If Santa Didn’t Bring Everything You Wanted…

A couple of my favorite stores are having big after-Christmas, end-of-season clearance sales. Even though winter is still with us for several more months, the new spring clothes are already appearing in-store and online, so it’s time for some great winter sales!

I’ve been eyeing this adorable snowflake sweater all winter! It’s currently on sale 2/3rds off! You’ll find it on sale here: Snowflake Sweater.


I love this beautiful Herringbone, Merino-wool sweater jacket. Looks sooo high end! This is a classic jacket that will last and never go out of style. Love the classics! Also, Merino wool isn’t normally scratchy like regular wool. Cashmere and Merino wool are pretty much the only types of wool I can wear. This sweater jacket is also reduced greatly and you’ll find it available here: Merino Sweater Jacket.



I own two of these long, cardigan style sweaters and love them! I currently have it in the Navy color pictured below, as well as in a pretty Camel color. This sweater is a nice, heavy-weight so instead of clinging to your hips (hate it when sweaters do that!) it tends to skirt by the hips and hangs beautifully. You usually see that with higher-end clothes, how they drape the body beautifully without clinging. This sweater is currently on sale big time here: Long Cardigan Sweater.


I also have it in this pretty Camel color and I’m thinking of adding the dark olive color to my wardrobe because I love it that much. It’s currently available in four colors. Very much recommend this sweater and I really hope they keep bringing it back in new colors each fall/winter season! You’ll find this cardigan sweater here: Milano Sweater Jacket.


I’ve shared this sweater before…love the design and that woolly, fluffy sheep. lol It’s available 2/3rds off here: Fluffy Sheep Sweater.


I’ve also shared these before but wanted to share them again since they are greatly reduced. Love the smart styling! You’ll find them here: Ankle Boots.


If you love stretchy cords, this is a great time to buy them while they are on sale. They are available in several colors, including neutral colors, but I do love this red! You’ll find them available here: Straight-Leg Corduroys Pants.


This plaid shirt would look great under almost any winter sweater. I need it in my wardrobe! It’s on sale here: Plaid Shirt.


I love how it looks paired under this adorable Penquin sweater which is also on sale 2/3rds off here: Penguin Shirt.


Another cute tunic! This one is going fast, only a few mediums and extra smalls left now. I love the design! You’ll find it great reduced here: Plaid Tunic.


Update: Had to share this hilarious sweater I bought for both my son and me this year. It’s a family tradition to watch Christmas Vacation together sometime during the Christmas season and this sweater was the perfect way to celebrate on movie night!

At first, I wasn’t sure about ordering it, but the reviews were so good (4.7 out of 5 stars) so I decided to go for it. I ordered it in Large and Extra Large with the idea that I would take whichever didn’t fit my son. He stayed with his usual Large (because it runs true to size) and I kept the Extra Large since I’m really into long, baggy sweaters this year. The X-large hangs way, way down on me and the sleeves are too long, but I love it!

If you pick this one up and you want it to fit normal, buy your usual size because I think it runs pretty true to size. If for a guy who wears between a Large and X-Larger, you could probably go with an X-Large since it’s not that much larger. The quality is really nice, not plastic/polyester/cheap feeling at all. Very happy with this fun purchase! You’ll find this sweater where I purchased ours here: Christmas Vacation Sweater.


I’ve linked to a few more of my favorites that are on sale below. (Click any photo for more info on that item.)

Happy end-of-year shopping!


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  1. Gayle Kesinger says

    I bought the green plaid tunic but I am a little worried about shrinkage. It fits perfectly now so guess I will have to be very careful about laundering it.

  2. L0ve the jacket but I can never order those online. My ancestors must have been knuckle-dragging apes because my arms are so long.

  3. Cozy Earth is having a great sale on bamboo bedding and loungewear. It’s 25-30% off but if you use the code “cozyholiday” it’s 40% off and free shipping. If that helps anyone.

  4. Great finds and really great deals! I love the snowflake sweater, boots and plaid tunic in particular. And Susan, post a picture of yourself wearing that over-sized sweater. I bet you look adorable in it.

  5. I just spent so much on myself! We did not have a happy holiday. Time to recover and enjoy some new items! Thanks for the post

  6. Cyndi Raines says

    Love that red plaid shirt and the lovely plaid scoop neck tunic. Going to call our store that’s an hour away and see if they have my size, keeping fingers crossed, hehe. Thanks Susan.

  7. Cannot wait for the Canada-USA border to open up as prefer to process orders myself through customs since shipping is so expensive for us however still appreciate your recommendations Susan.

    Also would love to see a photo of you modeling the Xmas Vacation sweater Susan …. ☺. Speaking of which a family in my area actually used similar props as in the movie for their exterior decorations. i.e.: The station wagon topped off with a huge tree (latter donated by a landscaper), old RV, the home totally decorated with lights with family members and a cousin Eddie dressed accordingly greeting those driving by etc. On the 2nd day since it was such a big hit, they asked for donations for the local Food Bank which surpassed all expectations as was in the thousands of dollar range so needless to say it was a ‘win – win situation’. They enjoyed doing it plus gave enjoyment and also benefited others.

    In closing; wishing you and your loved ones A VERY HEALTHY & BRIGHT NEW YEARS! -Brenda-

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