invention for women and I can’t wait to buy myself one of these. Not only for the safety, but I hate putting my purse on the floor-car or anywhere else! Plus if someone is riding with me, I hate having to put it in the back seat. Now us women don’t have to do that with this great invention! Thanks for always educating us in what is out there Susan! Hugs, Brenda

    • I know, I was so surprised and delighted when I saw her comment! That’s so smart about not leaving it on the seat while pumping gas, I’ve never thought about that before. I think it will be safe now tucked into the holder in the center of the car. Thanks so much, Brenda! XXX

  4. I bought it from your suggestion but do not use it as a purse holder.. My pup sometimes falls through the opening when we put on our brakes and she also gets so excited when we open the hatch because she knows we are getting out her stroller so she started jumping to the back.. So we use it for protection for our pet we love so much. Hugs, Kath

  5. mine should be arriving today!!
    i have a little car (honda fit) with no console . since i usually drive alone my plan is to attach it to the passenger seat, possibly backwards, we shall see. . . I can’t wait!!

    • Laura, let me know what works. I love all these ideas everyone is coming up with to make it work with cars that don’t have a console.

  6. My husband has COPD and his portable oxygen fits perfectly in the carrier and keeps the cord nice and comfortable on his nose while he is driving
    I am so grateful it is not down on the floor next to my feet anymore bless you ladies
    joyfully Betty

  7. How cool that the inventor saw this and wrote to you! Also, cool that other readers have found other uses…protecting their dog, oxygen tank, etc.

  8. Michele / Finch Rest says

    Susan – perhaps the inventor (genius) of this snazzy must-have would be kind enough – through your blog – to set up a give-away to one lucky winner. Do you think she/you would consider doing so? : – )

    I think this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift! I know daughters, sisters, mother-in-laws – I think every single purse carrier needs one of these awesome holders. Thanks!

  9. I have a new purse in the light shade of pink that’s popular now. I don’t want it to get dirty so I really hate putting this purse on the floor of the car or having it fall from the passenger seat if I make a sudden stop. I purchased one of the handbag holders from Amazon. It works wonderfully. I’ve been telling all my friends about how cool my handbag holder is. Thanks for sharing Susan and thanks to Catherine for this genius idea!

  10. Hey Susan! I read your blog every week for metamorphosis Monday. When I saw your post on this I couldn’t wait to get thru reading it so I could order one! I LOVE IT! Have always wanted a place to put my purse but had no idea anything existed. My daughter and I shop a lot and I have to cram my purse by her feet and hers is already down there (so she gives me a dirty look) but neither of us wants to put our purse in the back seat so we’re both happy! Thank you for one more thing to make life easier.

  11. Cyndi Raines says

    Great to hear from the inventor! What a great story and the product is helping so many people. (Now, if only I could have a profitable dream, lol!) Thanks Susan.

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    What a treat to hear from the inventor and her story. It’s great that the product is helping so may people in so many different ways. Now if I could only have a profitable dream, lol. Thanks Susan.

  13. Thank you for sharing. So many times my purse has ended up on the floor of my car, not to mention contents everywhere. Problem solved !

  14. Norma Austin says

    Susan, I bought this based on your review!! I am sure I will love it as we have similar tastes!! I have taken many of your suggestions, and they have always worked beautifully!!

    Thanks for all the suggestions, love your blog, I miss Max, that is why I started to follow!! Hugs, and happy travels!!

    • So glad to hear that, Norma! I only recommend what I love and either already own or has outstanding reviews. I miss Max, too. Still think about him almost every day. I travel so much now, it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to have a cat, but I sure do miss my sweet Max. ♥

  15. Women helping women. Awesome. I would like to share a tip. When I first moved to the area I met a woman while shopping who had her purse stolen.
    I try to wear slacks with pockets when I shop. I put my keys in one pocket, and I have a little fold over case the size of a business card holder to put my credit card, driver’s license etc in. As one woman said “You can steal my purse, but I am not walking home”

  16. Vivien Wulff says

    Thanks for the recommendation! Love this! Tucks my bag away nicely but within reach. I have dumped by bag on floor a number of times due to a sudden stop and hate the inconvenience of the back seat. Feel this is a much safer way to store my bag. Also discreet looking. Surprised it even holds a large tote or knapsack. My console slides back a bit, then lifts up-no problem. Going to buy them for my girlfriends as gifts!

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