How I’ve Prepared for Hurricane Irma

It’s been over 20 years since Hurricane Opal blew through Atlanta. That was the first (and only) time I’ve ever experienced a hurricane in all my years of living in Georgia. From what I’ve gathered listening to the news, some of Irma will probably make its way to the Atlanta area. I remember we lost power for a while with Opal, so I’ve been stocking up on some things in preparation.

I already had plenty of lanterns, purchased four of these a while back, but I purchased more batteries for them today. (Lanterns are available here: Lanterns.)


I have plenty of water on hand and plan to fill up a bathtub (for flushing) in case we lose water. I picked up bread, peanut butter and jelly today. At least peanut butter doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I also picked up some canned soup with the easy-open tab lids. Cold soup isn’t the greatest tasting, but it’s fine for a few days.

You may remember from when I was building my potting table, I have a partially finished basement. All it needs is painting and flooring. It’s always a good place to hang out during tornadoes or bad weather. If the winds from Irma are still super intense when they arrive in Atlanta, that’s where I’ll be–in the basement.

I wasn’t blogging when Opal passed through, but she took down a HUGE tree in my front yard, one as big as THIS one. Fortunately, it didn’t land on my house.


I’ve invited several of my neighbors who don’t have basements to come here, if they would like. I purchased three of these inflatable air beds, one queen and two full size, just in case we are waiting out Irma during the nighttime.

One of the “full size” air beds arrived today and I’ve already inflated it. A queen size bed will arrive tomorrow and the third will arrive on Monday. They have built-in pumps, you just plug them in, press the “On” button and they inflate. So I’ll get those all inflated before the storm arrives, just in case we end up needing them. Queen size is available here: Queen Size . Full size is available here: Full Size.


I also ordered several sheet sets and blankets. I’ve been needing more blankets, so Irma gave me a good excuse to go ahead and get those purchased. I found some all cotton ones for a great price HERE. I ordered them in white, grey and navy. The white ones came today and I’ve already washed them, so they are ready to go.

I also ordered two fleece blankets in light grey. They come in a bunch of different colors. It’s been getting chilly here at night the past few days, and the basement is always the area of my home where it feels the coolest. So I thought it might be good to have some blankets on hand if the power goes out like it did with Hurricane Opal. The fleece blankets will arrive tomorrow.

If you are in need of blankets, you’ll find these here: Fleece Blankets.


I’m glad I have a few new books to read (see that post HERE ) just in case the power goes out. I also have a new puzzle I can work on to pass the time. If you follow Between Naps On the Porch on Instagram, you know the one I’m talking about. I haven’t started it yet, but it would be an interesting one to do by lantern light. lol

I also ordered another backup battery for my phone, it should arrive tomorrow. I already have THIS one, it comes in a bigger size HERE. I figure we can never have too many backup batteries for our phones, especially if there’s a chance the power will go out.

You’ll find the one I just ordered available here: Backup Battery for Phone. From what I read in the comments, it will charge a phone fully at least twice. 

I’m going to make a run to the grocery store this weekend since they were out of a few things when I was there earlier today. The manager said the delivery trucks were all stuck in traffic from everyone evacuating.

So if you visited a store today and couldn’t find what you needed, try again tomorrow. I just hope everyone who needed to leave Florida, has done so. My car has gas, so I think I’m as prepared as I can be.

Stay safe out there!

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  1. Sounds like you’ve done all you can. Nice of you to invite neighbors to share your basement. Stay safe!

  2. Ginger Perkins says

    Tuna in those packages are good hurricane food. Stock up on crackers, too as well as candles (the battery kind with just enough light as nightlights for guests not familiar with your home. I survived several hurricanes when I lived on Sint Maarten and St. Thomas and don’t miss that at all. Safe and sound in central Mexico. I enjoy your site!

    • Ginger, I read your comment while standing in line just now in Publix to checkout and I went back and got some of those…good idea! Yikes, that had to be so scary! I know both those islands were hit really hard the last few days. Glad you don’t have to go through that again!

  3. Rhonda Workman says

    No hurricanes where I live. I have been thinking of you Susan. You seem well prepared. However I am sure it is a bit unnerving. Great you have a basement to hunker down in. Take very good care!!

    • Thanks, Rhonda! It comes in handy for bad weather…except normally it’s tornadoes around here. This is only the second hurricane I remember during my lifetime here, so they are pretty uncommon in Georgia, or at least this far north.

  4. Praying for your safety

  5. You are so kind – always thinking of others…how good of you to invite in neighbors . Our prayers are with you and all your neighbors in Atlanta and of course we are all praying for our Florida friends…

    • Thanks, Patricia! I have the best neighbors, they are wonderful. We all stick together here, just wish my basement was finished in completely, would be more comfortable and pleasant to hunker down in. lol

  6. Be safe Susan!

  7. Stay safe, Susan. Sounds like you are prepared. I hope you don’t have high winds and heavy rains by the time Irma moves that far inland, but good to be ready. A good idea for water is to freeze water in plastic bags. Then if the power goes out, it helps keep the freezer cold. It also is a source for drinking water when the ice melts. Do you need to board up those windows?
    Take care and be safe. Hope you have power to stay in touch.

    • I like that idea for ice. I have a cooler and I was thinking that if the power goes out, it would be good to put some drinks in a cooler with ice…and maybe a few more things from the fridge. If we lose power, I’m hoping it won’t be out long. I can’t remember how long it was out when Opal came through. I remember one winter we lost power during an ice storm and it was out for three days. That was a long three days with no heat…thankfully I had a gas fireplace to huddle near. Really makes you appreciate all the conveniences that we do have!

  8. Hi Susan!
    We evacuated FL to TN! Couldn’t find a room in GA. 22 straight road driving hours. Terrible. Many gas stations out of gas. But we’re safe!!!!
    I pray you’ll stay safe too.

  9. I’m in VA on the Chesapeake Bay, more or less. Nothing is really being said about VA. In 20 years we have had affects for almost every hurricane that has occurred. Some big, some small, and some big surprises.
    Stores are our or very low on water, most of us are on wells and live in rural areas. Walmart was almost out of batteries, but I was able to get some for the flashlights. I stocked up on food. Many empty shelves of some foods. The car is gassed, and for the first time that I can remember there were lines.
    We are fortunate to live high above the water and our house will not be affected by storm surges. However, our boats and dock will. Again, fortunately, we live in a hurricane hole, boat can be safely anchored in the middle of our cove. We also have a whole house generator so we can still get water and operate the most important appliances.
    My mother in Sun City Hilton Head expects to be evacuated. She is traveling with a group of friends. I’ve talked to her and her shutters should be up and she is packed.
    Stay safe!

    • I’m so glad your Mom will be safe, Debbie…and glad you have such good plans. I ended up ordering a lot of things from Amazon and the majority were available for either same day or 1 day shipping at no extra charge. I ordered batteries that way when I realized one of my lanterns took D batteries. I picked up AA batteries in Home Depot today, they had tons.
      I’m not sure if you can get 1 or 2 day shipping from Amazon where you live, but if you can, keep that in mind. I think living in Metro Atlanta helps me with that, but not sure how it is in your area.

      • Amazon can do next day service for the most part in our area. In fact this area relies heavily on Amazon. We only have Walmart, Lowes, and a few mom and pop stores. However, I’m still waiting for my computer ink I ordered before Harvey, it is coming out of Houston. The batteries I needed were 6volts. They were low, but the hunting section was still stocked. I keep a good supply of AA and AAA batteries around, since that is what most of out stuff uses. So far the tides are normal.

  10. Bobbi Duncan says

    Always smart to be prepared…far less stress. However, I’m praying you won’t have a bad storm. So thoughtful of you to get extra beds and such in case your neighbors need a place to hold out. Way too much disaster of late, that’s for sure. My heart goes out to all. Hugs!

  11. Don’t forget an extra propane tank for the grill. Mine has auxiliary side burners for for smaller pots and pans. They come in handy.
    People have lost all decorum while shopping and it’s not nice at all.
    Playing chicken for a parking space was something I thought I left behind in NYC.

    • Fortunately, my gas grill is hooked directly into my gas line, so it never runs out. During bad storms, the gas has always stayed on, so that’s good!

  12. Thanks for the tip on the blanket. That’s a super deal. These are hard to find. Got several.

  13. Sounds like you’re well prepared! Know where your first aid
    kit or supplies are? Stay safe and tell Irma to stay the heck
    away from your garage, and house of course.

  14. I hope it does not cause any problems for you all.Glad to know you are prepared!

  15. Dear Susan,
    I hope you and your hubby will be safe.
    Prayers for you both.
    My brother is in Venice, Fla. and I’ve been a little worried. They are staying in their home
    With the onslaught of Irma.
    Stay safe!

  16. Sounds like ya have it covered Susan! My in-laws are worried about the tornado action but they are ready and have a spot in order in the basement. They couldn’t find a weather radio so we ordered them one but doubt it will take it to them in time. We told them how to have the alerts on their phones so as long as they keep their phones charged they should be good to go. Prayers! Irma is causing my anxiety tog o sky high seeing as all of our family are out that way and we just went thru Harvey ourselves. Sigh…

    • I drove to three places looking for a weather radio and couldn’t find one. Can you believe the Walmart near me said they only had 1 to start with…and of course it had sold. At Dicks Sporting Goods, they didn’t have any…don’t even carry them. A sales associate there said people had been coming in asking for them all day…another person came in and asked for one while I was talking to him. He said that folks don’t really need them very much now that we all have cell phones. That’s when I decided to order a second back up battery for my phone. They have a bunch of the weather radios on Amazon, but like you said, none would have been delivered in time, so I gave up looking for them.
      I didn’t realize you had just gone through, Harvey…glad you guys were okay! Wishing for the very best for your family! They were testing the tornado siren here yesterday. I noticed it because normally it’s only tested once a month on a Wednesday, not on Thursday. For a moment I thought I’d gotten my days mixed up and posted a tablescape one day early.

  17. I hope you have taped or barricaded your windows and cleared all your outdoor furniture and pots that could fly about and cause damage. Have you considered buying a small portable gas stove so you can have a hot drink or heat your soup.

    • I’m going to clear all the lighter things off the porch on Sunday…as well as my plants, etc… I will also bring in my bird feeders that hang off the deck. I wonder what birds do during weather like this…hope they will be okay. Usually when we lose power, it’s only for a few days, so I think I’ll be okay. I live close enough to walk to the grocery store, if I have to.
      Thanks for those suggestions, Barbara.

  18. Fill yours pots and anything else you can find with water. If you have people in the house there will be a greater need. Also babywipes are very good to have on hand in case you run out of water. I saw where you can fill your washing machine with ice and put bottled drinks in there and they will stay cold. You can fill ziploc bags with water and save in refrigerator as well. Survived Katrina and wish I had known what I needed to do ahead of time! Stay safe, Susan!

  19. Where did you get the air beds. I am in CA and a great idea for earthquakes.
    Plus when we retire we want to move to Florida and will take it with us.

    I also love your website. I have learned so much from you.

  20. Stay safe Susan.

  21. I heard a great idea today regarding the electricity being off for any length of time and food spoiling in freezers. Take a paper or plastic cup, fill it with water, put it in the freezer to freeze solid. When solid, place a coin on top and leave in the freezer. When electricity comes back on, check the cup. If the coin is still on ice, your freezer food is still okay. If the water has melted and the coin has floated to the bottom, you will need to throw everything away that is in the freezer, since it will be spoiled and dangerous to eat. Of course, they also said to never open the freezer door during the outage as it will become warm very quickly. I hope you need none of what you’ve gathered, but it never hurts to be prepared.

  22. Thanks for the tips! We are just south of you. We have huge trees all around us and no basement. May stay in a relative’s basement. Take care and be safe.

  23. Stay safe, God bless!

  24. Sounds like you are well prepared Susan!! And yes, bring in your outdoor items and line it all against the back wall of the enclosed porch.

    Also, while you are hunkered down in the basement be sure to keep those blinds closed and cover over them if you can. If flying debris crashes into the windows the blinds will keep the broken glass from coming into the room. The washing machine with ice is a great idea……..

    I’ve been through a few ice storms and power outages. Good to help your neighbors, you are so sweet.

    Stay safe…….xoxoxo

  25. Saying prayers for you and all who are in the path of this. I am pretty upset at all that is going on lately…Texas, Florida the Islands and there was just a big earthquake in Mexico. The air in Colorado has been hazy this week from big fires out west. Geez. Please be well, I admire how you step up when faced with a challenge. You are so strong. Thanks for sharing these good tips right in the middle of all this. The extra phone battery is a good idea, all of it really.

  26. Everyone has left great suggestions and tips and you sound as though you are well prepared. I’d like to add a couple more from someone who’s lived almost six decades in hurricane/tornado alley…..aka the coastal deep, deep South. No matter if you think it’ll be really bad or not, collect all important documents and put them in a waterproof container. Birth and marriage certificates, social security cards, insurance policies for home and car, health insurance cards, titles and registration, credit cards, bank checks and cards, medical files and information, prescriptions, spare contacts and solution and/or glasses. These are all things that are difficult to replace in a timely fashion should they be left behind if you need to leave in a rush or if they are destroyed should your home be hit. Also have at least a couple of hundred dollars in cash in your wallet. If you have to leave, you may be going through areas where the computer networks are down and your debit card won’t work. And a decent sized first aid kit that you can put together from items you’ve already got in the house is never a bad idea. And a roll of duct tape. It’s amazing what you can fix or repair with duct tape….. temporary fix for a busted hose on your car for instance. Be safe.

  27. Check out the Blackout Buddies by Eton. I got them at Amazon. I have several and they work great.

    You plug them into the wall (they have an on/off switch) and they act as night lights when you have power. I don’t use them for that because I prefer softer light, but, and here’s the cool thing – they turn on automatically when the power goes off. They are great for bathrooms and dark hallways. When a storm is due I plug them in ahead of time, then and I’m good to go. Anything helps when all you have is lantern light. It sounds like you’re ready.

    I have family in Ft Meyers. They did not evacuate. It’s going to be rough there. Thankfully, by the time Irma gets to you it will be weakened, though still worthy of respect. Praying for you all.

  28. Cyndi Raines says

    Told my aunts in Florida to boil some eggs too and buy chicken in the can and tuna, string cheese , all good protein. Canned baked beans too. Carrots and celery don’t have to be refrigerated. Love the idea about ice in the washing machine. For sure candles and don’t forget the matches or those clicky starters. Agree first aid bags are a must and be sure you take any medication also. Many prayers being said for all our southern friends and family. Bless you Susan for opening your home to others.

  29. Jane Franks says

    Hi Susan: It sounds like you have made good preparations. I know hurricanes! I live in middle America now, but grew up just north of Boston and lived through some big ones when I was a teenager. We lost huge elm trees in our yard. And my parents lived in Florida for 30+ years and were there when Andrew went through! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I’m glad you have neighbors to hunker down with. Stay safe! Jane xo

  30. Sounds like you are ready for whatever comes your way, Susan. I’m still praying for TX and now am praying especially hard for FL. These monster storms are unbelievable! Like you, we get the remnants of coastal hurricanes. Harvey passed directly over Memphis as a tropical depression. We had winds of 45 hours and torrents and torrents of rain. Our power was out 20 hours. Thank goodness it has been cooler in the south for the past couple of weeks. That saved us when we lost our AC. One day we’re going to invest in a generator. You stay safe and know you are in my prayers.

  31. Susan, you make it sound so sane. I live in FL and really panicked because of the news all day. Last I heard, it is headed towards the west coast of FL, but we will get the wind bands. Glad when this one is over.
    One of the things I will be using is mini Christmas battery operated LED lights. They are really bright. The other thing I did was get Ensure with protein. It’s a meal replacement, so you won’t be hungry I put my Gatorade in the freezer so it will be slushy when it thaws. I don’t want a ton of snacks. Keep us in your prayers.

  32. OMG Susan, I live in the UK so have never experienced anything as harrowing as this, you are very brave and a strong person X. Keep safe and may your God go with youx. Will be thinking of you all X. Much love Jennyx
    Love your posts and beautiful items X

  33. I can only echo what Jenny has just said. I, too, am in England and have never experienced anything like this. Keep safe, thinking of you. When your posts come into my in box it is like my favourite magazine has dropped through my door.

  34. Hi Susan, sounds lovely Ken you are pretty well prepared. I heard of one more thing that sounds like a good idea. Don’t know if you will need to do this, but I will pass it along no for others. Store valuables like birth certificates, etc. in the dish washer. It is water tight!

    • I also heard this, then started reading not as safe as thought, something about broken water lines. I would research this carefully first.

      • Something about sewer lines backing up into the drain! But, if you use a portable dishwasher it sounds like a waterproof idea.

  35. Susan, it sounds like you are well prepared! You will stay in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. I thought about the birds during Harvey, and other small critters. So I Googled it and found this article. When you have a bit of time to read – here’s the link:

    Stay safe!

  36. Well done, stay safe!

  37. You are so smart to think this far ahead and be as prepared as possible. I hope the impact to your area won’t be too bad but looking at the size of this storm it sure is scary. I’ll be thinking of you during this time and praying it won’t be too bad for you.

  38. No fear of hurricanes here, but we do get snow storms and blizzards. I believe in always having a full pantry. Our new home (we have only been here a year) came with a full house generator. We just had it serviced and it test runs once a week, so I feel confident we can handle what ever Mother Nature sends our way. I admit to preferring snow storms to hurricanes, because most of the time the snow can be counted on to stay OUTSIDE. Prayers for everyone’s safely in the coming weeks.

  39. May God watch over you and keep you all and your neighbors safe from Hurricane Irma. I continue to pray for everyone affected by Hurricane Irma and Harvey.

  40. After today’s (Sat) news it looks like it will be in your area as a tropical storm. Be safe. Your neighbors are lucky to have you near them!

  41. I’ve been through a few hurricanes and still see some new (to me) tips that would be smart and useful. Thanks BNOTP commenters!

  42. I’ve followed you for many years and I will be orating for your safety. God bless.

  43. Hi Susan, You sound well prepared. I’m praying you won’t need any it and you just scored some awesome deals for your next summer sleepover. Stay safe, you are in my prayer
    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

  44. As a Canadian I find it heart breaking to see so many of our North America Continent countries currently being ravaged by the ‘wrath of mother nature’. (First Harvey, Irma and now possibly Jose and Katia not to mention a devastating earthquake in Mexico.) All said; sending prayers and extending my deepest sympathy to all those who have been affected with wishes that you Susan, plus your neighbours remain unscathed. -Brenda-

  45. Good morning, Susan. I’m storm weary but that seems so “whiny” compared to what others are anticipating and have already endured. Your tips and products are always so helpful. I’ve come to depend on you for clothes, decorating, travel and now hurricane ideas. We live in Garden City, SC, and have monitored Irma for days. As I look at the ocean this morning from my kitchen window, seeing its raging Nor’easter already, I pray for those who are in its path of fury and destruction. It’s beauty can so quickly show it’s mighty strength! Stay safe and keep us updated when possible.

  46. Amidst all your preparations, thank you for taking the time to blog and share all you’ve done. The comments this post has generated have really been useful and I am making a note of many of the ideas your readers have shared. Being in CA, these ideas are useful for our earthquake preparations as well, especially since we would be without electricity for a significant time. Take care, Susan. Your neighbors are so lucky to have a place of safety during this time. There is, indeed, strength in numbers! Be safe.

  47. Goose Grove says

    You have covered everything! Now, if a meteor follows the hurricane, consider these items:
    Jetboil Flash cooking is a great way to warm those soups. ($100 from Moose Jaw) I use mine for camping trips. Cat litter is good to have on hand just encase the toilet can’t be used. Some of the folks coming out of Harvey said they were saved by using the walkie talkie app on their phone. Link:
    Looking forward to your stories after Irma has passed!

  48. Hi Susan! Should we run off to Ireland again?!
    No surprise you are incredibly prepared having extra beds on hand for neighbors and a well-stocked supply of essentials in case the power goes out. So many good suggestions from readers, I learn something every time enjoying your blog! Stay safe and I look forward to your blogs from the new command center 🙂

  49. Stay safe Susan!!! Looks like you are as prepared as you can be and that is a good thing. So nice of you to provide a place for neighbors to hang out too. I know not a lot of home in the south have basements like the north does, so happy you have one. Praying for all in the path’s of these storms and the fire victims as well. Hugs, Brenda

  50. We’re just east of Tampa and it looks like we are going to get hit hard but we have to stay. Two of our horse boarding clients with trailers left the state with their horses earlier in the week but we have 6 horses of my daughter’s (one of which is pregnant) and 13 others on the property that belong to our boarding clients. We have done what we can to protect them but it seems so inadequate. We are greatly concerned for their safety. Some people say it is better to turn them out to the pastures. Some say they are safer in the barns. Either choice is not good in a hurricane of this magnitude.

    We also still own our former home in St. Petersburg and it will likely flood so our renters have had to evaluate. Fortunately, the house is covered by flood insurance but our renters will probably lose their furniture and belongings.

    So much uncertainty. So much stress. So much anxiety.

  51. You stay safe too. My husband and I flew into Atlanta this morning then drove to Prattville to visit our daughter and SIL. We’re supposed to fly out of Atlanta Tuesday – hope our flight isn’t cancelled. Oh well, a longer visit . I hope you don’t feel the storm or lose power. I’ll pray for everyone in it’s path and for you,

  52. Christine Yorda says

    I just endured Harvey and you can never be prepared enough. I think you will be fine in Atlanta. Actually I know several people who evacuated there from Florida. Hope you stay safe

  53. Praying for you and all the people who have been affected by Harvey and will be affected my Irma. Just stay safe !

  54. I am praying you will be fine in Atlanta as that is where my son evacuated to, from Ft. Lauderdale. It took him 16 hours of driving to get there:( Stay safe and you are so sweet to take in your neighbors. I know they appreciate that!

  55. Marlene Stephenson says

    You have prepared, smart lady, stay safe and you will be in my prayers.

  56. I think we are ready here in Cartersville GA. Just a few outdoor things to move inside. I know people who evacuated Florida and Savannah and some who had to stay. Praying for the safety of all.

  57. Deborah Johnson says

    Susan…great hints for preparation…thanks for sharing. We may need you here in Florida for your organization skills once this thing passes. We evacuated Palm Beach when the storm was headed here and went to the west coast….then evacuated back home when the storm shifted! It is sad for all on top of the misery in TX. The islands are devasted, our wonderful state is going to see some hard times. Hope all is safe with all my friends in Atlanta.

  58. Deena Salvatore says

    I know your neighbors up north will be remembering all of you in our prayers, Susan. When Superstorm Sandy hit us in NJ with devastating effects in 2012, we were without power for 11 days, some longer. Everyone seems to know or have a relative in Florida. We’ve been keeping an eye on Irma and we’ll be glued to the weather channel tomorrow and in the next few days. Be safe all and know that we’re with you. Blessings, Deena

  59. It sounds like you are ready! Stay safe and post updates!

  60. It’s good that you have prepared so well & it would be nice if neighbors joined you. We left our home in South Florida and are now down the street from you in Alpharetta, Georgia. It was a nightmare of a drive on Thursday. Our GPS took us on about 6 detours down dark country roads to bypass the stopped traffic on 75. It took us 16 hours to get here when it should have been about 10 or 12. Glad to be in Georgia but now wondering what the storm will be like here. Hoping our home will be in good condition when we return. I can’t imagine it any other way but I know that might not be the case. During the calm before the storm, we have been enjoying your beautiful state.

  61. Susan what a great post and thanks to all the posters with their great ideas. Sounds like you are ready for whatever. I have two sons in Jacksonville but they don’t seem to be that worried (I am!) In fact one was just at Disney World staying at Fort Wilderness and then pulling a trailer home…they tell me without any problems for gas or length of time getting home. Just hope everyone rides this storm out safely with a minimum of misfortune, if any.

  62. Looks like everyone has already given you a great list as well as tips of what you may need should IRMA come up to Atlanta and it is looking that way at this time.
    Having lived in FL over 25 years we are currently in Central FL but previously spent 20 years in South FL which although I much preferred the proximity to the beach there today I am happy we are centrally located as we would most likely have had to evacuate for this monster storm.

    Good luck to you and everyone in its’ path!!

  63. Prayers are with you all, hoping that Irma loses her intensity and most will be spared from her rath. All the best to you.

  64. Sending prayers and good thoughts to you and everyone in the path of the storm. Susan – how kind of you to look out for others as you prepare. Stay safe!

  65. Dear Susan,
    although long time no type I have always been thinking of you and, of course I am praying for you and everyone who has to cope with ugly Irma.
    The news is so heartbreaking, lately… 🙁
    Stay safe, my friend! Love you and the USA. ♥

  66. Hope it is enough! Be safe!

  67. Grilling is also an option and you can heat that soup. We lost nothing but ice cream during hurricane Fran because I cooked biscuits, etc. on the grill, limited opening of fridge, and iced butter, etc., in a cooler.
    Hope it bypasses you like Irma did us.

  68. Susan, I have to tell you, I bought the LED lanterns on your recommendation. They are wonderful! My husband was properly impressed too. The last straw ‘fell’ (or is it the other shoe dropped!??!) 3 nights ago when, at 4:30 a.m., the power went out after we just got 4 inches of rain, and we do not have a battery back up sump pump. So guess who was laying on the floor, bailing out water from the sump hole, in total darkness. (Trying to conserve the flashlight power.) Yes, that would be me because the hubby was traveling. Now I have the lanterns and we just installed a battery back up sump. You really can never be too prepared. I love how your researched ‘tips’, like the lanterns, have helped me out. Thanks!!!

    • Oh wow, I’m sorry you had to go through all that. Rosie, you are the woman! I’m impressed that you did that by yourself! I’m glad you have the lanterns now. I have purchased several sets and have them in pretty much every room of my home. I’ve always had a fear of the power going out and not having a light handy, so it makes me feel better having one beside my bed and in the other rooms, too.
      The other thing I really love are the Red Cross Blackout Buddy that you plug into an outlet. They come on automatically if the power goes out. A BNOTP reader told me about those and I purchased a couple of sets for myself and for my son/dil. You can see those here:
      I have them in the hallways so if the power goes out during a storm or a fire, they will automatically come on so I can see where to walk. Also, you can just unplug it and use it as a flashlight if the power is out. I already had something similar plugged in, but these last much longer than the ones I had. I think they last up to four hour which is pretty amazing considering how small they are.

  69. Gosh, the Blackout Buddy is another great product. Thanks! I will check it out. Our power does seem to go off at the worst times. One time it was 15 degrees out, a blizzard coming in, and yup, no power. I had to start our gas fireplace with the back up battery starter (we had never done that before, not even sure if it would work!). So, I disengaged the electric starter, put together the battery charger, and stood as FAR BACK as I could when I flipped the switch. 🙂 It was fine, and the cat and I slept under tons of blankets while the house temp fell to 55 degrees. (The hubby was nice and warm, traveling again.) The power came on eventually, but you would think that would have taught us to be better prepared for such things!!! I guess you just think, well, that was a rare occurrence….ah….not so much, in my case!

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